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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 25, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa g The Cedar Rapids Cadette: Frl.. Ort. 25, 1971 For Better Health Doctor Can Help with Drinkers Bv Dr. S.I,. Andelmun Killian's FOUHTM AvENuZ-fe Alcohol-dependent persons often visit doctors because of physical or emotional problems related to drinking, but research shows that alcohol is seldom implic ated bec ause the physician doesn't take an ad KtLUAN'l Carpet Warehouse located on 1st Street and 5th Avenue South East Broadloom Now Selling at 3.88 to 10.88 sq. yd Andelman THIS SALE IS FOR 6 HOURS ONLY FROM 10:00 AM TO 4:00 PM SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26 equate drinking history and the patient is often unwilling to discuss his drinking problem. That’s why ifs so important to advise the doctor of the problem before he examines your husband. Hrs. David Knott. James Board and Robert Fink have researched the general practitioner’s role in the treatment of alcoholics and say ifs absolutely essential that the doctor get an accurate drinking history of the patient. Many medical disorders, including some gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and blood ailments, have multiple causes, including excessive alcohol use. The researchers say the doctor's ability to obtain a good history depends on his own drinking habits and bias. The1 doctor should ask the patient nonmoralizing questions about the nature of his drinking. unsurpassed luxury ... at unbeatable prices! includes shags, cut and loop pile, plush, mini-shags in solids, tweeds and embossed Also: Room Size Rugs, Roll End and Remnants on Special Now! SAVE 30% NOW 38.00 Frequency Ifs important for the doctor to establish the alcoholic beverage consumed, drinking frequency and relationship to meals; the social climate in which drinking occurs, the* effect for which the patient drinks, and whether the patient is developing a tolerance to the drug The doctor will also want to know if the patient has been taking drugs along with the alcohol, if there’s evidence of inappropriate hostility while drinking and whether the patient has said or done things while drinking that he can't remember These questions should all help the doctor pinpoint the relative importance of alcohol in the patient s life lf the drinking history reveals a pattern of alcohol abuse*, the- doctor can then attempt to get the patient into treatment when you buy this New Anniversary Sale Prices on Items with Today's Look of Natural Beauty Hoover lf Convertible A. SI 270 Cheeseboard comes with a handy chained knife. Cheeseboard has a 6 square decorated stoneware tile 13 x IO total size. Regularly 12 OO B. Steak Platter for serving delicious sizzling hot steaks! Platter is made of aluminum to retain heat and has a wooden base Plgtter regularly 5 OO W ith mort* than 70 percent of our adult population drinking on a regular basis — and thousands suffering from drinking problems — every doctor should know of alcoholic treatment programs in his area That's why getting the alcoholic to see his general practitioner may tx* the most important thing a friend or family member tan do for him C. Teakwood Salad Bowls carved and shaped into an assortment of sizes. Beautiful natural teakwood bowls are specially priced now Regularly 4 for I 2 OO D. Pistol Grip Steak Knives come in a 6 piece set Easy to grip stainless steel handles are hollow for lightweight. Stainless steel blades. Knives regularly 10 00 THE TOOLS ARE SPECIALLY PRICED AT 7.77 (Regularly 10 00) E. Tiki Baskets in 3 Sizes with a vegetable design Round, square and rectangle fit Pyrex dishes large, was 5 OO Now 3 99 Medium, was 4 OO Now 3.49, Small was 3 OO Now 'It Beats, As It Sweeps, As It Cleans” Or XndHrrun welcomes letters outlining problems he mas discuss in future columns. Ile regrets, however, he cannot personalis answer mail. Write to him in care of The Gazette Housewares, Downtown and Lindale Plaxa Modo! # U4009 GAZETTE TELEPHONE NUMBERS loi N*»v Spent teckkc*?ift|, G*r»*»o* Iniot moi inn an4 OOkw Net Lasted Iola* (att    3911?) I Emulation SafestCap*    398 8333 den tHru Se* 8 a rn la J p rn Sunday Until I? Moan HUtdeyi 11 a rn ta / p rn Mont Ads    39| 8734 don timw Tri 8 a in to 5 ft rn Saturday until I? loon D.ipJ*f Advertisinf    j9| (772 Sum ta S p rn donan 0H«»    i9§ 8430 MOOVdt S EXCLUSIVE AGITATOR It beati as it seeeis as it cleans P'#< mon built, mounted on boll bl Mu A«utb«t sweep tu surface litter Regularly 69.95 Houiawarai, Downtown and Lindale Plata “My husband drinks tun much," a small town reader writes. “Where can I take him for help? Could our doctor do any good?” \’o doubt your doctor could he very helpful in getting your husband back on the right track. Physicians in general practice have a unique opportunity to start alcoholic patients toward recovery, especially in towns that don’t have special alcoholic treatment facilities. Get your husband to make an appointment with your doctor for a general checkup Before he goes, talk to the doctor about the drinking problem That way the doctor will look for symptoms and for the opportunity to discuss the drinking problem Problems Warehouse Broadloom Sale! ALL STOCK REDUCED! Regularly from 6.98 to 12.98 sq. yd. 4-MFTH AVENUE—>» 6X(vHO«N» AU* STATION cor u»r crniaxL fixe ST»TIOW KILLIAN & Ware Moose - ^ ;

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