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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 26, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa I t I re- Ihe up- Beverly Sills Cancer Surgery Called a Success NKW YORK (AP) - Beverly Sills, one of the world's great operatic sopranos, was reported in satisfactory condition Friday after what was described as successful surgery for removal of a cancer in her pelvic area “The operation was a total success," a spokeswoman for the singer said, “and we’ll know by Monday whether she needs any further treatment lf not, a very speedy recovery is anticipated “A malignancy was moved, in the pelvic area The 45-year-old star of New York City opera was orated on Thursday in New York hospital She had flown back from Dallas, where she had been rehearsing for a new Civic Opera production of “Lucretia Borgia" A child entertainer on radio and later a cast member in soap operas. Miss Sills made her debut with the New York City Opera in 1955 In 1989, recognized as one of the greatest of all singing actresses. she debuted at I .a Scala in Milan She is scheduled to make her Metropolitan Opera debut next April in “The Siege of Corinth" and to open th** Mot's 1975-76 season in the same opera. Married to augh, former ummst of the Miss Sills is two. Physical tests last The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sat., Ort. 26, 1974 Big George Virgil Partch Plate-Smashing Symbol Of New Freedom Why don't you boycott the groceries for a while ’ Theater Time for Saturday Feature times have been supplied by the following theaters for the convenience of t iazetto readers MARION — Features at I. 3, 5, 7. 9. ll ll. COMM C MTY “.fabherwnok" THEATHR - K Peter (ireen-financial col-Boston (Hobe, the mother of WORLD — "Tarzan and ’ho Jungle Boy" — I JO. 3, “Truck Turner" — 4 50, 8; “Foxy Brown" — ft 25. 9 40 TIMBS —- "(lone Wind” — I 30. 8 With the examination and week reportedly indicated that the cancer operation was necessary But Miss Sills had been hopeful of putting it off until a scheduled vacation in December. In addition to her Dallas performance, she also had appearances s< heduled next month with the San Francisco Opera and with the New York City Opera in bis Angeles Traffic Jam Foils Robbery ROME (CPI) — Rome's rush hour traffic chaos foiled a $100,000 bank robbery, police said They said armed, masked men successfully held up a downtown bank, but were forced to leave the $107,200 loot in their automobile and flee on foot when they got hopelessly snarled in a lunch hour traffic jam Police gave chase and arrested two suspects * TONITI * THE BANK presents Stephen Miller and the [Linn County Band BASTOW N I - The Re-turn of the Dragon" — I 15. 2 50, 4:25, 0 05. 7 45. 9 25 BASTOW N 2 — “Jeremiah Johnson” — I 15. 3:15, 5 15, 7 15. 9 15 Tb# Ne# URBANA FEID I, IMPLEMENT Urbono, lowo PRESENTS “SOURCE” FRI. A SAT. OCT. 25 A 26 *F SP*vr DEL IC KH)' CORPORAL KAYAK B ROASTED chicken HALLOWEEN DANCE * ER! St OO PITCHER*. * ERI A SAT ?Sc SHELLS * » REE 17 PAK DRAWINGS COSTUME PRIZE FRI. A SAT. NIGHT “CHOSEN COUNTRY” COUNTRY ROCK OPEN 9-2 Don Gr«oter, Bob Tither FIREPLACE LOUNGE HIAWATHA —NO COVER— COLLINS - “The Teacher" — 7 45. “The Police Woman" — 0 45. “The Italian Connection" — ll 30. TW IN W FST - The Scum of the Earth" — 7 30. “The Poor White Trash" — 9 10; “The Shanty Tramps" — IO to TWIN FAST - The Office Girls' — 7 50. “Run. Virgin, Run" — 9 35; “The Dirtiest Girl I Ever Met" — ll IO ATHENS (AP) - Plate-smashing has come hack in fashion in Greece, a sign of the freedoms sweeping this ancient land after the collapse of the military dictatorship two months ago. The colonels who ruled Greece for seven long years had outlawed plate-smashing, bul now the tinkling of broken crockery can be heard everywhere Radical changes have taken place, however, in all aspects of Greek life — in the arts, vaudeville, the press and especially in politics, a Greek s favorite topic of discussion Th** ordinary citizen now talks politics openly, passionately and without fear of being overheard Cartoons Political cartoons in the newspapers make fun of the former military junta Musical reviews satirizing members of the junta arc attracting large crowds Explosive' Mail Backfires RACCCLA, Sicily (I I’ll — The letter Animetta Caruso. IB, sent her boyfriend in Palermo was so ardent that she thought a warning was in order “Explosive letter. she wrote on the outside When a mall sorter saw what was written on the envelope, he called a bomb disposal expert. He found nothing but police charged Antonietta with causing a false alarm, for which she could grt up to six months in jail. "NOW!1 THE NEW GRAND OPENING! Downtowner Lounge ON 4Hi Str»«t Between I st and 2nd Avsnuss ★ SATURDAY it I ★ SUNDAY A “UNTOUCHABLES’ featuring Tem Hank In*. Dan “THE DO’S Daniel*, Ron Cook    I    AND    DON’TS’’ Under Nsw Management_ Stop By And Try Our . . . Delicous Bf......... I USO tUUAM BEEF OE HAM SANDWICHES Skillfully prepared for the be»t in flavor A freshness every time Prompt Service NASO’S PIZZA HOUSE 1545 First Avenue SE 363-9697 ADEN DoI,Y ^ a.m.-12 p.m. VI Eila Fri. A Sat. TIII 2 a.m. Sun. 4 to I 2 p.m. 2nd WEEK! * NIU ASK A FA«M*Of ON HIS INK) mWjmWgm WOO) Witt!* » 1171 Silt MR I (RSP IMF' Jnart.ii i mm > ii ne. s* MAHOE ADULT - * rut a tut «W* WORLD 363-8321 NOW ON ONE PROGRAM FOXY MOWN” I “TRUCK TURNER COLOR -R- ^••wiwrwwBwwwnoW TIMES 364-8613 PARAMOUNT 362-3269 NOW 1:30 A 8:00 P.M. “GONE WITH THE WIND” GOLDEN AGE PRICES COLOR —O— IOWA 364-3412 SHOWS 2-4-6-B .po lo PLAZA 393-8439 BURT REYNOLDS “THE LONGEST YARD” SHOWS I:30-3:40-5:40-7:55-9:55 OPEN AT 2 P.M. NOW “2001 A SPACE ODYSSEY —G— 2:30 - 4:55 4:00 ti " I1 IU I PWP rn 6 TM CATRES I* MAFIT CEN I EH Wlt'Avo 2* A • w DISNEY'S “BEARS AND I” AT 2:55-6:20-9:50 “SHAGGY DOG” AT I -4:30-8:00 ALWAYS FREE PARKING^ A WILD HILARIOUS “CROWN UP ' FAMILY FILM “MIXED COMPANY" PG MRX BROS. “MONKEY BUSINESS” 3:45-7:3610 “YOU CAN T CHEAT AN HONEST MAN" 2:365:11-1:55 ENOS TUES. CHARLES BRONSON as Cf MR. MAJESTYK —PG- Exiled Greek composers such as Miki Theodorakis are back and writing music to poems written by leftists such as the Nobel Prize-winning Chilean, Pablo Neruda, and Greek Yannis Rjtsos Many of the jokes heard these days center on ousted dictator George Papadopoulos who engineered the 19B7 army coup which suspended democracy in this country PapadopiMifos, a former army colonel was toppled by other, even tougher army officers last November They relinquished power to a civilian government headed by Premier Constantine ('ara-moults after the Cyprus crisis brought a Turkish invasion of the island Brand New One anti-junta joke making the rounds goes this way: A scientist went to a brain bank in the year 2900 and picked out a specimen to rent “That was Napoleon's brain," the hank director says. ‘‘It costs $10.(KHI a month " The scientist pointed to a second "Finstein s brain." says the director “That’s $25,000 a week ’ The scientist indicated a third “Yell©* " Press That’s $1 (Hi (MMI a day, says the director. "It belonged to former Greek dictator George Papadopoulos. it s brand new; never used” The press, restricted (luring the dictatorship, suddenly came alive after the collapse of the junta Its free wheeling reportorial style and bold headlines decorate every kiosk in the country Recently several dailies splashed reports that former junta leaders had left for abroad with fortunes amassed during the dictatorship "Miehalos is now living high in London," one newspaper said about ex-minister loannis Miehalos A letter from Miehalos the next day showed he had never left for London, and all other junta leaders are still in Greece Such reporting led the undersecretary of press and information, Panaghiotis Lambrias, to denounce the Greek press as “the yellowest in the world " His statement (Teated a storm of protest, but no change in the press Vaudeville During the dictatorship vaudev ille had been performed "with a noose around its neck," in the words of one theater owner But that has all changed Comedy skits, frequently off-color, make fun of the former military rulers Another favorite target is C S Secretary of State Kissinger, accused by many Greeks of favoring Turkey during the Cyprus crisis BRING THE FAMILY AND JOIN THE FUNI CANCER SOCIETY ALL NIGHT FUN M-A-R-A-T-H-O-N-! 7 P.M. Saturday Till 11 A.M. Sunday ALL PROCEEDS GO TO AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY RED BARON mAH FAMILY FUN CINTER LINDALE Pl WIW I’M WW.’ Tt til inson 41 (MO PASSES OR STUDENT DISCOUNTS) I he man who bec ame a legend I he film destined to he a classic! **'«#■ Bfo# | Af '■’n* Company ' • CEDAR RAPIDS PARAMOUNT THEATRE - EAST TOWN CINEMA ALSO • IOWA CITY Erie was just a boy, but he could still teach the mighty Tarzan a few secrets of the jungle! (G) PARAMOUNT PICTURES Prints TARZaM aNDTHe JUNGLE BOY MMVISION * COLOR When your family wants out ... bring them in. A good meal in an informal setting is one of the best pleasures of life . , . And it needn’t cost all that much. Join us at the Country buffet — for lunch, for dinner. Well be glad to meet the rest of your family too. Adventures as the ^ A Super Here Iron) “Enter The Dragon”! R Country buffet at the ROOSmil MOTOR HOTEL Country style * Country priced * Country good lift ,iM.«si *2 I nut ii S2 Dinner Si lift' |Mrkiit<| lk)tAi>l<>ut) ( fd.n H if-"K Bruce Lee Return of The Dragon N* la*! pe'tormdrv t* is his bf*!1 FIRST RUN OPEN I 1:45 SHOWS 2:4 S 4:25-6:05 7:43-9:23 377-8877 LE* STOWF MART (AST CINTI “J ----------- Kissinger is portrayed by comedians as wearing a fez, the traditional Turkish bal and smoking opium gum in an Oriental water pipe These performances are hearth’ applauded On Campus The politral change has also swept through the nation’s campuses and among many of the KO,(MKI students enrolled at Greek universities Several student demonstrations were held at Salong a and Athens universities to express opposition to V S foreign pnlicv Professors who had been appointed bv the military regime were either dismissed or suspended The anti government student uprising last November at Athens Polytechnic Institute. in which the military regime said 13 persons were killed, precipitated Papadopoulos’ downfall and undermined the military junta which succeeded him An official investigation has been opened into student charges that at least IOO persons were shot by police, civil and military People af sidewalk cafes discussing polities no longer stop talking when a policeman approaches This is in sharp contrast to what occurred during the dictatorship when students and boisterous coffee sippers were suddenly rounded up and taken Trophy Lounge presents Fri. Night ‘STEAMBOAT WILLY’ Sat. Might “JADE" 319 H Straat S.W. GAS LAMP BAR OPEN SUNDAY! NOON TO IO P.M. MOSEYS!.' MOTOR BOTEL Convenient parking in our ramp DOWNTOWN in for questioning when heard criticizing the junta Bk*kfiing Appearing Plate-smashing, once described by a Greek psychoanalyst as an expensive way of releasing frustrations, is back in fashion with no fear of arrest by police. The junta had banned plate-smashmg in its efforts to "purify" the Greek way of life Despite the return of freedom, a feeling of uncertainty simmers under the surface because of inflation and 'he political situation Many Greeks are sharply divided over the immediate political course of the country Bickering between political forces is reappearing. Newspapers representing ultra-right wing and left-wing groups are demanding the government delay calling elections until political parties and the nation are better prepared Other dailies, expressing the present administration ’s views, are calling for elections as soon as possible in order for a democratically elected government to confront the country’s economic and social ills TONITE! Do’s and Don’ts Dance Mar SWISHER COLLINS ROAD DEI VI-IN f HI A TEI . MILE EAST Of CENTER POINT RO ■ ll IDI? TUES. Known nmnnationai pictuws SHE CORRUPTED THE YOUTHFUL MORALITY OF AN ENTIRE COLD STEEL ON THE OUTSIDE ALL WQma^ ON THE INSIDE N “POLICE WOMEN" MmiHlflll OMN 7:00 SHOW 7:30 —BONUS LATE SHOW- ITALIAN CONNECTION" COLOR — R TWIN EAST * Na. 2 it (■) RUN VIRGIN RUN’ COLOR ♦ No. 3 it (■) “DIRTIEST GIRL I EVER Mn” COLOR Nom mm TWIN WEST DU IV I-IN I Ht AIMI 6300 ATM ST SW OMN 7:00 ■MHH1 Due to the abnormal J S«*|«(i manor of Mat motion pKtwo no c Im Mr on will No oRowoU wit* or witNoot tW«r parowtt! Spocial Unit or in Pol mo will nfornw nOwnttWt1 SCUM 9FY9W earth: j ;

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