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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 26, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather scattered showers More data on Page 3a the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation 882-1719 classified ads 885-2177 other dept. 885-2161 92nd year a no. 239 pm hikes 77 prices by $338 Detroit a Consumers shopping for 1977-Model general motors cars this fall will find prices up an average $338 Over comparably equipped 1976 models the nations largest Auto maker announced wednesday that it is raising prices an average 6 per cent a $269 in the manufacturer s suggested base Price and $69 for options a because of higher costs. That Means the average retail Price of a 1977 pm car will be $6,067, including some $1,200 Worth of options. That figure does not include taxes and shipping charges nor does it take into account discounts offered by some dealers the average 1976 pm car retailed for $5,729. Pm s Price hike one of the highest percentage increases in the past 20 years was higher than the 5 per cent most financial analysts expected it was fsr Short however of the record $450 boost set on 1975 models. Pm traditionally the first company to set new Model prices is the Industry a acknowledged pricing Leader because it controls More than half the Domestic Market other makers Are expected to announce similar boosts i see pm hikes on 2 a High Point n. Cd a thursday afternoon August 26, 1976 44 pages daily 15c. Sunday 35c under Federal election Laws debate financing questioned by Tom Raum associated press writer Washington a sponsorship of presidential debates by the league of women voters would not violate Federal Campaign financing Laws the Federal election commissions chief counsel said today. However the counsel John Murphy said it might be illegal for the league to solicit funds from corporations or labor unions to underwrite the debates. Murphy presented those opinions As the commission met to discuss claims by some staff attorneys that the debate format proposed by the league might violate Federal election Laws. The commission meeting came As emissaries of president Ford and democratic challenger Jimmy Carter arranged to discuss specifics with officials of the league in their first negotiation session on the upcoming debates the league has offered to sponsor a series of television debates and has said it hoped to raise $150,000 to pay for them from corporations and labor unions the Murphy Legal opinion said league costs in sponsoring the to debates Are for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge Evert one. State fair exhibitions q. How do you go about entering an exhibit at the state fair whom would you write or Call to find out that kind of information thank you. . A. Entry Blanks for exhibitors can be obtained by writing the n c. State fair. 1025 Blue Ridge blvd Raleigh. N c. 27607 persons who need More information should request their Premium Book too the entry Blanks should be in their hands about to Days ahead of the fair which will be held on october 15-23 while we were at it. We asked them to mail you an entry Blank and Premium Book regular checks made q. It has been years since i have seen the state Man around these filling stations checking the Gas pumps. Have they discontinued doing that or is it that i just have not seen them i have bought Premium Gas from the major Oil companies and their octane was lower than Independent Gas stations whose Price is cheaper for a higher octane. Or. . A there is a consumer standards division within the n c. Dept of agriculture its director Marion Kinnaw. Says they continue to inspect service stations just As they have in the past for the Quality of gasoline they also Check each dispenser at the station to be sure the Quantity delivered is accurate they do this with regularity throughout the entire state and the inspections Are unannounced Kinnaw says All gasoline is required to meet minimum Quality specifications and any that meets these will perform satisfactorily some companies choose to offer products that exceed these minimum specifications and thus have higher octane numbers than others he says they have no control Over the Price charged for the product. Hair falling out q. I need help Quick. I was recently Given cd by my Boyfriend. When he told me i went to my doctor. He gave me a shot of penicillin. The penicillin made me itch so i went Back in four Days and he gave me another shot of something else and a prescription for some Robinet 500 my. Capsules. What i want to know is. Will All these different medicines make your hair come out please Tell me of any doctor that can help me or please Tell me what to do about this problem Quick. Thank you. Hairless. A. Ifs possible the Robinet or the shot of Quot something else caused this reaction or it could be unrelated to either the drugs or disease inadequate nutrition can play a part in hair loss you d better let your doctor know what s happening and then go to a dermatologist who can treat you for it adhering to ads q. I want to know if a shoe store runs an and in the paper saying a shoes $5 a shoe or $10 a pair Quot and inside the store they have another sign saying $4 a shoe or $8 a pair can they be made to sell one shoe i m an amputee and need Only one shoe. Its really not that i can to pay for two its just that the and read one shoe. The Saleslady and also the Salesman said sure we will have to let you have one since the and said one but the manager said no i done to have to sell one. In be traded at this store for years but ifs changed managers since the other one passed away. I think he should do what he has printed. What do you think i would like to see what other people think. Mrs. A a a we think All advertisers should stick to what their ads literally say we Hope the manager happens to read this and will make amends to a Long time customer Well be glad to provide her name and address a neither contributions nor expenditures As defined by Federal Campaign Law. A the league has a history of Over 90 years of nonpartisan educational activities in the electoral process and is indeed forbidden by its Constitution and bylaws to endorse candidates or to otherwise appear in a partisan Light a Murphy a opinion said. A the activity proposed to be undertaken Here is in keeping with that tradition a but the opinion also noted that the league May not pay for the debate a with funds the source of which is corporate or labor organization treasuries or other sources forbidden to participate in the Federal election earlier in the week other election commission attorneys said the very sponsorship by the league of the debates might violate a Legal provision that bars presiden tial candidates from accepting private contributions once they have agreed to accept Public funds As both Ford and Carter have. Peggy Lampi executive director of the league said this Legal uncertainty looms As the biggest potential obstacle to the debates. A it deeply concerns us a she said. A not Only could an Adverse ruling by the election commission upset our plans but it could preclude any appearance by presidential candidates before private organizations in Daniel Swillinger assistant general counsel for the commission has claimed that the league sponsored debates could violate the provision that forbids presidential candidates from accepting private contributions once they have agreed to accept Public financing of their campaigns both Ford and his democratic challenger have gone the Public financing route with each expected to get about $21 million in tax funds. The league estimates that the debates will Cost $150,000 a most of which it plans to solicit from labor unions corporations and other groups. President Ford who Laid Down the Challenge to debate Carter in his acceptance speech at last week s Republican National convention announced wednesday that Dean Burch and William Ruckelshaus would represent him in the negotiations Over the debates Burch a former chairman of the Federal communications commission and Deputy director of Barry Goldwater a 1964 presidential Campaign has served As an adviser in the presidents re election Campaign Ruckelshaus who quit As Deputy attorney general in 1973 rather than carry out the order of former president Richard m Nixon to fire the special watergate prosecutor is a lumber firm executive in Tacoma Wash Crawdad King Jeff Gyde la of Oak Harbor. Ohio was arrested by agents of the state department of natural resources wildlife division for Selling crayfish As bait without a License. Undercover agents bought $1 court seat was offered to Jaworski Houston a former special watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski says he does not believe former president Richard Nixon could have received a prompt and fair trial if he had been indicted a i knew in my own mind that if an indictment were returned and the court asked me if i believed Nixon could receive a prompt fair trial As guaranteed by the Constitution. I would have to answer As an officer of the court in the negative a Jaworski writes in his Book. A the right and the the Houston attorney also wrote that he did not expect to find Nixon so deeply involved in watergate a i had expected to find All sorts of wrongdoing by his aides conduct unbecoming and even criminal but it had never occurred to me that the president was in the Drivers seat a Jaworski wrote Jaworski said the Day he arrived in Washington to discuss his possible appointment As special prosecutor an appointment to the supreme court was dangled before him and he suspected it was a bait Quot a a you re highly regarded and it s no secret that you re High on the list for an appointment to the supreme court a Jaworski quoted Gen Alexander Haig Nixon a chief of staff As saying a i suppressed a smile a Jaworski said in the Book. A the remark could have been part flattery part fact but i suspected it was All Worth of crayfish and then busted Gyde who was Selling them on his front Lawn with his 13-year-old sister. He faces a Fine of Between $100 and $500 if he is convicted. A Vair photo . Trade deficit up sharply Washington apr another big surge in Oil imports contributed to the biggest . Trade deficit in nearly two years in july the Commerce department said today imports exceeded exports by $827 million the july Trade figures appeared to put an end to administration Hopes earlier in the year that the nation would have a Trade surplus in 1976 the Commerce department said today the nation could end the year with a Trade deficit of $3 2 billion the second highest on record if present trading trends continue. The Agency said a major Factor in the july deficit was a 20 per cent increase in Petroleum imports and that the Over All Oil import Bill totalled $3 i billion the Agency said a major Factor in the july deficit was a 7.5 per cent increase in Petroleum imports and that the Over All Oil import Bill totalled $3 1 billion the increase in Oil imports in july was $527 million on a Dollar basis which compared with a $517 million Rise in june us Oil imports have jumped sharply As the nations Economy has recovered from the recent recession. The Over All volume of Trade in july set a new High with both exports and imports exceeding the $10 billion level the first time they have done this simultaneously exports totalled $10 022 billion and imports reached $10,849 billion the july Trade deficit of $827 million compared with a deficit of $377 million in june and was the largest monthly deficit since $888 million in August of 1974 if the United states continues to run substantial Trade deficits this year it could bring additional downward pressures on the Dollar legionnaires disease Nickel found in victims by John w Zucker associated press writer Farmington. Conn apr the discovery of potentially fatal Levels of Nickel in tissue samples taken from victims of legionnaires disease a certainly strengthens the possibility that Nickel carbonyl Gas caused the illness says a medical researcher or f William Sunderman jr., who Heads a team of scientists at the University of Connecticut medical school said wednesday night that a two week study had found significant traces of Nickel in tissue taken from the kidney brain liver and other organs of three victims of the disease Sunderman said the results a came out quite Well in terms of supporting the role of Nickel carbonyl Gas As the possible cause of the disease. Which has killed 26 persons who attended a state american legion convention in Philadelphia july 21-24 in Philadelphia or Lewis Polk acting City health commissioner said today that the idea about the Nickel car what s inside i amusements12d bridge.3d classified ads ill comic sic crossword10b editorials4a financial2a obituaries.4d sport Sec. C television .2d women a news1-7b weather.3a Bony Gas was a very interesting but pretty inconclusive at this time its still a Long shot a Polk also said Quot. If it was a Gas like or Sunderman suggested Why did the disease affect Only the legionnaires a there were millions of other people downtown in those four Days who breathed that same air and did t get sick a the number of people known to have contracted the unidentified disease Rose to 176 on wednesday state health officials confirmed that j. Bruce Rogers of Moorestown n had been hospitalized in critical condition with the disease Rogers the manager of a Philadelphia hotel attended two sessions of the legion convention Sunderman said Nickel Levels found in tissue samples from victims of the disease were five to eight times higher than the Levels found in control samples from persons who had died of other causes the Nickel concentrations in the legionnaires disease specimens were a within the Range we be had on fatal Nickel poisoning cases a Sunderman said he declined to reveal the exact concentrations of the substance Prince Bernhard Prince gives up positions the Hague a Prince Bernhard has resigned As inspector general of the dutch armed forces and from All other Public function. Premier Joop Den Uyl announced today the nationally broadcast announcement came at the beginning of Den Uyl s address to parliament on a report by a special commission investigating allegations that Bernhard was involved in the dutch Lockheed bribery scandal the Amsterdam daily de Tele Graaf said before Den Uyl spoke that Queen Juliana had agreed with her husband s removal from the defense Post in order to avoid a constitutional crisis. The dutch government ordered the Independent probe in february into allegations that the 65-year-old Prince accepted la i million dollars to promote the Sale of Lockheed aircraft in the Netherlands Bernhard has denied the allegations the newspaper said the three Man panels report contained no proof that Bernhard accepted the Lockheed funds but cast an unfavourable Light on his business associations the Prince was made inspector general of the dutch air Force in 1953 and has been inspector general of the armed forces since 1970. His duties since 1970 have been to inform and advise the defense minister the Prince and the Queen returned from their italian vacation shortly before the Premier s speech and sources said they went to watch it on television Den Uyl did not refer at any Point in his 20-minute speech to Lockheed Money the Prince allegedly received but the Premier said the commission reported the Prince had gone a too frivolously into transactions that gave the impression he was susceptible to favors and approachable for Quot reprehensible a offers from Lockheed the commission found the Prince had put himself in Quot a dubious Light a a Ford cuts Carter Lead to to in Gallup poll by the associated press president Ford who trailed Jimmy Carter by 33 Points in the last Gallup poll before the Republican National convention has Cut Carters Early August Lead to to Points according to a new Survey released by the organization today the Survey based on interviews with 1,016 registered voters last weekend concluded that 49 per cent of the electorate now supports Carter compared with 39 per cent for Ford two weeks ago prior to the gop convention Ford trailed Carter 56 to 33 while the democratic presidential nominee was at his Hometown of Plains. Ga., after a four Day Campaign swing to the West and Midwest Ford was at his vacation Retreat in Vail Colo. In an attempt to emphasize party Unity in the Wake of the sharply divided Republican convention. Ford scheduled a Campaign strategy meeting for Friday with party factions ranging from moderate to conservative Ford s running mate sen Robert Dole vice president Nelson a Rockefeller and John Connally were scheduled to arrive today for the the meeting. Rockefeller and Connally May be named by Ford to a Campaign steering committee headed by Rogers c b Morton who was replaced wednesday As Fords Campaign chairman by James Baker Iii a relative newcomer to National politics Carter was expected to stay close to his Hometown and prepare for the official i Abor Day opening of his Campaign Carter told 10,00 people at the Iowa state fair wednesday that if elected president he would Quot Stop farm embargoes once and for he was referring to government embargoes in the last three years on foreign shipment of farm products but in an interview published today in the Des Moines Register. Carter said his language on embargoes was Quot too Strong a instead he said he will abide by the democratic platform which would allow for an embargo in Case of a Domestic Grain shortage president Ford said last week in Kansas City mo., that Quot we will never use the Bounty of America s Farmers As a Pawn in International diplomacy no embargoes a

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