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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 14, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa IO Tl*e Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., May 14, 1974 Bakers Asked To Lower Prices After Wheat Market Fell 40% By Brian B. King WASHINGTON (AP) - The full of wheat prices by 40.3 percent since early January has been prompting calls for bakers and supermarkets to lower their prices. Che bakers, back in January, were calling for limited export controls on wheat, predicting soaring prices this spring and then a bare granary bt'fore the bumper winter crop came in. Neither controls nor higher prices nor a complete disappearance occurred, although He Fertilizes Lawn, But Gets 40,000 Tomatoes TAVARES, KU. (AP) -Charles O’Neall fertilized his lawn with three tons of sludge, expecting it to produce lush green grass. Instead, he ended up with 411.(MMI tomato plants. "Ripe or green. I like them,” said the 63-year-old O’Neall, a cabinet maker “But I’m not a nut over them. ..and I’m sure I won t be after this is over.” O’Neall said that when he started hauling the sludge in, a sewage plant official told him he would probably later find a few tomato plants growing in his lawn.’ “Naturally, we thought we’d have some here and there, but certainly not this many.” O’Neall added. “We’ve even got four or five watermelon and pumpkin vines in with them.” Three different kinds of tomatoes surround the couple s white, two-bedroom home in Tavares, located in the heart of Central Florida’s lake country. “We’ve got cherry tomatoes, the regular ones and one kind I’m not sure of.’’ said Mrs. O’Neall. Asked how the sludge produced tomato plants, O’Neall explains: “Well, I don’t quite know how you say it politely, but they came from people. Tomato seeds aren't digested They just pass through.” stocks were down to the lowest levels in 22 years The bakers’ critics — Agriculture Secretary Karl L. But/, several congressmen and various wheat-interest organizations — now are taking their turns in the spotlight in telling the bakers to apply their economics to themselves and cut their prices. However, the latest USLM statistics show that, as usual, “the villain theory’’ is an over simplification of reality in seeking to pinpoint the causes of prices. For example, USHA market-basket figures for March show the farm value of wheat in a one-pound loaf of white bread fell ll ti percent from February at the same time as the retail price went up 4 8 percent and the middlemen’s margin rose IO. 5 percent Margin Rise Slower But, compared with three months before, the margin went up 8.1 percent, the retail price went up 8.8 percent and the farm value went up 8.9 percent. And again, compared with March 1973, the margin is again the lowest percentage increase of the three, with a 25.4 percent boost at the same time that the wheat-value was up 84.8 percent and the retail price was up 33.9 percent. The market basket compilers also have just finished the first comprehensive (JSDA study in a decade of the mark-ups, costs and profits of all sectors of the marketing chain for 19 major food items. Bread Section Its bread section showed that, for all of 1973, the farm value of the wheat in that pound loaf — which is much less common than the Impound loaf — rose by 45 percent, or 1.7 cents. The retailer’s 5.4-cent margin was 0.8 percent greater than in 1972. The baker’s margin rose about 25 percent to 15.9 cents. The miller’s margin rose 67 percent to a penny. Profits in lower-Driced 197*> WIN AT BRIDGE By Oswald & James Jacoby Expertitis is one of the most virulent diseases a bridge player can contract. It consists of trying to play like an expert would play without knowing everything an expert would know about the hand being butchered. There was nothing wrong with South’s four-spade bid, except the final result of down one. The defense started with three rounds of diamonds. South ruffed the third and knocked out Fast’s ace of trumps. A trump came back South cashed a few trumps, played the ace and king of hearts; noted that West had shown out and proceeded to run off the rest of the trumps to leave dummy with ace-queen of clubs and himself with a club and a heart. Fast was down to one club and the known queen of hearts His last discard had been the jack of clubs and South announced triumphantly, “It looks like a squeeze,’’ and played a club to dummy’s ace. Down one, when a simple finesse would have succeeded A real expert would have taken the finesse. Fast had shown up with four hearts to in FAST 4 A ,i V Q 10 9 4 ♦ A 8 7 A J 9 6 4 NORTH (I)' 4 5 2 V I 8 7 8 3 ♦ K 6 3 ♦ \ Q7 VV FST 4 97 V 2 ♦ Q J IO 9 5 A K IO 8 5 3 sot TH 4 K Q J IO 8 H 4 VAKS ♦ 4 2 ♦ 2 Hot ti vulnerable . VV **sl North    Fa*t Pass Pass Pass    Pass    Pass * Vpening load— ♦ Q ffCRRDMA South I* The bidding has l**en West North Fast I* 14 South Dou ble Pa pa.' You, South, bold ♦ K I V A J 7 6 5 ♦ A 6 4    9    4 W bat do you do now.' A—Pass. Don't bid two hearts Your hand is not strong enough to double and then show a suit. TODAY S QUESTION Instead of bidding two clubs your partner has bid one not rump in response to your double. What do you do now'’ Answer Tomorrow the queen-10; two aces and the jack of clubs. If he had also held the club king he would surely have opened the bidding. They'll Do It Every Time ©REENSWARP THOUGHT HIS TROUBLBS WERE OVER WHEN HE HEAR? ABOUT THE ne// miracle //EEP CHASER- 6£T W£E0-SCPAM FOP A LOWLY LAWN WHOSO? AM! SO SIMPLE TO / I use! wbbpscpam// y %AT YOU# Ne A psst <7 V I HAtPWAte $7M£! So HE 3U/S IT-THEN HE REAPS THE LABEL-*• ano how Simple is it:* (rn- Merman Pinion., fit 7. HUX /boo, Lakeland, Flu. Do not use near flower s. Do not allow children or pets on lawn for five days after ^appIication.Do not get on skin or near eves. Do not inhale fumes. Do not etc., etc., etc..... were 0.53 cents a loaf for the grocer, ll 8 cents for the miller, 0 9 cents for the baker And while farmers’ prices are falling to close the gap between higher revenues and higher costs, middlemen presumably feel the same inflationary pinch in fuel, transportation and especially the labor costs which account for 50 to 87 percent of the markups of all food items, the study showed. Delaware 4-H Reports Record Member Figures MA NCU FST FU - The Delaware county 4 ll membership totalled a record 980 enrolled lit 58 local clubs on May I, according to Bob Hall of Manchester, Delaware county extension director. The enrollment tops last year’s total by 25 members. Membership ranges from a low of 7 members in the smallest club to 31 in the largest. The 21 boy’s clubs have a total enrollment of 341, while 819 members make up the 35 girls’ clubs. Coyotes Blamed In Mutilation Cattle Deaths (i LENWOOD    (Al1) Coyotes were the probable cause of cattle mutilations reported iii the Glenwood area and In Nebraska and Kansas, authorities said The Mills county sheriff’s office said a 300-pound calf was found shot to death and its female organs and tail were removed. Some meat was also missing from a hind quarter Iii a second incident this week, a 900-pound cow was killed on another farm. Its female organs and tail were removed and hind quarter flesh was also missing. Some authorities said they considered the possibility that witchcraft was being prac ticed, but discounted the theory Tuesday. Mills County Sheriff Merle Brown had said the mutilations were similar to those reported in Nebraska and Kansas. But lie said Friday he believed they were caused by coyotes. The Custer county sheriff’s office at Broken Bow, Neb., investigated the mutilations of dead cows in late March and last Sunday. The office said there was no wound on one animal, other than a silt through tho hide on the abdomen and on the udder. It said a newborn calf had its tail cut off. Custer county Sheriff Larry llickenhottom said the mutilations were caused by coyotes and that the coyote problem appears to lie more serious than ever. Dallas Glazer, investigator for the Nebraska brand department, said iii Grand Island that an analysis of IO cow carcasses by Kansas authorities revealed the animals died from natural causes and that subsequent mutilations were caused by coyotes. ON THIS DATE in 1964, the United States tightened controls on trade with Cuba by ordering American exporters to obtain licenses for the sale of food and drugs fanm Noun Pullets Die as Wire Cages Fall GOWRIE (AP) - About 30 persons were at the Robert Carlson farm Saturday helping clean up the debris which resulted from the collapse of 45 wire cage hays in a huge chicken house. How to pick the right size Buick for the way you use it. Opel Militia. Length: 176.1; Width: 64.3: Wheelbase HS .diet Century Luaus Wagon. 2LS.2: Width: 79.0: Wheelbase: 116.0." Apollo. Length: 200.2: Width: 72.7; Wheelbase: 11 LO." LeSabre. Length: 225.0; Width: 70.0; Wheelbase: 124.0." 1. How many cars clo you presently own? I ’ I I_ 3 or more___ 2. How many drivers in your household? I .    _*_ 3 or more____ 3. How many miles a year does your family drive? Under 5,000 _______ Under 10,000__ Under I5.(XX)_ 20,(XX) or more __ _   __________ 4. What is the average daily mileage your family drives each day? IO miles per day______ 20 miles per day__ 30 miles per day 50 miles per day________ IOO miles or nu n e m.p.d__ 5. How many family vacation trips yearly, for weekend or longer, in w hich you use your ear? Less than 3_ 5-10 __ Over IO__ 6. How is earls I used? Bv husband/wife to get to work_ J    C7 By husband/wife for business_ By wife for shopping, ear pools, etc._ 7. How many people usually ride in your car on the average? Just driver__ Driver and one passenger_ Driver, I passenger and small children I Ii rec or more adults ....... 8. Rank in order attributes you feel you want in next ear? Gasoline economy__ Low purchase price Room and comfort Responsive performance___ Luxurious styling and appointments Answer: If you have taken the time to analyze how you use your ear, you are a step up on picking the right one. The answer to your needs isn t necessarily a small ear. It isn t necessarily a big ear. It depends on your individual situation. Pick the size that fits the way you use your ear. And see your Buick dealer. I rom Opel to Plectra 225, Buick has a ear for the way you drive. rn. BUICK f )pcl/Apollo/( entury/LeSabre/Riviera/Electra 225 Sometimes small is right. Sometimes big is right. Buick makes both right. Century Regal Coupe. Length: 212.0: Width: 79.0: Wheelbase: 112.0. Length: 231.5: Width: 79.9; Wheelbase: 127.0" ;

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