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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 2, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather~ ^»lr tonight, lows in the mid :10s. Partly cloudy Thursday with highs 60 to 65. hr €Wltir fUtpitfo GhtjeFFc CITY FINAL 15 CENTS VOLUME 92 - NUMBER 266 CLOAK RAPIDS, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 2, 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES KIDNAP VICTIM :0UND DEAD Selection of Cover-Up 3 Qunmen Jury Proceeds Slowly Jqq|^ ^jfg Of Banker WASHINGTON (AP) — U. S.jfinally as a jury member it District Judge John Sirica would be, “one of the most im* Wednesday resumed the pains* portent things you will have to taking process of selecting a do in your life.” jury in the Watergate cover-up In a preliminary attempt to trial.    sift    out    bias,    Sirica    asked    about AUGUSTA, Ga. (AP) - The trial of three of former Pres-ground Direct or indirect con- Lawycrs familiar with the employment and political back-jwife of a rural banker was found dead after she was kidnaped by three gunmen who forced her husband to give them an undisclosed amount of money. The body of Jean Reville, 51, ident Nixon's closest aides said they expect Sirica to be deliberate and careful in the selection process because of the massive publicity surrounding the trial the week. As the second day of the trial opened, Sirica advised the new group of 175 prospective jurors Refundable Gasoline Fee Eyed WASHINGTON (UPI) - Federal Energy Administrator John Sawhill said Wednesday he has proposed that the government levy a 20- to 30-cent per-gallon refundable fee on gasoline. Sawhill said motorists would be able to gain their refund through the income tax system. ‘‘The refund would have to come through the withholding system although other mechanisms would have to be found to refund to people who are not part of the tax system, that is (those* who don’t pay income tax on a weekly or bi-weekly basis,” he said. ‘‘In order to really be effective, a fee would have to be somewhere in the 20-to-30-cents range.” $100 Fee As an example, he said that. if a motorist drove 10.000 miles j a year in a car that got 20 miles; per gallon, he would pay a refundable fee of $100. But he indicated that, if a motorist; drove over 10,000 a year or owned a car getting less than 20 miles per gallon, all the money; would not be refunded. Sawhill said he has discussed; the plan, along with several; other energy conservation mea-j sures. with “senior advisers” to President Ford. «« "^viewed on! W ASH I NG TON .AP. -! the NBC Today show.    Former    California    Ll. Gov. Ed .    .    cancer sureerv savs her has He said he was opposed to a,Reinecke drew an 18-month sus-!CUSScd jury ,nstructlons vvlt- He described Nowlin’s own band.    .    u    a r a. »    WdSI,    .-UIJMIIiICI    IIIJW WilII straight non-refundable tax on pended sentence Wednesday for Judf?e J ahu Hyland, fina1 ar-|.st]mony as •unbelievable in    .    .mrs*. Presume    ,JC    defendants The judge has indicated he’llj an undisclosed amount of cash and >ou ;  ......‘........-    -    —    Asked    ,f    Mrs-Ford was %£ ,hc po,enlia' Ju.ro:s- "kec?.an ,he »rTcuw>rs *? Ehrlichman a"irs    IX S nection to the defendants, the prosecutors or anyone vaguely connected with the Watergate scandals also was pursued in The selection is not expected to I questioning that took up most of was found late Tuesday in the be completed before the end of the fjve.bour court day    trunk of her car on a dirt road ‘u~ —u    .    ,    j    -    ..    .Iabout 12 miles west of Augusta, One man acknow,edged the FBI said early Wednesday. his mother worked for a can- 'pbe FBI said Dr. Lawrence didate in the 1972 presidential; Howard, director of the state to be aware of “the solemnity of campaign and also had been ar- crime lab completed an autopsy your duties."    rested during an anti war pro- Wednesday “and advised the in- ,    .    °,    dications arc that Mrs. Reville Excused    j test at the I entagon.    died of monoxide poisoning.” Seventy-nine of the 175 per- Another man, a former FBI “There was no evidence of sons called Wednesday asked to agent, acknowledged that Par- any attack by gun, knife or be excused and Sirica began kinson had handled his divorce beatings,” the FBI said, questioning each individually I case.    j    Waylaid about their reasons.    Neither    was    excused.    J Her husband, 53-year-old Eatonton Reville, was waylaid on UPI Telephoto DEFENDANT — Former Attorney General John Mitchell, left, arrives tor the second day of the Watergate cover-up trial. 18 Months Nowlin Was Sane, State Suspended to Says in Final Arguments Ed Reinecke Some 90 members of an initial pool of 155 potential jurors were excused Tuesday after saying they would be unable to sit through the trial, expected to last at least until Christmas for personal reasons. For $20 a day. the 12 jurors and six alternates will be required to shuttle back and forth Is ‘Unbelievable/iL^1courtroom ,rom a On Tuesday. Sirica noted two Private Session By Tom Fruehling MASON CITY - Betty's Progress Is 'Unbelievable President Reports WASHINGTON I UPI I years of Watergate news cover-Betty age and asked the first pool of “George Nowlin.” Remley hollowing an ^'(hc^whole de ‘ he fired f 0rd *‘s makinfi unbelievable j prospective jurors to come be hour delay while attorneys dis-* em >    ’    progress” in her recovery from fore him: cussed jury instructions with Attettri^    *..n    J’a,u'er surgcry’ says her hus' “Is there anyone who cannot The 65 who survived the first day’s questioning, along with those selected Wednesday, will hear more questions from the judge in a private session Thursday. With defense and prosecution lawyers present, the potential jurors will be asked still more questions in an attempt to find the most impartial panel possible. With reports from California that Nixon may be unable to travel for some weeks, Sirica was awaiting a formal description of the former President’s health from his lawyers. his way to work early Monday (Photo on Picture Page) by three masked, armed men who told him his wife was locked in the trunk of her car, agents said. Mrs. Reville had left home about an hour earlier than her husband for her nursing job at University hospital in Augusta. Authorities said Reville took the men to the Hephzibah branch of the Georgia Railroad Bank and Trust, where he is manager, and gave them a plas- refundable fee might make national convention sense because it would help; poorer people,” he added. He said the U. S. must “take some tough steps to cut back on fhJ    ^    011 vvcre a v*ct,m °f your Prosecution attempted to con- ! n^s. llnnl hltf pnpri»V0Wn sclfish ambition.” Parker vince the jury that Nowlin was 10fi Piv finn’’ S d    told Reinecke. "But under the    sane at the time of the killing of conservation.    circumstances you have been    Miss Connolly, since the defense Two Problems    j penalized sufficiently.”    has raised the issue of insanity. “We are determined to reduce Reinecke resigned es lieu the amount of foreign oil we use; !enant1J0Vcr~r lcs* than ar and thereby reduce the tremcn-,hour before the sentencing, ii dons inflationary pressure that ,ette™ subm>tled t0 *hc state "I S™? ^,d Rem,eyt 15 thc this foreign oil has not only on fhcmrbly sP°akcr and Prcsldcm of ,hom*,dal    the dcfenst‘ «w.    Knt    -pit of the California senate.    claimed him to be The maximum penalty Parker    Remley noted that Dr. Paul could have imposed for the one-    I^oeffelholz, clinical director of Not “Homicidal Maniac” Nowlin, said Jones County At- this country but on the rest of the world,” Sawhill said. because he lied for him. “If the defendant would do (Continued: Page 3. Col. 7.1 New Rules on Power Plants Set bv EPA judge admonished them very well and this of course is | to avoid written or broadcast very encouraging.”    ! accounts of the trial’s first day. Ford was asked if thc doctors Accused of attempting to think they have stopped the smother the original Watergate cancer from spreading. “I'm investigation two years ago are have subpoeaned Nixon. Dominicans Cut Food to Terrorists orities had received a telephone call saying a blue 1969 Buick Electra had been spotted on a dirt road near Martinez, a suburb of Augusta. Found in Trunk “The body of a woman was found in the trunk of the car. She has been identified as thc Mrs. Re- not qualified to say that,” he;three members of former Pres replied, but "I hope so.”    ident    Nixon’s innermost circle:; SANTO DOMINGO. Dominican j vjC|jm jn lbis case> ‘‘She is regaining her John Ehrlichman, H. R. Hal-;Republic (UPII -- The Domini-ivj||e^’ be strength,” a medical bulletin deman and John Mitchell.    can government has canceled a Law enforcement officers said. "Her temperature has re-    otber jusser figures who shipment of food to the Venezue-j^g helicopters and tracking turned to normal and all other worked in Nixon’s 1972 rc-elec- consu]aJc ,n    ^    jdogs    had    hunted    into    the    night WASHINGTON (UPI) T. vital signs continue normal. Her tion effort, Robert Mardian andi,,sl 8uen,|as hardening dc-1for Mrs Rcvi|]e Hie    ---------ii—. m    ..    ~    ..    mands    for    thc    release    of    seven He said a straight gasoline count perjury conviction was the Iowa Security Medical Fa-Environmental Protection tax presents two problems. fjve years jn prison and a $2,000 cility at Oakdale, found the de-;A g e n c y Wednesday ordered "In the first place, in order to really be effective it has to be fine.    fondant to have “no mental dis-    most of    the nation’s    power Reinecke    prior    to    the    sentenc-    orders” after Nowlin was at the    plants to    embark on    a $4.1- quite large,” he said. “A small!mg delivered an emotional    institution May 9-20    billion program to cut down    the gasoline tax is really not going jspeech reiterating his claim of    The doctor also said    Nowlin s    amount of heated water    and to    cut    back    en gasoline con-    innocence.    “claimed loss of memory” was    chemicals    being discharged into sumption    bv    the amount we    He said    he    demonstrated    in    inconsistent with medical facts,    the nations streams, need to really have a credible every way he could to the court Remley said.    It    said    the conservation program.    that there was “nothing to be    “George Nowlin.”    Remley    eventually add 1.5 percent to    the “And secondly a gasoline tax covered up, nothing to be hid-    continued, “couldn’t and can't    consumers’electric bill spirits are excellent.' attorney Kenneth Parkinson, ’ hostages held in the building. The search had been concentrated in a wooded area south of The President brought a gift also arc barged in thc conspire    ...    ----------------------------- om Italian President Viovanni a„v <rifli    The    guerillas,    who    have been Augusta near Hephzibah, where holding a ll. S. woman diploma! Seville had been found and from italian ^resident viovanni acy tria| Leone, whom the Fords enter- The 65 ab|c to personally with-tained at the White House thc stand the extended jury duty night before the First Lady a|so wcre asked a learned of her illness and six others for five days, ..    .    ..... where authorities located a series    0f    demanded $ I million    in ransom    tbjrd car wbich the FBI said and the release of 37    Dominican    was used jn |be abduction and would work a real hardship on den and that he was guilty of control his temper, and that is EpA Administrator Russell ■ smiled as he carried it into the some of thc poorer people in our no wrongdoing.    not insanity.” society. So any kind of gasoline Reinecke said he was open The prosecution’s case Questions by Sirica, including. .. . . It was a green leather totewhethor thc). had any •moral. P0!!11™1 pnsone.rS r .robbery. bag with thc famous Gucci de-clhica| philosophical or reb- Parlier, a top government Authorities withheld disclo- clcan-up would; signer signature on the side.; .. casons lor not standing    !|,e    nH,d    sn™    of    the kidnaping for almost A    had    reduced    their    demands    to    u    hours    T,)c    KB,    said    ,hc freedom for one jailed leftist sion ,0 announcc ,he abduction leader and safe passage out of was madc    Mrs^    Rcvil|c • You know. women have to jn judRmcnt o( others. L . . ..    ..    «I U I    I alf 4Lnl * ’ L'ra r>«l    * have something like that,” Ford “Most Important” Train said the regulations “are hospital. 1S among the most significant in- ---------------- tax would have to somehow be and candid with the FBI. the, based en the felony murder rule, dtistrial water pollution control _    .    .    i coupled with a refunding provi- press and the special prosecu- meaning that it believes Miss resu|at,ons promulgated bv    Ann&CtrS.    npforP sion.”    tor s office, but perhaps coop-ii onnally s murder was commit- j,PA    '    I Ul U /lUvvUf 3    *«✓ w I wl w House Group Od. 10 Clot in Nixon's Lung Dissolving LONG BEACH (AP) - A blood clot in Richard Nixon’s| right lung has begun to dissolve,! his doctor reports. In his daily medical bulletin Tuesday, Dr. John Lungren said-tests showed no new clot had developed since the former, President began taking coagulants. .•ration with law enforcement ted in a series cf acts involving. ..Thc regulations will apply to! inui t always the best thing lo a felony The stale contends the more than l oon power plants in-1 u a nu. a ..    '    W3L    pel^,,ra,cd    ^L^'corporating    more    than    3.UW He said all the evidence the mg thc robbery of Michael Ser- ffArwira*:nn prosecutor's office used against vey and the rape of Miss Conium was given it by himself. nolly. Some Crop Disasters Seen from Record Cold generating units awl will result Sirica told them that if chosen the country. The government responded by choking off Tuesday’s scheduled afternoon delivery of food and water to the hostages. and maintained its icy official silence on the situation. Archbishop Hugo Eduardo Po- was in poor physical condition and might not be able to withstand prolonged captivity in an enclosed area. in significant reductions in dis- Gazette Wins ISEA School Bell Award sub- |aneo Brito, serving as an inter- c*«*r *•»•* n#w»- DES MOINES (AP) - Record intl* cold temperatures early Wednesday probably increased damage to Iowa's crops in southern counties more than of- Today s Index Comics Crossword Daily Record Deaths Editorial Features Farm Financial .Marion Movies .. Society Sports Stale Television Want Ads 71) 71) 3A SA KA 13B Kl) 611 RC. IC 10B-12R ID-61) IC-31 IOC HUY-131) west temperatures ever recorded for so early in thc season, the weather service said. The1 overnight low    in    Cedar    other aspect    as    well    in    that    cor fiends    had predicted earlier,    ac-    R i(Js waj} u brcak    {hc oId    tam    older    plants will    not be    tov cording to a federal farm statis-    *    nrpH tlcian    record of 30 set in 1928. “We’re going to have some Ottumwa was the warmest local    disasters,” said    Duane    w*lh a low of 28. Show,    chief statistician    for    the    Agriculture officials    were Iowa Crop and Livestock Re* keeping porting Service “Some farmers southern will have fields that are worth cause in early September frost sarv investments “ Train said more for hay than    soybeans    ”    had canceled any    further crop ‘    ’    d' The    mercury    plunged    to    growth in record    lows for an    October    2nd    thirds of thc state. in all areas of the state.    !    Skow    said some southern WASHINGTON (AP) - Pres- son said, “I suggest the charge of pollutants to our; ‘dent Ford has agreed to appear j committee may be in the posi- modi ary, did not make his usual Gazette coverage of local edu-rivers lakes and estuaries"    before a house judiciary sub-lion of the farmer’s daughter sundown appearance to carry cational activities has been hon- 7    .    committee a week from Thurs- You should beware of Presi-jfood and water to the building,!ored for the second year in a At mc same time, .rain said    answer    questions    on    his    dents    who    come    with    broad    which is also without lights and row by thc Iowa State Education the regulations provide for; «- pardon of Richird Nlxon.    !water    'Assn. empinns or power 1’    ^    subcommittee chairman. Hep    Called    Unfair    Police    believe    the    building is Thc Gazelle was one of five whichlean show that the water, „    ^    tailed    Unfair    ^    „y    sjj    guerj,,as;    news media selected from a heated during the generating ^*odnesdav    Rep.    Stark    iD-talif.t    urged    arnl(,d uith submachine guns, field of 20 entries to receive nrnross , „e, nm have an ad-1    ^    bearing    will    lhc    subcommittee    to    question    pist0|s R,onades and possibly the 1974 ISEA school bell award. be open to live television cover-    closely on just what •crim- explosives.    Thc award recognizes education age and will begin at 9 a m mal conduct he thought he wasi The guerillas, members of the coverage which contributes to process does not have an ad verse impact on fish life in thc surrounding waters. The regulations were weaker than originally proposed in an- ago CPT pardoning Nixon for pro-Castro Jan 12 National Lib- increased public understanding ered * I believe that I have arrived at a set of decisions which ensure the clean-up and protection He said “a spokesman for the * But l{ep Hogan <R Md I said eration Movement, abducted U. of schools and their objectives. President has confirmed Oct. IO Danielson and Stark were unfair S embassy public affairs officer The stories of which the entry as ii mutually agreeable date by issuing such w a r n i n g s. Barbara Hutchison Friday as was composed were written by a PrnKifW in annear ” "Rather than applaud the Pres- she drove through Santo Domin-i The fnr Hip Prudent to anoear ” "fainer man applaud the Pres- she drove through Santo Domin- The Gazette’s school news recent for recognizing congress’ go    porter,    Judy Daubenmier. Friendly Manner    responsibility arni coming up to The government has charged    The    Gazette    also    received the Pane! members    were    urged    testify before us, we’re warned I three newsmen w ith complicity    award    in    1971    and    1973 hoodwinked by the in the kidnaping The three, a said    photographer and two news ex lion Nessen j ecutives from the afternoon Rep Danielson iD-Calif.) told said Ford agreed to testify be- newspaper. La Noticia, entered u    j two The    regulations,    which    apply    the subcommittee    that Ford is    cause “he is the best person to the building shortly after the to    all    power    plants    which    sell|“one of the most    open,    frank,    supply the information that was seizure, took pictures and inter- their electricity — but not to,charming and congenial mein- requested.” He said Ford’s viewed the guerillas facilities — will cost .hers who ever served in con- waiver of executive privilege A spokesman for the newspa- ling an ey e on * only tile    our watcrs w‘lh°ut reqiiiring j Tuesday not to let Ford s friend- .not to be hoodw ink* lern tier of counties be- the consumcrs of electric power,Iv manner keep them from ask- President,” Hogan sa in I>-.rlv Knnu.mhpr 'frnvt ,0 shoulder the costs of unneccs- mg tough questions.    Press    Secretary    Hi The school bell awards will be (Continued: Page 3, Col. 6 ) f olia i;** Chuckle TV summer reruns are coming to an end — and just about Spencer, Atlantic and Hum-    j    th**    spring    and bv the tune    ^ * billion to control chemical gress.”    would not    necessarily apply to    per said Mendez Vargas, a time. Some of last season's bad boldt shared the early-tnorn-    ,    of frost    hit soybeans had    dlst'hafg‘'s between 1974 and j Warning that    Ford’s manner    any or all    potential requests in    former employe, telephoned the guys are about to become three- ing low Wednesday — a chilly    ‘    us    u 1 s.    1963 and $2.7 billion to control might prevent    members from    the iuture    tor presidential ap-    paper minutes after his guerilla j time losers.    co*vr.»hi IS. Thc readings were the lo- 1 (Continued: Page 3, Col 8 ) thermal polloi ion by 1983.    asking    hard    questions,    Daniel-    pcaranccs    before    congress.    unit occupied thc consulate. ^    i 4 I ;

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