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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 25, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Th? Odar Rapids Gazette: Frl., Ort. 21, 1*74    7 WIN AT BRIDGE By Oswald Ac James Jacobs ll you want to overbid as do most bridge players, it pays to have a little hit of hic k to go uith your overbidding. South s three notrump call was really optimistic. There lust wasn’t any suit available to briny; in nine tricks In any event he bid it and West opened NORTH (D> 2, A 8 * A ti 4 2 ♦ A K 7 ♦ J 7 ti :j VS FSI FAST A 18 ;i ♦ A Q IO 7 2 * 9875 * K IO :\ ♦ g 109 8 2 ♦ 5 ♦ y ♦ 1085 I SOI TH A tx '.15 4 V .1 ♦ .164 I ♦ A K 9 I Neither vulnerable West North Fast South lf lf 24 I Pass JA Pass 3 N T Pass Pass Pass Opening lead L. -3 a .«ie three of spade s Fast rose with the acc* and led th** suit back West won with the jack and led a third spade which South took It was obvious to South that Fast held the kink' of hearts and that an attack in that suit would leave South down one before he ever k'ot around to taking tric ks So he decided to play his ace of clubs to see what would happen The queen dropped and South s overbid was ready to pay off. He led a club to dummy ’s jack and cashed the ace and kink' of diamonds. Then he ran the rest of the clubs, stopping in his own hand. Finally he threw Hast in with a spade Fast cashed two spade tricks and then had to lead away from his king cif hearts up to dummy’s ace-queen The bidding has been Hrst North East South lf Pass 24 Pans 2f Pas# 2* Pass 3f Pas# 5f Pass 64 Pass •> You. South, hold ♦ A K 8 4 ¥K 2 VQ 5 4 4A Q5 4 What do you do now? A— Bid six hearts. Your partner is showing the ace of diamonds and willingness for you to hid seven lf your partner is very conservative you might try the grand slam but we would lie satisfied"* ith the sure six. TODAY S QUESTION Instead cd bidding three hearts your partner has .pun(ted lo tour hearts over your two spades What do you do now ’ Answer Tomorrow Smiling Bandits Get Last Laugh In Bank Job MII.AN. Ital.' (LIM)—Twit men smiled their way into a c losely guarded bank vault and made off with 1455.(MNI ‘ It was like using a fork to break into Fort Knox.” an embarrassed Banco Di Homa official told newsmen “I lifer-Ornately it worked Police said the two men. apparently experienced gangsters uith excellent inside* information. walked casually into the bank, mingled briefly with the other customers and strolled down the stairs leading to the vault Faced with an armored door operated by remob1 control, the duo flashed dazzling smiles at a television screen The clerk monitoring the screen, c onfused by tIm* 1 r assurance. opened the* door Next was another armored door opened directly from iii side The* two sullied again I’hc* clerk iii c barge* only half conv Hard that they were okay c ame out to sec* w hat thew wanted A gun jabbed into his rites provided the answer The two men walked into the vault held up two other clerks bound arid gagged them They filled a large leather bag with all the large* hills they could, discarding smalle-i denominations, and pushed a supposedly sec ret button to often the* vault’s decors Then thex walked c almly out Mf the* hank arid vanished into tIm* crowd III the street A11yI*f t’\err>tnl —P— I    .............. 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