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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 27, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather scattered showers More data on Page 3a 92nd year a no. 240 the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation 882-171 classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 High Point n. C., Friday afternoon August 27, 1976 24 pages daily 15c, sunday 35c against Flaherty Privette Calls Coy for gop Runoff Raleigh a Coy c. Privette saying he was the Only Republican who can beat Jim Hunt today called for a Runoff against David Flaherty for the Republican gubernatorial nomination. Privette had the right to a Runoff by virtue of just 264 votes the difference Between Flaherty s total and a majority of votes cast in last weeks primary. Privette had 32,5 per cent of the vote to Flaherty a 49 8 per cent. Nonetheless he said he could overtake Flaherty in the two Campaign weeks remaining before the sept. 14 Runoff Privette cited two factors to bolster his Contention the first primary turnout of 19 per cent a a was so Low that we almost had a non election. This was partly due to the fact that for the first time we had a primary in August when children were out of school and Many people were on Privette predicted that a higher turnout would take place in september when the attention of the press will be David Flaherty focused on the Republican race and More voters will be at Home. He also said that the Republican presidential race had diverted the energies and attention of Many conservative republicans that situation would also change in a Runoff Campaign he said for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Abuse of children q would you put something in the paper about the dangers it slapping a child in the lace or shaking him by the shoulders i saw a relative do this recently and i realize it can cause harm to a child. I was unable to speak up at the time but if you would print something in action line it might Benefit lots of parents. Thank you very much. Anon. A it in t discipline but brutality to abuse a child by slapping or shaking and it can be physically and emotionally damaging. One child psychologist suggested that Corporal punishment perhaps one whack on the rear should be administered Only when the safety or survival of the child is at stake a for instance if he runs into a Street or is about to touch an electrical outlet or hot stove limiting it to hazardous situations impresses him with the seriousness of it and the message is that you love him too much to let him get Hurt buffeting a child for every Misbehaviour gives him the message he too can strike anyone smaller or defenceless when he is annoyed by them or in a bad mood if you can t speak up slip the relatives a copy of a i m Okay a you re Okay for Christmas or sooner. It might Benefit lots of kids closing of repair stores j. The sheriffs department closed the time master jewelry store in High Point mall and i would love to know How i can get my Wall clock i took there to gel repaired. Thank you. . A Charles Ellis who was formerly with time master has opened a new place under the name of tic and time shop located in suite 130 of the Wright building 126 n. Main St Ellis said he had tried to reach everyone by phone or by mail who had left their clocks and watches at time master those who were not notified can pick up their items at his new location it would help if owners of repair shops who close before customers reclaim their goods would Post a Large sign on the door where they can be reached advise the better business Bureau or chamber of Commerce and advertise their new location and store name another customer had tried in vain to find the owner through the Bah chamber and the leasing agent of the mall we took up the search starting with the sheriffs department court records to see if bankruptcy proceedings had been filed they had tand two Winston Salem jewelry stores now closed finally Johnsie Barbee at the chamber of Commerce found an old City directory of Winston with his Home address in i Lewisville we wrote him there but had no response Ellis said he did no to get the letter we were at the Point of calling the missing persons Bureau when the customer said she had found the new address and new name and Only four blocks from Here democratic platform q. How do you obtain a copy of the democratic Plank that was adopted at the Garden during this convention. Where do you write or How can you buy a copy of it thank you. Or. Pc. A the address is democratic National committee 1625 Massachusetts Aven Washington d c 20036 we wrote them to ask How much and they sent us a copy of the platform but did not indicate the charge. We suggest you Send a Dollar or two to cover the printing and mailing costs As it has 17 pages of Fine print. Inside the cover is a quotation from Harry s. Truman Quot to me party platforms Are contracts with the people and i always looked upon them As agreements that had to be carried Coy Privette Privette indicated that his attack on Flaherty would be harsh and unceasing. He said both Hunt and Flaherty were a big spenders a Hunt As lieutenant governor and Flaherty As Secretary of human resources in the Holshouser administration. That he said would make it impossible for Flaherty to a expose Hunt for the big spending Liberal he really Flaherty responded this morning saying he was disappointed that Privette had called for the Runoff. I had hoped this would be avoidable i would Hope we could get a decisive Victory in the Runoff and unite the party for november. It does t unite the party if i Start responding to reckless charges that have no basis in a a we re going to Campaign against Hunt a Flaherty said. He and his staff plan to have prominent supporters answer whatever charges Privette might make. But Flaherty acknowledged that he was worried that the Runoff would add More bitterness to a party already sharply split by the presidential Campaign and make it harder to beat Hunt. A Coy can to get done in three weeks what he do in five months a j. Payton Bates his Forsyth county manager said in Winston Salem thursday. A i spent 30 minutes telling him this wednesday night but he believes he can win. It was bad enough to lose the first time but the second time will be hard on him. It la just be a waste of Jacob f. Alexander who finished third with about 14 per cent has not endorsed either candidate. A i tried to Tell Coy that some supporters he expected to get from Alexander have gone Over to Flaherty a Bates said. A some of them Tell me they did so because they would rather see Flaherty lose the election to Jim Hunt than see Coy lose they feel Coy has a future in politics Down the Road two or four years a future better than Flaherty said thursday a Runoff would Hurt his chances against Hunt. A a there a no question but that it will be divisive that it s going to prevent us from getting together As a party As soon As we need to a he said. Bates partially disagreed a in some respects a Runoff would be More beneficial than divisive because there would be three weeks of strictly Republican publicity. That is Goy s Only Hope a that in three weeks he can get his message across a Forsyth county Republican leaders generally agreed that Privette should not seek a Runoff but state rep. Fred s. Hutchins jr., who did not seek re election was alone in saying Privette could win Queen backs Bernhard s retirement the Hague the Netherlands apr government leaders and Queen Juliana stood together today to protect the dutch monarchy from the disgrace of her husbands involvement in the Lockheed scandal. Highly placed sources said the Queen endorsed the government s decision to Force Prince Bernhard her 65-year-old Consort into retirement. Official spokesmen said none of the five parties in Premier Joop Den Uylus left Center coalition government wanted the Queen to abdicate the Premier announced to parliament and the shocked dutch people thursday that Bernhard was resigning from All his Public and private offices because of the report of an investigation into allegations that Lockheed aircraft corp paid him $1.1 million to influence the dutch armed forces to buy its aircraft. The three Man commission concluded that the Prince whose chief government office was inspector general of the armed forces had been a extremely imprudent and unwise in his dealings with the . Firm the commission said it could find no hard evidence that Bernhard received the Money he has denied it. But the commission said it could not Rule out the possibility the Money reached him without being recorded in the Royal household s books a 240-Page report on the six month investigation accused Bernhard of damaging the National interest failing to reject improper attempts to win his influence soliciting commissions on potential government orders and placing his country a aircraft procurement program in a a dubious Light a the Prince in his letter of resignation to the government accepted full responsibility for his actions Betty Mccain woman Heads state democratic party Raleigh a democratic gubernatorial nominee Jim Hunt exercising his new prerogatives As Leader of the state party today named Betty Mccain of Wilson the first female chairman of the North Carolina democratic party she will replace new Bern attorney James Sugg who offered Hunt his resignation this week Hunt called on the state party executive committee to meet on sept 18 and confirm his Choice. The committee traditionally allows the gubernatorial nominee to pick the party chairman Hunt said mrs. Mccain. 45. A has shown that she has the enthusiastic energetic leadership ability that i believe our party needs if it is to win in the fall a in addition. Mrs Mccain is Betty Mccain a neighbor of Hunts in Wilson county and was co chairman of his primary Campaign she is a member of the University of North Carolina Board of governors and a former vice chairman of the party Sugg was appointed head of the party in 1972 by Hargrove a a skipper Bowles the gubernatorial nominee reliable sources told the associated press that Sugg s resignation was not demanded by Hunt. A Jim just Felt he ought to get out after four years arid allow Hunt to put his own Man in a one source said Sugg s letter to Hunt indicated that Hunt had promised to allow the current party Headquarters staff to stay on through Jan i your commitment to keeping the staff intact is greatly he said mrs. Mccain refund to comment thursday night see woman on 2a working on the Doles sen. Robert Dole and his wife Elizabeth contribute coins to an Organ Grinders Monkey during a tour of the Iowa state fair at Des Moines. Dole earlier spoke to a crowd on Republican farm policy. Mrs. Robert Ray wife of the Iowa governor and her daughter Luann enjoy the Monkey s performance. I a wire photo mrs. Dole s Job subject of talks by Frank Cormier associated press writer Vail Colo. Apr president Ford and running mate Bob Dole Are mulling Over whether Doles wife should resign As a Federal Trade commissioner to allow her to actively Campaign for the Republican ticket a Campaign official said the future plans of Elizabeth Dole was a the first item on the agendas at today a private talks Between Ford and her husband the Kansas senator the Doles arrived Here thursday night within minutes of vice president Nelson a Rockefeller and former Treasury Secretary John b. Connally. The three men joined the president and Campaign strategists for a working dinner they held More talks today mrs. Dole a specialist in consumer economics was appointed to the Etc by former president Richard m Nixon. Fords advisers have decided that legally she would have to quit the Post if she were to undertake a full Campaign schedule Ford expects to enlist Rockefeller and Connally As Active campaigners he also remains hopeful that Ronald Reagan his Defeated rival will speak out for the Ford Dole ticket the White House press office said thursday that Richard b Cheney Fords chief of staff and Stuart Spencer the Campaign s political director soon will go to the West coast to meet with Reagan partisans As Well As supporters of the president the president Ford committee Nessen said Cheney spends far More than 40 hours a week on official government business and can properly devote extra time to political chores. The statement said Cheney and Spencer had a no current plans a to meet personally with Reagan however it Ford completed naming was understood they want to the top Hierarchy of his Cam Confer with the former pain committee thursday California governor if he is he said Royston Hughes will willing to receive them be treasurer As Well As dept _ to chairman for and White House press ministration he also an Secretary Hon Nessen flounced that mrs. Ely defended Heney s Active Peterson had withdrawn a Campaign role As Liaison threat to resign As Deputy Between the White House and chairman for voter groups. I spokesmen said mrs Peterson had talked of quitting for family reasons a not because of disaffection amusements10-11a _. _ ,.t0 a a he pres,.tau played is classified ads mib of a a Elf a Quot a a Chart it our comics 12b lament thursday and Plann crossword a a a a say a compete again today. Editorials4a mrs Ford was reported by financial2a her press Secretary to be suf obituaries .2b Fering a flare up of chronic sports3-5b osteoarthritis that causes television .2b pain in her neck and arms women a news6-8a mrs Ford curtailed her weather.3a schedule As a result Senate near action on education Grants Washington apr the Senate today approved a $35.3billion, six year Extension of Federal programs for higher and vocational education after rejecting attempts to restrict court ordered busing to desegregate schools. The final vote was 78 to 5, sending the Bill to a conference with the House. Voting against final passage of the Bill. All republicans were Sens Paul Fannin and Barry Goldwater of Arizona Jesse Helms of North Carolina Paul Laxalt of Nevada and William l. Scott of Virginia among other things the Bill would increase the maximum Federal Grant for poor students to attend College from $1,400 to $1,800 per year it also would extend eligibility for government guaranteed student Loans to fannies with annual incomes of $25,000 the current limit is $15,000. In other action on the Bill the Senate adopted 88 to 0 an amendment to exempt father son and Mother daughter events in Public schools from the ban on sex discrimination in federally supported educational institutions the amendment by rep Paul Fannin r-ariz., also would waive application of the anti discrimination Law to boys state and girls state programs sponsored by the american legion and its auxiliary the House has passed separate Bills extending higher education programs for one year and vocational education assistance for six years the final version will go to a House Senate conference. Although the Ford administration has indicated opposition to the Senate version of the Bill sen Jacob k javits r n y., Republican floor manager told the Senate a we believe and Hope that the president will approve the final version a sen Ted Stevens a Alaska a member of the Senate appropriations committee said the Bill a $1,800 maximum Basic student Grant authorization is misleading since Congress has never been Able to appropriate enough Money for the $1,400 maximum authorized since 1972 the current average Grant Stevens said is $680 a year and he expressed doubt that the proposed increase to $1,-800 will raise the average to More than $700 a year. Taunts cause Julie to jump Seattle apr a no jump Julie finally jumped not from the Tacoma Narrows Bridge but from a 45-foot platform at a county fair she is in the intensive care unit of a Hospital today Julie helium 24, three times has gone to the Tacoma Narrows Bridge saying she would leap into the swirling Channel below in the 24 years since the 202-foot-High Bridge was built 32 persons have jumped from it All died miss helium s first attempt which attracted headline attention last Spring was stymied by a morbidly curious crowd the second was thwarted by poor weather and the third was prevented by police on wednesday night miss helium a part time cocktail waitress from port Angeles was climbed to the top of a 45-foot pole at the Kitsap county fair taunted by the crowd s cries of a no jump a she leapt toward a 10-toot-deep water tank a she told me to tired of being called no jump Julie she ran off the spar instead of dropping she overshot the tank a said Stan Johnson manager of the fair at Bremerton miss helium struck one Side of the 10-by-12-foot tank and bounced off into the water suffering a broken leg and other undetermined injuries Johnson said the crowd continued to shout and jeer after miss helium hit the water she was reported in fair condition today at Harrison memorial hospitals intensive care Ward some people have to learn the hard Way a Johnson said a she s a very sincere Young lady trying to make her Mark but she made a mistake in Johnson said he won t use the diving pole again and will probably chop it Down he said he will pay miss helium for five nights work a he would not say How much and a collection is being taken on the Fairgrounds to pay her Hospital expenses

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