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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 26, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Community Day Slated in C.R. Message (Continued from Page 3) ASSEMBLY OF GOD Central — 3030 F ave. NVY Ramon Booth ss 0:30. Serv. 10 30. Eve. 7 30 Wed eve. 7 30. First - 2531 42nd st. NE. Gary A Jenkins SS 9:45. Serv IO 45 Eve. 7 Wed eve. 7. BAPTIST Borean — 5037 Center Point rd NE. Glen V. High SS 9 45 Serv IO Eve 7 Calvary — (CHA) 1203 3rd ave. SW. Harry K Egner, Wayne Peterson. SSO. Serv. IO 15. Eve. 7. Edgewood — (BGC) E ave and Edgewood rd. NAV Roger T. Goodson. SS 9 30 Serv 10 45 Faith Thinkers". Eve. 7. "Great Questions In the Old Testament”. Wed eve.7 30 "Growing In Sen lee” First — (ABC) 1200 2nd ave SE Dr. Wayne A. Shireman SS 9 30. Serv IO 50 (•ainee — (GARB) 1947 Washington ave. SE. Carry R Engle SS 9:30 Serv. 10 40 Eve 7. Wed. eve 7 Immanuel — (SBO 1000 E ave NVY William R Riley SS 9. Serv IO 15 Eve 7:15 Roy Tindal Wed eve 7 Mi. Zion - (NBO H24 8th st SE. Ce Roy White Ss 9 30 Serv IO 45. New Testament — (BBF) 749 Old Marion rd NE. John Hoise lr SS 9 30 Serv IO 30 Eve 7 Wed eve 7 Norridge Park - (( BA) 1147 Clifton ave. NE Bruce VY Young. Mike Hastings. Dale Hatcher SS 10:30 Serv 9. Eve. 6:30 Wed eve 7 30. Redemption Missionary — 1014 10th ave. SE. Harmon Webb SS 9 IO Serv ll Eve. 8 Tues eve 7 30 Twin Pines — (NAB) 3300 42nd st NE. Werner Lemke SS IO. Sen ll Eve. 7. Wed eve. 7:30 Valiev View - (BGC) 5555 Mi. Vernon rd SE Carroll Van Anda SS 9 30 Serv 10:30. Warren Magnu-son Eve 7. “Book of Ecclesiastes". Wed eve 7. CATHOLIC All Saints - 720 29th st SE. Edmund J Becker. James C Block-linger. Paul Otting. Masses: sat 5; Sun. 6. 7 30, 9. IO 30, noon. Immaculate Conception — 859 3rd ave. SE W'm. P. leonard, John Casey, Richard J Bess Masses Sat 5 15; Sun 6. 8. IO, noon. 5 13 St. Jude’s — 150 Edgewood rd NAV John Vt. Gregory. Richard Ament, John Tilp Masses Sat 5 30. Sun 7, 8:30. IO. ll 30 St. Ludmila's — 211 21st ave. SVN Robert VY Cizek, Paul C. McManus Masses: Sat. 5.30. Sun 6 30, 8, 9 30. ll. 12:15 St. Matthew's — 1st ave . 24th NE A. A. Sodawasser. Arthur Kleve. T. J Histing. Masses: Sat 5-30; Sun 6:30, 8, 9 3ft, ll. 12:15. St. Patrick's — 5(M) 1st ave NVY Martin Iaiughlin, Carl A Hies. Joseph Schneider Masses Sat. 5 15, Sun 6 30 8. 9 45. ll, 12 15. St. Pius X — Council st. Collins rd NE. Bernard G. Collins. John Fnederick Masses: Sat eve 7 to Sun 7, 9. IO 30. noon. 5 St. Wencrslaus — 1224 5th st SE Clarence Krana Mass**s Sat. eve 7. Sun 6 30 , 8:30, IO 30 CHRISTIAN Cedar — 526 3rd ave. SW Neville G. Clayton. SS 9 Serv. IO 15 "Walter Scott”. First - 840 3rd ave. SE. SS 9 IO Serv. 10 40 "What Is God Like?” Phillip Ewoldson Nuelridge — 727 Collins rd.NE. Philip E. Ewoldson SS III 45 Sen 9 30 "Down Where the Roof Begins EPISCOPAL Grace — 7)25 A ave NE Paul Traeumcr Masses 8, Kl Children > chapel and SS ll) Eve. 7. St. Jthu's — 355 191h st SE I) V laderski SS, sen. 10 30 ( horal Eucharist sen 10 30. first Sun of month. St. Michael's - 220 4oth st NE Thomas C. Aycock. jr ( horal sen and SS Kl Eucharist son 8 Eve 6 JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES C edar Valley South (MgrejtaliM — 1221 Center Point rd NE. Public talk. I ill Watchtower. 2 30 McClaud Springs Narth ( augrega tian — 1221 Center I Glint rd NE Public talk. 9 30 Watchtower. I® 30 Piaueer Avenue (Mgrr nation — 3103 Pioneer ave SE. Public talk 9 30 Watchtower, IO 30 LATTER DAY SAINTS Merman — 4981 Truilridge rd SE Bishop Paul L Garvin Priesthood, Hid SS. IO Sal Ta ti lent. 1115 Wed eve. 7 30 Kearganiied - 120 19th st NE Elder James I ary. SS 9 30 Sen IO 9i Ll TREHAN Bethany — (Mo.) 2202 Forest dr SE A (’. Hornbostel SS 9 :mi Sen 8 15. 10 45 (aniurdia — (Mo.) 4210 Johnson ave. NVY Paul A. Scheldt SS 9 15 Serv. 8. IO 30 ‘ The Church Is a Ministry. Not an Audience" First- (U A) Woo 3rd ave SE George W, Carlson. Dennis VV Wright SS 9 25 Se rv 8 15, ll. Glaria Dei - (AU ) 153 t berry Hill rd NAY. Charles G. S. hull/. SS 9 :9i Sen. 8 W, IO IPI Communion, 1st Sun of month Geed Shepherd— (WELS) 2900 42nd st NE Gary Kirschke. SS 9 Serv IO 15 "Does It Really Matter Where I Attend Chun h ’ ‘ Holy Redeemer— (U A) 720 Edgewood rd NVY Cedric .I Lofdahl SS 10 IPI Sen 9 30 Sat. 5 Pl Hape— (U A) 2730 Bowling st SW Miciiael A I-ust. Communion 1st Sun of month Sat eve 6 SS It) 44 Serv 9 30 Our Savlar's- (AU ) 3634 1st ave NE F. William Milker, Marvin L. Ehnen. SS 9 15 S«*rv 8, IO 30 St. Andrew- <U A) 4420 ( enter Point rd NE. James M Usher SS 9 40 Sen. 8:30, 10 45 "In Bondage or Freedom''". St. Mark’s— (U A) 2100 Isl ave NE. David Elans I .arson, Gordon Lundberg. SS 9 30 Serv. 8 30, ll “What, Reform?”. St. Stephen's— (ALC) Meadowbrook and 31st st SE Landis J Olson. SS 9 15. Serv. 8 15, IO 30 Trinity- (Mo ) 1303 1st ave STV Richard A. Osing, Richard L Thompson. SS 9:15. Serv. 8, IO 30. "Abide In His Word" Eve. 7. Sat eve. 6 Word of God Deaf— (Mo ) 1383 1st ave. SVY Allan C Page Second and fourth Sun of month, serv 9 15 Zion— (Mo.) Highway 150. Hiawatha Larry Brelje. SS 9 30 Serv 8 15. IO 45 METHODIST Asbury — (United) 351 26th ave. SVY. ( hades R Mehaffey SS IO Serv 9, ll Bertram — (I tilted) I. Ned Townsend. SS 9:45. Sen 10:30 Bethel — ( XME) 512 lith st SE George Moore SS 9:30 Sen ll Buffalo — United) Blairs Ferry rd NE. Wilbert R Trusheim. SS IO 15. Serv 9 Faith - (United) KMM* 30th st. NE W ilbert R Trusheim Serv ll) 30 Free — SIHI G ave MV Wayne Ryan SS 9 45. Sen IO 45 Eve. 7 Wed eve 7 30 Hillside Wesleyan — 2600 1st ave NVY Rn hard Ernst, Sam Blackford SS 9 45, 10:50. Serv 111 50 'Born Free" Eve. 7. "Don't Let Your Christian Maturity Show!" Wed eve. 7:15. Kenwood Park — (United) 302 33rd st NE Clifton VV Ellerbeck, Tom Mattson SS IO. Serv 9, ll "God's Growing Household". lively Ijne — (United) 42nd and W'enig rd NE Don E Maple SS 9 IV Serv IO 30. Salem — (United) 225 1st ave SVY Paul Pfalt/graff SS 9 Sen IO Sharon — (United) 831 inth ave. SVY Everett K Durham SS 9 Serv ll) I St. James — (I tilted) 1430 Ellis blvd NAV Stephen R Root SS 8:45. Sen IO St. Mark's — (United) 4700 Johnson ave, NVY. Lee Roy Collins. SS 9 45 Sen ll "The Half Way House". Eve. 6, School of Missions St. Paul's — (United) 1340 3rd ave SE Arnold Herhst. Denton Erie-son. Warren Webb SS 9.30, ll Communion. 8,30. Sen 9 Pl, IL "The Blessedness of Giving" Shueyville — (United) Rt 2. Ric hard Schell locker SS 9 30. Serv 10:30 Trinity — (United) 3rd ave and 5th st SW W ilson Hyde SS 9 30. Serv IO 45. "Island Hopping Faith". N AZ AR ENE First - 3113 1st avie SVY. Hardy J Powers. SS 9 45 Sen . IO 45 Eve. 7. Wed eve. 7. Oakland — 151 Bowman rd NE (Bowman Woods School). ( hureh office, 6416 Devonshire dr NE. Crawford Howe SS 9 45. Sen 10 30 Eve 6 Wed eve 7 Pl Trinity — 1328 K st. SVY James I. Hayes SS 9 30 Sen IO Pl Eve 7 Wed eve 7 ORTHODOX St. George — (Sv.) 1202 loth st. SE. Constantine Nasr SS Kl 15. Matins IO Liturgy IO 30 Sat eve ves-tiers 7 0) St. John's - IE) 6(Ml 7th st SE. Demet nos Walker SS Matins Kl Morning prayers, ll St. Johu's — (Or.) 501 A ave NE Alexander Anastasis!. Orthros 9 Liturgy IO Sat vespers 5 PRESBYTERIAN (altin-Slnt lair — (Enited) 715 :18th ■'t SE. Earl A lluehner SS Kl. Sen 9. ll IO "God So Loved the World". Central Park — (Ended) I7in» B ave. NE Allen S. Yan Cleve. SS ll) 45, Sen 9 pi ‘ It's Not What You Do That Counts". ( brist Church — (United) 2ixmi 1st ave NW Robert Bouton sen 9 45. Money Is Your Senant. Not Your Master". First — (United) JKI 5th st SE John S Shew, larry R Johnson. SS 9 15 Son IO PI "By Faith Alone Bus Memorial — (United) 2808 Schaeffer dr SW George B VK Dill. SS IO Pl Sc rv 9 Pl "From Start to Finish ". Indian ( reek — (Refernitsi) K P Hall KPil Old Marion rd NE Mark Pott SS ll. Son JO Kenwoad Park — (Ended) 327 35th st NE L. \    ( hamberlain, Murry Haber, ss. Serv 9 Pi, It knox — (United) 1525 Hollywood blvd NT!. Floyd J Conroy SS 9 3d Serv Kl 30 "Continuing Reformation Thurs eve. 7. Olivet — (United) 237 Kith st NW Francis Roy King. ss 9 30 Serv. 8 .'pi. II "Peace Fake It. Take It or Make It" Westminster — (United) 1285. 3rd ave SE. Dr John P. Woods, Eddie Egger (chs SS 9 Pl Sen 9 Pl. ll -When?" I NITED CMI R( ll OF CHRIST Eden — (E and Hi 351 8th ave, SVY Glenn D Hunt. SS 9 TO Serv IO 45 First Congregational — 361 17th st SE Glenn N. Bender, Charles IC Simmers SS ll Sen IO "The ( o\e-nant". Ilwpe — 150 9th ave . Hiawatha Ly le V Kuehl SS 9 JO Sen 10 45 OI HEK ( HI K(HES Baha'i (enter — Firesiciev VV eel eve 7 Pl at 2103 Cellar Valley apts, Thurs. eve. 7 Pi at 2435 4th ave . Marion. T ri eve. 8 at 2720 2nd ave SE KHi/nqe/iB For the Finest in Paints Su Front Drive iTTlil Brither* ■0 much mole ie 74. Subaru offers 12 mos. warranty with Unlimited Mileage For details call anytime for a recorded message. 363-85(3 Bethany Congregational — IPHI 6th st NVY Mary A White. SS 8 45 Serv IO. “The Gift Genuineness". Cedar Hills Community Reformed *— 4980 Gordon ave SVY Loon Aal borts SS 9 45. Sen. ll "When A Family Goes to Church". Eve. 6.15. ' How Much More". Cedar Hills Evangelical Free — West Post rd. and Midway dr NVY Robert Warren. SS 9 30 Serv III 45 Eve. 7. Wed eve 7. Cedar Rapids Bible Chapel — 3412 Oakland rd. NE SS ll. Serv ll Eve 7 Wed eve. 7:30 Cedar Rapids Friends Meeting — 9 30. Contact VV R. Haworth, 363-6567. Cedar Valley Bible Church - 3636 Cottage Grove ave SE. Reagan Benedict. Thomas V. Fogie, Dwight I. Taylor SS 10:50 Sen 9 45 "The Fellowship of Explanation" Eve 6 "The Attitude for Unity". Wed eve 7 20 Central Church of ( brist — 13181 1st ave NVY. Penney E Nichols. SS 10 45. Sen 9 30 Eve 6 Wed eve 7. Christian and Missionary Alliance — 1622 42nd st NE. Daniel G Pulliam SS 9 30 Sen . IO 45 Eve 7 Peace Christian Reformed — 6600 C ave NE Earl D. Pvkenia SS 9 45. Serv IO 45. Eve* 6 30 Church of the Brethren — 1200 2nd ave SE Dr Wayne A shireman SS 9 30 Serv IO all "Nothing Wasted ' David Dykes Ministry of Deliverance — 1510 2nd st NVY ILG. Kurth, E R David son SS 9.45 Sen IO 45 Eve 7 (hureh of God Prophecy — 3211 Edgewood rd SVV Michael Boot-- SS 10 Serv ll Eve. 7 30 Wed eve 7 30 Covington — Rick Miller ss 9 to Serv 10 30 ( hureh of God — HOI Oakland rd NE. A IC Moslander ss 9 45 Serv IO 45 Eve. 6 Eastview ( hureh of Christ — HOI Old Marion rd NE SS 9 30 Sen 10 Pl Eve.7 Wed eve. 7 Ellis Park (hureh of God — 726 L ave. NVY John Little SS 9 30 Sen. Kl Pl Eve* 6 Wed. eve 8 First Church of Christ. Scientist - 1242 2nd ave. SE. Sen 10 30. “Probation After Death”. Wed eve 7:30 First Covenant — 701 25th st NE James E hinge. SS 9 Pl Serv Kl 43 "How To Experience God s Love and Forgiveness". Eve. 7. "How To Be Sure You Arc Going To Heaven" Wed eve 7 ' Roaming Thru Romans 4". First Open Bible — 1911 E ave NVY Neat B. Gail. SS 9 Pl Serv IO JO. Eve 7 30 First Pentecostal Church — Ktio Center Point rd NE James O. McCoy.. SS 9 30 Sen 10,30 Tues., Thurs eve 7 Foursquare Gospel — 609 1st ave. NVY Lee Griffis SS 9 30. Serv. 10 45 M R Evans Eve 7. "The Gift of the Holy Ghost". Wed. eve 7 Pl En I Pl Grace Brethren — 2905 I) ave* NE. Gilbert Gilgan. SS 9 Pl Sen 10 30 Eve. 7. Wed. eve. 7 13 Interdenominational — 3rd st. and 5th ave. SVV A J Stokes SS 9 43. Serv IO 45 Michael Hall Eve. 7. Kermit Shafer Islamic Center — 2999 1st ave. SVV SS. sen IL30 Prayers, noon En prayers noon Meth Wick C hapel - 1224 l ith st 'NVY Richard Seboniecher Sen 9. New Apostolic (hureh — 2930 Wilson ave SVV. SS 8 45 Sen Kl Eve 3. New Jerusalem C hurch of God in ( brist — 631 9th ave SE. ll Bassett SS Kl Pi Serv noon Eve. 8 Peoples Unitarian — 6(81 3rd ave. SE Walter E. Kelhson SS lo Forum. 11 Sen Kl "Salvaging the Life of Ritual". Tom Mi kelson Saltation Army — 1123 3rd st SE Eugene Adnex SS 9 45 Se rv It Eve. 7. Seventh Day Xdtentist — 42nd st and Edgewise! rd NT! Siegfried Koeske. SS 9 Pl Sen ll Seventh Day (hureh of God — (Meridan) 3336 Prairie dr NE. VV T McMickm SS. Sat IO Sen ll Temple Judah — 3221 Lindsay Lane ST! Israel Zobcrman En eve. sen 8 1st En. of month, eve serv 7 Pl I nity (enter — KHY 2nd ave SE Mabel K Swanson Serv ll Religion Is An Individual Experience" Dentist Says Kids Anxious To Get Braces SAN FRANCISCO (I IM) - A dentist who straightens the teeth (if movie stars’ children says that teeth braces, once the bane of adolescence, are now a status symbol. “Kids from affluent neighborhoods are eager to get their braces,” said Dr. Alfred Baum of Los Angeles. Ile said braces rank up with a youth s first driver’s license. Phone 364-0213, for F-A-S-T APPLIANCE SERVICE I I u Ipjo in t 620    V    Phone 2nd Ava. SE 364-0213 Church Women United of Cedar Rapids will celebrate its annual World Community day Friday at Trinity Lutheran church. Guest speaker for the day will be Louise Davies of Minneapolis. She and her husband are members of New Covenant church there and are heard daily on a number of radio stations throughout the country. The theme for the day will be "The Greatest of These Is Love.” Seating will begin at 9:15 a.m. with the program begin- Louise Davies i ning at 9:30 a m. A luncheon will be served in conjunction with the celebration. Registration fee is $1.25 and reservations must be made by Monday Marion Churches Antioch Church of Christ — Marion YMCA, Lawrence W Merritt, pastor. Sunday school 9:30. Worship 10:30 and 6 Bethel Baptist -    1000 Eighth avenue. The Rev. Calvin Thorpe. Sunday school 9:30, Worship 10:30. Sermon: “When Love Turns Cold”. Evening worship 7. Sermon: "The Primacy of Prayer”. First Baptist — 2893 Fourteenth avenue. The Rev. Lyle W. Lee. Worship 9:30 Sunday school 10:30 Grace Baptist — I to South Fifteenth street The Rev. Don R Martin Sunday school 9:45, Worship 10:50 and 0:30 Squaw Creek Baptist — Wilkins school. The Rev. Kermit W. Jelmeland. Worship 9. Sunday school. IO. Evening worship. 7. Robins Faith Bible -Corner of Main and Went/or. The Rev. Ed Bateman. Worship 9:30 and 0. Sunday school ll. St. Joseph’s Catholic — 995 Fifth avenue. The Rev. John R. Gallagher, the Rev. J. David Pepper and the Rev. Martin W. Pfab will celebrate Mass Saturday at 7 p.m. at the school, 1430 Fourteenth street and Sunday at 7. 9:30 and ll a.in. and 5 p.m. at the church and 8:30, IO and ll 30 at the school. Marion Christian — 1050 McGowan boulevard. The Rev. Peter M. Morgan. Sunday school 9 30. Worship 10:45. Robins Church of the Brethren — 355 Second street The Rev. Gene Burry. Worship 9, Sunday school IO. Church of Christ — 1087 Eighteenth street. William Cain Bible school IO. Worship ll and 6:30 Ascension Lutheran — 2210 Grand avenue. The Rev. Denny J. Brake. Worship 8 and IO. Sunday school 8:50. Sermon: ‘‘Stumbling Without Grumbling". Lutheran Church of the Resurrection — 2770 Eighteenth avenue. The Rev. Otto A Zwanziger. Worship 8 and 10:30. Sunday school 9:15. St. Paul’s Lutheran (Missouri Synod)— 915 Twenty-seventh street. The Rev. John I). Huber, jr. Worship 8 and 10:30. Sunday school 9:15. First United Methodist — 1277 Highth avenue. The Rev. Glen W Lamb, the Rev. Gone Crossett, jr. and the Rev. J M Steffenson. Worship 8:30 and ll Sermon: “The Forty-fifth Thesis Revisited” Sunday school 9 45 Prairie Chapel United Methodist — Route 3. The Rev. Clive Cook Sunday school 8:45, Worship 9:45. First Presbyterian — 801 Twelfth street. The Rev. Jay A Miller. Sunday school 9:15. Worship 10:30. Lay Sunday. Reformation Sunday. Reformed Presbyterian — 865 South Fifteenth street. The Rev. John M. McMillan. Sunday school IO. Worship ll Evening study group. Church of God (Seventh Day) — HOO Ninth avenue W. J. Furyluk. pastor. Song Service 9:45. Sabbath school IO, worship Ii, Saturday. Friday, Bible study 8. United Seventh Day Brethren — 2400 Second avenue. W. Allen Bond, pastor. Worship IO, church school ll Saturday. Mortgage Burning Service Slated at Church of God The Fills Park Church of God will hold a special service Sunday to burn the mortgage on the church building. The IO 30 a m. service will center around the mortgage burning with various members of the congregation, including the board of trustees, participating. Sunday afternoon the congregation. along with friends in the community, are invited to visit the new parsonage. 1620 Southview drive NW. The Sunday observance will be completed as members of the congregation will gather for a congregational sing at 6 p.m. at the church. The evening service will feature a youth band along with various special musical groups GAZETTE TELEPHONE NUMBERS for Nr»y Sporty Bookkeeping. Generol Infor motion and OMnes Not luted Bds* (oil    398 8211 Circulation Subscription Dept    398 8333 Hon thru Sot 8 a m to J p m. Sundays Until I? Noon Holidays 11 o rn lo I p rn (/ant Ads    398 8234 Mon thru fn 8 a rn to S p m Saturday until 12 Noon Display Advertising    RMM 8 a rn to 5 p rn Monon OK *    398 8430 STAND OII THE ISSUES. I Favor a Conscience Clause No one should Im* forced to help or perform un act under threat of losing their job that is contrary to their personal beliefs I Oppose Gun Registration. Criminals do not register their guns. The only people who would register arc farmers, hunters, sportsmen arid honest citizens, This amounts to only a rip off of the honest eiti/.en I Oppose The Three-Factor Formula. This Formula benefits only out-of-state corporal ions which have no payroll, or fixed assets in Iowa. It penalizes Iowa corporations which furnish jobs and pay property taxes VOTE FOR God missionary to Ghana West Africa, will be conducting a Holy Spirit seminar Sunday through Tuesday each evening at 7 p.m. at First Assembly of God church. Pastor Unborn and his wife have been actively involved in the charismatic movement since its inception. For three years they conducted interfaith services in Waterloo. Williamsburg Presbyterians The First United Presbyterian church of Williamsburg will hold a special missionary service and congregational dinner Sunday evening. The speaker will be the Rev. Robert F. Rice of Literacy and Evangelism Inc., a worldwide missionary effort keyed to teaching reading to the illiterate through the Bible. First Baptist Church The Rev. David dykes id Ankeny, and former pastor of Church of the Brethren in Cedar Rapids, will speak at First Baptist church Sunday at 10:30 a m. Pastor Dykes is now on the staff of the Iowa Mental Health department. Following the service, a potluck dinner will be held in the Fellowship hall. St. Mark s Lutheran St. Mark s Lutheran church will hold Reformation worship services Sunday at 8:30 and ll ani. with the ceremony of nailing of the Lutheran Manifesto on the churc h doors. First Christian Church The Rev. Phillip Ewoldson, pastor of Noelridge Park Christian church, will speak at First Christian church Sunday at 10:40 a.m. Peoples Unitarian Church Tom Mikelson, minister to the C C. Society, Iowa City, will speak at People's Unitarian church Sunday at IO a m. on “Salvaging the Life of Ritual.” Political Advertisement    m Eleven Priests Named Monsignors Eleven Eastern Iowa priests of the Archdiocese of Dubuque have been named Monsignors by Pope Paul VI. The newly appointed Monsignors will become members of the Papal household at a ceremony at the Cathedral of St. Raphael, Dubuque, Dec. 8 at 3:30 p.m. Following the ceremony, the new Monsignors will concelebrate Mass with the Most Rev. James J. Byrne, Archbishop of Dubuque. The new Monsignors are: The Very Rev. Edmund J. Becker, dean of the Cedar Rapids Deanery and pastor of All Saints parish, was ordained May 22, 1937, and was appointed dean on July 19, 1969. The Very Rev. David Wheeler, dean of the Dyersville Deanery and pastor of the Basilica of St. Francis Xavier, was ordained by Clement Cardinal Micara at the Basilica of St. John Cateran. Rome, on .Dee. 20, 1952, and was appointed dean in 1973. The Very Rev. Donald F. Sweeney, dean of the Independ once Deanery and pastor of St. John’s parish, was ordained June 7, 1941, and was named dean in 1967. The Very Rev. Donald liegeman, dean of the Elkader Deanery and pastor of St. Patrick’s parish, Monona, was ordained May 31. 1947, and appointed dean in 1967. The Very Rev. Gerald V. Steiert, pastor of St. Aloysia, Calmar, and dean of the Ossian Deanery, was ordained June 15, 1935, and appointed dean in 1967. The Rev. William Blessings, consultor and pastor of St. Anthony’s parish. Dubuque, and former pastor at St. Joseph s parish, Marion, was ordained June 12, 1943, and was named consultor in 1966. The Rev. Roger E. O’Brian, consultor and pastor of Nativity parish. Dubuque, and former pastor at Immaculate Conception, Cedar Rapids, was ordained May 30, 1942, and named consultor in 1966. The Rev. Paul Maguire, consultor and pastor of Holy Name parish, Rockford, and former pastor of Sacred Heart. Oelwein, and St. Patrick’s, Cedar Rapids, was ordained June IO, 1933, and named consultor in 1966. The Very Rev. Edmund Cooney, dean of the Charles City Deanery and pastor of St. Mary’s parish and former pastor of Holy Name parish. West Union, was ordained May 26, 1934. and was dean of the Cresco Deanery before taking the Charles City post. The Very Rev. Julius (Ringer, dean of the New Hampton Deanery and pastor of St. Mary’s parish and former chaplain of Mercy hospital. Cedar Rapids, was named dean in 1963. The Very Rev. Kenneth Ryan, dean of the Waterloo Deanery and pastor of Sacred Heart parish and former pastor of Holy Name parish, West Union, was ordained June 6. 1936, and named dean in 1974. Calvary Baptist The Rev. Leslie Magee, a Conservative Baptist missionary who recently returned from Ribeirao Preto, Brazil, will tell of his work and future plans when he speaks at Calvary Baptist church Sunday at 10:15 a.m. For the last four years he assisted eight churches in the state of San Paulo, Brazil. Each Saturday he met with five Brazilian pastors to pray and discuss ways to reach their communities through evangelism, church development and Bible study. Now You Know By United Press International British authoress Charlotte Bronte’s handwriting was so small that she could fit 40 lines of it into an inch. Political Advertisement Political Advertisement IVOR STAHLEV The “Issues" Candidate for State Senator Paid tor by Stanley for Senator Committee Mi Betty ftiley, treaiurer o Av I’m Sister Genevieve Birchard, candidate for Linn County Treasurer. Won’t you please review my qualifications and give me your vote November 5th? There is a great need today for qualified, well-motivated people to be in Government We Sisters have always gone where the need is Today for instance, a nun is in charge of the computer department at The Continental-lllinois National Bank & Trust Company, Chicago Why'? only because of her superior performance and educational background For your evaluation EDUCATION I have a Bachelor s Degree in Commerce from the University of Iowa, and a Master s Degree in Economics from Marquette University With additional study .it Iowa State and the University of Omaha EXPERIENCE 8 ye ars. Business Manager, Mount Mercy College, where I successfully collected and invested funds to keep tuition as low as possible 22 years, Teaching Business subjects in College and Secondary Schools In summary, my life is dedicated to the service of people and their needs I want to serve you as Linn County Treasurer and I will with your vote November bth o iv ut ru Bi a 4 > /Ut Sifter Genevieve Birth,ire! Campaign Committee Kenneth Sider*. Treasurer ;

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