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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 3, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weat her- Partly cloudy with a chance of rain tonight and F riday. Lows tonight, 45 to 50. Highs friday in the upper 60s. VOLUME 02 NUMBER 267 hr ®rdar lUptd* alette CITY FINAL 15 CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 3, 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMESNIXON FIGHTING SUBPOENAS Israel Hikes Alert Level Along Golan By United Press International Israeli military sources Thursday reported a heightened level of alert along the Golan Heights cease-fire line following reports of new Soviet arms shipments to Syria and Arab warnings that another Middle East war could break out in six! months. Israeli newspapers said Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin took accounts of stepped up Soviet weaponry shipments to Syria — including city-to-city SCUD missiles and advanced MIG-23s — very seriously. He had warned Wednesday that Israel would attack Arab cities if SCUD missiles were used against Israeli populated areas. The latest Arab warning of the possibility of renewed conflict in the Middle East came from the Saudi Arabian Oil Minister Sheik Ahmed Zaki Ya-mani, who told newsmen in Washington Wednesday that a new’ war could break out in six months if Israel does not return all occupied territory. Oil Prices However, if Israel yields all the land occupied during the 1967 war Saudi Arabia should be able to persuade all Arab members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to sharply reduce current oil prices, he said. “I assure vou if we can solve Nixon Fund Nowl'm Found Guilty Rorliirpft ta Returned to Prison ll wUM w wU I w i By Tom Fruehling $200,000 By Tom Fruehling MASON CITY - Telling a Cerro Gordo county deputy .sheriff “I knew I d had it” when a 10-man, two-woman jury re- rj^J turned after only two hours of deliberation, George Junior Nowlin was transferred back to the men s reformatory at Ana- . .    .    ,    «f*    i    mosa late Wednesday after but rejected an effort to cut oil..    .    .    ,    .    ..    '.    .    , IL    mn    ^ing convicted of the first de- WASHINGTON (AP) house has overwhelmingly voted I to slash former President Nixon's expense money to $200,000 even his pension as repudiation for Watergate. Senate action is still required on the measure. President Ford originally asked $850,000 for Nixon The house also acted to hold Nixon’s White House tapes and papers in Washington until congress gree murder of Maureen Connolly. The verdict came in the eighth day of the trial moved here from Jones county on a change of venue — in which Nowlin, 31, of rural Keystone, was charged with the shotgun acts on proposals to make them I slaying of Miss Connolly, 17, of nuhlic DroDcrtv    Cedar Rapids, March IO near Cutoff of Nixon's $55,000 pen-'Anamosa, sion was proposed by Rep. Wal- Nowlin previously was con- own die (D-Calif.) who said that victed by a Story county jury county trial no defense was pre-would be the house’s last chance for the first degree murder in dented. George J. Nowlin defense. In the Story Health Is Believed To Be Excuse WASHINGTON (AP) - Lawyers for former President Nixon Thursday asked U. S. District Judge John Silica to excuse Nixon from testifying in the Watergate cover-up trial. The request was made in two motions to quash subpoenas issued for Nixon’s appearance at the trial by one of the defendants and by the government. Sirica refused t o state the grounds cited in the motions but they were believed to claim that Nixon’s health will not permit him to travel for at least a month. The former President is in a hospital in California for trcat- lo register its verdict that Nix- Linn county of Michael Servey, This time, according to the at-j™**11®,!. ph-le?#'\is “I,® on’s “service was not honor- 18, also of Cedar Rapids. Both Forney, Nowlin felt he should c °.in *s    J?0 able, not deserving of reward ”!crimes carry a mandatory sen-[have “more input.”    M,d PaH,Pr ,n ,hp WPpk N,xon ‘Vengeful Spirit” AP Wirephoto New Citizen Stephanie Anne Mcdd, 3, was one of 13 recipients of naturalization this week in Bismarck, N. D. She was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Medd in Saigon, South Vietnam, when she was 17 days old. Defends Environmental Spending tence of life imprisonment. Sen . . „    i    fencing on both convictions is But Waldics effort was re-sct for {k.t 18 jected 344 to 46 after Rep. Robison (R-N.Y.) appealed to the    Sentence house to “end this vengeful Atwell Junior Conner of Ber-, ...    .    .    ..    . cnifit ”    *r.im    uieiOf the events of the early morn-Ic o n s p I r acy I , '    tram, who testified against his . hours of March IO    ihroueht    five    Ni The $55,000 figure would be    alleged companion of March 9    g    0 Marcn IU. an 11-month portion, covering    and IO, has also been found    Vnulm the period from Nixon’s resig-    guilty of first degree murder in said earlier in the week Nixon should not travel for up to three months. New Name Meanwhile, federal prosecutors linked one new name to the case that has brought five Nixon loyalists to Nowlin contended that Conner tr'u' on criminal charges of ob- Nowlin’s testimony was that he “thought” he killed Servey, since Conner told him he did, but that he suffered a “blackout” and could remember little raped Miss Connolly and shot! sTrut’T*n8 justice nation in August through June connection with Miss Connolly’s her with a shotgun. death and is serving a life sentence at the Fort Madison penitentiary. NEW YORK (AP) p- The En-jvironmental expenditures canjstandards and regulatory ac-vironmenta! Protection Agency help us achieve the kind of eco- tions.” administrator, Russell Train, nomic growth that will give us' Overly Complex -dnt!„Th^r, 'bat environ-jreal gams bolh in our standard The jo5.page report says the the (Israeli) proven, the F„ce g^ig^Sy dipt <1 Ufe'™"8    qUa'"y    °'    ““<*    "" d°Wn'” Yamani na'ion s “0n7ic pr°blpms' Summing up. Train conclud-l^mai ‘‘stra.egv ani re-' t    ai.    .    ,    ja.„J.,'„Ho    sa‘    evldence    showJ    ",hal    ed: “The need for aggressively uarch priorities to meet legis- Together Arab states produce the inflationary impact of envir- pursuing environmental protec- iative mandates ” some 24 million barrels of petro-onmental expenditures is negli-tion policies is a high priority ..    ,    .. FPA    h leum a day. Yamani’s theory is gible and the benefits they bring need of our time, one which is    research exceed their essential to any sustained economic growth and development. that Iran and Venezuela, the substantially two top non-Arab producing na-costs.” tions, would not withstand a    rrt-„tu °    The    subcommittee    found    m-    -    *    ,    -    , , . r j .    ,    ,    I    me    economic    ease    for    envir- The fact that we must pur- .    ,    ,    ,    two    seDarate    amendments united Arab drive for lower nnmpntal „vn„nriit,.r„c ic    .hi,    ♦in    stances of a low morale among lW0 separate amawnienis. key field scientific staff” and planning management was overly complex. in- and the end of the current fiscal year, of the $60,000 annual pension to which former Presidents are entitled.    ,    In a final argument Friday In a compromise betweenI morning, Nowlin’s chief counsel nothing and the $398,000 ap-jagged the jury to return either proved in committee, the house iar> innocent verdict for his chopped off another $198,000.    |client    or,    “at    the    least,”    find The action was on an $8.4 bil-    him    guilty    by rea«>n of insanity, lion supplemental appropriations (The only other choice the bill that appears headed for jurors had, as outlined in Judge President Fords veto because john Hyland’s instructions to the house boosted it $384 million,them. was the one they re-above his budget.    (turned    ) ? Tho bill was approved 317 to ^ To Bt||(w?„ The cut No Emotion Nowlin showed no emotion as I the jury came back from its de liberations. The jurors all avoided looking at the defendant. Nor did Nowlin react when the verdict was read by the Cerro Gordo county clerk. Deputies reported the man was ‘‘naturally jittery and nervous at times” when returned to his cell but said they had no trouble with him all week. I At his last trial, Nowlin had: t”* earliest In making the claim of “newly discovered evidence” the prosecutors said they may add other names to the list of alleged conspirators. The developments came as the slow, painstaking procedure for trying to select an unbiased jury went into its third day Thursday. With the jury selection process not half completed, it appeared that the first testimony in the trial will not come until the middle of next week at two scuffles with guards. The five defendants, John Nowlin’s attorney said before .Ehrlichman, H.R. Haideman, in Nixon's expense In pleading for the defendant.    ™    ^nlTeed    hat!John Mitchell. Kenneth Parkin- money to $200,01)0 was proposed one of Nowlins two court-ap- thc verdict was announced mat    Robert    Mardian    ao- by Ken. Addabbo iD-N' Yj in pointed lawyers satd the case>» »■* "o. expect,ng “ kriihi/T flnum 1a “tifliA arn t/Ail wCQUllloI#    ,    .    ,    «    *    •    •    t    » Encourage Nixon 1 boiled down to, "who are acqUit£‘ntcnce Mandatory jilt stride, each keeping busy in Although a life sentence is ^sownw*y- I going to believe?” He asked the onmental expenditure is thus sue this objective at a time Pnces-    very    strong.”    Train    added.    when    inflation    and    other    eco-      ..    ..    /"    ..."    u    I    jury    to believe Nowlin and dis-! ftimougn a me semei.ee .S| A new hint of possible trouble Hj , d f f , nomic problems beset us only and , “dmmistrative activities Ile said that would be enough testimony from most of the mandatory for first degree; R    more    complex    I    w!,‘th    duPhcate "W- wide to cover Nixon's expenses5    Wile-    murder,    with    commutation pox-! in a makes the task more complex came from Damascus "here m€ntaj    was Syrian leaders said they jspeech written for delivery to and demanding.” not allow a renewal of the U- ^ the New York Chamber of Com-i    — merce and Industry. administrative functions.” The report singled out sorting out his records and antiae iswering more than 500,000 let 4<Doub!e Jeopardy” —aa.  ............ ...wa, r -----Ehrlichman    posed    a    new Julariy Conner, who claimed the F,l^c onl-v a <*®cJec .r0IJ . problem for the judge: A claim mandate to enforce the Golan Heights truce when the international forces first six-month One by One It was a strong retort to business and industry complaints that the costs of cleaning up and protecting the environment should not be heaped on them when the economy is already beset by ballooning costs and EPA Planning Inadequate, Says Senate Report (Continued: Page 3. Col. 3.) Nixon Curses Cameraman LONG BEACH (AP)    0n    Train    fought    lotion problems. a rd Nixon angrily cursed a    D-    ,rd‘n. newsman who tried to photo- those complaints on their home The report, made available graph hi rn a hospital corridor 8™"d - economics:    to the Associated Press, says Thursday, the photographer and “Environmental expenditures the agency has not obeyed a witnesses said.    I    are    not a significant factor in j congressional order to tut its Kent Henderson of the Izwg the present inflation and are not j Paperwork to a minimum and agency’s office of research and ters and would still encourage development, which it said was Nixon to cooperate in making (r,rru‘s not organized “for planning defendant committed all comprehensive environmental research and conducting it.” It said the office was pro-WASHINGTON (AP) — A sen-Cueing documents rationalizing ate subcommittee report criti-i “existing research projects rath-cizes the Environmental Protee-'er than documenting a concretion Agency for failing to ade- hensive environmental stra-q oat cly plan its attack on pol- teE>’- (Continued: Page 3, Col 8 ) Peru Rocked By Earthquake any Con- Amoco Cuts Fuel Prices ^aid he did no: know how one could believe Atwell nor.” The 12 jurors apparently did Jury foreman Larry .Schroeder, a Clear Lake banker. commented that the jurors LIMA. Peru (AP) — An earth- “did not take long to agree” on quake .shook Lima and central | Nowlin’s guilt. He said they first Peru Thursday, causing exten- discussed the insanity issue and sive damage.    decided the Keystone man was Reports from Canete, 120 miles sane at the time of the deaths. south cf Lima, said three people    „p.. the governor, Judge Hyland ordered that a pre-sentence report on »    *    i    v    •    a    a    „    Nowlin be made by the bureau 'ovately. No*lms attorney^ ( H ni» mn nn knew how anv- „    ,    . . , , ai Conner still faces trial for the murder of Servey in Linn (Continued: Page 3, Col. 5. J Terrorists Drop Demand Of $1 Million SANTO DOMINGO, Domini- CH1CAGO (UPI Amoco Beach Independent Press Tele- to any significant degree re-: avoid “needless duplication and £0 cut »)nces on gasoline I formation Service in Boulder, i Remley gram said Nixon’s face contort- sponsible for the capital unnecessary delays.'    an<j    •—• *--- *•—    -*    n"a1"'    74    /in    r: were killed and 38 injured.    /api    Tor«,ri«t«    i ' Thc National Earthquake In- Jones County Attorney David , , ,.......    .______.... .......cover-up. that trial for conspiracy and obstruction of justice will place him in double jeopardy since Ehrlichman already stands convicted in the plumbers case. Ehrlichman filed notice with Sirica that he considers two of the five charges against him to violate thc constitutional provision that no person shall “be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy.” He said the plumbers case, in which he was convicted and sentenced to a prison term of 20 months to 5 years, is inextricably linked to the Watergate who prosecuted the holflin^ an Amcr,can woman J Hc had focn expected to diplomat and six ether hostages c|ajm at the trial that his ac- clean and very fair” Im. he stated, had trial. Now-as fair a ed and he yelled profanity when squeeze.’’ he said, citing es- The report was prepared hyper he saw the photographer wait- timates that environmental    a senate public works subcom-    tis. ing outside an office where the spending contributes no more    mittee on environmental poilu-    said. former President had just com-;than 0 3 percent to the inflation tion. ,Senator Montoya (D-N M.) Curtis emphasized that the cut iquake in 1906 measured 8.3 pieced tests.    rate.    said he requested that the five-should not be seen as the begin- Motorists in Lima madt Henderson said he was so Environmental programs, he    month study be carried out “be-ning of a downward trend in    mad rush to get    out of    the city,    trial as I have    ever seen shocked he didn t get off a pie- said, protect the public against    cause of the growing concern    crude oil costs. It also does not    many colliding    Water mains    One of Nowlin’s    lawyers re ture before an attendant whirled serious hazards and are no    among many . . . groups about    mean the need for energy con-    and sewers burst,    flooding    vealed that Nixon's wheelchair around and more inflationary or non-    the scientific basis for EPA    Nervation is over, he said    streets pushed hun back into the office.'productive than national de ers. Nixon's doctor said Wcdnes- fense. law enforcement, health day that tests “have failed to care or education. reveal any hidden cancerous Environmental programs must condition    ^ worth their cost, Train said, Dr. John Lundgren added that Declaring that conditions inside the besieged Venezuelan consulate bad become intolera-lt was his client’s hie for both terrorists and their decision to take thc stand in his hostages, the terrorists’ leader said the gunmen now would ac Rh Gordon biddy in the earlier breakin at the office of Daniel EUsberg's psychiatrist, Moore? Businesses Warned of Gas Crunch the former President would but “all the available evidence By Associated Press Writer ,    *    au    ^    the?    benefits of our poilu- i eave for home at the end of Uon<onlro,expenditures far ex-1 the week.    ceed    t^ejr exploration. “The companies I back on production. They also    that rates for    residential cus- hiblic    utilities    are    uarmnti    n€*<x^ more iricmey to explore and tinelude plans to legislative    tonners are 12    to 14 percent additional gas,” said George authority for an excise tax on    higher than last    year and mdus- )ti si nesses    across    the    country    Bloom, chairman of the Penn-electricity in the event of a need    trial customers    are paying 30 The prosecutors’ memorandum said the new evidence lite made it necessary to add one I co-conspirator to the list drawm The guerilla chief, Radames up by the Watergate grand jury, Mendez Vargus, made a dra- It did not name the person copt safe conduct out of country to Mexico or Peru. Stocks Take Sharp Drop NEW YORK (API - Thc .stock market declined sharply Thursday in light trading. At 2 i 'tho highest prToTity-.'V pm the Dow Jones average was off 13 22 at 588 31 and losers! led gainers more than 2-1 on the J* New York Stock Exchange. Cleaning up the environment ,flal ,hoy ma-v no* ^ naturaI Sylvania Public Utilities Com- to reduce demand means reducing the waste that ^as *or heat>nR    winter    mission    “New”    Gas dumps materials and energy Some utilities are refusing to Other officials note that as into it. he said “It makes both actePt new’customers, industrial fuel oil became more expensive    June,    the    rl    <    revised    it environmental and economic sense to make the conservation paying than they did in percent more 1973 The shortage will hit hardest at “interrupt ible” customers — or residential    many people switched to natural pricing system for    natural gas, large industrial users whose cen- An Associated Press survey gas, boosting the demand over replacing a series    regional tracts call for them to be cut malic appearance from a window of the consulate and read his new stand to police and newsmen. The Dominican government earlier suspended negotiations with the terrorists However, the terrorists and the hostages finally got their daily delivery of food and soft But a .source close to the case confirmed tile man is Richard Moore, the former special counsel to Nixon, who testified at the (Continued: Page 3, Col. 6 ) Today s Index of energy and the    reduction    oHs*lowe(*    ,s a shortage of    a short period of time without    limits with a single national    r,ff ln times of trouble Thest recovery of waste    a matter    natural gas in almost every    development of new supplies.    price of 42 cents per 1,0001 cubic    customers make arrangements    drinks late Wednesday night. area, with the East Coast ap- Meanwhile, the Associated    fe®! f°r socalled new gas    f()r alternate .sources of energy    A bottle containing notes ad weather , dressed to the U S. and Spanish out of (fter-;red, ■ r ...    .......    ....v..    ,..v    v.v vwwxP ---- .      1>L    VIUO    year    Din mar contents were not dis '0H e    contact    expires    Nov.    12.    sion said.    Most    utilities    said    residential    closed. ( htirl'lc ic M)»s    Spokesmen    for    the    utilities    The    plans    include    diversion of The government action was customers and high priority us- Later in the afternoon, a a On tiff    I    ts    to    strvt    energy and an(j swme state* officials blame some coal supplies from electric expected to mean another boost ers like hospitals and schools plainclothesman put a picnic 'Die got*! old days —    wiicn    f J iKt ,u lon    the federal power    commission    utilities    to other industries, an    in prices for consumers who al-    would not    be    affected by the    hamper containing    13 sandwich- you could live <mi $1*) a    weekj ‘By    encouraging    us    to    live    for the .shortage They say the    embargo    on coal exports and    ready are paying more than last    shortage But    some companies    es and 13 bottles    of    soda    pop on but you only made $7    coeve*! within    our energy and    environ-    EPC ceiling price    for natural    standby    legislation under which    year. A spokesman for Mimic    are trying    to    discourage new    the stucco fence    in    front    of the he    said,    “en-    gas is too low and    discourages    industry    could be ordered to cut    sota Gas Co. said, for example,    customers    consulate greater efficiency in the indus trial process . . which can menial means,’ Comics . .. 33 Crossword .... 33 Daily Record . 3 Deaths ...... 3 Editorial Features ...... 6 Farm ll Financial . 34 Marion 32 Movies 28-29 Society 1821 Sports 2.3-27 State 4.5 Television 30 Want Ads 36 ll \ I ;

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