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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 14, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather- Partly cloudy tonight, in (lie mid 10s. Fair Wednesday with highs iii (he low lo mid (ids. VOL!IMF 92 NUMBER I2.r» LO CITY FINAL IO CENTS * CK DAK RAPIDS, IOWA, TUESDAY, MAY 14, 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NKW YORK TIMES Henry: Pact, No Bid Continues DAMASCUS (AP) — Secretary of State Kissinger said luesday that no agreement was reached with Syria on disengaging forces on the embattled Golan Heights, and that he was returning to Israel, “bringing to the government there further! Syrian thoughts.” “I expect to return to Damascus tomorrow,” he added, then flew off to .Jerusalem. “Review Ideas” Kissinger and Syrian President Hafez Assad met for lWj hours, and the secretary said' they continued to “review various ideas on a disengagement agreement, further refining them.” He did not elaborate. Despite Israeli denials, a senior U. S. official told newsmen on the flight to Damascus that Kissinger was bringing new refinements for the Syrians to t consider. The official also said the buffer zone to be set up as part of the disengagement agreement would be demilitarized and under Syrian civil administration Ti TTHI I Tttir .. I- ■ :i|;rrniWWfr-,oiTrn •*" * »*** % ..yam....... . V    *    '    '    ' it* ■> >s< '' A, * mm . f h * * K rn i ; * A ' i 1 f/Mww I s ? > **2 - * * / I: - FIRST TAPES Vote on New Subpoena KopecHlie Scheduled Wednesday c:u WASHINGTON (AP) — The [ last Thursday, the pace proved    11 i    I    I IC? To Probers Thursday, the pace proved! ihouse judicary committee met slower than Rodino and John for more than two hours in Doar, chief counsel    of the im-1 I closed session Tuesday for what peachment inquiry,    had antici-j one member described as a pated. “monotonous” back ground Arid the tape playing could briefing in preparation for an slow it even more    All parties afternoon of listening to White who have heard any    of the tapes    from the closed inquest    into    the House tapes    have described them as ex-    death    of    Mary    Jo    Kopechne The committee was spending tremely difficult to understand. its* first full day reviewing evi-    May Hear Buzz The June 20, 1972, tape is ex- BOSTON (AP) Records donee on the possible impeach-; ment of President Nixon. have been sent to the house judiciary committee, which is considering impeachment pro-c e e d i n g s against President Rep. Waldie (D-Calif.), the only committee member who had ; ly comment when the meeting broke up for lunch, said, “Nothing we heard today has not been heard by the public.” The focus of day-long closed sessions J uesday, Wednesday and Thursday was the attempted Watergate cover-up, when the President learned of it, and what he did about it pected to be the first    that    wi I    Miv, rr . i • A t a k  a t ; j- „    Nixon,    officials Raid Tuesday. be played for judiciary com-    ... mittee members. But all they’ll ^1SS Kopechne was killed in hear of interest will be a buzz    '969, when a car driven by that drones on for WA minutes. yea Kennedy fD-Maas.) went None of the audible    conversa-l    a bridge and into a tidal    pool tion on the tape deals    with    Wa-    on G^happaquiddirk island    off terete    the Massachusetts coast. Next in —AP Wirephoto* COUNSEL IN WATERGATE CASE — James D. St. Clair, left, White House counsel, and John J. Wilson, attorney for H. R. Haldeman, former White House chief of staff, leave U. S. district court in Washington after a closed hearing before Judge John J. Sirica in connection with a subpoena for White House tapes. i ii I * is I nr Italian Vote Hurts Vatican Is Unlikely To line chronologically would be the tape of a luncheon the President had on June 30, 1972, with Haldeman and Mitchell. The next day, Mitchell resigned as head of Nixon’s reelection committee. He said he was resigning at the insistence A spokesman for the Social Law library in Boston said a member of the judiciary committee staff telephoned the library, located in the Suffolk county courthouse, and requested that a full set of copies of the records and the lawyers’ briefs be sent promptly to Washington. The material which the com First Tapes Extraordinary security was inj0f his wife, Martha, force for the committee ses-| After that would come tapes sions. The committee hearing of a series of meetings climax* room was sealed with no one    ing with    two on March 21, other than the    38 members of    the date    the President says    he ,ir .    ‘    P the panel and its staff allowed first learned the details of the inside before or    after sessions.    Watergate cover-up. Transcripts For the first    time, committee    0f those    meetings, beginning    on members other than the chair-! _    ,    „   _ , „ . (Continued: Page 3, Col. 7.) - The over-of the Vati-j jean’s campaign for repeal of Sec J the Italian divorce law spurred a drive Tuesday to end the resignation as long as possible to shore up the party’s position. The campaign divided Ru- divorce, along with the Communists; the Christian Democrats and the Vatican were supported only by the neo-Fascists of the; Italian Social Movement, whose ROME (AP) Visit Russia1"8 dc,cat WASHINGTON (AP) , lT M , I rotary of State Kissinger is un-1*    ™ inc mor’s center-left coalition gov- What    role    a    U.    N.    peacekeep-;i,kely    to    make    a    widely    fore.    privileged status of the Romanernment    and promised new mg force    would    play    in    the    zonejcast    trip    to    Moscow    to    prepare    Jcathohe church in Italy.    stresses    and strains for it in the    backin8 is    usually considered an ..... De!'pile    V'K<’!rT-**£S2? future. The throe smaller par ™>bar,assman!. campaign by My s bishops ; ^ ,he    _    lhc‘    So.    Thousands    celebrated    Monday most ct its l»,MB priests and    Cia|js,    Dcmocraljc socialists    n|Sht •»    ■»•«* and    a dozen nuns, and the Vat.can s political    a||d Kepublicans _ were [or    (Continued7PageT    Col. 3.) (Photo on Picture Page) was unclear. But it seems ccr- for a planned summit visit by lain such a force would main- President Nixon, it has been lain positions on three strategic learned hills that overlook the Golan Any Kissinger decision to fore-(own of Quneitra, which Israeli go such a trip seemed certain troops captured in the 1967 war. to raise questions about the status of Nixon’s own summit intentions. At the least, it was man and ranking Republican were to listen to some White House tapes. And on Wednesday, the committee is scheduled to vote on issuance of a subpoena demanding additional tapes. Notice of the meeting, sent to committee members on Monday, did not specify which tapes would be sought. Iowa County i Farmers Voice Road Gripes By Tom Fruehling Assistant librarian Marie Se-kula said the set of copies was mailed some time ago. The library keeps copies of record*-, and briefs of all cases that arc appealed to the Massachusetts supreme judicial court for reference by lawers. Refuses Comment Close? U. S. officials indicated Monday that the two governments are close to agreement on thin- allies in the Christian Demo-seen fueling further speculation cratic party, Italians voted 3 to that a significant arms limita-    - *n a referendum    Sunday and tion agreement cannot be ne-    Monday to retain    the divorce ning    out    armor    behind    the even-    gotiated in time for a meeting    law that has been on the books fual    disengagement    lines    and    of the President and S o v i e t    only since 1970. (he kind of U. N. buffer force Communist party chief I^eonid that will stand between their I Brezhnev, armies.    Not    Affected One senior American official The White House reiterated said Israeli and Syria had Monday that summit plans have moved closer to agreement on not been affected by the house the location of the front lines I impeachment inquiry and that their forces would man on the Nixon still intends to be in Mos-Golan Heights. But he said cow late next month, while the distances still in dis ! Some American newsmen in The Greensburg Tribune-Re-Petition Drive    view, owned by Richard Mellen As soon as the results were Scaife who contributed almost known, anti-clerical groups an- $1 million to According to the Boston Globe, a committee spokesman refused to comment “in any way” on the request for docu-AMES — Representatives of men(S However, it was learned latejjovva county farmers who are **j don’t know if we have last week that the subpoenal    ,    .    J    atm    i Know ii we nave . . would include a meeting 0nopposed 10 ,hc proposed ,mr and“uldn ‘ comment if we April 4. 1972, involving the Pres-lane highway between 180 and had, the spokesman told the jident, H. R. Haldeman and John!highway 6 along county road    wfl(n aske^    material .    Mitchell. Four days before that W21. voiced their complaints . ml Donor Urges Impeachment    mormng    ,0    thc    ,owa rDL’PMconDr n (*di    h    a    a    ■    u-    'choil aDDroved a nolitical in highway commission.    (hat    the    January, 1970, inquest GREENSBURG, Pa. (AP) — the Presidency, and in his con cnen approvea a political in    I, fusion, he is doing neither him- diligence plan that included, As a result of a design public;be open, but the state supreme self nor that office any good. Paper of $ I-Million Nixon resident Nixon’s nounced a nationwide drive to re-election campaign, called collect signatures on a petition Tor Nixon’s impeachment Tues-j calling for a referendum on alii day laws giving the Church a special The newspaper said in a position.    front-page editorial that int one such law stipulates that peachment was necessary Roman Catholic Apostolic “We are sickened with Mr. Nixon's twisted sense of loyalty to those shadowy figures who have been close to him; this at the expense of a much higher form of loyalty we feel bugging Democratic national hearing in Amana March 27, thc judicial court ordered it closed committee headquarters in the road is scheduled for approval after Kennedy’s counsel argued that an open hearing would re- pule are relatively small, Iheylthe Soviet capital also reported j 'J*. Koma"‘ ath?l,c Axstone; the preservation of the are of major concern to both receiving word there that a His-1 **on ls I16 V rc lfil0n 0 democratic system. Watergate office building.    hy the commission Wednesday. Schedule Lags    The    project is supported by su,t in publicity ‘so widespread Chairman Rodino (D-N.J.) Amana Society, the Iowa as .*°*^,nt wlth ,rreme<1‘ab,e has said he hopes to complete j county board of supervisors and prfJu. ce any c proceeding the closed portion of the Water- Amana Refrigeration Co.    *ater> he owes to the good people of I Kate breakin and cover-up pres-    iin„^K«arw    Negligence? this country.”    entation this week The Tribune-Review said it But durinfi ,he inl,ial sesslonl Unnecessary Richard Pundt, Cedar Rapids In the report of the inquest, attorney, who represents his fa-| r®fS*5?** in Apnl' l9?\ l?yU' said there was cause to believe sides. Meanwhile, Israel said its warplanes hit Arab guerilla units in southern Lebanon again Tuesday while its artillery crews exchanged fire with the Syrians on the Golan Heights. singer visit prior to the summit was unlikely. However, a high state department official expressed bafflement at this, saying he still expects Kissinger to precede Nixon to Moscow. If Kissinger indeed foregoes a abhorred the “rampant pro-    thcr,    Arthur,    and    other    land    „    .    ,,    .    . tanity” represented by exple- Air Force Gen. Brown owners said Tuesday that the kennedy drove negligently, but emptied other privileges to    ******    "    I    TO    Head    Joint    Chiefs    road    is    unnecessary. the state.” Others give tax cx-j agencies of the Church and Vatican employes. The outcome of the referen- until his guilt or innocence is) Scaife, a principal heir to thc decided by the senate. i * • •    .    The    25th    Amendment    to    the    I    of durn was also a stinging rebuff] Constitution allows for WASHINGTON (URI1 — Pres- ,, sa*d, d. wau)d ^    and there were no other court huge Mellon fortune, is the son jident Nixon announced Tuesday! agricultural land out ot proceedings in the case Sarah Cordelia Mellon and that he would nom.nate Gen. I produc"on for ,h« ben<‘fd of no c, .    ^    A    .ic    presummit    journey    he    once Syrian^mmuntques reported|deBribod as ,/M>, „ was un. nightlong artillery and duels and said th* tank I 0 the Christtan Democrats, |v( ident Italy s dominant party ever since du(ies o( |h(. World war II, and its secretary- the Alan Scaife and a nephew of George S. Brown, air force chief one-the the late Richard King Mellon, of staff, to be chairman of the; to assume President if the In 1970, Scaife purchased the joint chiefs of staff. One week after the accident. Kennedy pled guilty to leaving He implied that special inter- s^nc of an accident. He est groups had railroaded the was given a two-month sus- derstood he would cite as the bRhtingjreasons ^js own bUSy travel I tore Fanfani, who led the party sprear* along the entire    an(j    jjlc    (jme    po-1 fight against the divorce law front during the day. Machinist Halt Threatens United riod remaining before late June. Although it seems apparent (there has bt*en some delay in firm planning for a Nixon trip to the Soviet Union, the White I House reportedly has attributed WASHINGTON (AID — The this to the normal workings of International Assn. of Machin-jthc diplomatic process, ists said Tuesday that it will strike United Air Lines at 2 a m. Wednesday if its members reject the company’s latest contract offer. . . p    .    . | Chief Executive is deemed un- j daily newspaper which has a Brown, 55. w ill succeed Adm ! commission into acceptance of pended jail sentence; placed on r .. r,!T'fu.    j>»ble to fulfill his duties.    circulation of about 35.000. He Thomas Mower as the armed the project.    probation for one year, and lost “Not only has lie mishandled is chairman of the board and forces’ top-ranking officer.    Cost    $2    .Million    his driver’s license for one year, his 1972 mandate, but he is now publisher of the newspaper. |Moorer plans to retire from the    No    reason    was    given    for    the mishandling his own defense - Scaife contributed lesse rinavy July 2.    j    dt    ™^a^u. J    I committees request for the doc- tf that is thc right word,” the amounts to Nixon s 196. cam- General David C. Jones, com-I    ,“°r'    ”'    “    uments on the Chappaquiddick editorial said. “Through somefpaign for the presidency and tojmander of U. S. air forces in dn    inquest, form of blindness, he has con ,Sen. Barry’ Goldwater's 1964 Europe, will succeed Brown as l)aunK county roan VV21. which fused himself with the Office of bid    lair    force    chief of staff    I    (Continued:    Page    3,    Col    8.) Politicians said Premier Mariano Rumor was expected to step down following the vote, but his Christian Democrats would likely delay the Machinists Vice Recurrent Rumors Word that Kissinger might not go to Moscow in the weeks just ahead also seemed likely to add I to recurrent rumors that Nixon president    make    an    early    trip    to John Peterpaul said voting onlthe Mjdd|(, Kast ha the ofter would be completed m()nth I uesday.    epjlc    presjcj(.n( js on record    as A union spokesman said that,, looking forward to a visit    to while officials    were    hopeful    of    Egypt    and has been invited    to approval, the    union    wanted    to    db so.    If he does go to Cairo    he give some advance warning that j also would tx* expected to visit Judge Disagrees on Lascivious Acts Ruling a strike was possible. Today s Index Comics 16 Crossword 16 Daily Record 3 Deaths I Editorial F eatures 6 Farm III Financial 17 Marion 17 Moxies IS Society X Sports 11-14 State 4,5 Television f Want Ads 19-23 I Israel and perhaps such other | Middle F’astem nations as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Kissinger, let course, would accompany him The secretary of state went to Moscow in late March hopeful for a breakthrough in negotiating a new curb on offensive missiles to follow the original j SALT agreement Nixon and Brezhnev announced in Moscow in 1972. Kissinger's hopes were dashed and it had been expected lie would return to Moscow prior to any Nixon visit in a new effort to press for an accord in the area of multiple in dependently targeted re-entry vehicles, commonly known as MIRV missiles By Roland Krekeler The state statute forbidding lascivious acts with a child, declared unconstitutional by Linn District Judge William Eads in February, was declared constitutional by Linn District Judge James Garter late Monday afternoon Carter’s ruling came in the case of Alvin E. demons, 51, who gave a northwest Cedar Rapids address at the time of his arrest last November The defendant is accused of performing lascivious a c t s with a child between Sept. 3, 1970. and Nov. 5. 1973 Some Doubt In his ruling Monday, Carter said his views on the constitutionality of the .statute are not “totally free of doubt,” but that there appears to be substantial reason to wait for the Iowa supreme court to pass on the validity of the law A supreme court decision on the validity of the statute will have limited application, because, as Judge Carter noted, the legislature adopted a new statute on the subject that will become effective July I. Judge F^ads, in his ruling in February, “reluctantly” declared section 725.2 of the Iowa code unconstitutional due to “verbal vagueness of the term lewd. immoral or lascivious act.” Similarity His ruling called attention to the similarity between that statute and its neighboring sections, 725 1 and 725.3, which had been declared unconstitutional by the Iowa supreme court in December and February. Judge Flails’ ruling has been appealed to the supreme court. Judge Carter, in tux ruling Monday, called attention to differences between the sections voided by the high court and the section dealing with lascivious acts with a child He noted that 725.3, declared void by the high court in December, deals with the regulation of public entertainment “which enjoys First Amendment protection and which the public is not compelled to witness.” This differs substantially, he said, “from the regulation of individual conduct directed toward unwilling participants or protected classes of persons such as children. Accordingly, the cited decisions involving 725.3 do not appear to have significant bearing on the validity of section 725.2 ' Of more significance, he said, is the decision in February saying section 725.1. which prohibited gross lewdness and indecent exposure of one’s person, was unconstituttonally vague. Language Akin The prohibition of lewd, immoral or lascivious acts iii the presence of a child is akin lo language described as unconstitutionally vague, Carter said. However, he said. there are the additional limitations as to place (in the presence of a child) and the possession of a specific intent on the part of ttie perpetrator The lascivious acts statute declares the conduct a crime only if it is done with the specific intent of arousing, appealing to or gratifying the lusts or passions or sexual desires of the offender or the child More Specific The statute also prohibits lewd, immoral or lascivious acts ujxm or with the body of a child Carter wrote that this conduct can be more specifically identified with respect to the type of act prohibited, because it is limited to acts performed on or with a body, with a specific intent The additional requirements in the lascivious acts statute, Carter said, narrow the law to Wiretap Charge Margaret Carroll, who was Miss Kopechne’s roommate at the time of the incident, filed suit last August charging that former White House aide John Ehrlichman and two former the point that it meets mini- New York City policemen then , i on the White House payroll took mal constitutional standards In fact, he said, the type of acts which might be performed on or with the body of a child would in certain instances bt* best left un-described. To specify, he said, would serve to exclude other acts equally loathsome, not included because of unfamiliarity with all conceivable types of perversion. Can Challenge Carter noted that if Clemons is convicted he can still challenge the statute in an appeal to the supreme court. To uphold his challenge to the statute now would delay the trial for over a year, if the supreme court should sustain the statute, he said. The judge set trial in the case for June 3 and gave Clemons until May 30 to elect to plead to the charge or (Continued. Page 3, Col 6 ) payroll part in placing an illegal wiretap on her telephone Testimony at the senate Watergate hearings has linked the two ex-policemen — Anthony Ulasewicz and John Caulfield — with attempts by the White House to gain information on political figures who opposed the administration. There have been reports that one of the targets was Kennedy In tho White House transcript of a March 13, 1973, conversation, former White House counsel j John Dean told President Nixon j that “right after Chappaquiddick somebody was put up there lo start observing ' To tint's thud* Iv We can tell right from wrong; what we need is a foolproof way to tell tempts lion from opportunity. ;

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