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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 25, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather scattered showers More data on Page 3a 92nd year no. 238 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1711 classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 High Point n. C., wednesday afternoon August 25, 1976 68 pages daily 15c. Sunday 35cbeef prices at 16-month Low Point Washington apr new government figures show that consumer beef prices Are at a 16-month Low Down More than 14 per cent from what they were a year ago. The agriculture department said tuesday that retail beef prices in july averaged slightly More than $1.38 a Pound. That was the lowest on an All Cut basis since beef was about $1.34 a Pound in april 1975. In july of last year they soared to a record of $1.61 a Pound. Beef supplies have been huge this Spring and summer As armers and ranchers stepped up Grain fed cattle production and continued to thin out herds. As a result Market prices for live animals have been depressed. Last month us a said the farm value of beef sold in stores was 74.2 cents a Pound a drop of nearly 30 per cent from july of last year. However the middleman share for transporting processing and Selling beef was 64 cents a Pound an increase of nearly 16 per cent. The farm value is not what Farmers get for live animals since it takes nearly 2 3 pounds of steer on the Hoof to make one Pound of supermarket beef. Punishment of koreans demanded Panmunjom Korea apr the United states demanded today that North Korea punish the soldiers who hacked to death two army officers at the Panmunjom truce Village a week ago. North Korea proposed physical separation Between communist and Allied guards at Panmunjom to prevent clashes like the fight in which the two americans perished the u United nations command declared the separation proposal a May be a positive step a and would be studied in detail a but said it meanwhile expects punishment of the North koreans who killed the americans in a dispute Over pruning a tree. A i have called this meeting for one purpose. To inform you that our Side Calls for punishment of those responsible for the murder of the two unc . Rear adm. Mark p. Frudden told the North koreans during a 48-minute session of the joint commission which oversees the 23-year-old korean armistice. For answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. More on Canning q. Tell the lady that worried because she Hadnot sterilised her jars that i have been Canning my Beans for so years like that and i Don t have a pressure cooker. I boil them three hours. And if her Corn was real cold when she froze it it will be Fine. Anonymous woman. A from what we be read. Your Long life May be due to Good Luck in that this Canning method has t harmed you nor eating them has helped. A circular published by the College of agriculture at the University of Illinois includes a couple of paragraphs quoted in other books on food preparation and nutrition. One says the temperature of boiling water is not High enough to destroy spoilage organisms in Low acid foods in a reasonable length of time. By using a steam pressure canner you can obtain a temperature of 240 degrees fahrenheit at to pounds pressure which is High enough to kill the organisms if the foods Are processed for the required length of the other paragraph states a the principal weakness of american cooking lies in the preparation of vegetables As they Are usually cooked by boiling. 50 to 90 per cent of the Many nutrients and much of their flavor is lost before they reach the studies have shown that when whole vegetables Are boiled four minutes 20 to 45 per cent of the total Mineral Content and 75 per cent of the sugars they contain pass into the water. Since vegetables Are often soaked before and during cooking for longer periods As much As 70 to too per cent of the sugars minerals and water soluble vitamins Are often lost. The losses Are hastened when vegetables Are soaked after being peeled chopped sliced or shredded and especially after the cell Walls Are softened by cooking a a person who studied the eating habits of those Mountain dwellers of Ecuador Many of whom Are Active Long beyond too years of age stated they had neither the Means or resources to Stock a Larder. Nothing was Ever processed packaged stored or preserved they ate no left overs. To their diets consisted of the vegetables and fruits picked and eaten the same Day wild berries wild game whole grains nuts. They were More interested in conversation telling stories doing their work than in eating. No one was hungry no one obese or greedy or senile or Idle when asked what they liked to eat. The reply was always a whatever is at hand or what there a do you eat much pig a the visitor asked a 97 year old. A i eat anything a he replied. A Are you afraid of fat Quot a i have fear of nothing a he answered legality of Case q. Please answer As soon As possible As this is very important. When a Man that is not married and has no wife or children is in a veterans Hospital and he has worked and saved Money until he retired and started drawing a veterans pension at age 65 just like other veterans but has never been of welfare and has never had one Penny from social services is it Legal for the veterans administration and social service to take Over All his life a savings and deprive his Brothers and Sisters of any part of his Money. . This is without his knowledge or consent As he is incapable of handling his affairs and knows nothing about what they Are doing. Anon. A. You Are advised to Call the veterans service officer whose number is 886-4478 and present the facts of the Case. Ever since the truce was signed in 1953, guards from both sides have had free run of the joint Security area at Panmunjom an area about 850 Yards in diameter bisected by the military demarcation line Between North and South Korea maj. Gen. Han jul Kyong the chief North korean Delegate proposed that in the future North koreans stay North and the americans and South koreans stay South of the line which also passes through the Center of the conference room and across the table user for today a meeting. The general also read out a message earlier conveyed privately in which North korean ruler Kim in Sung termed the Panmunjom clash regrettable and urged that both sides seek to avoid such incidents in the future. Frudden the chief unc Delegate said this was a positive step a but still a your response is the allies he said demand Concrete action including punishment of those responsible for the killing and orders to North korean troops against physical Contact w Ltd or obstructing the movement of Allied guards Quot the . Command will study your proposal in detail concerning the Jas joint Security area and provide our response when that study is the Admiral said. The North korean general told him a we believe it is most reasonable to separate the Security personnel of both sides in this area with the military demarcation line Between them so that they perform their guard duties in their respective areas the commission met at request for the third time since North korean guards killed the two expert named French Premier Paris apr president Valery discard Deestaing named foreign Trade minister Raymond Barre As Premier of France today to succeed Jacques Chirac who resigned in protest Over the president s unwillingness to reinforce his Powers Barre is known As a financial expert. He is a technician without any political affiliation but has friends among the gaullist urdu Nion for a democratic Republic party. A spokesman at the presidential Elysee Palace earlier announced that Chirac also a gaullist had presented his resignation at the weekly Cabinet meeting and the president accepted it Chirac s departure from office and a Cabinet shakeup had been rumoured for several weeks. The newsmagazine la express reported last weekend that the Premier submitted a written resignation on july 26 and discard d Estwing had decided to replace s inside amusements10-11a bridge.3d classified ads3-81 comics.14a crossword.3d editorials4a financial2a obituaries 15c sports1-9c television .2d women s news Sec. B weather.3a in Midwest Carter makes pitch to farm discontent sen. Jesse Helms sen. Helms threatens pullout Raleigh a sen Jesse Helms r-n.c., has threatened to withhold support from president Ford if the candidate fails to adhere to the conservative platform Helms helped draw up in Kansas City a Raleigh newspaper reported in today a editions. A live gone this far on the platform and ill not sit by and let anyone discard it a Helms was quoted As saying in a Telephone interview. In published reports North Carolina gov. Jim Holshouser Ford s Southern Campaign chairman and sen. John Tower r-tex., have been quoted As saying that the platform would be forgotten after the convention. Helms was a leading supporter of Ronald Reagan. He used his influence to help forge an Overall conservative cop platform. Helms said he has asked the president for a meeting to discuss the platform. A coming from Holshouser and sen. Tower that bothers me if that s their strategy have to do it without me a he said if Ford and vice presidential nominee Robert Dole fail to support the platform. Helms said he would concentrate his efforts on helping candidates with his Brand of conservative so get elected to the Senate. The real game is in the Senate anyway a he said. Helms also held out the possibility that he would leave the gop for a third party after the election he has mentioned third party possibilities frequently and last year began laying groundwork for forming one. Predicting the gop s Chance of winning in november is not Good. Helms said hell stick with the party at least through the election but a if we lose in november it s Back to the drawing Board a Helms switched to Republican registration from Democrat so he could make the Senate race in 1972 he also flatly ruled out any possibility of accepting the presidential nomination of the american Independent party which has mentioned his name by Lynne Olson associated press writer Des Moines Iowa apr carrying his Campaign to the Midwest Jimmy Carter said today the Ford administration has neglected the family Farmer and american consumer and has failed to establish a stable agricultural policy. A we need to take agricultural leadership in Washington out of the hands of the corporate interests and the Grain speculators a Carter said in a speech prepared for delivery at the Iowa state fair. A we need a president and a Secretary of agriculture who understand the problems of the family Farmer and the consumer a and if i am elected we re going to have both the Peanut Farmer from Plains ga., who is confident he has a Strong Chance of winning in president Ford s native Midwest made Des Moines his last Stop on a four Day Campaign trip. Aides said he would try to capitalize on what he believes is significant discontent in the farm Belt Over agriculture Secretary Earl Butz and the administrations farm program. He has attacked Butz As a supporter of big agricultural businesses lacking understanding and support for Small Farmers a we need to close the revolving door Between the agriculture department and the Large special interests a Carter said. A if i am elected we will make sur Elhat our support prices Are at least equal to the Cost of production that will not guarantee profit a no real Farmer wants that a but it will give the determined Farmer a Chance to stay in Alan Grant president of the american farm Bureau criticized Carters tactics a most Farmers Are for Earl Butz because of his attitude toward farming and the free Market system a said Grant whose membership includes 2.5 million farm families in state farm bureaus. Grant was questioned tuesday in Springfield mass., about reports that Carter would attack Butz. A they la lose on that Quot he said. He said the Issue of family farms is. Large corporations a comes up every four years but the facts remain the same a he said that the ratio of family run to corporate owned farms has remained about see Carter on 2a Carter smile spreads As he visits iowans on the Van Ryswyk farm near Des Moines a wire photo sources believe Ford concedes deep South and new York to Carterby Frank Cormier associated press writer Vail Colo. Apr president Ford privately is conceding the deep South and new York to democratic rival Jimmy Carter administration sources say. The Ford Camp feels the former Georgia governor is solidly entrenched in the South including Texas but May be vulnerable in Florida the sources said tuesday. They made the assessment after Fords first pos convention strategy session with political aides. The president planned to Confer again today with Campaign advisers. The sources said Ford will focus his efforts first on the Midwest and move from there into the Northeast and California California is a key Battleground state according to these informants along with Illinois new Jersey and Pennsylvania. Ford is placing High Hopes on his prospects for out shining Carter in televised debates and much of his Campaign will be fashioned around these still unscheduled confrontations. Ford told reporters tuesday that he favors four debates of at least 90 minutes each in which a Tough questions Are asked by Tough he suggested that the first debate be held no later than sept. To and said a the sooner we get started the the debates should focus on four areas defense Domestic foreign and economic policies said Ford who acknowledged he has not communicated his suggestions to the Carter Camp. He said he was relying on reporters to do that. In Seattle wash., Carters press Secretary complained about Ford s Public utterances on the proposed debates. A an attempt to conduct discussions by press release holds Little Chance for Success a said Jody Powell. A we had always assumed that there was time to sit Down and discuss proposals for debate in a mature and Businesslike fashion we done to feel that it s proper for either Side to attempt to play partisan politics or gain partisan advantage from these discussions a Ford said talks with Carters Camp would begin later this week. The Ford Camp apparently feels that an Early debate on defense policy would give the president an advantage because Ford dealt with these issues extensively in his successful Campaign against gop challenger Ronald Reagan. Carter who has suggested a sept. 28 Date for an initial debate May desire More time for preparation. At this Point informants said Ford Hopes to limit his Active campaigning to the debates and selected appearances before major audiences. This would allow him to maintain a presidential stance throughout the Campaign season. But Ford always has relished stump appearances and his zest for campaigning eventually May upset the plans being drafted Here. Three statewide runoffs scheduled Raleigh apr the number of statewide runoffs scheduled for september 14 grew to three today As Democrat John Brooks called for one against Jessie Rae Scott in the race for commissioner of lab6r Brooks a Raleigh attorney said his Al Cio endorsement did not obligate him to be anything More than fair and honest with All a ftps including organized labor. There will also be a Runoff in the race for state auditor where mrs Lillian woo tuesday challenged incumbent Democrat Henry Bridges. Mrs Scott wife of former gov. Bob Scott led last week with 36 per cent of the vote while Brooks had 34 per cent. Defeated candidate Robert Dunnagan who had 19 per cent of the vote Quot ame out tuesday in support of mrs Scott saying a could not support Brooks because the Raleigh lawyer had won the endorsement of organized labor. Mrs. Woo who made her name in North Carolina through her efforts As a consumer advocate won 42 per cent of the vote last week to 46 per cent for Bridges Walter Fuller the other candidate has endorsed Bridges. One of the factors she took into consideration in calling for the Runoff was that Bridges was the of qty mourn Bent Council of state member who failed to draw enough votes last week to avoid a Runoff possibility. A this fact is significant i believe it her a lds a new Day in North Carolina politics a mrs woo said in another development. Coy Privette who finished second in the Republican gubernatorial race moved closer to calling for a Runoff against a avg Flaherty. Privette s Hopes for a Runoff win would be based on what he called apathy in tile Flaherty Campaign and a a whole new set of schools Are open and vacations Over and because in a the Only Republican who can beat democratic nominee Jim with a projected Cost of a Runoff Campaign at about $40,000, Privette said he has commitments for about $22,000 in donations Privette gave up a pastorate in Kannapolis to run see three on 2al

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