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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 25, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa W eather— Clear and colder tonight, lows in lipper ;tOs lo low 40s. Sunny Saturday, highs 65 to 70. lf he Cedar ftapufo Cadette CITY FINAL 15 CENTS VOLUME 92 - NUMMER 289 CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25. 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS. UPI, NEW YORK TIMES NIXON ^SCRIPTS CHICAGO (AP) — President Ford has finally come right out and said it: Big spenders are responsible for the country’s inflation woes and the chief “villains” are the Democrats congress. In a string of campaign appearances Thursday on behalf of struggling Republican candidates, Ford accused Democrats of ruining the economy with four decades of reckless spending and of now threatening foreign policy. “There are many villains,” he told a $250-per-plate fund-raising dinner in Chicago. ‘ But the biggest burden of guilt lies on the shoulders of the biggest spenders. “And the fact is that one political party has run the congress ■— and held open the nation’s purse strings — for 38 of the last 42 years, and for the past straight 20 years. “Can’t Allow It” “That party is the Democratic party, and we cannot allow it to drive the budget deeper into the red and the rate of inflation higher into the blue.” Nixon Resting Comfortably, n Sources Sav A[)prOV0ti By Sirica Police, Pickets Outside Roosevelt Hotel photo by Tom Merryman Sympathy picketers, members of the striking hotel worker's union and police line the sidewalk outside the Roosevelt hotel parking ramp after Thursday night's disturbance. Five per sons were arrested in a fracas after a picketer damaged a car leaving the structure. Police reported the crowd numbered as many as 75 persons during the evening. West Bank Issue Splits Arab Summit Five Hotel Pickets    ; 2 Police Hurt in Disturbance familiar campaign slogan that the country needs an inflation-proof Republican congress and not a veto-proof Democratic one. By Staff Writers    'Hall,    identified himself as a husband, Roy, was charged with Five persons were arrested P°Iice °*flcer and Placed her interfering with a police officer, „i    ininrMl    under    arrest.    a city charge, according to the As Erger and another officer Linn County attorney. Seven Stitches i t t H nntipp    [squad    car, a man wno said ne    ....... picRtis ana ponce.    t...    i,nr    During    the    struggle,    Officers    Brezhnev Henry Gives Arms Stand To Brezhnev RABAT, Morocco (AP) — The and two police officers injured Then Ford repeated his now Arat> summit ran int° a mai°r|Thursday at the Roosevelt hotel Then ford repeated    crisis    Friday    with    Jordan    voting-during a mdec between union    tak,nS Mrf >lal1 '« to oppose any move to turn oveHnirimtc and nniim    'squad    car,    a    man    who    said    he LONG BEACH, Calif. (AP) -Hospital sources say former President Nixon is no longer in pain HS doctors consider whether    need    surgery!    WASHINGTON (AP) _ U. S. 'a relatively "simple and safe    Ju^e John f'ca Fr'‘ operation could be performed if d?J "J*"**?, “.IT*1 ft anticoagulant drugs given by ?„r LN'X“ » J**?*" *hat ,£f T„ri    foil .1 'ormt?r President be supplied mouth and by injection fail to wjth transcripts of White Ho prevent formation of clots rn . ^ ________‘ Nixon's swollen left loc his nhv- ape recordmgs so he can Pre’ »..n, ism a •* - —» Thursday.    r The former President was ad- Meanwhile, former White nutted to Memorial Hospital House counsel John Dean 111 Medical Center here Wednesday wa??n witness stand for his night because oral anti-congula- ei8"th, and possibly last, day of lion therapy at his San Cle- testimony, mente home was not thinning Nixon’s attorney, Herbert his blood sufficiently, Lungren Miller, requested the transcripts said.    recently, pointing out that Nixon He said tests were being con- bad no other records available ducted to determine if Nixon is 1° bim and could not come to “in the small group of paradox- Washington to prepare adoral cases, i.e., people for whom    quately    because    of his    illness, anti-coagulation cannot be    nun(    j^ext maintained by drugs.”    . , ...    As its second witness, the gov- No Decision Time ernment planned to call E. How- Lungren did not say when a ard Hunt, the former CIA agent decision on surgery would be and White House consultant, made.    who pled guilty to being one lf surgery is not necessary, 'of the principals in the Water-the doctor said Nixon might be    gate breakin, able to go home late Friday or    But    pointing    out    that    Hunt Saturday.    cooperated with the investiga- j A hospital spokesman said tion “only grudgingly and, we medical personnel who saw believe, incompletely,” the gov-Nixon Thursday said he was ernment asked that the court — resting comfortably and was not rather than the prosecution — Secretary in Pain-    Hunl as its witness, riser mn- ‘ ^ anticoagulant therapy cannot be adequately es- the west bank of the Jordan The pickets were members of was her husband tried to get her .    Brezhnev    Friday    at    the From river to the Palestine Liberation unl0ns supporting the strike of awaV from ,l'em ,    .    , ,    iSmuT    ’    °P'ng    they    eould    break the Organization.    the hotel workers’union. Police    Erger slid a s niggle    took    ^ .    '    oSfr    hiw^ht    fvJn(*0,ia,ln* loBjam    °n a new It was perhaps his most direct    Foreign ministers of    the 20    said the group, numbering as    P'«* when several other    men    toed    a    cut    over    h.s right    eye| I0.ycar tr(.aty assault on his former congres-    Arab countries, whose    leaders    many as 75 to IOO persons, tried to help free Mrs. Hall. which required seven stitches The county attorney’s office He was treated at St * and released. sional colleagues but even then the summit meetings Sat- began assembling shortly before^charged hospital a h* temnrrvd if ad libbing into*urday* voted for a resolution17 p.m. in front of the hotel.    r    ^ . V T    i,“    ,, , his prepared speech to a G.O.P. tbat would atrip King Hussein cfi The first arrest took place Wlth disturbing the peace. Her    Denim® The first arrest took luncheon in Des Moines that the sovereignty over the west bank, about 9:25 p.m. when a woman Democratic leadership was act- occupied bs Israel in 1967.    identified as Carol Ann Hall, 40, ing responsibly, although “their Hashem Abou Amara, Jor- cf 1300 Oakland road NE, alle-troops run wild.”    dan s ambassador to Morocco, godly hit a car with a picket Ford also renewed the foreign to,d newsmen after the meeting sign as it was leaving the ho-policy theme vshich stirred a his delegat»on voted against the tei’s peking structure. majority of delegations that ap-    Made    Arrest proved the move.    .... _ Assistant    Police    Chief    John (Continued: Page 2, Col. 4.) Erger said he approached Mrs furor Tuesday in Oklahoma City and Cleveland when he said election of the “wrong kind of congress” could endanger world peace. The White House said Wednesday that Ford only meant to stress the importance of a bipartisan foreign policy. But he took another .shot at the Democrats Thursday, accusing them of “undermining our LOS ANGELES (AP) — as I’m concerned. I don't bring foreign relations with handcuff Former gangster Mickey Cohen, nobody in to go to prison, like restrictions on the policies enlisted by Randolph and Cath- Cohen said erine Hearst to find their kidnaped daughter, says he knew where she was IO days ago but disturbing the peace. Steinbeck: Officers Did What Had To MOSCOW (AP) of State Henry Kissinger con- anii-coaguiant inerapy: jn sucjj a ease neither the veyed concrete U.S. proposi-1c a n 01    adequately es-    prosecution nor    defense vouches tions to Soviet leader Leonid    tablished    and controlled, then    jor a fitness’ credibility and it surgical intervention is a real aJ/ows ^ sjdes to ask jcading possibility,” Lungren said. In most cases of this sort, the surgeon ties off the main blood Luke’s I d Tt 'B'°-biur “nd    tadyyito    tfe'heirt"'^    tame    so strained Thursday that ta ™ :* St a^’very    IM    baking    Sir,ca threatened to take Action Denlinger suffered an abra-    friendly and very cordial atmo-    ,0Oseu inu,ho lcgs ?nd Raveling    3    carnivaI atm0" sion on his face when he was    sphere” was aimed at agree-    *° 1    rt or ’ungs* w"ere    sPfterL- .shoved against the building. He    ment on guidelines that Brezh-    they can    cauS<L death* 0thcr    “* mean it’”    the 70*y€ar-°,d also was treated at St. Luke’sjnev and President Ford could! (Continued: Page 3, Col. 3.) I federal judge said, exasperated questions. Tempers Strained Tempers in the courtroom be- hospital and released.    I    endorse around Thanksgiving at Imhoff said he was injured a meeting, probably in Vladi-when he went to aid two officers vostok. who had been knocked to the sidewalk. Ex-Gangster Cohen Says He Found Patty “I grabbed one of the suspects Safety Commissioner James and he swung around and hit Steinbeck said the goal of the me with his fist just above my police was to handle the situa-j right eye.” Imhoff said. tion in as low a key as possible, j Ford Halts Nixon Data WASHINGTON (UPII — Pres and often angered by continual bickering and back-biting among lawyers, “lf I don’t get the cooperation I want, I’m going to have to do something about it.” Arguments and objections had of the President and the secre tary of state.” Common Theme The common theme of tte doesn’t know where she is now. day’s speeches, however, was! In separate interviews Thurs that congress, not the President, spends the money and is respon Miss Re-Kidnap? Hcarst was kidnaped Kissinger is banking on the Kremlin's evident eagerness to assess thc new President firsthand as an incentive to    i  ..... . achieve the “conceptual ident Ford has temporarily halt- , d n breakthrough” that eluded ed plane deliveries of classified jday^ „ !    *    f    h! The man,    identified    as Carson1    him last March and again at foreign    policy    information    to    ^    A    nrownitinn and denied officers had over-    a. Borsch,    30, rural    route one,1    the summer summit here with    [Richard    Nixon    in California,    a    J    , ,    f> a y ,’ t    P^f reacted.    I    Cedar Iiapids, was subdued by i former President Nixon.    White House spokesman said    fen'    ’ .arl ,Vn !ns< “If anything, we probably | Imhoff, Erger and Chief Wallace t S officials suggest private- ^    attorney    against    defense    atter- under-reacted.” he said. “We Fainters and Detective Donald ,    hf„ ‘ lit “The flights have been de- nt>_ did what we had to do because potter.    mat Breznnev and ms polit- ^^    the whjte House There is finger-pointing in we saw a let of people could    .    _____ uro ct; cages e ac in e explores alternate methods of courtroom, there probably ■    --- TM months of Watergate, un-    ,he    former Frosldenl will be. more , wriain about Nixons stiffing . . HriMino materials** Press man,s attomy, power. Ford s repeated endorse-    i    Iwe Ui njmTingjtr jiaiit hf» wos in hired ments of Kissinger are intended . ,.® ‘^*v    1 ,nf. 'Tul!T Denlinger said he was injured |ft ^    f|-ft any declined to say what the alter natives were or why the review was started. to signal the Russians that any (Continued: Page 2, Col. 7.) day with NBC-TV and San Francisco television reporter Mari-sible for inflation. Ford said he Ivn Baker. Cohen said he used    ... should be given time to work his own money and various con- ',umu,,k ‘    *    J    . snouia DL given unit w    hnm    !aw and bank robbery and by things out with thc help of 3 tacts - some of them members    California    with    kid-    He more friendly congress.    or    sympathizers    of    toe    Sym-    n;inins ^ ^ ^    Jre “There is net a dime spent by or sympathizers of the bionese Liberation Army trace SLA members have been hurt and a lot of    A!’sa,ll, Char*e    la*    mon,hs    of    *•»««■*. property damage could have re- Borseth was charged    with as    ct suited.”    sault and battery. Steinbeck said police heard; tvw a    cr    a    several days earlier in the week when he went to assist Imhoff. reb. 4 by the SLA, but several    .    .. ct,„    ,innfilinnoj    that more pickets would appear.    A man ldentiiied as    Robert that uh* had rpiprtpd    hor    familv    as weP as rumors o{ what wou*d    Moenk, 29, of 113 E.    Willman ^    c,n,ly, happen - rumors Steinbeckstr.it, Hiawatha, allegedly termed exaggerated and unfair jumped Denlinger from behind She was later charged with t0 union representatives.    and threw him on the ground, violating the federal firearms Reminded    Moenk    was charged Thursday night with resisting arrest. How ri    ?    i    i    i*»    vt .ii •• iii ■ jiiniii iiij« u. ii ii k iii* ! lift pni/i t nn rAnrAP/tni oiiiiap ;    .    m Svm toinaptng of it,” Ehrlich-prcss man s attorney, William Prates said. He sa*d at ane P°int- Borne Out said the representatives reminded that traffic Thieu Regime Firing 377 Officers for Corruption ever, no formal charged have been filed. One other ^ .ne William I firearms charges stemmed from I should not be impeded nor by ,he MhdCllLI,h4«“ 2dbi “** Emilv Harris and 20-year-ilhc *10®90 holduP of ,he llibcr;:standers harassed. Police were) olnor ^un^'u^ priated by congress, he said in PftHs    I    ma    Bank    in    San    Francisco    April ureed. he said. not to over-reactil*ilden’ rural m . Des Moines. “So they are re- °I(U Hearst 15. April urged, he said, not to over-react and to keep things low-key Rya*1* was arrested and was sponsible for the spending which Cohen, who said he began the The Chicago Tribune reported IH    n.ct has caused most of our prob- quest as a persona favor to the ^    offCred    tQ    tfy    (Q    re.    (    ^    sai{j    no    uni|ormed    tory'.    Police said he participated It was Thieu s second action V a n Tuyen, lems."    j    Hearst    family,    refused    to    say    bi,inan    Mitts    Hcar«t    anrf    return    in    the    struggle to free Mrs. Hall. It wasn't long before the statement was borne out. Prates attempted to ask Dean a question based en a tape recording of a meeting he had with former President Nixon and Haldeman June 23, 1973. That was the conversation in which Nixon agreed with Haldeman that the FBI should be not change s^j-pd avvay from investigating his police..,, or I( he remains in lhl. Walcrfiate bri.akin, whk.h allice, I don t think there will be    sj,    days    earlier.    Nixon change, said Tran and deinand- lems. warm "welcomes 'wherever tie lolled her except that she was ’    not    in    California. received generally iwhcre Mlss Hearst wuas . ho ■kidnaP Miss Hearst and return officers, or squad cars were in u~-    ^    the vicinity of the Iwtel, which was kept under observation by two plainclothes oflicers in an her to her parents. ........ t .......,    Confirms Meeting went, although there were a few,1101 hecklers and some negative plac-J He added that he never saw n the ICPIX TV interview ards among the crowds at the the girl himself. “I couldst, my with Marilyn Baker, Cohen said Iowa capitol for a noon rally, at parole board won’t let mc go it might take violence to free a ceremony in Melvin. 111., hon- anywhere, he said.    !    Patty, oring retiring G.O.P. Rep. Los-    Moved    The    people I had been in conite A rends, and as the President    «    Lid with related to me that ^ v , . .I r'n.nfiri Hilton in He also said she has since Rattv Hearst mav have to be a •'» . nt • # . . L, arrived at the Conrad Hilton in    ,    .    ,    \    •    nd    ".".    Assistant    Chief    John    Erger    and Chicago    moved    and that he didnt tell brought out thc same way that sh|ff rantain uoward n.rHru»r .    ,    anyone    where she was. Broad- was brought in She may , , u . .    g{,os Ford carefully noted caehi(.as, repor,s (hat Miss ,„.arst ™ve “ bt- brought out    'O    tho    hotel    personally    to SAIGON (AP) — President mismanagement „    . Thieu’s government firing 377 ing his own resignation °uH .is o^-cers jQr corrUpBon, the de ^ *^r Thieu will n tense ministry announced Fri- IU IU RCVU (II1IIKS lUW-RCy. I '    '    ...    t    I    J*.. In attempts lo satisfy thai hharge.1 with asMult and l>al-,d,i>    a major cause. >am    made lh-tap.'public three days '    'Mice said he participated | It    was    Thieu    s    second    action    V a n ruyen, an opposition    w#re ,K.    hjs struggle to free Mrs. Man. I this    week    to    quiet    criticism    of    member of the national absent-    natlon Prior to the arrests, one of the;bis regime in the U. S. congress bly. But he said he did not think    .    .    . and at home. On Thursday he Thieu could be overthrown be- 4 Tlle J^ry MaU nor heard me cause he has at his disposal    taPp and, ** ProfCU'"r the army ami po I, ce forces and    Jami's Ncal ubJ,'c’edl ", J1' the administration ’    questions. Ile warned that if the Nguyen Van I tuyen, former    <tu*’^ons were permitted he senate president, said the cabi-iwou*    Pe unmarked car. At about 8 pm , Steinbeck said, pickets had scattered tacks and nails on the sidewalk and in the parking ramp driveway, so Chief Wallace LaPeters, (Continued: Pc.ge 3, Col 7. Standard Time Returns Sunday fired four members of his cabinet, including Information Minister Hoang Due Nha, a relative of the president and his closest confidant. I()cal Republican candidate, and mjgbt be in Canada did not there was no snubbing by the office seekers such as occurred Tuesday night in Cleveland force.” Cohen also confirmed the Oct. 7 meeting in I/»s Angeles be ask pickets debris. While the to sweep up the come from him. he said. The FBI and the Canadian mounted 7 meeting in lx>s Angeles ux- : t h „,. r, ... police said they had no informa- i tween himself, the Hearsts and c* ; 1 d i when former Ohio Republican ^ 0„ niports that shl, had 'their attorney,^^ James Maelnnis f"k 4a,d’ a woman been located in Canada or near After that meeting, the group the U. S.-Canadian border. The Hearsts were not immediately available for comment. In the NBC interview. Cohen WASHINGTON IAP) - Clocks will bi? turned back one hour at 2 a m Sunday as the [' S'[dishonest on standard time for four months. The nation has been on IO straight months of Daylight Sav- A defense ministry commoni- net shakeup was “a very little que said the officers to be dis- event. It is not enough to missed had been “corrupt and It said they included 20 colonels, JOI lieutenant colonels and 256 majors. A numbe r of junior officers will also tx* dismissed for cor- ehange the mood of the people. "True Reforms” “We want that tape in here right now ” Frates shouted. (Continued: Page 2,Col. 7.) Gov. James show up. Rhodes failed to three were talking iv** “,f’ .....*    —•    -    ------    --    irupiion,    me    communique    aa late? Slgned 10 save ,uel durmg thc but it did not say how many. I    «hnrta0«> Today'* (hackle ^ h# Diner to friend: “I haven t Hearst s as Carol Ann Hall was seen striking an auto with energy shortage. In a report accompanying Begin Nov. I was stopped and questioned by|thpn*amated Hme-change legislation signed, it said the dismissals would police at laos Angeles Interna- Pip f()r    darnak,t.    U)    a    by President^Ford (^^5, thej begin Nov.    completed lost much weight since I vc been poiiC(. would arrest her if they counting calories and earbohy-jf^.^ u r Crates, but my arithmetic certainly has improved.” tional airport. Not recognizing the belea kept mum on Miss guered couple, police reportedly whereabouts because I threatened to arrest Catherine Hearst for consorting with a known criminal before the vehicle. senate commerce Six Officers Committee by the end of December. There was no immediate reac- said energy saving “must be balanced against a majority of tion (0 Friday’s announcement, At that time, Steinbeck said. the public’s distaste for the ob- but initial reaction from anti- of Daylight Saving Thieu political leaders to the fir- only six police officers were in the area, including LaPeters When I knew she would have Hearsts were able to identify .^*r8er ^ Gardner servance Time” during the winter. ing of the cabinet ministers in- to come in — to go to prison, I themselves and were allowed to said, just forget about it as far leave. He said a man who identified tjon w||j revert daylight time!demonstrations (Continued: Page 3, Col 8.) on Sunday, Fob. 23. [president with charging corruption “If President Thieu really t* Index wants to improve the present situation, he must seriously take Todays account of what has been said Comics ........ .......... 24 during the protest movement.. . Crossword .......... 24 He must make true reforms, Daily Record .....3 beginning with the high-ranking Deaths .... ........... 3 military commanders,” Huyen Editorial Features I. .......6 said. Farm ........ ..........23 The demonstrations, the most Financial ..... ......25 serious Thieu has faced in three Marion .... 16 years, are an outgrowth of dis Movies ... 14,15 enchantment with th«* continued .Society ....... 12 fighting, the lowered .standard Sports 17-21 of living, inflation, unemploy State .. — 4.5 ment, and government failure to Television 22 provide promised .social reform Want Ads 27-31 arid restore civil liberties. mmmm rnmum m . - .w rn 1 »\ J A* ;

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