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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 24, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather— Cimnel? pf rain Iii. flight, partly cloudy Friday. Lows tonight, mid 40s. Highs Friday, low (ills. VOLUME 92    NI IM BEH 288 Eke ti nr IWwta dinette CITY FINAL 15 CENTS FORD CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24. 1974 SSURES ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES FARMERS Nixon in Hospital, Surgery Possible LONG BEACH, Calif. (AP) —|turning to the hospital. Jack Former President Nixon, facingtWeiblen, hospital vice-president, possible surgery, has re-entered ]said Nixon was brought in after the hospital here because home dark to reduce publicity. treatment for his phlebitis con-    -covets Privacy” clition proved ineffective, his< doctor says.    “He covets hls privacy,” Nixon limped slightly but was^T? T «?«««". who re-, unassisted aVhe walked through' "R* f >>rcfdent las‘ *“«• ? a rear serv.ee entrance to be;.J*. John Lungren Nixon s admitted Wednesday nigh, to l0"«t'rnc Pers®n“'    l M e mo r la I hospital medical!” d,T wa .'akcn 0 hc'hos‘ e ,,    .    ♦    pita! after anti-coagulant drugs center for the second time in ' . , . tt B. .    .. three weeks \ spokesman for provt'd ineffect,ve ,n treating AiUspokcsma" for inflamed veins in Nixon’s left! the hospital in this coastal city bordering laos Angeles said the! leg. , n j, .    .    .    ‘‘For    the last few days oral former    President    was    expected : anticoagulation    medication has to be    released    by    the end    of    the ^    inasdcquat(," Dungeon said in a statement to newsmen late There had been no advance ■ Wednesday night announcement that he was re-; He said a diagnostic radiology test    called a    venogram had I been    performed    on the 61-year- old former President after his arrival and showed a ‘‘near total occlusion or blockage of blood flow ” in the area of Nixon’s left thigh. A venogram involves injecting iodine dye into the blood Casette Leased Wires    s,ream.    <» make. Xrays of ,hc patient s circulatory system WASHINGTON - Previously clearer. secret White House transcripts Bungren noted that several indicate that former President blood c,ots wcre found in the Nixon called (anadian Prime swojjen jeg^ but be added that Minister Pierre Trudeau an ohs-    dots could ^ old or cene name during a meeting fresb •- with fop aides, according to two    intravenously W atergate cover-up defendants.    intravenously t    en I    Nixon    received    a “That a Trudeau was Claim Nixon Aimed Insult At Trudeau Pledges Reward for 1 Services Rendered I DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - great, balance system intact,” President Ford said Thursday Ford said. “the timeless balance” of the    Cited    Concern American political system is For(| s,,|d |1C WM concerned threatened by Republican apa- by wha, h(, ca|,ed (hc by anil the prospect of lop. cj|n;djon „[ the American pubsided Democratic gains in next ,0 shun |K)|jtics and ^ what the country needs “is more not less citizen participa- bol- the month’s election. Taking his campaign to ster GOP candidates to im tjon heart of the farm belt, Ford also sought to reassure disgruntled farmers with pledge “to make suit American farmer is fully rewarded for services rendered.” The President noted that jbc i some of his advisers bad sug-the! jested he avoid the .subject of agriculture because of the current problems facing Mid- Speaking from the steps of W(,f* the Iowa calami, l ord cased 1 ecr'?‘?ly ran h)iarc lh'' concern of farmers whose corn and soybean crops wcre stunted (Continued: Page 3, Col. 7.) UPI Telephoto PRESIDENT GERALD FORD spoke to more than 10,000 persons who gathered in front of the Iowa statehouse Thursday morning. The President's Iowa visit was part of a continuing tour of Midwestern states to drum up support for GOP candidates. Following the capitol speech, the President addressed some 1,500 persons at a $50-a-plate luncheon at the Val Air ballroom in West Des Moines. Kissinger, Brezhnev Meeter*!”*™ MOSCOW (UPI) — Secretary and Moscow are both interested mit unless unexpected snags de- CLEVELAND (AP) — A 12 of State Kissinger and Commu- in improving relations, but velop.    member    jury    was    seated    in    the Iowa capitol, off somewhat from his hardline blasts at Democrats in similar speeches Tuesday and talked for the need of a balance between the two parties to pre-) serve the American system ofi government. Timeless Balance ‘‘The basic principle under-, lying the system is balance, the I timeless balance conceived by the Founding Fathers among    WASHINGTON    (AP)    -    The the three branches of govern- nation    is headed toward    a rcces- Recession Is Ahead, Ford Adviser Says ision and the Ford administra- ,.    * .    ““v““ coagulants Coumadin orally a NiToVvnd^in a mectinTwith herapin intravx*nous|y during.viet Tass news agency cie-;up Ford to see how solidly his ii i, lidos in the sorbic of 1973 hls firSt hosp,tal stay* 12 days scribed as constructive.    administration backs the de- t ‘1    1 y k    ending Oct. 4. But only Cornua- It was their first get-together tente policy promoted by former trio two uetenoanis — ii tv djn bad boen present for him since President Ford took office I President Nixon llaldeman and John Khrlicn- while he was convalescing at his'Aug. 9. One discussion topic was! A    th«    KU. man, both once Nixon s closet oceanfront villa at San Cle- a possible Ford-Brezhnev sum- Sjn«er-Brczhnev talks is exDcct-aides - attributed the remark mente    Lamina    ia»A    n,v»    month    ,s,?*er    ?re?.nncv    la,?s    Is    expecl to Nixon in a private conversa-; “if we’re not capable of prov- tion with Judge John Sirica )n,, adf*quate prophylactic anti- Monday. Their action was made coagUjatjon by oral Coumadin. public Thursday.    tbcn the possibility of surgical The remark appeared on a intervention must be consid-White House tape played in ered.” said Lungren. He has court on Monday. But a tran- treated Nixon since 1952 mit meeting late next month. Kissinger and Brezhnev agreed lo meet again after a lunch which Soviet Foreign Minister Andre! Gromyko gave in Kissinger s honor. ‘ The talks were business like, ideas for limiting multiph port city Vladivostok. They said the port is already being readied for the encounter. The official Soviet news agency Tass said the two sides “ex- dicted in the 1970 Kent State changed opinions . . . con cd to be the search for guide-1 cerning the prospects for U. S.- lines at the new round of Stra-1 Soviet relations, specifically in .shootings can get under way legit* Arms Limitation Talks the light of agreements reached There was no immediate indi-opened in Geneva Sept. 18 during Soviet-American meet- cation when selection of the al-U. S. officials said Kissinger *n8s    ternates would bo completed or is planning to offer a variety of “The talks were business like w^cn testimony in U S. distrift nu-1 and constructive in character,” ment. the delicate balance within the congress and county f10n mij,bt as well admit it, says through the two-party system an administration economics ‘‘This year the polls arc tell-|advjter ing us that our delicately bal-    '    „    .    . „ anted two-party system is in ..Ud 5 sPade a sPadc/ r J J    said Paul McCracken in a tele- Wedhcsday. ‘‘I probably in the other party were too apathetic!’-”;'* *“»“»“J J*hal collld lurn , to pet out and vote," Ford iaid. j“* t0 •* » V *W» recession The regular jury consists of ‘qbpn we stand guilty of abus- That means a recession which eight men and four women. ,in„ the American electoral is sharp but brief and looks like Six alternates will be m;wkd.pr<x:«*.s and torieiiing hope «4t* “V on a graph, rn contra* to before the trial of eight former1 effective government    prolonged    declines    in economic Ohio national guardsmen in- “j urge you to help keep this activity. McCracken explained. He indicated he thought the it ir it alternates. court will get under way. script prepared bv the prosecu-. Lungren save no indication and constructive in character,” clear warheads, controlling the Tass said tion attributed the phrase to what the surgery would involve ^ass sa‘^    slzt strategic bomber forces! U.S. officials    did not charac* Fire Kills Four BOSTON (AID - Four chil- llaldeman and did not mention or when it would be performed Prior t0 thc meeting. U. S. of-.and easing the race to modern- terize the talks immediately but Trudeau as the object of the if results from Nixon's current Trials said the secretary would lze missile technology.    Kissinger    brought to the Krem-    dren were killed early Wednes* Thousands Assemble for Ford Speech By Frank Nyc worst would be over by mid-1975. McCracken said unemployment could approach 7 percent and the decline in economic output about 4 percent next year. Another administration economic adviser. L. William Seidman, said his best guess on unemployment would be about 6.5 remark.    hospitalization prove unsatisfac- °^er a s(‘r‘es options for a ••Net llaldeman"    ">rV- Other medical spokesmen    "j* trea'y    ol,('nslV(' were not immediately available    nu p (il VUflP°ns In a    whispered bench    confer-    to commcnt on the^ nature of    I^tails of the    American pro- ence with Sirica shortly thereafter. Haldeman’s lawyers protested vigorously that the voice making the remark was not Haldeman’s. Attorneys for Hal- such surgery. In an interview one week ago, Nixon aide Ronald Ziegler said the former Chief Executive was “not very well” and that thc left (leman a,id Ehrlichman insisted,je^ was stdj swoj]en fronl pb|c. the voice was Nixon s and de- b]t-s manded the record be correct- i,ungren bad maintained pub- e(^    bely that his patient was pro- No action was taken immedi- gressing satisfactorily. a,t •    No    Danger Some observers in the court-    ...    .    4    , , ,    ,    ,    ,u    During    Nixons    recon    hominem who iistened to the tape ,    ..    .    .    4    1    . talization, a blood clot caused were doubtful it was Ha!-deman’s voice they had heard, although the phrase was so short and the conversation moved so quickly it was difficult to tell who had made the remark. The phrase cropped up at a meeting Nixon held on the afternoon of March 22. 1973. with Ehrlichman. llaldeman, John Mitchell and John Dean as the Watergate cover-up began unraveling Mitchell Defense Mitchell s lawyer f o c u s e d Thursday on differences between Dean s trial testimony and what Dean told the senate Watergate committee 16 months ago. William Hundley reminded Dean that he had testified at the trial about a long telephone eon-versation he had with Mitchell un June 22. 1972. in which he (Continued Page 3. Col. 8 • Today s Index < Continued Page 3. Col. 5.) posals were not disclosed But a senior American official told newsmen the U. S. is prepared to join the Soviet Union in negotiations for a broad agreement instead of concentrating on restricting the development of missiles with nuclear warheads. The senior oificial said the secretary is anxious to review the state of U. S.-Soviet relations in an attempt to determine the status and future course of detente. U. S. officials said Washington DES MOINES - “There he is. Percent. Boston’s there’s thc President!”    Surtax    Compromise? That shout rent the air from _ ..    .    .    ,. t ,    . --thousands of Iowa schoolchil- J"‘dmal1, als0 Idren, ax well as grown-up., who fdm‘"‘*,r“t,on    wdlm« welcomed President Gerald 0 compromise on iii proposal Ford when he appeared on the! or a    «urlax    on    family 'east side of the slate capitoli taxPayers shortly before noon Thursday. A President is the closest thing Americans have to royalty Healthy peo- subjects—one with and thc other reflects the lower cigaret con- and. regardless of his popularity The senior U. S. official said bn meeting his experts on thc day in a fire that struck a there is a good chance of ar- Strategic Arms Limitation Talks, woodframe house in Bo ranging a Ford-Brczhnev sum- the Middle East and Europe. Dorchester section. Report Finds No Link Between Drinking Coffee, Heart Disease with incomes over $15,000 He said officials arc “looking at alternatives suggested to us.” In addition, he said the ad- Comics 33 Crossword 33 Daily Record 3 Deaths 3 Editorial Features X Farm TA Financial 34 Marion JI Movies 30,31 Society 18-22 Sports 25-29 State 1.5 Ie lev ision 16 Want Ads 3tP ii BOSTON (AP) pie who gave up coffee for fear without existing heart disease — sumption by women    or    standing    in    the opinion polls, ministration would review the it caused    heart disease    can safe-    werc tested in each study.    The latest report was pub- people will travel miles to see    tax proposals when congress i Iv    rPNiimp    having    an    ovtro    mn    new study, deaths as-    lashed in the New England Jour-the man who holds the office.    ready to act on thorn and •I T , “V"    P    sociatcd with heart disease nal of Medicine by Dr. Thomas    , ||||tr„,-    !“nuke a judgment based on the with their breakfast, say re- „cre hjg)|cr |han norma| for |{ Dawbei , Dr. William B. Ran-    Saw    I    resident    economy at that time " searchers who found no link be-men who were heavy coffee ne! and Tavia Gordon of Boston; Parents bring babies much McCracken, a former chair- drinkers, downing four or more    university medical center and    too young to    know whats hap-    man of former President Nix- cups daily.    the Framingham Heart Disease    pening so the    little ones one day    on’s Council of Economic Ad- But the researchers noted that    Epidemiology Study.    can tell their own children that    visors, now serves as a part- with these men, there was a    The 25-year-old Framingham they “saw the President.”    time consultant to Treasury “it was concluded that d,rcct relationship between the    study, the longest continuing    Thats the    way ifs always    Secretary Simon. He also reamount of coffee consumed and    heart study in the nation, has    been in Iowa, where Presidentsjccntly was named by President followed 5.000 Massachusetts don’t often visit or stay very    Ford to help compile his new Noncoffee drinkers smoked an'residents for that time to check J long when they do    economic program after the 8 7 cigarets daily, the development of heart prob tween the brew and cardiovascular problems. In a major 12-year study published Tnursday of almost 4,500 persons. coffee drinking, as engaged in by the general population, is not the number of cigarets smoked a factor in the development of atherosclerotic cardiovascular avera80 disease,” the report says. However, thc study asserts that no conclusion can be drawn about tho possible effects of coffee on persons who already have hcait disease. while those drinking more than ,(‘ms The study is credited with serve as President and so far as smoked 21 8 cigarets identifying smoking, high cho- statehouse oldtimers can recol- seven cups a day. Controversy Controversy has boiled over the relation of coffee drinking and heart disease since the publication of a statistical study two years ago by thc Boston Collaborative Drug Surveillance Program. That study found a direct link between cot fee and heart problems in a sampling of hospital heart patients. But several studies since then found no such relationship in sampling persons who had no heart problems. Dr lier>chel Jick, head of the lcsterol and high blood pressure lect. he i i. Li* u j .»    .    as r>sk factors of heart disease I ubliihed Import    |)aw|M,r    sajd |n  ntmiew Because* women in the new that his study disassociates cof-study showed no increased fee from the development of death risk associated with heart heart disease, but he did not disease, even after drinking rule out coffee as possibly being large amounts of coffee, the detrimental to those with exist-researchers say this probably ing heart problems Ford is the 37th individual to economic summit meetings While McCracken said it was a moot point to argue whether the economy is in a recession, as President Ford has claimed it is not. “my judgment is that we’re probably moving into one." McCracken, a professor of economics at the University of the Nth who has visited Iowa, either as President or as a future President Possibly Others There may be others, hut the names that quickly come to mind of Presidents who have (Continued: Page 3 Col 5 > (Continued; Page 3, Col 6 ) Ex-Gangster Joins Hearst Hunt It was no Sold for A woman claiming to be the mother of Sammy, a baby about 8 months old, Wednesday sold him to a middle-aged couple on a Vancouver, B. C., street. The couple* said they jokingly offered her $5 for the child, but she took the money, handed them the baby and walked off. The baby is now in the care of the Children's Aid Society. report e s s a r i I y incompatible ours” since different groups of 'fori cf lf'ft Clmrlk?!!* A word of reassurance to all who worry about our government being overthrown: Forget it; there s too much of it. LOS ANGELES (UPI) — hour dinner meeting with the 61*    his assistance a few days    after    with Cohen,    but    said, Former gangster Mickey Cohen year-old former underworld fig-    Miss Hearst was abducted    from    big deal ” says he has joined Randolph ure    her Berkt ley, Calif, apartment “I d rather not discuss It, and Catherine Hearst in efforts    Wajn    Topic    Feb. 4    frankly, but we did have dinner to locate their fugitive daughter,    He denied reports that he had and we did talk about the situa* Patricia, who allegedly joined Collen, who spent Kl years in    asge(j for $20,000 as an advance    tion the S y rn b i o n e s e Liberation Pns0n before he was released in    p a > rn e n t for finding    Miss “Mr Cohen    thought maybe he ...    ,    (Army,    the    terrorist    group    that    said,    '    We    talked    about    a    Hearst    could he of some help, and he first study, said in an interview abdude{j b(,r    Jot of things, but I guess finding    .    .    offered to do what he could,” that the new report "is not nee- M(SJ arst has ^ missi|)g that >«unK lady was the main    -w    Mfn,,oned    Hearst ..id We don’t know if wlth since May 16, when she fled the of conversation    I    “They did offer to come up b< , a„ help or not, but we Los Angeles area with two SLA    “I offered to help in any    way    w,th    whatever money was need-    thought    ii worthwhile    to    talk to members after a police shootout    I    could, and I ve already    laid    «‘d,    and said more would be    him.” and fire that killed six of their out some of my own money — fortis omm, but that figure v*..«    Heal t also denied Cebell hod comrades.    not much, $250 here, $300 there never mentioned. Cohen said asked lor money. The Los Angeles Times re- — for some meetings and a “And no money was asked for "He didn’t ask for anything, ported Thursday that the    couple of plane tickets.”    -— I’m not mercenary — and    certainly    nothing    for    himself," ilearsts. accompanied by their    Cohen, a major 1/is Angeles    I ve    alway-, been quick to go to    he said    He was    trying    to help attorney. James Maclnnis, flew mobster in the late 1940s and my pocket ”    and I don t want to say anything here from their Hillsborough, early 1950s, refrortedly ( ailed llearst, who wa contacted at that would cause hun a prob-Calif, home Oct. 7 for a two- the Hearst family and offered his lionv, confirmed he had met lem Copyright! J ;

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