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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 14, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa I derision Today By .lay Sharhutt Rasmussen, Arm in Sling, Reaches C.R. in His Ride Planned P To Pass Area Counties feline Timing, Building Access Through    •    l/«//    ; Th* Cedar Rapid*    9 Gar.ette: Tues., Mar 14. Company Aims for Syndication By Jay Sbarhutt NKW YORK (AP) Political jousting Is rumored to be the sole occupation of Washington, D. C. It therefore is surprising lo learn there is another facet of life in the nation’s capitol. Said facet is a limited move by Post-Newsweek Stations, Inc., a Washington Post subsidiary, into the costly business of producing TV shows for syndication or possible network use. Tho company, which owns TV stations in Washington, Hartford, Conn, and Miami and Jacksonville, Fla., currently Is cooking up: Three hour-long black music specials. A 13-part historical series, each segment an hour, called “The American Documents”. The topics range from the history of presidential inaugurations to American propaganda during World war I. Eight specials involving various plays performed by England’s Young Vie troupe, an offshoot of the National Theater company. The Young Vic’s efforts aim at the teen-to-25 age group It’ll tape two 90-minute, two hour-long and four 30-minute shows for Post-Newsweek Stations. Inc., this year and the next. ♦ * * The man overseeing all this is Ray Hubbard, the company's vice-presadent for programming and executive producer for all the shows. Hubbard, who’d just returned from London after taping the first Young Vie spe-c i a I, Moliere’s “Scapino”, said ‘‘The American Documents” series already is being offered in syndication and the black music specials also will be offered soon. He said it isn t known yet how the Young Vie series will be sold: “We’re talking to possible syndicators and also to companies that might buy one or more of the plays and place them themselves, either on a spot basis or on one of the networks.” Hubbard, who declined to say how much the Young Vie series cost other than to note “it s the most expensive single propeot we’ve ever done,” said his company got into TV production about a year ago ♦ * * He was asked why it took that step, considering the cost and risks. “Well, it’s because we feel that one of the things we have to do to keep our stations operating as well as possible is to supply productions you can’t buy anywhere else,” he said “And the things we’re doing are not the sort of things that normally get into syndication. We’re not doing game shows, variety shows, afternoon talk fihows — nothing like that.” The company's production efforts, he says, has the effect of slaying two birds with one stone. It both helps his stations’ programming and offers the prospect of recouping the production cost or even turning a profit by selling the shows to other stations. “If I have four stations that have a specific kind of programming need,” Hubbard theorized, “that means there are other stations in the country that automatically have the same kind of needs * * * “And if I can fill my own program requirements with taste and class by adding just a bit more money, I can move it into a level where its eminently marketable. Because it solves somebody elses program problems, too.” By Dale Kuetrr Political candidates have long shaken hands and preached from s t a ti d s ; t alked and walked ; and of course, stumped. But pumped? Clark Rasmussen is using a 10-speed bicycle to campaign in the three-man race for Hie have five children, and four are in school,” he explained. DETROIT (AID A six-com puny consortium says it will By Ford (Hark IOWA CITY Probed in Hall Trial GM Hikes Price $105 Per Vehicle The Robert Rogers, a U. of Iowa second student, described himself as “a DETROIT (AR) General Rasmussen, a native of Kim-" ^    ^    t0    buj|d    day    of    th(!    ,|amcs    Hall    murder    A00*!    friend    of    Hall’s." ballton in .southwest. Iowa, was chairman of the Iowa Demo- Motors (OM) announced Mon- a 1,600-mile pipeline to carryltrlal proceeded slowly Tuesday Honers testified he had ae- da* * £ 'carsDn^'Tracks an erotic party for several years 'Ji'1, K™ f™m Montana lo 26 wilh lhp prosecution and de--"pan,cd Hall on a number of ■    vehlcle.    The before joining Ute staff of Sen tie ripely ^W »ssl,*"s*    lo    c,tabllsh    rD    s“rroundl1nR,,'ommuni-    firm    said    the increase amounted Harold Hughes in Washington lhni|1(.h 1M(IW., rounti(,s in‘|,ld.itime sequences and access to.ues 10 campaign|inf? Ljnn county u wou,d enterlthe    building where Sarah Democratic nomination for gov-;||pvM „    ^    hjm jernor. Humping for votes, Rasmus (    ii    rn ■ sen said between deep breaths W Of ICI Well" I after arriving in Cedar Raptds Veterans Install Photo on Picture Page pick up girls O""" Ifhrrutoh ll Iou/:* nnnnlin* innltirl.l n»*,,c a' vjunn-on    m-. He call?! the bike ;j,dea his "gadget," and he be.|“£    M^ta    (molten*.    'J.    of    Iowa coed, Kossouth county and exit near slain March 13, 1973 Davenport in Scott county.    Testifying    both during Other Iowa counties the pipe- afternoon session Monday ........   .......... line would    pass through are    again Tuesday morning were    these occasions he had in-    W    for major op ions._ Winnebago,    Cerro Gordo, But-two Ii. of I students who dis-    troduced Hall as “my brother or    ~ “77 _    - lor, Black    Hawk, Buchanan,    covered the body of the girl in    cousin or roommate sometimes    New    Archbishop of Jones, Cedar, Clinton and Scott,    a coeducational dormitory.    as a gimmick to pick up girls Spokesmen for Northern to 19 percent, plus a $10 per Area Communities    vehicle increase in destination was He Mid he and Hall had gone (,0fr’.ts. The firm blamed cost to Cedar Rapids, Muscatine, pressures for the increases, the and Davenport for this purpose Included in the mere . and He also acknowledged that on ^ )umP 'n asp Pr ( P At Sigourney Monday afternoon, has brought SIGOURNEY Joint installs- Seek Murder Time rations for hermits' to build the Questioned "Progress Remarkable" racks 667 Veterans of World war pipeline would be filed Tuesday Simpson and George Proctor bim the identification he sought, (ion of officers for Pioneer Bor ^ Cross examination of Rogers    Canterbury Named Brenda D,    ?efcnse WaS ,,xp*c'ed LONDON (AP! - Queen Ell- after a late morning recess.    Tuesday    named Dr. Another witness was Kalb- -------,       ,he    ArehWshop "When I announced last De- | and ladies Auxiliary was re- with the Federal Power Com- prosection and defense, in crj/w, Bmwn y fjf , studcnt I>ona!d Coggan, the Archbishop comber, I was number three, j cen(|y hp,d jn sigourney,    mission and the Environmental I‘heir questioning of the two wit-|from AmM’who testified she0/ York' 10 •* Archb,shop Our progress has been remark- . , .. ,    Protection Agency able," he said, pointing out the al ffl 85 new ollicers lur Conslruction of the imp is the possible time of the murder „ab fjvp d a wppk with Miss    -ss............  r.."; Sioux City to Dubuque bike trip the barracks were Randall Bos tinger.t. however, upon whether Original autopsy findings, ac-.futons    Michael    Ramsey    as    spiritual has put his campaign in high well, commander; Guy BarberJtho Canadian government ap- cording to opening statements 8°ar-    senior vice-commander; Beu-p r o v e s an Arctic pipeline0^ Special Prosecutor Garry Although Mingo farmer Wil- from Ames, who testified she nesses, attempted to establish wor^e(j aj University hosp- Oanterbur) Dr Coggan will succeed Dr. Planned To I-eave ford Thompson, junior vice- stretching from Alaska to Monism Gannon, who two years „mmanri.r. . hn    tana. That line, to be owned by ago rode a horse down the cam- commander, John Ballensky,    ronsortium    of    y    s    and head of the Anglican church when Dr. Ramsey retires on Woodward, indicated the victim She said Miss    Ottens had    told    Nov. 15. was killed sometime in the af- her the day of    her death,    that    The appointment    of    Dr.    Cog- ............... ternoon or evening of March 13. she planned to    return to    her    gan had been expected    since    the paign trail, is considered to juc^ge advocate;    Elmer    Canadian firms, would carry    The prosecution hammered at    room and pack in    preparation    Archbishop of    York is    the    se* have the lead in the present Schrader, chaplain.    R3s from as-yet undeveloped    ti* theme that    the building was    for leaving campus    cond-ranking    prelate    in    the primary race, Rasmussen be- Chester Utterbaek, quarter-Arctic gas fields.    kept locked after 5 p m. and Questioning by the prosecu-Church of England, lieves the “June 4 (election master; Frank Turner,    adm-    Northern Border s pipeline|restricted to    dorm residents    Hon also centered    on the fact day) poll will show us ahead “ tant; Eugene Roland, legislative    would stretch from Port of Mer-    wi,h keys.    that Hall occupied    a dormitory    . o ve your    oyi g.    :re    i , Ihe third candidate in the officer; Ernest Winters, one Ran, Mont., on the Canadian    Unlocked Tunnel    room whl['h [a (;e    bul ding se Jo    gp Democratic gubernatorial run- year trustee; Floyd Maule, border, to Delmont, Pa , near    by    Miss    Ottens.    with    a want ad._ off is state Sen. James Schaben two-year trustee; Roy Nilles, Pittsburgh, feeding natural gas f e en se tountt itr iv of Dunlap.    t h ri e - y ear trust J    John    to more than 200 utilities serv-    questioning the    students about a Crossins Accident    Wcbles and Lloyd Adams, flag mg parts of 26 slates, spokes-:‘J""!'.    00    ro^    a    Y If you become upset by the darers; Charles Fairchild and men said. Cost for the project    .    during    the :____t_    ..    .    U^rvso..    onlop    tittie oclimuinH dI ti) Killinn    ICQiy WHS OOI ITX KCG QUI lllg inc hours the murder may have been committed One witness for the state. diJTepair of some railroad Homer Meyers, color guard. was estimated at $8 billion crossings, Rasmussen is likely Installed as new auxiliary of- /^ie spokesmen said construc-your kind of candidate.    Beers were Mrs. Beryl Adamr, **on    could be It was near Ames last week,    president; Ethel Thompson, sen-    started by    late 1975 with intital at a crossing where the rails    ior vice-president; Mae    deliveries    in 1978 and comple- diagonally bisect the highway,    Barber, junior vice-president;    ,i(>n in 1982 that Rasmussen’s racer hit a    Ethel Loos, treasurer; Mabel hole and tossed him on the Turner, secretary; Ruth Page, MciyOT DdlGV ^Vill pavement.    chaplain; Lydia Wallerich, con '    ' After a brief roadside respite, duchess. I    Iy. f    *U    cl'mbed    aboard his bike Fannie S w a r t ze n d r u ber. Hazleton /Vian s ueatn again, but after 30 minutes the gaurd; Feme Wimmer, patriotic HAZLETON    —    The    Buchanan    soreness in his arm forced him    instructor; My Roland, histori- county    medical    examiner    _    m    to stop. The soreness turned out    an; AHea Moore, color bearer    [>a]ey wju    have to undergo sur- ing bill for public employes. „u,a U1!e?ra^lus'., _ one; Norr‘s’ co'or bearer pery prevent complications The University of Iowa law s surprising, said Ras- two; Maggie Schumann, color from what has bepn diagnosed school is sponsoring the .seminar mus'sen, how quickly one bearer three.    !    as a stroke suffered last week. Mav 24-25 found tiarnj[ m    ee    anf^ 3 ^era ShcPherd, color bearer Frank Sullivan, the mayor’s Rep Brice Oakley iR-Clin- j thumb.    I    four; Addle Kerkove, banner press secretary, said Monday ton), Rep. Edgar Bittie (R-Dos Suicide Ruled in Undergo Surgery Following Stroke ruled the death of Dennis Tupper, 22, Hazleton, found dead of a shotgun wound to the head, a suicide. Tuppers body was early Sunday. Services will be Tuesday at I 30 at Hazleton Methodist church. Brant funeral home in Oelwein is in charge of arrangements. CHICAGO (AP) Legislators’ Role In Seminar Is Hit WELLSBURG (AP) — Rep.! Harold Fischer (R-Wellsburg),I has criticized several state leg-1 i s I a t o r s’ participation in a planned seminar on the ramifi-Mayor,cations of a collective bargain- Television Listings 7—KWWl-TV, Waterloo 9—KCRG-TV, Cedar Rapid) 2—WMT TV, Cedar Rapid) 3—KTVO, Ottumwa 4—WHBF TV, Rock Island A —WOC-TV, Davenport 8—WKBT. la Crosse IO—KROC-TV, Rochester 12—KIIN-TV, Iowa City 13—WHO-TV, Des Moines 40—KDUB, Dubuque 31 Miles    bearer; Lillian Hagge, flag1 the surgery will be performed in Moines) and Sen John Murray, Monday’s inclement weather ^earer;    Shelby, mush three or four weeks.    iK-Ames>. are scheduled to limited him to 31 miles. He left cian; B,anche Keck, assistant Daley, who will be 72 Wednes- take part in the discussions Sioux City two weeks ago and conctuctress; Ethel I/)os, mem-day, was hospitalized a week Other attorneys and members plans to complete the trip in hership chairman and    Kila    ago    with what was said to be of the University of Iowa law Dubuque Friday His biggest winters' hospital chairman.    high    blood pressure and a mild school also are scheduled to stretch, with the wind at his    ’    caa® d^betes. Sullivan said participate. back, was 76 miles in one day 'Mexican EnVOV    31 a    neWS conferen« ,hua‘doc/ . "Th,?e l<'k|sla,lvo '"embers The campaign zigzag will add lv‘^xlcdn , V- .y.    .    lors    had delerm,ned he had rut- have shown a new level of pro- up to 750 miles.    Commits    Suicide    fercd a small stroke    fessionalI abuse and conflict of Rasmussen, 39, said he has urnmnw 1D ,. Sullivan said Daley had    in erest, Hscher said loo)    is    “pxtra”    nniinHc    An    aH.    MEXICO CITY (AP) —Jaime    ered completely from the    “They are still drawing their Vance    ear carries    an extra    hike    Torres Bodet> 70’ a diPlom*t j    stroke but said he has experi-    legislative salary ($7,500 a and educator who headed the U.    enced subsequent episodes of    year I, yet are participating as N. Educational, Scientific and    numbness in his right hand and    faculty members to explain the recently passed labor legislation May Service SPECIAL llohunidifier rh4M*k-up 6 »S Paris hstra available as a replacement or for anyone who wants lo cycle ""“J1*1" a,Anrr    Cultural Organization from 1948 tho right side of his face. Tuesday Night 6.00 Maws, Waother, Sols •-wild wild Wast 2—Action News 3-- N*ws, Wtofhar, Sots. A—News, Weother, Spts. 0—0 O'Clocfc Edition *—N#»»s, Sots , Weother IO—News. Weather. 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Weather IO News Weather, Sots 12 Dov of Night 13—E yewitness News 40 Newsline TO: 30 7- Tonight • Wide World of fc ntertolnment 2 ( BS Movie -"Gunn" I Wide World of C ntertolnment 4 Wild Wild West A— tonight A —( BS Movie -"Gunn" 10 Tonight TV t*plorations In Show 13 tonight 40 Wide World of Entertainment 11 :0Q 12 rentury Theater 11:30 4 Rawhide 12. OO 7—Tomorrow 2- Last Word r> Tomorrow IO tomorrow 13 * • tomorrow 12 30 4 Country Music Wednesday Morning 6 30 J Sunrise Semestei A—Garner Ted Armstrong I -Sunrise Semester 7:00 7—Today 2—CBS News 4-CBS News A—Today 1—CBS News IO—Today 13—Today 7:30 •—Romper Room 3—Lewis Family 8:00 • — New Zoo Revue 2—Copt. Kangaroo 3—Sesame Stree* 4—Copt Kangaroo 1—Copt. 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Check and clean pan water level switch /Vt Au// and Delivery Extra Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back PHONE 395*1290 Joanne, spends a lo 1952, shot and killed himself Sullivan said Daley probably which they helped write to other at his home Monday night, will leave the hospital some lawyers from whom a $40 rrgi.t- 8H0P AT SEARS AND SAVE 4—Guiding Light A—Dovs of Livts I—Guiding L ight IO—Ooys of Lives Bodet, who was reportedly suf*!time this' week to rest before Aration fee has been charged, paigmng in other parts of the ,    ,    , state for Rasmussen, and this ^ ™m cancer.of *e Prf- surgery.    _ week he is receiving heln from tatc’ ,eft a note say,ns 1 prefcr his twin sister from    Ind.anapo-    10 oa‘l on.d,;a'h mvself    at ,he    ( (YEA"f ,Af'° ~. Kor ,hp ljs    right tune.    first time the German high eom- --mand declared that the Allied F amity at Home    if you've never used a want air offensive against the Nazi None of his family    has joined    ad, you’ve    been missing    a sure    continent “may be regarded as, him in the bicycle    tour. “We;    performer.    Dial 398-8234.    the preparation for invasion. Sears FREE PARKING LINDALE PLAZA SEARS, ROEBUCK AHD CO. BESS ’o—ooys 12—In school 40—Newlywed Game 1:30 7— Doctors •—Girl In My Life 2—Edge of Night 3—Girl In My Lit# 4—Edge of Night A—Doctors A—Edge of Night IO—Doctors 40—Girl In My Life 2:00 7 - Another World •—General Hosoitol 2—Price Is Right 3—General Hospital 4—Price is Right A—Another World I Price I* Right IO Another World 13—Another World 40—General Hospital 2:30 7-How To Survive a Marriage •—On# Life To Live 2—Match Gome 3—One Life To Live 4—Motch Gome A—How To Survive a Marriage 1—Motch Game IO—How To Survive a Marriage 13—How To Survive o Marriage 40 One Life To Llv* 3:00 J -Somerset • SIO,OOO Pyramid 2—Tattletales 3 -SIO.OOO Pyramid 4—Tattletales *—Somerset Tattletales IO—Somerset 12—Civil War 13—Somerset 40—to Be Announced 3:30 7—What's My Line* •—Gllllgan's Island 2—Dr Mom 3—All My Children 4—Mike Douglas A—Cartoons I—Bewitched IO -Not for Women Only 12—Frying Pons West I J —Flooey 40- Afterschool Special 4:00 7- Bonanza # Afterschool Special 3- Afterschool Special A— J cannie 1—Star Trek IO—Bonanza 12- Mis'erogers ll Merv Griffin 4:30 2- Bewitched A—Merv Griffin 12—Sesome Street 40 McKeever SOO 7 - O'agnel • ABC News 7 Consequences I Newsfeatures 4 .Gllllgan's Island A Consequents IO Munsters 40 ABC Newt 5 30 I NSC News 12:15 I Ti own nnd Country IO Virginia 13-Cartoons Eyewitness Newt 2-CBS News I ABC News 4 -f BS Newt A -NB< News A -(Bs News IO NAI News 17 f let trie Compony l l NBC News 40 Newsline People like you like Bishops Senior citizens like Bishops because they can build their own meal at their own price. So, whether they are hungry for a lot ... or a little . . . they find just what they want. Bishops is a place people like. People like you. YOU’LL FIND WE’RE JUST A LITTLE “FiJksirat, Jjuhop I CAFETERIA 321 First Ave. S.E. BUFFET 4444 First Ave. N.E. ’ Student-Built House Tonight thru Sun. The Cedar Rapids Board of Realtors Cordially invites you to tour this completely furnished home constructed by 15 Cedar Rapids high school students. The protect was sponsored by the Cedar Rapids Board of Realtors in cooperation with the Board of Education. All proceeds from the sale will be used to provide scholarships for young people interested in higher education in the vocational and practical arts field. 3938 Redbud Road NE From Center Point Rood NE, turn onto Glass Road. From Glass Road, turn right onto Redbud Road. ★ OPEN HOUSE HOURS ★ Tonight thru Friday: 6 to 8 P.M. Saturday: 1:30 io S P.M. Sunday: 1:30 to 6 P.M. ;

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