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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 2, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 30.00 NMIONAl WI MHO) it (VICI 10(1 CAST «• 7AM I ii lo- J - 74 HOUTON DEATHS Man Faces 3 Counts after Hospital Scuffle Harley J. Kephart. 43. i Weithman Infant Adam Viktor    Weithman, infant son of Mr.    and Mrs. Wil- ham Weithman,    2(114 .I street •i*Wress-    was    char*cd    Tucsda>' jSW, died Tuesday.    !w‘th    assault and battery, resist- Surviving besides his parents an officer and intoxication is a brother,    William; his    after    he    allegedly    punched    a    se- grandparents. Mr. and Mrs curdy guard at Mercy hospital. Prober Says IE's "Late" Charge Fair t he Odar Rapids Gazette: Wed . October 2, 1974 3A lOWIft? TfMPtftATUfttS 12 Kermit Zimmerman C e d a r I Rapids, and Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Weithman, New Washington. Ohio; two great-grandmothers, Mrs William Kuncl, Cedar Rapids, and Clara Yeager, Galion. Ohio, and a j great-grandfather, Harry E. Police arrested Kephart after taking him to the hospital for treatment of chest pains he suffered while telling officers his hall ton truck had been stolen Kephart told police his truck was taken at gun point by two men By Harrison Weber DES MOINES - An Iowa commerce commission official Tuesday questioned that any Iowa utility could realize a profit from late payment charges as-essed to customers Rav Armknecht, director of r omnussion. Nowlin— (Continued from Page I.) that for Atwell Conner." the •Jones county attorney rhetorically asked, “what would he do for himself?" There is ‘‘overwhelming evidence.' Nowlin Miss Connolly and killed her With a photograph of Miss Judge Rules In Soybean Futures Suit Connolly in his hand, Remley utility rate investigation for the (”,scd his argument by saying, ’ made the observa- ’rhls defendant is responsible    The brokerage ;o ‘v^-70 un WI Aint I ICHCX AST ® Snow flurries and rain are expected Wednesday night over northern New York and upper New England. Rain is forecast for parts of the Pacific northwest coast and over the northern and centra! Rockies. Mostly fair elsewhere. I Zimmerman, Lineville.    men with whom ho had been Delicti of Creston Graveside services:    :{ p m drinking for most of the dav Electric Light and |Friday in St. John1. ccmMory whi|P offers wore taking him by the Itov Paul I McManus of thp s(iltiffln |ak(, statements m'"'' I)odl v St. Ludmilas Catholic church.; ,Kuba funeral homes are in I charge. Memorial Jon the truck incident, he com-' plained of feeling sick Kephart was taken to the hospital in-^p. (stead .    flir Fair and Jii't Armknecht said Iowa Elec-s late payment policy “is ^    .    !-----  j    *ii and just ’ for a number of cervices    After    an    examination    failed    to    reasons Thursdayfreveal any medical disorder. jn response to i allegedly began to /rmknecht s;ed tin A Chickasaw county commod-Remley asserted, that ities investor will have to pay robbed Servey, raped \fernll Lynch Pierce Fenner & Smith $8,158 as a result    of a ruling by U.S. Judge Edward J. McManus. is responsible    The    brokerage firm    had tion    testifying    before    the    com-    for    transforming    an attractive    sought a    $14,781 judgment    from lission    in    conjunction    with    a    Ynll,1fi    Sir!    into    a    lifeless, blood-    j,arrv o.    Kurtenbach The    main cm pl aint filed bv Joseph M stained corpse and of filling her against Iowa head full of buckshot." Power Co of He then displayed to the jury its late pay- pictures of Miss Connolly taken at her autopsy. Roth of Nowlin’s lawyers claimed that At we'I Conner 's against their client question, late pay- —Daily Record— given to North-center, Seattle The Weather High temperatures Tuesday, low tem- peratures overnight and inches of pre- c toitat ion Anchorage M JO L Angeles 76 44 Atlanta 75 it Miami 14 71 Bismarck 44 J4 Min'apohs 45 ll Chicago 49 W N Orleans <1 44 Denver 71 37 New York 43 47 Duluth 37 ll Phceni* 102 71 Honolulu •9 72 Seattle TS 54 OI Houlton •4 43 Washington M M M Keith Larson Teresa Jean and Victor Leroy West. Mary .I, and Daniel J. Voclker. Arlvs K. and I Ray Huff. Charlotte Marie and Truman Leon Johnson. Dennis John and Carman Maria Keifer. Frank A. and I^orelle C.j , Makinster. William Francis and Lucia FLscano Tracey. . . . Extended Forecast—Mild Friday with highs in 70s and lows in 40s. Gradual cooling Saturday Fires tions may be west Kidney Steine's.    i Decorah    John Gordon Thunc, TO. Thursday at 2, Big Canoe Lutheran church, j Steine’s. ML Vernon Ada Mac Mal-1 lie, 82. Thursday at 2, First * Presbyterian church. A memorial fund has been established I at the church. Friends may call; at Baxter’s until 11:3(1 a.m.! Thursday and at the church from 12:30 to 1:45 p.m. The Lunger. John C. at IO a.m. at Brosh chapel by Kcnhart the Rev. .James DeSmidt.    ,    (r    .    .,    , Burial: Snick cemetery.    |ar8ue    Wllh    off,ccrs    and    sa,d    hcI merit charges by utilities “do Llliott. Clara M. 'ruiner.wanted his    Huck hack    within 15 noj have the    characteristics    of chapel east at 1:30 p.m. Thins-!minutes.    (interest " day by the Rev Clarence j tyhen a relative of Kephart’s Armknecht s testimony mav Prana Buna: Czech National    ,    .,    1    /yr    mxrit    t    iii    s    tesumonv    mav Friends may call at Turner fast'arrived in the emergency room, hav(. „ hearing on ii lawsuit until I p.m. Thursday. The cas- he tried    to    run away    During a;,dpd .\11v    Den Richard    (’. ket will not be opened after the struggle    that followed. Kephart burner against    Iowa Electro service.    “    "    ‘    *    “ testimony was false. “The state.' one attorney told t ie jurv. “has already convicted him of Miss Connolly s murder. They didn t believe him then. now they want you to believe him.'’ Consisted of J.irs Other testimony, they argued. also consisted of lies. WCTU Passes 8 Resolutions In C. R. Meeting allegedly punched the guard. mig! the county jail and released fUSUnous interest cognizance. rain. 9:18 am. Tuesday. Broken ......    „    IU*    line    feeding    overheated and    Sunday    with    highs    by    Sun- j furnace at 950 Shaver road NE. j day    in    the    60s    and lows    in    tipper    12:11    p.m.    Tuesday.    Assis-' 30s and 40s. Not much chance of (anre call at Third avenue and Fifth street SW. 2:26 p.m. Tuesday. Short in radio in airplane at airport. .    3:4i)    p.m.    Tuesday.    Child .. 56'with matches to sewer at 241 Thirtv-sixth street and E ave-«; nue NE. «I    3:57    p.m.    Tuesday    Check D gas leak in residence at 1715 None I Ellis boulevard NW. The annual session of the Iowa chapter of the Woman’s casket will not be opened alter christian Temperance Union 11 WCTU J wound up in Cedar Rapids Wednesday with the passage of eight resolutions. the service. In The defense attempted to dis-...    ...    .    .    .    which I timer claims the utility .credit the testimony of Steve Kephart was held    overnight    in|is charging "illegal    and    Martin. who said Nowlin admit- ,    ,    ..    ,    ,0 customers;ted the crime to    him, saying Wednesday    on    his    personal    re-    who do no!    pay their utility    bills    Marlin admiltod    havlng been .timely.    involved in conspiracy to com Ten Days    mit robbery and- the coverup of At the time the complaint was    • Hte teenagers’ deaths. But, it ^    TC    .    filed, according to Armknecht.    was added. Martin had never wroup    I O    support    IE allowed IS- customers ten    been charged with any crimes. days from    the dav the bill    was    The testimony    of Richard Sawyer: Police Group To Supp Indicted Officers point of contention in the suit had to do with soybean futures. Kurtenbach. according to the judge's ruling, on Jan ll, 1973, sold short 10,000 bushels of March soybeans at $4.39, with a four-ccn' stop at $4 43. In other words, he sold soybeans which he didn't have, figuring the market would drop by the time delivery was due Instead, explained the ruling, there was a rapid “up limit” rise of March soybeans in several succeeding trading sessions so the defendant’s stop could not have been executed and his position closed until the market reached $4.69. At this point, said the court. his loss was $3,000 The plaintiff claimed the defendant could not ‘ put his stop into effect until the market was at $5.34. and hence. it asked some $9 OOO on the soybeans account. However, the judge only allowed the $3,000 plus some C. R. Weather High Tuesday  ..... Low overnight ....... Noon Wednesday 2 p.m. Precipitation ..... Total for October    None Normal for October — 2 26 Normal through October 29.39 Total for 1974 ..............39 97 Barometer, ricing ........ 30 58 Humidity at noon.......49% Wind direction and velocity at 2 p.m. SE at 7 mph. Sun rises Thursday. 7:05; sun sets. 6:45. $6 Million Tic kef Loss Spurs Hunt Resolutions were: Hi To promote the percent over that amount was 6:28 p.m. Tuesday. Investigate gas odor at 1210 Fifth 1 avenue SE. 10:38 p.m. Tuesday. Overheated furnace at 6513 Minden lane NE. Magistrate’s Court Speeding — William Terp-stra. 2022 Walnut court SE; fined 835 and costs. Dale Dickinson. Oskaloosa; Kim Shearer, Hiawatha; Pamela Year Ago Todav — High. 71; Burger. 152 Belvedere drivel^ low. 61; rainfall, none.    sw:    196    K,fth    ave Traveler’s Forecast Thursday Weather. Hi Fisk. 1202 Kim Buie MEMPHIS. Tenn. (AP) -Nooks, crannies and cubbyholes in city hall are being searched for what could mount to $6 million in miss,mg. unpaid traffic tickets. One law library yielded eight car-| tons containing some 28.000 of the missing traffic tickets. “Fantastic," says Mayor Wyeth Chandler “Maybe if we open up all the closets in the office well find the whole bundle.” The president of the Policeman's Protective Assn. said the group will support five indicted program I police officers because an inves-of total abstinence in alcohol;tigation in conjunction with the and other drugs that are detri- police chief has determined the'assessed as a one-time charge, mental to the life and well-being charges are false.    I    The    late    payment    charge of mankind;    Donald    Sawyer,    president    of    may    be    waived    twice    each    year, 21 To urge church leaders to the group, said Wednesday the;he added. vague ...    ,    ...    ,    n    .    B    ..    ..    ,$5,000    involved    in    a    hog    futures rendered to pay    for gas    and    Foster    and C raig    Sudduth. two acc0un( electricity used    without    any    I former    cellmates    of Nowlin at penalty.    the Linn county    lait, “fit to- After that, a penalty of ten    gather    too nicely," the defense percent on the first $10 and two (contended. are and ovcr- promote the narcotic education charges program as a way of Christian drawn. life;    The    decision    to    support    t^e (3) To urge churches to in-; officers was not voted upon by elude gambling, which exists (he membership, but will take closet in the city judges’ contemporaneously with crime,! the form of financial support lawlessness, debauchery and Ii- if necessary, he said, quor traffic, in their education programs; Difference The policy subsequently was changed. Now. a customer is One of Nowlin's attorneys told the jury there is no direct evidence of penetration concerning the alleged rape Further, he said, while there was testimony that sperm from an individual with type O blood was present in Miss Connolly’s vaginal tract. Bismarck Chicago Cincinnati Des Moines Detroit Indianapolis Kansas City Milwaukee Mpls.-St. Paul Omaha ..... St. I^ouis ... Sioux Falls . 15» To suggest    serious thought be given to developing pro-George Supensky.    director    of    grams of action    for all ages on Alan St-Idler, finance and    budget,    said    inSa community    level that go amusement, the creative | nut*. Marion; Gary Oakland road NE; I WM Ironwood**** drive'"~SE;11 lnanc£ ana nugget. said rn;, community Lo: Rick Tebbe. 2310 Mt. Vernon earl> September that checks bv beyond play and Cloudy 75-42 road SE; David Dill. 40oi Six- his office showed that up to an(j extend into Youth Overcome By Gas Fumes, Not Hospitalized Dennis A. Vorba, 15. of 1715 Ellis boulevard NW, Tuesday was treated at St. Luke’s hospital after he was overcome by given 15 days lo pay before' the    bowlin has type A blood    ps    fumes    in the    basement of company    assesses a late pay-    In addition, he said, his client j    his    residence. He    was not ad- ment penalty.    “doesn't have to rape women to mitted. Delich. according to the utili- have sexual intercourse." point-' p0|KP said the youth went “Rinht    «nw    thev don’t want ti- ' owe(*    81 because of late    ing out he had a wife    and    “at    downstairs    when    he smelled meial hell)’’he    added    payment    at the time the com-    least one girl friend”    ryas    fumes    after arriving home (4) To request school officials; 'Mora| supper, js a|, the group Plam, Wils fi^ Armknecht; Nowlin admitted he "proha- shortly before 4 p.m. to continue teaching the harm-j,. offering at tile present time. ai ls ful effects of alcohol and other jjawvcr said drugs;    The    association's    investigation consisted of talking with per- teenth avenue SW: William j (50,000 citations could not be Da man ,203 3 Sharwo^ drive located at either the Traffic NE; Richard Rowel!, 801 C ave-!... . ..  r. _    t, nue NW; each fined S30 and|^*°^a^0^ Bureau or the city vair 64-48(costs. James Hadtrath, 1527G court clerk s office SFI; Randall PtCldv F’air PtCldy .. .Fair 64-49 63-46 69-49 59-44 sons who testified before the grand jury, he said Not everyone was contacted, he said because it was “well known" that some of the witnesses “had development of man:    nothing    to    say    but    lies." 161 To urge congress to prohib- ,Jo,ice chirf Wallace ^Peters it broadcasting or televising ad-jwas attfnding a convention $5,59 assessed bly" killed Servey, his lawyer His sister . Deanna, came into in penalties for late payment * od. but did not tell anyone he the house a few' minutes later and 31 cents because of an un- killed Miss Connollv. Nowlin and heard Dennis moaning in derpavmrn* of a bill. The com-1 aid “we" committed the crime, (he basement She ran    to a    near- merce commission official said f lawyer added.    bv house and asked    the    occult is his understanding Delich    Sfa(r    (he    defense'pant. Mrs Cora Blessing, to call h is now paid the JI cents. t'aim^d. did not prove that tor help Delich was not present at the y owlm was sane at the time of By the time police arrived, hearing. The commerce eom-f1(a k,n,nrr which it legally has youth's father. Leo. had ar-mission s"nt Delich a telegram |1p burden to show.    rived and was opening windows urging him to appear after com-    ____in the basement. Mississippi Stages (Flood stage* in brackets) Lacrosse (12) 4 8, fall .1 Lansing (18) 7 6. no change Dam 9 (18) 12.3. fall .3 McGregor (18) 6.7. fail .1 Guttenberg (15) 3 9. tall .2 Dubuque (17) 7.1. fall 2 Davenport (15)    4 3, no change Keokuk (16) 2 2. no change Cedar at CK. (13)    3.14. fall .13 Coralville Lake Pool level Wednesday 683.44 Births — Mercy Ort. I To the families of James Srhulte. 150 t’restridgf drive NW. a son; Ronald I.ietz. 3216 Bowling street SW. a daughter; Allan Wright, 1208 Crestview drive SF!, a on. William Ansley, 131 Ely avenue SW. a son; Steven Thompson, route 3. Marion; a daughter. Ort. 2 Mr and Mrs David Dunn. Hiawatha, a daughter PtCldv 72-53 i Fourth avenue PtCldv 62-53 Hora, 366 Nineteenth street Fair ^6-48 SE; Rudolph Simm, 3900 Fair 78-52 Sherman street NE; Nadine PtCldy 67-50 Grimm. Shellsburg; each fined PtCldy 70-44 525 and costs. Loren Black. 1300 Eleventh avenue, Marion; Ka t h I e e n Fitzpatrick, 2007 Franklin avenue NE; Thomas Murphy, 5101 Fourteenth avenue NW: Russell Bussey, Belle Plaine: Paul Nurrc, Hopkinton; “These tickets weren't missing.” David Vance, city court clerk, said of the tickets found in the law library closet. “We knew where they were. No one asked me about them. I didn’t know these were the tickets they were looking for." Another 14.000 tickets worth mission Chairman Maurice Van verging of alcoholic beverage..;Wedncsday in chicago and and to rule such advertising    unavaHab|e for commP„t.    Saw-    apm,a;'h"(eaSU    rf    Turret suit nondeductible:    yer sajd, howevcr. that    tut-    '•hPtor    because    of    Turners (71 To urge strengthening    Peters has also determined    the narcotic education program    in    indictments are baseless. schools, churches and homes, j    ___________ and the enforcement of laws ,    ,    M regarding the use and sale of Embezzlement: Man narcotics;    Sentenced to 5 Years 181 To urge all Christians to against Iowa Electric, Delich contends the commission has no jurisdiction in the matter because of the lawsuit filed by the attorney general in fowlin'- psychiatric eondi-j lien. h° alleged, wa? determined the baDs of a one-hour examination bv Dr l.acffclholz The do^t^r, V .said, could net tell the rrrnPd state of the defendant at the time the deaths occurred. Find Him Innocent Nowlin's chief counsel The gas company, which was called to locate leaks, reported a 'mall leak was found near the meter in th*1 basement Charles Lint. HUO Underwood $807,000 in revenue were located avenue SW ; Roscoe Phipps, 94o .    .       , Hillview drive, Marion; John. ^ Charles (agio. manager Allan. 2018 Park avenue SE:1 auditing and management ser-David Wassmer, 333 Thir-, vices, in a city court clerk’s file teenth street, Marion; Steven)marked “uncollectible." King. 1926 Coldstream avenue; £,    ,    ,    ,,    .. NF.; lotion Bolson. 1618 Fourth! SuI*nsky said they wcrcn t avenue SE; each fined $20 and even included in his first es-costs.    itimatc. and (’agio said there Faulty equipment Rickey was no apparent effort to collect Freese. Hiawatha; Gerald Hat- (hem. .although they were filed district court in Cedar Rapids. Nowlin’s chief counsel asked *n suit against the utility. fia( (he iurv find his client in- nrav that leaders may use sober I Bichard Allen Duttlinger. 30. Turner contends a five percent r>rent because he did not kill reasoning and caution in dealing of ru™' Spnngvtllc. was sen-jprrmium imposed for late pay- Miss Connolly, or “at tho least" 1 a H    loss    than    five in international affairs Indians Pitch Tepees Atter House Burns Births St. I ..I lr e Ort. I To the families of Larry Shannon. Hiawatha, a daughter; Joseph Brown, 3210 (’arriage drive SVV, a daughter; Gary Thayer. Hiawatha, a daughter; Robert Keeirka. Walford. a daughter; Kelly Robinson. 43 leisure boulevard NFL a son. ford. Hiawatha; each tined $10 and costs. Following to4» close — Raymond Tabbert. Omaha, Neb.; fined $28 50 and costs. Right - of • way violation Mary DeWit. 355 Twenty-ninth street NW; fined $30 and costs. Milda Redmond, 1117 Third street SW; fined 820 and costs. Vehirle control violation Mickey Pickett, Dysart: fined 835 and costs. Robert Hewitt. 2004 J street SW; fined 825 and costs. Reckless driving Douglas Morris, route three, Marion; fined $35 and costs. Driver’s license violation Anna Johnson, 1205 FLfth street NW; lined $15 and eo>t.-. . TACOMA. Wash. (AIM - A as uncollectible.    !    I 0 • rn e rn b e r Indian family. “The courts have made no cf- burned out of one home and untort to collect them because abiP to pay $38 a day in motel that happens to he the city at- ratcs has pitched two tepees torney’s responsibility." city npar (h0 federally owned vacant court Judge Joseph McCartie house it hopes to purchase Mr. and Mrs. Russell Bill and their eight children have been tended to not less than live meet translates into an annua! f pb him innocent b\ years in tho slate penitentiary    interest rate of Ho percent 'f the    |isanitv at Fort Madison for cm-    bill is paid one month late; 120    jj(,    "asked the jurv be/cement by agent    percent if paid 15 days late; and Clinton IL Shaeffer sentenced    i,823 percent lf paid one dav Duttlinger Tuesday in Linn dis-    after the deadline triet court on the charre, and!    Filed Tariff ordered that    sentence    to run    |n    his    testimony. Armknecht concurrently    with a sentence    saj(j    (h0    company had lawfully imposed on    Duttlinger    in Oc-    filed    its    tariff with tho eommis- tober. 1973.    in Johnson    county jSjon    an(j    no one had complained district court.    (when the tariff was filed about reason of ?r had pled guilty to thP ]a(r payment policy ■ $;>;>il from It and R Armknecht said t Iowa Deaths Adoption 68. Solon — Ernest Kaplan, Bi ■«>.sh‘.s. Ccdai Rapids. Mr and Mrs. Donald IV. Hat- Greeley    Elizabeth Mom r, field. 3634 Redbud road NE, 84. Thursday at I 30 at Appall daughter Sept. 27.    ttm’s.    Edgewood. James Wield. drive NFL a Mr. and Mn 2428 Fallbrook daughter, Sept 27. Marriaqt* Licenses Paula Wci kc and Michael '|Y)dd, Linda Lipscomb and Michael Oldfather, Leona Thompson and Dong latch, Cynthia Brown and John Oberthien, lr, all of Cedar Rapids. Louise Hauser. Cedar Rapids, and Rickey Hora. Hiawatha Marcia Waite, Lisbon, and Larry Jamison, Mechanicsville. Kathy Good, Mt Vet non. and David Rock. Dixon Marriage1; Dirolved Paul Cl and Ruth E Menard Marjorie Elizabeth and GeraM Walker Arnold Nielson, jt , 50. Thursday at 3 at Walker Bible church. Visitation at Murdoch’s. Walker Bernard Harold Norman, 81. Friday at a time to be announced. Friends may call after I p.m. Wednesday at Devnnev's. Cascade. VI a «(    Frank    George Hartmann, 74 Friday at I, Hoover-Va I en ti ne,    \v ii« r e friends may call after noon Thursday. Marengo    Mr    William Foster, 91 Friday at 3, Hoovor-Vglefiline,    w h e i e friends may call after ti a rn. Thursday. Decorah Mi Gut at ti. 33 Friday at 2, Ii.urge Lutheran church Memorial dtma- said Monday. City officials said part of the problem stems from an April switchover of ticket responsibility from the city court clerk to the Traffic Violations Bureau, which installed expensive computer equipment to process tickets. Chandler and Supensky have asked the city council to authorize a $30.(KIO private audit to untangle the snarl City court Judge Ray Churchill. however, has opposed the audit “What’s going to be established except inefficiency ho asked Chandler said. “I think the time has come to stop faulting anybody and say. Look. we've got a mess, let’s clean it up ." I 'Mi Duttlinger embezzling Conoco Co.. 3733 First avenue SE. where he was employed. He ask°d the jury for a “moral, just finding." adding the hope his client could receive psychiatric help. “I'm concerned what got George Nowlin to tho point he is at. and I suspect there a-e a lot hauling    liquid    fertilizer, of Nowlins and Conners in °Pf‘ratcd    negligently. City taverns, whom I m Th('    sa‘d    ‘heir he said d?nce is located above a Cascade Couple Asks $111,704 in Truck Damages A Cascade couple has filed suit in Cedar Rapids federal court asking $111,704 in damages as the result of an accident July 2, 1973. in which a truck rammed into their residence and business. Defendant in the case is Terra Eastern Corp The suit claims the defendant's 14-ton truck. was Masc i City taverns, also concerned about. assistant Atty *rain supplies business resi- feed they homeless since a house they were purchasing burned in early August The Red Cross classified them as a displaced family and temporarily paid the Bills’ motel bills, But the agency's short term emergency housing provi-for the family ended Mon- Items Valued at $480 Taken from Two Cars need more working capital and it probably would he very expensive for the utility, with many comoames now paving 12 percent and more in prime in terest. The commission question under adv! took ’merit the and Senior Citizen Betes Cedar Rapids System Telephone 363-8244 Area Ten (SEATS) In Cedar Rapids 398-5605 Elsewhere 800-332-5996 Is*#,    . Fishing equipment and auto accessories v alued at $480 were reported taken Tuesday from I two cars parked at Jubilee Lanes, 5 Twixt Town road NE. sion tor me (amity enaeo aion- James Craig. 1559 Fourth ave dav.    oue SE. told police two fly rods So the family erected    two    and reels, four casting rods and borrowed 14-foot tepees near the    reels, two tackle boxes, a pair    said    both    parties    to    the    hearing $20.(KM) repossessed home    they    of hip boots and a camera were    would    be    given    time    to file    writ- taken from his car The items ten briefs were valued at $200.    ,    |--- Gary Dippel, 700 Thirty-fifth street. Marion, reported a tape player, two speakers and about 30 tapes taken from his car while it was parked at the howling alley The items were val- oceupancy, hut a spokesman ued at more than $200 says the four-bedroom house may not tx1 re,ady until the end    Meningitis    loll of the month.    SAO    PAI’LO. Brazil (UPI) - • People should remember te- officials said Wednesday In rebuttal. the corn-    Gen Joe i;,rk -od if the jury    operate pany’s policy was effective in    believed Nowlin's testimony, the    building,    the    suit claims,    the getting the customers to pay    (Pn men and two women would    plaintiffs    were    struck by    bricks promptly. He said if more than    have to not believe most of the    and other    falling debris, ten days were allowed for pay-!state's 19 witnesses. mg a utility bill without penalty. added that the defense's the company probably would attempt to discredit Dr. 1/xd- felholz' testimony was incongru ous. since the defense lawyers -equested the examination The jury is expected to begin deliberations Wednesday afternoon When the truck hit the Both said they received extensive injuries and because of the accident were unable to carry out business operations Frost— (Continued from Page I I point where ho|M‘ to purchase ‘ I think my whole family will like it." said (laughter Bonnie, 20 "It s the Indian way of living At least ifs off the street " A department of housing and urban development contractor is readying their future home for Award— (Continued from Page I.) are the original mobile s” Bill said “Indian a meningitis epidemic had killed presented to the individuals re sponsible for the winning entries at tin* annual ISEA convention in Des Moines Oct 17 by ISLA Executive Secretary Kenneth Wells Other news media receiving the award are the Mason City Globe Gazette. Emmetsburg Re- Court Dismisses False Check Count A charge of false uttering of a check against a Center Point man was dismissed in Linn district court Tuesday. Judge Clinton Shaeffer dismissed the charge against Douglas Ii Wolfe, who had been accused of writing a bad check rn tin* amount of $60 The state had requested the dismissal “in the interests of justice" since Wolfe had made restitution (MTS homes, rim sam indian peo- m0re than 1.000 persons in live porter, radio station KRIZ, Ot- Now is the tim** tu advertise pie are used to hardships and months and showed no signs of tumwa, and radio station KCHE. farm equipment in the w;mt ad have no lear of the environ- letting up.    Cherokee.    columns.    Dial    398-8234 mcnt.      ______ * ll we re breaking any law, someone is sure to tell us." not matured to the they could be safe. Skow sud the southern counties bordering Missouri account for only 21 percent of the state's soybeans So damage in that area would have to be substan tial to make a serious impact on the state's harvest Gov. Robert Ray felt “that earlier frosts probably hurt more than this one " He said he asked state officials for a quirk evaluation of what the latest frost did to the state’s harv est rile effect of the early frost— as many as five weeks ahead of normal in some areas will show in the next federal crop forecast, which will be releasee Oct. IO. ^ Light Up Someone’s day with Flowers PIERSON’S "5 I BOO (HU Blvd NW PlOWIBPHONI 3**-1B26 Flowers Always Show You Caro from . . . 4 Seasons 3021 MI. VMM* U. SU MOS BROSH CHAPEL "/)*•* oh'il ii> I'uhlic Sen icr Inquire AN»uI Our Pre-arranged Services ( edar Rapids Solon Let our Flowers express your respect and love FLORIST and GIFT SHOP phone answered 24 floury every Since 1909 flowers for all occasions JOHN E. LARES Convemtnf downtown kxot'on 308 3rd Ave. SI    365-0511 ;

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