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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 2, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa JA The Cedar Rapid* Gaiette: Wed., October 2. 1974 Kopecky, Raymon Again Differ on Plea Bargaining Magistrate Court -Believe Ii By Bill Lavalette The candidates for county attorney stated differing positions Tuesday night at a candidate’s forum on the use of plea bargaining with accused criminals. Republican candidate Richard Raymon said he was against the use of plea bargaining while Democratic candidate Eugene Kopecky said he favors its use. Equality Pledged by candidates for county trea-J surer and county recorder and| later broke up into state legisia- Case Is Dismissed (ive districts to hear from candidates for house and senate seats. Police Indictments Contempt of Court A charge of contempt of court against Linda Lewis, 1407 During a question and answer session. Kopecky said he feels the indictments against the safety commissioner and five police officers would be thrown Raymon pledged equality ou under law and noted that plea “I d°n’t think the indictments bargaining did not lead to equal arp an.V good,” he said, justice.    Kopecky    added    he    did    not Mt. Vernon road SE, was dismissed Tuesday in magistrate’s court when she agreed to obey an order to cooperate with the district court. She was charged with failing to appear on a subpoena for a preliminary hearing Aug. 19. MINIATURE SHIPS FILLED WITH PEOPLE AND ANIMALS, ARE CARVED BV THE INDIANS OF COLOMBIA,S.A., AND FASTENED ID THE ROOFS OF NATIVE HUTS TO CARRY AWAY EVIL SPIRITS Garotte Photo bv John Mdvor This fine-furred feline would find your home a great place to curl up in. Snowball, a one-year-old female cat, is housebroken. She can be adopted for $5 from the Humane Society, Mt. Vernon road SE. Society hours are from IO a.m. to S p.m. Monday through Saturday. Zone Unit Recommends Approval of I Requests The Cedar Rapids planning Kathleen Allie for R T zoning at commission recommended ap- 215 Edgewood road SW A pre-school is planned on the lot, which is near a home where the school was planned until a rezoning request was scuttled proval of all seven rezoning requests it considered 'Tuesday afternoon, including three similar requests that were previous- bv the planning unit, ly rejected.    Ranch-Tvpe A la»’ver for the petitioners was the third attempt,0 aP" |Sajd tho proposed school build-proval for construction of apart-L wj|I ^ simjIar |o a ram,h titrate on a '"o-acre «t« .near O home    ce avenue on Edgewood road NW. ,    alw    recom- The ^mpanv prcuously    ‘^^a^lude    Shell    I    ***    ~    Thf    ,ollTOI"?    bo>s asked for RJG aonmg to permit; on K^venue m ^ -( ™ Sun OH \ 'IT" more than 20 units, but Wednes-jKv I L A10D,I«_ 1    ,    Creek    Park    Tuesday:    Carl    Lo- Venezuela Hikes Export Tax, Oil Price Increases CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) -Venezuela is raising the tax it collects on exported oil. and a spokesman says the increase will add $440 million to its oil earnings this year. Mines and Hydrocarbons Minister Valentin Hernandez announced that the tax on oil produced in Venezuela, mostly by American companies, is being increased 41 cents a barrel — from $8 65 to $9.06 — retroactive to last Jan I. Kopecky said he would use plea bargaining to put criminals in jail. In crimes of violence, Kopecky said a jail term is called for and plea bargaining, if appropriate, would be used. The approximately 50 persons who attended a forum at the United Way building, 712 Third avenue SE. heard speeches also Tax Revision Sidetracked WASHINGTON (UPI) -Speaker Albert said Wednesday a tax revision bill cannot be brought to the house floor until after the election recess. The postponement, made necessary by slow movement of the bill in the ways and means committee, apparently kills any chance of tax reform this year although there is a possibility some portions of the bill may be revived. Even if the controversial measure passes the house after the recess, there is almost no time for the senate to consider such a complicated bill. know of the county attorney’s investigation of alleged wrongdoing until reported in the press. Based on his knowledge of the present county attorney’s investigation, Kopecky Raid he feels there was no need to convene a grand jury. Affiliation Stanley Ginsberg, Democratic candidate for county supervisor, said he would like to see the right of political affiliation added to the list of nondiscriminatory practices protecting county employes. James Hennessey, Democratic candidate for county treasurer. said Linn county is leading Iowa in return on investment of tax money. He said his policies in the last four years as county treasurer have resulted in the high return. Sister Genevieve Birchard, Republican candidate for county treasurer, said there is not a Republican or a Democratic Court Dismisses Marijuana Charge A charge of possession of controlled substance against Robert David, 259 Twenty-seventh avenue SW, was dismissed Tuesday in magistrate’s court following a preliminary’ hearing. He was charged with possession of marijuana on Sept. 12. New, Deadlier Flu Strain on Tap for Winter ATLANTA (DPU — A new and deadlier flu strain is expected to hit the United States i this winter, according to the Center for Disease Control. Dr. Larry Corey of the viral A FORMER HOSPITAL IKJ MERZIS, 6ERMN Y NOW HOUSES A PHARMACY ON THE ISF FLOOR ANDA CHURCH ONE FLIGHT UP 10-2. ' T^. THE MOST FLUCTUATING POUNDS IN BRITISH HISTORY Kins BWAKDw offing 8nTm, VISITING THE GERMAN RESORT OF HOMBUCG TO LOSE WEIGHT, IN 32 SUCCESSIVE SUNMERSSHEO A TOTAL OF 1280POUNDS 0 Kag )w<ut« SytAnx, I**. IHI Wet Id tickle iMmi. $13 Million Bequest to Gardener, Nurse, Dogs M OUNT CLEMENS, Mich.jof New Haven Foundry. She has (AP) - A Macomb county in- been secretary and a director of diseases branch of CDC said    rh*    the    firm    for    several    years,    Alfs tu.    rhaim*™    flu    will!dustrialist has bequeathed the ^ bulk of his estimated $l3-million< estate to his nurse, his gardener spread over much of the nation after first being identified and isolated in New Zealand. and his dogs and excluded his t In Care, Kindnesses his will, Lamkins said, way of performing the duties of of flu virus which is deadlier ^    n.oimAifxi , a,    I    These    provisions    for    her    (Mrs. ^ sJ T    a strain re atlVeS‘    Rahmeyer)    have arisen out bf variety was the Type A strain( Jn hjs win filed Monday with!my sincere appreciation for the Cub Scouts treasurer. She said she wants the job because the office does not presently perform its role efficiently. Abolish Pack 29 — Awards were pre-s e n t e d Thursday night at Hoover school to Von Plagg-man, Brian Vial, David Blauer, Gary Logan, Brian Hutchins, Matt Walter, Troy Souhrada, Jeffrey Jones, David Bequeaith, Paul Donnan, Bob Bronsema. Cameron Walker, Paul Walter, Stephen Herder, Erie Richman and Mark Kaschmitter. Martha Sandy, Republican candidate for county recorder, said she plans to “work myself, right out of a job.” TTie office Port Chalmers disease were than the Type B flu prevalent in this country last winter. He said its effects were worse because it more often hits adults, compared to Type B which mainly afflicts children who are more able to resist the disease. He said several cases of the isolated in Georgia and Mississippi during the summer, and it is expected to appear in the Southeast. Midwest,    Southwest and Pacific regions this winter. Relatively mild    outbreaks incumbent, said he recently in- should occur in the mid-Atlan-! attack Aug. I. stalled    a    computerized    record    tic and northeast regions, he keeping    system    that    will    save    said. because both    had out- taxpayers $7,000. should be abolished by the legislature. she said. “If I take office I will fire people for inefficiency,” she said. Pat Kane, Democratic candidate for county recorder, the the Macomb county probate care and many kindnesses excourt, Sumner Lamkins, 82, tended to me and my late be-president and sole owner of the loved wife, Millie, and as a me-New Haven Foundry', named morial to mv beloved mother. Lucille Rahmeyer as his benefi-j “j am extremely grateful for ciary.    the loving care which Lucille Mrs. Rahmeyer, a registered Rahmeyer has given to my nurse, served as iAamkins’wife, my mother and myself.” housekeeper and “confidante” Mrs. Rahmeyer, who lives after nursing his mother during with her husband, Lawrence, her terminal illness 20 years next door to the Lamkins estate ago and his late wife, who died in nearby Clinton township, said in 1967.    the industrialist “was very fond Lamkins died Sunday in St. of me, he really was, in a beau-Joseph hospital where he had tiful way.” been a patient since suffering a She added. “I could write a book, it’s so beautiful. I was I loyal to him. He realized it and Sale Proceeds Court Upholds more man av mm*, win    a    0«u-mrf    r/wwt mnnec.Mt hv    , -----. '    ,    ,,    ;ureei,rar*    luesaay: van IAI- Reorganization day asked for R-2 “community , D Sha construct '»1 ar10"-/ I v'    werx'’    Phil,‘P    Bloomquist,    Greg    Q-f    Railroads unit” designation. Fourteen'^J^,^ 10 con,,rttct 23 Eelier Tue*Uy, Kuwan tookjSuwie Kefto McC«w, TtaVT KaiiroaOS town house units are planned. The commission turned down B s€nes ,of. 1X10X08 ,bat w‘11; Lewis, Erick Heiserman, Glen; WASHINGTON (AP)-Spokesmen for the company jthe est ea;Uer    pro_    ™eha“*    1 Hcnr>*- ^hert Banes. Keith I elal appeals court has opened, He said flu vaccinc is beJMrs. Rahmeyer his deposits in the will. said only 25 percent of the loijtests were filed regarding drain- ^    Haney’ Jim Brousard’ MarkThe way for the federal govern- tween 70 and ^ percent effec-!ninp bank accounts, his holdings A hearing on Alfs’ petition to a*** will vc rod hv huild-i__. ...u—     a---011 Pi°°ucea in me rersian gun Harrington, Mark Leinart. Jim ment to continue with its plan tjve and ^    |0    in government and municipal admit the will to probate    bas Harwood. Jeff Hepker, Brett to reorganize the Penn Central 0ffer protection against the bonds, his commercial stocks, been set for Oct. 28. i real estate and household fur-'    —-- rushings. appreciated it. He    was    a great breaks    of Type A    flu last win-:    His estate    will consist    of    pro-    businessman. He    also    had a ter.    ceeds from    the sale    of    the    heart of gold.” But despite the possibility of foundry and a wholly-owned Lamkins’ nephew, Morton an increase in flu-related trucking company, VV. II. Fron, Lamkins. 63. vice-president-sales deaths    Corey said. only    about    Inc.    and a director of    the    Federal ione in    every five    in the    “high    Lamkins’    attorney, Alfred    Screw Works in Detroit,    said he risk” group — the elderly, very Alfs of Birmingham, who said wasn’t informed until Tuesday young and chronically ill — is he drafted the will in 1972. said,that neither he nor his sisters A spe-expected to get flu shots.    Lamkins also bequeathed to had been named beneficiaries in ZI ™vZraf a^d that    ***,Problems .,he apartments shelk()om in the last quarter of * ,    the    area    could cause and "° one had ^    this year bv Gulf and British "STL -ti    **    at    anearlier mte"nR 10 Petroleum, a Gulf spokesman will be saved.    speak    for    the developer. More Grading Reversal Houdeshell. Brent Rowe, Robert    and other    financially    ad*nK Port Chalmers strain vt    rru-1 Dewart, Phillip Britcher,    Steve    railroads into a    streamlined I j announced    in .New    York.    The    Hammock, Thayer,    Todd    rail system. two    companies acjcouJ\l for 1ho    Cordes. Joe Cunningham.    Dave    The three    judge    federal    court Tom Popa, planning commis- Tuesday, though, after wn. bulk of Kuwait soil production. Dv()rsky Dennis Grimm. Mi-j0n Monday overturned lower sion member, said R-2 zoning :suitation with the city engineer-    J    *    .    ,. ch ae I    Harms, Stewart Gillespie.; court decisions that would have would permit 14 individual sta(( ttw commL»ion re-i™>a!'^    °‘'0^d    a"d    Jeff Smith. Tim Dougherty J barred ,hf Penn Central and houses, which would require versed itse,f    ^    1)0118 Ramso> - Kevin 0uiiri-1 three other Northeastern rail- more grading and do more; other requests approved in- the fr*0 .7* ?.,lnanipe m„c» Kurt Br>'ant-    Lockett, Bill roads from joining in the reor-    m L hi„    'T™'mens churches and $25,000 to damage than the apartment ciuc|ed B-l to B-2 at 4000 Center 011..    ____, Ha vlik and Scott A. Downing.    gan i/at ion plan.    ,    ,    ,    imih-delayed    visit    to jthe Macomb County Humane Kissinger Visits India Oct. 27-30 Want ads are easy to use and Lamkins' survivors, a nephew produce quick, satisfying re-and two nieces, are not provided suits Dial 398-8234. for in the will. Alfs said. NEW DELHI (AP tarv of State Kissinger will However, ho said, Lamkins Secre bequeathed $10,000 to his gar-1 dener, $40,000 to two Mount Cle- proposal The commission also Point road, to permit a Pizza buy. However, the government ____ -  __.    Pack 86 — The following bows Wnina en if *—J in    ,ndla    from    <)(’r    27    fo    t    Society,    Md    modo    provisions — -.......-    liut    i-estBurant    to    serve    beer; R-|*0^oil °th«-v have rweil,,d awards at Clio- that the Regional Rail Reurgani- ,he ,ndlan ,orci8n mmlslry an- for a special 115.000 fund for the PMr°V1    and    4    ,0    R    T    at    610    aV?UP buv % a rZT the ove^ '*d^ « hoot: Matthew ender- " " S wdl 'e” Murte! Lewis and Thomas and sw , a„ lncreased parking,^ ^ an aRveraRe wood. Darryl Rotter. Tim new railroad system was consti- - area    for    the    Foursquare (ioSpel ™"t «'co‘l*^]an    *    O'Conner. Erich Epp. Kevinjtutional. Unemployment khurch: R2 10 RT„at 1426    ____Dochlerman. John Foley, Jeff f rw1ll( And Employment Drop in August Thirty-second street NE. to per- mit construction of employe ploridd DGITIOS parking space for Hy-Vee food is* J* J stores; and R-l to R-2 on Silver PICK Candidate Spring drive NE. south of Blairs miami (AP, - Former Flori- nounced today.    (’are He will fly to India from Mos- ^s’ cow’, where the state depart- . Creditors of the railroads had    mcnl bas announced he will Irr.hoff. Bill    Worden,    Shawn Wil-    c|ainied the act was unconsti-    confer with Soviet leaders from son. Brian    ^>ag®-    Terry Ca-    tutional because it did not pro^    ^ 23 to Oct. 27 meron, Mike Murray. Kenn>    Vjde enoUgb money to offset    ^rom India. Kissinger is ex- Hardman, Kevin Hichman, jncurred by the railroads    ,0    Bnngladesh.    i*a- Mike Long, Alan Rullman, Jon dm»jpg [be reorganization kistan and Iran on the way to his German shepherd Ender provisions of tile will, Alfs said. Mrs. Rahmeyer will succeed Lamkins as president 'lr bf (ffdur ftnpicU (JitvtfHf E»»06I'AD*<1 In IMI bv The Goitre Co ana oubftfhed daily and Sunday of VOO Third ave SE. Cedar Ropldt. iowa S24M Second dost oottaae paid at Ceaar Rapids, lonta. Subicrlotion rote* by carrier ti cent* a. week By moil: Nipht Edition ond Sunday 0 istues S3.75 • month. Sit OO a veer: Afternoon Edition* ond Sunday 7 Utue* 13 IS a month. MO OO • veor. Other (tote* end U S. terr Hor it* MO OO o year. No Moll Subscription* accepted In area* hovlno Gazette corner tervlce. The Aitaclated Fret* is entitled eiciusivelv to tho woo tor republication of all the loco) new* printed In th!* newt-paper at welt •• all AR new* dispatches. III r^Pl0p^n! ‘IrTn^TtpIfo Kerry r°ad t0 COrreCt an earli 1 da icretary of State Richard is t ahi. Skipper Dixon. Dan    would^urVhe'    credi-    the WorId Food inference dropped    but    because    fewer er ov.ersi«ht »hen zon,ng    Stone has won the nomination of Duff)r. John(Hanson Tim Cor-tors claimed in the g0VCmment Rome .    j dropped,    but,    betau.    not changed on an area under    Flofida Democrats t0 seek thejtez. Scott Hawkins, (.reg Kuhl unjustly taking their nrooertv H,s tr,I>    ,0 India has 1)0011 dld development.    \senaie seat being vacated by man, Mark Damisch, Ross Thc act pr0vides ^ million P|anned Jor more than five Republican Sen Gurney.    Metz,    Brian    Snarzyk,    David    to compensate creditors for months but has 60011 Postponed Stone, 45, defeated Rep. BUI I Birch, Tim Tauber, Tom Pink- incurred during reorgani->several times because of Middle; Gunter of Orlando for the no-^ton. .Scott Rathgeber, Scott Al- zation However, the Penn Urn- !:ast Peacemaking efforts and  : a1 t.'t —I...n «{( lecher (Ion., Tumor Itai iH ...    .    ’   ...    fllllor Cfinenrnc people were seeking jobs, so the unemployment rate. Unemployment in Linn county dropped from 2 9 percent in July to 2 5 percent during August. although still higher than the 2.2 percent of August, 1973 The national unemployment rate in August was 5 4 percent. Chrysler Recalls 55,862 75 Autos For Pedal Fault ruination in Florida’s run-off; lather, Gene Turner. David tra, aIone ,ost $97 g mmm primary Tuesday. With all pre-!Rowzer. Kevin Nanke Mike lhe fjrst fiye months of ti cl nets reporting, the unofficial | Wilkerson. Terry Damwch,|ycar in other concerns. DETROIT (AP! was 1,900, July. reporting count was 314,708 votes for1 Dwayne Thompson. Craig Som-, Mnutwcror »h„ n„mh^r r^r    '    day!    Stone and 304,475 for Gunter.    mer.    David Dill, Todd    Olson, JITmnLzJn ii*r itmtv I9?5 mo<lHs officially went stone's Republican opponent John Anderson. Mike Cotton, /imnrw»H frr m iniv'a 7K mmi    on sa*e' Chrysler Corp. said. in November will be Jack Eek-    Steed    Smith. William    Smith, uncmpfo^d Wednesday it, dvatera are bern, erd, a    | 300 fewer than in nobfted of a potential acc-elera-|»^    8win    ^    Bill Mercer Tom Foley, Mow tor |tedal problem with some of Amencan candidate John Tibben, Mike Seaftrom. Jeff Manufacturing    55.862 early-production cars be    Qrady a Rejje Glade dentist' Pureehl and Michael Smith. Manufacturing employment    cause of a bulge in the carpet or    who hopes to draw the vote of during August was up 400 from rubber mat.    those who supported George July and now stands at 26.800,    ^    < arK affect<1(] are pj...; Wallace’s presidential cam- or 1,700 more than a yenr ago. moutb Valiants and Dodge P3'®18-Agriculture employment in Darts At the It Pays To Advertise Jesuit Quits as President's Aide arasrtrtst -««-Guiltypu*by - g, ■jZSttfS: a Greyhound Firm I~U. >»..,<»<» i™,' ,'aSHINCTON (UM) - IV ment Security commission said company spokesman said Greyhound Corp. pled guilty the unemployment rate will con-^,,no^a .^ay .iax 0 d fa Wednesday to making illegal iMri<auKnim iri nis lc„Pr OI fimio in rlM'linit ihrnuoh rw* f®w J975 models before the of caomaiffh contributions Iota lim!    .    ,    .*. fuiue to detune through Ot* ri • , ftnpnifll. jaw    contripuuons    lot*    logifesignanw to Precident Ford, tober, then increase gradually flcM °Penm8 daysa,(S-    •    $16,040 to the 1972 presidential fh t Njxon s •*achieVc- through February, 1975.    Chrysler said the truck recall candidacies of Richard Nixon ' Avprndp v.min..    Wa*s PromPted b.v thp discovery    and George McGovern. ag arning    ^a^ ajr braIce tanks on the    Social Watergate ITosecutor Average weekly earnings    for    vehicles may be low at the    Leon Jaworski filed the the    Cedar Rapids    factory)    front, preventing water from    page information charging Grey- WASHINGTON (hPl) - Fa ther John Mclwaughlin, a Jesuit priest who defended Richard, Nixon's handling of Watergate,' has resigned as a White House speechwriter effective Oct. IS. Mclwaughlin. in his letter of * OPEN TOMORROW AT 11 A M.” ANTIQUE SHOW VETERANS MEMORIAL COLISEUM AT CEDAR RAPIDS THURSDAY SATURDAY FRIDAY SUNDAY ments for tile nation and the world will live on in history.” »WOj The priest has had no apparent duties since Ford took of- — ------ ---J  --- J       r*    .-.a*— -Pl    M    MIMM    Iiiuiorii    \    nm    'J    I* worker increased from $189 63 draining from the tank. In cold hound with a one c*ount mi*de- nce in July to $201.29 in August, w e a t h e r, the company ex- meanor carrying a maximum primarily because average plained, trapped water may penalty of a $5,000 fine. weekly hours worked rose from freeze in the air brake lines, in Thomas Finney, the firm's j 38 7 to 40.5.    terfering with braking functions J lawyer, said Greyhound reim- Average hourly earnings ad There have been no reported bursed with double bonuses ital vanced from $4 90 to $4 97 from accidents or injuries caused by j executives and senior employes July to August. A year ago they either of Hie problems, Chrysler who made contributions to the were $4.59.    said.    (campaigns. TCO/nge/C* For the Finest* in Paints SEE “AMERICAN HISTORY IN SILVER SPOONS” DAILY ll AM. TO 10 P.M. ON SUNDAY 11 A M. TO 6 P.M. —EVERYTHING FOR SA LI— YOU ll M FASCINATED IV THOUSANDS Of ANTIQUES FROM DOHS AND OIASS to FURNITURE DELICIOUS MEALS AND LUNCHES SERVED ADM. $1.25 INC. 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