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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 1, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather- Clear and cold tonight with lows in the low 30s. Sunny Wednesday with highs in 50s. LU CITY FINAL 15 CENTS VOLUME 92 - NUMBER 265 CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, TUESDAY. OCTOBER I, 1974COVER-UP TRIAL ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES WAY Ford Offer    State Rests Case Of Pardon    ln Trial of Nowl!n wwl HW!I    By Tom Fruehling    The defense did not question #    MASON CITY - The state Dr I licence! All    rested its case ,ate Tuesday, According to Nowlin's testi- lrI3vll3)IUII    morning in the murder trial of mony. Atwell Conner instigated George Junior Nowlin.    j    the    initial    contact    with    the    two WASHINGTON (AP) — Pres- Nowlin took the stand in his,^edar f\ap*ds ^cna8ers» was ident Ford has offered to dis-iown defense Monday afternoon Kspon. ,or 10 actlor|s tdat cuss his pardon of Richard and gave his version — in many ;cnr    «    i Nixon before a house panel in -cases contradictory to testimony cr,mes a8ainst Miss Connolly, what would be the first such bv prosecution witnesses — of    “Black-Out” t h e events concerning the March deaths of Maureen Connolly and Michael Servey. congressional appearance by a President since Abraham Lincoln. George Washington was the only other President to testify in    being    tried in Cerro    Gordo congress while in office.    •    county district court on a Ford told a house judiciary    change    of    venue from    Jones subcommittee Monday night he    county    for    the March IO    killing wants to arrange the appear-|0f Miss Connolly, ance within IO days to answer 14 ! Nowlin said he suffered a j “black-out” spell and could remember only some of the events *°-Wli^:-°J rUraLKey-St0!l<:: JS of the car|y hours of March IO. ^    Servey    was allegedly, robbed and killed and Miss Con-; questions. nolly raped and murdered. This lapse of memory, he said, began when Servey Judge John Hyland recessed j “flashed a knife” at him during1 *• j i •    ...    the trial shortly before noon I ^    ^ "'' Tuesday. He said closing ar- f l3t10^ for ‘J®. pardon “x-f" Laments and instructions to the *"!?.• H he,her i jury will be given Wednesday any promises or conditions were|J_ ‘ nlnff    suo* made and whether Ford had; . ,ri ? • it . ti . i—~......   — any psychiatric or medical re-    n    delibcra ions by tbat so<;ajje(j “Black-outs” last ports on Nixon when he granted noon‘    .    10 lo 15 minutes “at the most”.) the pardon    testimony    in many cases j He testified he returned to ! contradicted that of prosecution normal when he heard a gun-Ip to Subcommittee witnesses.    shot and found himself in the a struggle near Palisades Kepler state park in Linn county. (In his testimony Friday, Jur-N morning. Dr. Loeffelholz stated White House spokesmen said Ford is leaving to the subcommittee any decision on live television coverage and whether he will be put under oath The defense earlier in the day passenger seat of his own car attempted to lay the ground-1 near the Old Morley bridge in work for a plea of insanity by Jones county some time later. Nowlin, but the defendant fur-,    |nt(rim    BIank thcr clarified the defense s case Ford offered the surprise per- by admitting he thought he! Occurrences in between, he sonal appearance in a letter to bii!r»a cai-vov hut Hr>ninri nith^r —UPI Telephoto ARRIVE FOR TRIAL — John Ehrlichman, former White House aide, and his wife arrive at U.S. district court in Washington for the long-awaited Watergate cover-up trial, in which Ehrlichman is a defendant. appearance in a letter to killort Scrvev hut denied cither claimed, were revealed to him the subcommittee chairmaning or sbooting Miss Connol.| by Conner. Rep. William Hungate (D-Mo.). jy    Nowlin’s testimony concern-1 as the house took up a related The defense rested Friday ing the events in March is as bill cutting Fords $850,000 ex- morning, aper which the prose-1 follows: rcquest lor Nlxon j aition called a psychiatrist »„.o After spending the night at; had examined Nowlin, as a re- Mabel Beltz’ with Steve Martin, An effort to cut it to $200,000 battaj witness. and Conner, Nowlin got up Legal Action Cancer Spread Cuts SoSiL M's- Ch°™ was promised in response to the Dr Pauj poeffdholz. clinical ( early on Saturday. March 9, andiBv Mike rvunree pardomAndI Rep. Jerome VV a1-dircctor at thc jowa Security began drinking. He drank all die (D-Cahf.) contended that - -....... -...ie    & Gazette Leased Wires    more    years, and 38 percent of WASHINGTON f- First Lady them Jived at least IO more The possibility of legal action 'Betty Ford's doctors say they years. even Nixon's SWUXX) pension;ti(|(,d |ha, jn hls opinjon, Nowlin    wh7t    he    10 block construction of 1-380 remain optimistic for her "pro- Women in this group should be denied because of the ..hi)d n0 orsanjt disease or drank'in taverns    through Hiawatha was raised longed survival” despite discov- breast cancer victims in whom Veto Threat On Turkish Aid Cutoff WASHINGTON (AP) - Once-mighty officials of the Nixon administration went on trial Tuesday on charges they tried to block the investigation of thc June, 1972. Watergate breakin. At 9:29 a.m. by the courtroom clock. US. District Judge John Sirica entered thc courtroom to preside in the case of “The United States versus John Mitchell. et a1.” Most of thc seats in thc courtroom were taken by a panel of 170 prospective jurors. Sirica told them he would begin by asking general questions to weed out any obviously unqualified and then question the remainder in private. Twelve jurors and six alternates will be chosen. Sirica has said he hopes to complete the trial before Christmas. Haldeman, Ehrlichman Thc five defendants include former Attorney General Mitchell and cx-White House aides H. R. Haldeman and John Ehrlichman. The defense and prosecution have subpoenaed former President Nixon as a witness. Neither Nixon nor his lawyer, Herbert Miller, has made any public response to thc subpoenas. Monday, however, Dr. John j Lungren. the ailing former Pres-Prcs-idcnt’s physician, said he be- Medical facility at Oakdale, tee day, consuming two fifths of pardon s implication of crimin-,physical disorders or serious a1 conduct.” A White House spokesman said.Ford decided on the personal appearance after conclud drank in taverns. During the day of March 9. Monday night after the Linn cry of some cancer WASHINGTON YAP) j ident Ford Tuesday threatened I Hcves it would be “at least a arc lo Volo a bill containing an ™nth maybe lbrc? ™n'h5'"   ------    ...    ...lorn    ,    ..    .j.    before Nixon could travel from of some cancer cells in the malignant cells have extend-|a enamenl t0 cul clt military j California to Washington. mental disorders."    It'onncr'lnd Martin wenMoT'on coun,y rpSional planning com-,lymph gland tissue removed cd into one. two or three lymph ald *° T“rkey’ declaring it! Nixon entered Memorial hos- Nowlin underwent tests, at lhe    „" .fR a"l' / "    C,ram To1 mission Save formal approval lo    during breast cancer surgery.    nodes - but no more Patholo-, would destroy any hope for    the    pital center in    Long    Beach, request of his attorneys. May 9-    "eU/,ZZ ,ha,    'nnner    had    ,he roule.    And the President said he cer-gists found traces of the cancer I success"    of U. S.    efforts    for    Calif., a week    ago    suffering 20 at Oakdale.    “stolen" from thc car of a "suv Hiawatha Mayor Dalc,la,nl>' sharcs lhal optimism, al-cells in two lymph nodes re-|Pcac<Mn Cypru,    ,(rom a recurrence of the phlegms "the direct approach was Dr Uoffelh„|2 said hc found wh„ owed    ”    No    ““inI Guthrldge said, after 'the com- "““Rh he the pathology moved from Mrs. Ford.    | ,n # wrj|(cn sta(ement hours His that troubled him during his the best approach    Nowlin    lo    have    personality    did n0, a|on„ on |his ,ri mission s action, that court ae-"P™. ralse* som<\ luestions    “Much    Better"    be(ore fjna, sc„ute v0((, on last year in office. After be en- "Each Question"    shortcomings,    that    he    had    a leo- becau,„ Conners wife "had a ,10n “ apparently the only re-S!a,ls,lcs ‘"djcate that findingi paying a visit to his wife legislation containing the ,ered ,be hospital, doctors dis- He said Ford "is prepared lo dcncy to be irritable and impul- bad habit of shooting at pcopi(. course remaining to opponents f c*n“r c'11* ,n    n‘Shl    af‘Cr    ,he fi"a! pa‘ amundment proposed by Sen. a'°?ed ,a    \ respond    to    each    Question    and.sive and lo show frustration and    j(h a shotgun whenever    .he    of the rouU:- Hc said members    mjuich cases usually diminishes    tbo|ogy report was issued, the Eagleton    D-Mo.l,    Ford    dc.    had moved from Nixon    s    lc.t leg point of    information    in    the reso-|an8cr easily. ,    gels a little upset."    °f » citizens «r0UP have t0'di    chanpe* f°r a ^f^TTta^es    Preaid‘nl said he had "full faith clared:    lo his right lung, lulions” but he did not know if! In the doctors opinion. Now-    him they have financial backing The exaa survival statistics, ln tbe doclors _ ] think they re “if the Eagleton amendment Ehrlichman Strategy the President would accept '111 knew "bal he was ('l)'ntl other questions or submit to lbe eari.v hours of March IO and Returned and plan to fight the highway. reported Monday at the Na-the experts and we’ll follow Conner, on that occasion, did Guthridge said he does not;tl0md (-ancer Institute confer- their advice (Continued: Page 3, Col. 4.) were that 62 percent of cancer victims in Mrs. Ford’s 'category lived at least five cross-examination.    ,that hc kncw what    hc was    dom8    not get the weapon so thc trio! know    what, if    any,    further ac- cnce For the limited purpose of the!was wron8-    returned (with Nowlin on the hearing, he said. Ford obviously' *    ~    —    ifloorboard of the automobile), was waiving executive privi-    and Conner obtained the lege.    I    ©rrOriSTS    firearm and beer. Ford said he would answer | .    ■    i p.    Conner and Nowlin sawed off questions in two “resolutions of HolCl I iriTl    tde barrel and stock of the shot- inquirv” before the subcommit-;    gun in Mrs. Beltz’ apartment. tee*, one introduced    by Rep    D ^ncnm    and Nowlin nicknamed it “short Bella Abzug (D-N.Y.)    posing IO    V^M ixOIIDwiTl    shorty.” questions and one from Rep. SANTO DOMINGO Domini- That evening, Nowlin. Conner John Conyers (D-Mich.) asking . .    are    holding firm to their de- avenue SW, but Martin    _ ^ I hey include:    mand for $1 million in ransom    taken back to Mrs. Beltz’    at    employes,    rejecting proposals Budget    and    the    chairman of the Did Ford know of specific.for a jj g woman diplomat    and    a^out P m- ^’ause tho    17    for a    larger    increase.    civil    service    commission, criminal charges pending six ofhcr hostages,    a churchman    vear-old was “disgusted’’ - that The    sajary increase against Nixon when the pardon ^ xuesqav    he could not get served beer at itimated was granted ’    an improvised news confer-J taverns in the area,    military Did the former White House once after a 15-minute talk with    robberies    were discussed fecj chief of staff. Alexander Haig, the terrorists, who are holed up that night. Nowlin said.)    {,*or(j    had    sought    to    delay    the    recommended a discuss a pardon with Nixon in the Venezuelan consulate.    Returned    to    Bars    (raises for three months, but the hike. He noted a Ford Holds Federal Pay Raises to 5.52% WASHINGTON (AP> — Pres- was approving the figure rec- “lf thc Eagleton amendment or similar language is adopted while still President, Nixon „r„,i imnrno iby ,he c»nSress. «» «• S. KUI|Was named an unindicted co- m„„. in Hic nnfn-c n'nnrf ^nn nnHihaVe l0S‘ ‘tS nC«0tiatill6 fI^Xib‘I- conspirator in the CaSC. PreS- mcnt in his wife s condii ion and ltv and inf|uence k thus hurts; ,dcnt ford subseauentlv granted described her as "much, much tbe very countries and objec-    feSof De    ,    .    tives it purports to help.”    *     J    %T!— “With her strong, fine atti-j    ,    , Hide." the President said of his T h,c „ stcnat* adoptpd M wife. "I think everything will I work out all right.” fenses committed while Nixon the|was in office. There were reports that Ehr- mg it    to a resolution which    lichman had changed his    de- In    a    late-morning    medical    "ould    foreijp aid at a    fense strategy and would    con- bulletin    Tuesday    the    First    levfl of    aboul i2 ° b'lhon a >ear    lend that Nixon planned    the (The    senate Tuesday ap-    cover-up and thus his agents proved,    47-41, an amendment by    should not be punished for    car- Lady’s doctors said she “ap- f pears to be stronger and is in- SANTO DOMINGO, _    ( can Republic (AP) — Terrorists and Martin went to Sixteenth ^ent Ford Tuesday set at 5.52 ommcnded by hs director terested in doine^morisittineScn. Edward Kennedy to halt all J rying out presidential orders, are holding firm to their de- avenue SW, but Martin was percent the pay raise for federal the^ Office^ Management and|und walking today;*    military    aid    to    Chile    >    NBG    reported Ehrlichman’s dc- .u- -v-    ^    William Fouty.l    my    intention . . . to Tense was contained in secret t, hn lu'rfnrniPfi tho surn.'rv ami withhold my consent to any con- papers filed with the court. before or after Nixon’s resigna-; Santo Domingo Bishop Hugh Po- lion iilid, if so. what oromises or junco Brito said. "I want you to „T™"    “.^.^'.‘Vgrant    the    salary senate voted IO days ago to “In today’s economy, it State Kissinger, White House Eagleton contended the cutoffj staff chicf Alexander Haig, Microscopic involvement of required under existir** 'aw former presidential attorney . sues removed in the operation. 7.2 percent showed.    f conditions were made? km w one thing — they have not Conner and Nowlin returned to bars on Sixteenth avenue and increase Oct. I as scheduled. on clear that ^ne of the best services we can render to the tax-well as the federal ls cancer in only 2 out of 30 lymph because of use of American mil- j james St. Clair and former ?re was no involve- ltarv equipment by Turkey for Nixon Press Seer nodes. There was no involve- llar>’ equipment dv lurney ior Nixon Press Secretary Ronald WTien was the pardon first dis- lessened their original de-”ars on    *'V'T/hieh'    Kvcn with ,h<' srnatc action.|payer as well as the f odor a1    tw0    the    invasion and partial occupa- Z*!,f,Cr    ltinn    nl„na    tft cussed with Ford or his aides mantis ” The demands were for *a'n    thevVad    “twolhowever’ il sti11 was up lo ,he worker is to keep 1he fcderaI lymph nodes were involved and lion of Cyprus in July.    1    The    ProsccuU n pl and who participated in the ne-|$1 million and the release of    “    X    U>    SC<    vrtthta    tohdp    t    ^^e is no chntat cvU    ---- of the increase. In a White leviatc current economic prob-    y    ^r pAlln J *age 21, Col 3) (House statement, Ford said he ileitis,” Ford said.    (Continued:    Page    3, Col. 3.) I Gar-lxOUnQ UO I or gotiations for it?    j    political    prisoners    from Domini- l)id Ford consult with others;(ian jaijs about the legal authority for the x(le bishop's statement eon-pardon. including Attorney C^en-; njcted with an earlier report eral William Saxbe. Special Wa- j that the terrorists may have tergate Prosecutor Leon Ja- abandoned their $1 million ran-worski, Vice-president-designate,som dcmand. Nelson Ro< kefclIer or any attor-j ^-j(b jbe siege going into the ney or law professor? the Did Ford or his aides ask for Washington that the six leftist the (Continued Raw Farm Prices Drop 2% Repeal Passes _ _    _    WASHINGTON    IAF) lf ‘s0,1 fifth day, state department (of raw farm products dropped 2 pokesman John King said in (percent from Aug. 15 to Sept. 15, first decline since last Prices secutive months. Over the past    percent above their 1973 aver year the indicator has fluctuated    age Umil recently, when drouth widely, due in part to depressed    | shortened crops became a fac-    dry    summer    and    early    frost livestock prices late last winter    tor, officials had expected a 12'have put    the    “triple    whammy    ’ weather conditions'' in the Midwest. He said the wet spring. present testimony from former administration and Nixon campaign aides w'ho already have pled guilty to participating in the cover-up. They include ousted White House counsel John ,    ..Dean    and    Herbert    Kalmbach, t'l/ ll 'Tn . former personal attorney to b *    *    'Nixon as well as one of hts prin* The WASHINGTON (UPI) I senate voted .year-round I) lime anil return Hie country to, . .    .    .    („nd.ralsers standard time during the Clpal P011"™ — J rol:,ers “dark” months, November    Tapes through February But much of the prosecution Continued-Page 3 Col 5) guerillas' demands “seem to spring, the agriculture depart- and drouth conditions this sum- (percent rise this year.    ion    prices.    He    said    the    summer    The    house-passed    hill.    ap-    case    ls    expected    to    focus    on Today s Index Comics Crossword Daily Record Deaths Editorial Features Farm Financial Marion ..... Movies Society Snorts..... State Television Want Ads 22 3 3 6 15 23 have boiled down to safe con duct" out of the country for themselves and 37 terrorists in Dominican prisons He said the earlier money demand had not been repeated. The Dominican government rejected all the demands, offer mg only to fly the six terrorists I out of the country. The U. 1vvtK*at government has consistently re-1 fused to p(jy ransom or meet merit said Monday. The Crop Reporting Board mer.    Butz As of Sept 15. the report said. 11)75 inc said lower prices for cattle. Jarin prices averaged 7 percent aad id percent has said he expects the I drouth was the most serious proved in the senate by voice ;t ’ of SQmu ^ WhUe HouS( Tease wiU be between 8 sinCL‘    'ote and sent to the White pnnvcrsa»,ons Sirica orders hogs, c a I v c s, potatoes, dry beans, lambs, soybeans and corn were mostly responsible. However, officials said prices rose during the month for eggs, broiler chickens Mid-Year Gain below a year earlier. Butz said price hikes that can se ,    ..    ,.    ...    conversations. Sirica ordered But the full effects of the frost House, would repeal the emer-j    f    c    phones installed ________________________________________will not be known until Oct. IO.    genev    energy-saving    action    tak-    m    hjs courtroom where    the    trial Although erratic, farm prices    [x, forecast now will    be gradual,    when    the agriculture depart-    en by    congress    last    January    in    ^    nj0ve    aftef    •    sejection    ,s frequently are reflected in with “perhaps 2 or 3 percent m™t issues its October crop (an effort to conserve fuel. Pres- , tcd The ca'rnhones will wholesale prices later. The tnore thls Vear“ and the re- rejwrt.    (dent Ford wa> expected to sign nnJ]o <iyorv nprsQn in the Bureau of Labor Statistics    will    rnainder coming in    1975    predicted higher i>ork    it into    aw arni re,K>rt 0,1 who,esaic Prices    for    ‘ The big increases are behind    Prices    in 1975, but said “beef September on Oct. IO    !lls ancj | think it is "extremely prices may continue low and I Administration officials have fortunate that they are belaud even go a little, lower.” (warned that consumer food us” he said. “We may get ani The reason for the decrease 10 other demands from such ter-1 The decline ended a mid-year prices will continue to go up in r t0 to percent increase in the now in beef prices, experts say, 11 Aorists.    gain    in    the    farm    price    index    1975    although    Agriculture    Secre-    next    18    months.    Most of that will is tllat cattlemen are cutting Eye Mandatory Energy Control WASHINGTON (AP) - Trca- enable every person in the courtroom — jurors, attorneys, newsmen and spectators - (Continued: Page 3. Col. 8.) to 12, 13 17-20 4.5 21 25-29 The captives include Barbara Hutchison, director of the U. S. which began with a 6 percent (tary Butz has predicted they will j he the result of inflation.” boost from June 15 to July 15.'accelerate at a much slower rate Information Service in the Do- The index rose 3 |H.*rcent in the than during the* first part of the mmiean Republic; Venezuelan month that ended Aug. 15 year. “Weather Conditions” Consul Jesus de Gregorio, and others Prior to the summer climb, For all of 1974, USDA expects the index had drooled four con-!retail food prices to rise 15 to 17 Today’* Chuckle They are called “personal loans” because if you miss a back their herds prematurely |sury Secretary Simon said Tues in an effort to offset the skyrock-1 day that President l ord w ill eting cost of gram. This will (outline a program of energy: The agriculture chief blamed ; cause a beef glut, but also could conservation to congress next j payment they sure do get perdu* sharp food price increases presage a future beef shortage, week that may include some senal.    %o»yh»m so far this year “primarily on that would drive prices back up mandatory energy control.    ,j {    V    *4 ;

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