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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 27, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa FEWER TAKE LANGUAGESC. /{. Teachers (rive Reasons (In Section A)LOTS OF HARD WORKWellman House look That (In Section B) Section A Weather— Chance of rain today, tonight and tomorrow. High today in 60s, low tonight in 40s, high tomorrow near 60. VOLUME 92 - NUMBER 291 24 Gaps in VA Hospital Care Cited WASHINGTON (AP) - A survey at Veterans Administration hospitals has found that the quality of patient care is often limited by staffing and space deficiencies and confusing eligibility laws. Dr. John Chase, chief medical director of the VA, said, however, that the comprehensive (survey uncovered no case in which a patient’s life was jeopardized by lack of care. He said the majority of patients in the 171 hospitals operated by the VA receive health care that meets or exceeds national standards, and that in some areas it is outstanding. Widespread Criticism The survey was ordered last March by former President Nixon in response to widespread criticism of VA hospital care in congress and demonstrations by veterans groups. Its major recommendation is that the current $36.000-a-year pay ceiling for physicians and dentists be lifted and that nurses' salaries be increased Present pay scales are making it difficult to recruit and retain experienced personnel, Chase said at a news conference Satur day. A proposal that congress appropriate $62 6 million this year to meet the need for higher pay is included in the survey report, which is now under study within the Ford administration. “If the improved remuneration is not forthcoming in the next few months." the report says, “we are convinced that the VA’s ability to recruit well-qualified physicians will be seriously impaired " Bonuses Besides suggesting higher pay, t h e report recommends that bonuses up to 25 percent of the annual salary of doctors and nurses be awarded on the basis of special qualifications and responsibilities The nursing shortage was found to be particularly acute at night, the report says. One hospital studied had only one nurse responsible for four wards “Many of the deficiencies that have been identified in thi> study are of this type and represent a clear compromise of that hospital’s ability to guarantee high quality and timely care to every patient.’’ the report says The survey was conducted by 33 teams of porfessionals and medical program administrators headed by someone outside the VA. each of which studied a different hospital 19 Restrictions In addition, a special task force was assigned to study the laws that define a veteran s eligibility for medical care It found there are 19 of them, enacted since 1917. providing various restrictions that make factors other than a patient s medical condition the basis for hospital admission “Tile eligibility laws are too (Continued: Page J. Col. 2 » lb if CITY FINAL 35 CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, SUNDAY. OCTOBER 27, 1974 Kissinger Winds Up Talks with Brezhnev an MOSCOW (I Pit Secretary Rut the officials said of State Kissinger Saturday emerging consensus on limiting wound up a wries of tough and anns racp ,s |jkc| to b(. complex talks with Soviet lead-    . ors. on a variety of issues af hl,!h on lhc a*enda of ,he Vladl' feeling East-West detente. Kissinger held a fifth meeting with Soviet Brezhnev Saturday night before d depar morning ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES JAIL 4 Prisoners Holed Up In Chapel THE HAGUE The Netherlands voslok summit where Brezhnev is also expected to seek per-J leader J yon id sonal confirmation from For(i f UPI) — Two Arabs, one of that his administration intends them serving a sentence for his scheduled departure for activc,yto Pur*su(‘ detente. airplane hijacking, and two India Sunday morning ll S of- I he officials said tile V ladi* Dutchmen seized at least 24 hos-fie i a Is said a joint communique vostok get-together is a “work- tages including several women on the results of four days of ne ink' meeting” which will not af- and children Saturday during a gotlations was expected Sunday ,h(‘ already scheduled June Catholic mass in the chapel of night The Saturday night meeting with Brezhnev was the longest U)f Kissinger’s four-day stay I here and lasted hours, ending at midnight (4 p.m. CDTi. Brezhnev and Kissinger were | joined from time to time by dif Iferent advisers, but spent the last 90 minutes alone except for translators. 1975 summit in Washington. Soviets, U.S. Sign Accord On Research UPI Telephoto Nazi Arrested Boston Deputy Police Superirtendent Joseph Sara, left, points a warning finger at Matt Koehl, national commander of the American Nazi party as Koehl held a white power" rally in Boston Saturday. Saia to!d Koehl to stop his speech when a crowd of about 150 began yelling expletives at Koehl. When Koohl continued, he was arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct. Milk Co-ops Revive Political Fund WASHINGTON three big dairy which had trouble political money away this * AP) — The The biggest sum this time candidate for congress, from members, for the most part deco-operatives, went to Sen. Cook (R-Ky.) who!AMPL    ducted automatically from their giving their got $10,250 from the trust run by $5,000 from AMI*! for Richard milk checks. Combined with the earlier Diarymen Inc. of louisville, Ky. Franks of Springfield, Mo., interest on some of their large year, have donated $90,150 Cook got $5,000 from the c<H)p Democratic candidate for bank accounts, the total intake to candidates and political com- earlier in the year, for a total of congress. Franks also received has topped $1 million already mittees since Sept. I.    $15,250.    $1,000 from Mid-Am., for a total this year. Their reports show they are Other large gifts since Sept. $6,000.    But    since    Jan. I the co-ops now giving at a brisker pace    (    So far this year the co-ops have spent $786,155, a sizable toast to Gromyko: “I think we than they were earlier'this year, Si,MO lo Ken. Denholm ID- have ,akcn in ,ar m<)re "“T P°rtl(m of which has Bone not to made Rood progress on this trip ft I sc lo- SD i a member of the aRricul- !dcn have donated for po- candidates, but to pay salaries Iitical purposes. They have travel and office expenses of th< taken in $890.164 from their political trusts themselves. Scheveningcn prison Saturday. Police said one of the four rebellious prisoners was Adnan Ahmad Nuri, a Palestinian serving a five-year sentence for hijacking a British jet and setting it afire at Amsterdam’s Schi-phol airport March 3. Young Dutch WASHINGTON (UPI) — The otbers wrre identified as Soviet I mon and the U.S. a 22-year-old Algerian with the Complex Subject    signed an agreement Saturday mitlals M B K who aho I S. officials said they dealt ,0 ( ‘,,ry out scientific research drench citizenship and a pair of mostly with the complex subject in various fields ranging from y0ung Dutch veterans of an-of strategic arms limitation computers to city management other hostages saga — Dam A simultaneous announcement ,in(i WiiU r resourccs-    iDenie, 26 and Jan Brouwers, 27. in Moscow and Washington said    Guy ford Stover, Pres-They held a farm family hos- President Ford and Brezhnev ihent Ford s science adviser and tage for 30 hours last year. will meet Nov. 23 and 24 noar|directorof the National Science Police said Nuri, who ap-the Soviet Pacific port city of Foundation, hailed the exchange p^,.^ to be the group’s leader, Vladivostok    as “an important building block had „at ,past 24 hostages” cor. No details were immediately in to ate between the two nered in the chapel, burlier re-available on the substance of    countries.    ports indicated the hostages Kissinger’s talks with Brezhnev    ae said his    Soviet opposite    in    numbered 26; police gave no    ex- but there were indications of the talks, Chairman V. A Kiril- planation for the revised figure, difficulties.    Im of the state committee of the One of Nuri’s demands was Foreign Minister Andrei dr rn 1 Council of Ministers for the a feilow-Palestinian arrested myko, at a lunch given by Kis- Sc*pncr anf* Technology, had in- ;ind sentenced after the Schiphol singer Saturday , said:    “The tr<xtuced a new Russian phrase caper, Sami Hussm Tamimah, questions under discussion are during til*' negotiations I 22. be allowed to join him at the of exceptional complexity ... at    prison, times there do appear dif-    “I agree,” said    Kirillin    at    a    Visiting (Iioir ferences of view — not in the ul-    news conference.    But the*    Rus-    police* said the hostages    in timate objective to which the sian added that not ev< Tything eluded a priest members of two sides aspire — but in the vfas solved. This is only means and methods to achieve beginning.” the them.” Good Progress Kissinger said in his luncheon at the height of public sures over the mlik-fund affair. ture committee, from the trust During that time a dozen can- run by Mid-America Dairymen, didates returned dairy dona- $4,550 to Rep. Thompson (R- tions, and others sent word they Wis), from Mid-.Am. Thompson would not accept money if of- received another $4,000 from As- fered. Although their giving has picked up in the most recent period, it still is less than half sociated Milk Producers, Inc. I (AMPE for a total of $8,550 $4,000 to Rep. Price <R-Texasj a member of the agriculture HEW Preparing New Welfare Reform Plan in a number of fields But U. S. officials said both sides were still far apart on the Middle Eafvt question, with the United States promoting talks between Israel and Egypt and Jordan on military disengagement and the Soviet Union Stover said the agreement, reached by the Soviet-American joint commission on scientific and technical cooperation, set in motion exchanges of information and scientists in ll broad areas and 37 different projects, During the1 talks, four other agreements were reached by a priest, members or a visiting church choir, an organist, two prison guards and several children The four men. who police Haul were apparently armed, grabbed the hostages at 7:30 p m 11:30 P.M. CDTI while a Roman Catholic mass was in progress. They jumped from their seats arid took control of the prison chapel as nine other convicts, apparently aware of what they gave during roughly committee, from AMIR the same period in the 1972 elections. Then they gave $241,425. A place the present variety of eli $5,MI to Sieve Mankato, Minn., WASHINGTON (AP) Babcock, of bold and controversial new wel- gibility factors with a single in- {^. Democratic fare reform plin guaranteeing a come - based standard, and cut df,a $3,600 annual income is being administrative coeds by half preparer! for possible inclusion Ok- jo.nt commission, which was “hat was about to happen, hied established    as    a    result    of    then-    I"*1* "ul President Nixon’s    Moscow    sum-    “The hostages    were    taken under the threat of arms.” a r    police spokesman    said.    “They are in the church    hall and the other nine prisoners who were talkie) about the use in the management Union message next January. The proposal, drafted in the this department of health, education Union m< .sage. That's and welfare, would provide an we’re pointing for Report Libyan Plot To Sabotage Arab Confab estimated $21.6 billion yearly in RABAT, Morocco IPD —changed, namely expansion and cash payments to 42 million low-Moroccan security forces have annexation of Arab lands and income .Americans and wipeout arrested a member of the Li- the destruction of the Palestin- other public assistance protean delegation to the Arab ian people ”    grams, such as food stamps. summit conference here on Blad sai(j (b€ mijjtary    housing allowances and the big charges of planning to organize tance the U.S. sent Israel since Aid to Families with Dependent a sabotage act at the meeting, the October 1973 war was Children ( AFDC) program. Arab diplomatic sources said Weinberger said he calling for an early Geneva eon mjt m ference on the Middle East with    _    .    . the participation of Palestinian representatives — with whom U. S. has so far refused to    cities    and    selected    New    ,    (llJie»|v    icri »» York. Los Angeles, Moscow and inert qUiel,y 'J", The two sides were also un- leningrad as study models, hopes derstood to have encountered Both the Russians and Anteri- 1 b<* b>ur demanded that an in President Fords State of the Ford “would decide whether he differences on how to go about cans underlined the “substantial Arab ambassador or counselor wants    to include    a    proposal of    further negotiations on    limiting    progress”    already made in    the rf)fTK* kind    in    his    ^Dtte    of the    deployment of multiple    nuclear    areas of    joint    scientific    ap wba*    warheads, controlling    moder-    proaches in the    fields of cata nization of obsolescent    missiles,    lysts, and limiting their strategic: cries, bomber forces. The HEW proposal would de- (Continued: Page 3, Col. 3.) DST Ends you didn t turn your : back an h<xir before went to beni Saturday you may already bo for something today ended at 2 a rn to not to return until ay, Feb 23. Tile stoic r e m e in ber is tng forward, fall back- many times as much as the aid it gave Israel previously.” “The Arab battle of liberation will not stop until all occupied Arab land has been regained and until Palestinian aspirations have been realized.”    ,    . ward the fact that He called on the Arab leaders sojtx* other ideas ” to reaffirm their unity and "mobilize their military, political and economic resources.” Among the draft motions studied by the summit is a recommendation to rapidly build the they have Saturday. The source said police also took into custody seven Moroccans with whom the Libyan official had set up contacts. Libya officially protested against the arrest Friday of its delegation member but M o r o c c o rejected it, the sources said. There were no details on what sabotage acts the Libyan allegedly has been plotting, or the man’s identity. The summit opened without a hitch .Saturday with a blistering military potential of Egypt, kevnote address charging that Syria and Iordan for a possible Israel, rearmed by the U. S., new round of fighting with was preparing for war against Israel the Arabs Israel is driving to increase    Note    Strikes    End its military and economic poien- GLASGOW, Scotland API — tial in preparation for a new at- Garbage truck drivers voted tack on the Arabs,” Arab Saturday to end a three-week League Secretary General Mo- strike that has left thousands of    stop    treating    the    earth hamoud Riad said in the open- tons of rubbish piled on Glasgow    though    it    were    rented. mg address “Its aims have not streets.    „ HEW Secretary Weinberger said in an interview that the plan has run into some opposition within the administration He said comments from tho secretaries of treawiry and labor “have boon constructive tnna Hearst and her and helpful, but clearly point to-|ivp companion,, ,h( Newspaper: Cohen Located Patty Hearst in Cleveland to the prison to talk to „    them,    police    said    He    said    the proaches    in the    fields    of    cata-    1>ut(h    government    was    in con- economic planning, fish- w,*b several Arab ambas- water resources, micro    (Continued?Page 3, Col 5. > biology,    pest control,    forestry, electrometallurgy, solid state theory, and astrophysics. They    agreed    that CH ICA GO (I PI) - Ex- were last seen in mobster Mickey Cohen has re- les area portedly pinpointed Cleveland as the city where he says his underworld friends found Pa- two fugi- ...    .. , with police Chicago * restrictions should he eased on the visits by scientists of both nations to the United States and the Soviet I nion as part of the exchange program, Stover told UPI after Bm* sign ing ceremony that the question Donald, was one of six persons did not an.se’of Soviet refusal to the I/>s Ange- Clevcland ii the home of Delano DeUreeze, whose brother, killer! May 17 in a gun battle allow Amene rn newsmen to witness the Soviet launch of “I don’t think there are any fundamental d i f f e rences," Weinberger said. But he emphasized that “we don’t have a fully formed administration policy.” Tribune reported in its Sunday edition Cohen refused to divulge where Miss Hearst, and Emily equitable welfare system, re Today's Chuckle Thinking people would feel better about the future if we d as CopvrfsM The Tribune said after Cohen    next year's joint Russian- mentioned Cleveland, the FBI    American manned space linkup immediately began checking it    even though the Russians can out.    freely see the American count- Cohen told UPI Friday that he    q<mn- and William Hams were iocat-    dj<j not tell Patricias supposed    One of tile areas in    which    So- location to the Hearsts, “to the    viet and American scientists police or the FBI or nobody.”    previously agreed to cooperate lie also said he does not think    ii heart research. Specialists repealed refer- s^(1 a^ ^ same place now from both nations will attempt onces to Cleveland during an afKj ^at ^.1S stopped any ef- to develop an artificial heart '    '    too ting    with    Miss    forls jn ^ case because he    an(t f*n(i rl (Urt‘ to car- IU ars! s    pa. ents,    Randolph    and    jj^t want a part in bringing    diovascular disease, a major < ,i herme Hearst    anyone back to go to prison killer in both nations. Randolph Hearst said Iridav    Miss Hearst was kidnaped last    In a related development he doubts Cohen s claim to have    j-cb, 4 by the Symbionese Liber-viet Health Minister,    Bons    Pe found Patricia    *ation Army. Ste later re- trovsky predicted Friday that. Patricia and the Harrises'flounced her parents and said joint U.S.-Soviet resear h will) have    been sought    since May 15    she was joining her captors as a    lead to a breakthrough in under ^bv federal authorities when    they    revolutionary fighter.    standing leukemia. od during various interviews, but Tribune reporter Ronald . .    ..    ,    Koziol    said he learned that Weinberger said the proposal Cohm ma(|( would result in a more fair and Today s Index SECTION A I «•* Nr«t I, I. ll C»ty Mall Not** t OealM I Rtpori Card a Ed'»ori«l» At SECTION ll low« N*wt IF, 19 Fnm* N**'» Political Non* I You and iowa a Marion a Talavttion r«bl« F ood 1 N«w York Sloth 1 I f I Cloot Hi All ■ulldint lilt Mavin HIT Racned o«aiow« IT Farm IGI* Political Calendar JA SECTION C Social I Ii Around tho Town ) Now Room I Tra/ol It SECTION 0 Spent 11 Outdoor Iowa A Ac ant Adv mi Crottword IT Comm I I eared# MaoaOtto I it ;

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