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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 14, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Tree Planting Gazette photo bv Duane Crock Mrs. Jerry Maixner, 2115 Twenty-fourth street, Monon, president of the board of the Home for Aged Women, left, watches as members of the Venture Club of Cedar Rapids-Marion plant a tree outside the Home. With the shovels are, from left, Miss Cindy lundine, 2066 Eastern boulevard SE, president of the Venture club, and Miss Mary Jo Kelley, I 300 Oakland road NE At right is Miss Patricia Yilek, 426 Ninth avenue SW The tree planting is a memorial to Grace Yeager, a former resident of the Home. At the time of her death she was the oldest resident there. Program for Women Stalls at White House By Frances I^ewine WASHINGTON (AF) -President Nixon's White House program to promote women has virtually been wiped out by Watergate. The staff of the Office of Women’s Programs has been whittled down to one secretary “Things are not moving around here,” one insider said Monday of the administration's efforts on behalf of women And another source said the women’s office “as an ad-vocate is temporarily abrogated All the key women recruited in the White House by presidential counselor Anne Armstrong, have left or given notice of their departure, and no successors have been in-d irated Hopes Dashed With them have gone hopes for holding the nation’s first White House conference on women and a lot of plans for recruiting women in high government policy-making |)OSts “There s not a woman appointee in the pipeline now,” a source said, adding it may take months to regroup a new staff It was no secret that there was general discouragement among those involved in women’s programs One source pointed out that “special interest advocates for women and blacks are really so far out of every body 's mind there in the White House these days Preoccupied And it was reported that there is a reluctance to tiring up such matters when the President and his key advisers are engaged in the Watergate batties Chief of Staff Alexander M Haig, jr . has the final say on such matters as the appointment of top women in the administration but was said to lie “totally preoccupied” with other matters Mrs Armstrong, with an arm-long list of White House project responsibilities from the (’oat of Living council to the Bicentennial, has become increasingly involved with speech-making in defense of the President in the Watergate affair One source who knows Mrs Armstrong well said she “cares a lot about the women s issue ' but is spread too thin with added public relations assignment in the Watergate defense Not Sty mied Mrs Armstrong said, however, that her efforts are not stymied and she will be “going ahead as strong as ever'won behalf of women * We ll make do — it won t fall through the crack." she said about the staff departures In the last six months there have been only two new high-level women appointees — Assistant Secretary for Education Virginia Y Totter of Lincoln, Neb , arid Assistant Atty Gen ('aria Anderson Hills of Los Angeles There does not seem to Im> a similar appointment in sight now and “a dead i>eriod is pnslictatde," a source said Jewelry Gift to First Family Spurs Tangle NEW YORK (IIM) -Washington Post columnist, Maxine Cheshire, and a White House spokesman tangled Monday over a matter of jewelry allegedly given to the First Family bv Saudi \rabian royalty Miss Cheshire charged that three pieces of jewelry presented to Fat Nixon arui her daughters were unrecorded by the White House gifts unit until nearly two years after they had tx-en accepted But a presidential aide commenting on the accusation. said “All these gifts were registered with the White House gifts unit. as all others are registered Miss Cheshire, in a report carried by the New York Daily Advertisement GET RID OF THAT FAT I .os*' 3 IU 25 or more pounds ol est *•>»' tat - without missing a mejl Aith this Plan that r an help von slim down the XII Reducing Plan contains a tim tablet easily swallowed thji com bines ingredients to combat hunger appease appetite supplement vita mins No strenuous exercise Over VUU million ol X II tablets used all ovei America Company founded in IU2M X ll Reducing Plan costs Si large economy sue $5 (ie! X U now-Your money refunded by manufacturer if VUU dun t lose those pounds, no ques lions asked most drug stores Ne ws. listed the presents as a diamond bracelet containing a watch, a diainond-and-ruby pin and a diamond-and-sapphire pin She claimed the* first piece was given to Mrs Nixon, and the other two to daughters .lulu* and Tricia Miss Cheshire reported that King Faisal ariel his two half-brothers gave prec ious gems to the three women over the last five years She wrote* “At least a portion of the* jewelry — the diamond bracelet and the pins — had gone unrecorded by the White House* gifts unit fem two years until this reporte*r began making inquiries se*ve*ral months aget Miss Cheshire offe-reel no explanation as lei why tlie*se* thre*e ite*ms had riot been re*corde*d fem two years, or who was tei blame for the* omission The* gifts unit is charged w ith recording pre*sents given to the* First Family, whether from fellow countrymen or foreigners — without re gard to the* value* of the* gifts Such presents are* legally considered public property They are* de*enicd to have been accepted em behalf of the* Fritted State's, CORRECTION It was incorrectly rcpe>rte*d in the* Sunday issue af The Cedar Rapids Gazette that the* wed* elmg date* of Miss Marilyn Kay Crosby of Alburnett ariel Nathan Everett Soukup mute* one*, Marion, is Se*pt 15 The* correct date* is Se pt IT The* Gazette re*gre*ts the* emir French Candidate Promises Women Full Equality FARIS (AF) — Finance Minister Valery Giscard d’Ks* taing said Saturday that, if he is elected president of France. he* will establish a government department to guarantee women ‘‘equality without restriction ” He made the promise in an election speech in Poitiers in central France as the campaign fem the May 19 election runoff entered its final week A survey published by the news magazine Le Point said 55 percent of the women voters polled preferred Giscard d-Fs-taing to his rival. Socialist leader Francois Mitterrand. Amond men voters, who are slightly outnumbered by women, the preference was reversed; 55 percent said they support Mitterrand. The over-all poll showed the two candidates tied 50*50. The poll was taken before Friday’s 95-minute television debate between the two candidates The mass circulation France-Soir said 47 percent of viewers felt the debate ended in Giscard d’Estaing’s favor, while 38 percent felt Mitterrand came out better and 15 percent expressed no view DIANA LEONARD FETED AT BRIDAL SHOWER Burr Bryant, TMH I) avenue NE, was hostess at a bridal shower given Friday evening for Miss Diana Leonard, daughter of Mr and Mrs Clifford Leonard of Fairfax. Fourteen guests shared the courtesy Miss Leonard is the Aug 17 bride-elect of Dennis Fox, son of Mr and Mrs .lark Fox of Fairfax, Va DEAR ABBY: I have a most unusual father He’s close to 8(1, but looks HO and he knows it. He never misses an opportunity to tell his age because everyone raves about how “young” he looks and he eats it up. Whenever Dad goes to a wedding or a party where there’s music he gets carried away and thinks he’s Fred Astaire Everyone assumes he’s tipsy, but all he drinks is soda pop. He’a a handsome man and a good dancer, but not good enough to put on a solo performance, which he always does. Mom died five years ago, and Dad remarried and his wife can’t control him worth a hoot. My problem: My son is being married soon. Should I take Dad aside and ask him to please refrain from making a donkey of himself at the wedding reception? Or should I let him do his usual act and try to remain calm? All our relatives and friends know what a showoff he is. but the bride’s family has never seen him in action I love my father, but when he’s on, I blush like crazy, a smile freezes on my fact* and I clench my teeth until my jaws ache. What to do? HIS DAUGHTER DEAR DAUGHTER: An 81-year-old man who looks like 60 and thinks he’s Fred Astaire (and on soda pop yet) is entitled to a little fun l^et Dad have a good time. And thank heavens you aren’t shipping chicken soup to him in a rest home every day. • * • DEAR ABBY; I would like a wrestling partner. Someone who would like to wrestle for fun and exercise I am not looking to tx* a champion. I am HH years old. in good health and would like to stay that way as long as possible. I’ve never wrestled but that type of exercise appeals to me. Where should I look9 WANTS TO W RESTLE DEAR WANTS: Go to the YMCA (lf you’re looking for a male partner—otherwise, go to the YWCA) and ask lf there is a wrestler who would like to work out with you. lf there is. you won’t have to twist his arm • • • DEAR ABBY Here is a problem that has our whole family divided Shirley is married to Robert. Shirley’s sister is married to Charles. W hat are Robert and Charles to each other? I say they are brothers-in-law. Someone in the family (of which I am a member) says Charles and Robert are not related to each other at all lf that is true, I cannot understand why Robert’s children call Charles “Uncle” and Charles’ children call Robert “Uncle " Please rush your answer as this problem has thrown a wet blanket over our family reunions for years ALL IN THE FAMILY DEAR ALL: Technically, a brother in law Is either the brother of one’s wife or the husband of one’s sister. However. Ifs customary for husbands and wives to accept their spouses* relatives by marriage as their own I lr SUMMER COURSE How To Make Draperies Begin June 5th — 4 Weeks CALL for Information MARMAX 600 Fourth Ave S E. 366-51 Free Storage for Your WINTER GARMENTS FREI PICKUP A DELIVERY • Safe from Moths A Other Damages • Safe from Fire o Gives you More Closet Space In The Fall All You Pay Is Cleaning & Pressing Costs Phone 366-0757 Barlow Moon Cleaners I 537 Flrot Avonuo S.i. Mother's Day Gift Mary Beth Evans, the first of six babies to make Mom a Mother on Mother s day at St. Luke s hospital, gets acquainted with her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Evans of 1715 Miami drive NE. Mary Beth arrived Sunday morning at 1:22, all 21'/? inches of her weighing 9 lbs., 6 oz. The proud parents |omed other weekend residents of St. Luke s obstetric department at a complimentary dinner given at the hospital The Shufflers Winners of the contract bridge game played Monday at Norridge Bark Christian church were: North-south — Mrs. W. E. Flyman and Mrs. Larry Swanson, first, and Mrs. Clyde James and Mrs. Ta it Cummins, second; east-west — Mrs. Robert Dreekman and Mrs. Dick Grodt, first, and Mrs. Shirley Moore and Mrs Bill Howard, second. Overall winners were Mrs. Flyman and Mrs. Swanson W inners of the best four-out-of-six series were; Mrs. Jack Muckier and Mrs George Jenkins, first, and Mrs Alan Langenfeld and Mrs James Boardman, second. The next game will be played at 9 o’clock Monday at the church. Marion Club In a unit game played Saturday at the YWCA, winners in a Mitchell movement were: North-south — Mr and Mrs James Hodges, first, and Mrs Ruth Helm and Mrs Mel Smoker, second; east-west — De Vere Dirt and Michael Kelley, first, and Mrs. Fred Hull and Mrs. Thomas Mullin, second. Overall winners were Mr Hirt, Mr Kelley and Mr. and Mrs. Hodges. The next scheduled game will Im* played Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. There will Im* no game Saturday ON THIS DATE in 1905. Brl-, tain’s Queen Elizabeth dedicated a shrine in memory of the late President John Kennedy at Runnymede. England Hadassah To Note Fortieth Year Mrs Marvin Dienstfrey of Lincoln. Neb . regional vice-president and formerly of Cedar Rapids, will be the speaker at the Hadassah luncheon at Temple Judah Wednesday at 12:30 The event marks the 40th anniversary of the Cedar Rapids chapter of Hadassah Mrs Raymond Klass, honorary president and cofounder of the Cedar Rapids unit, will give a brief history of the organization charter members will Im* honored Hadassah boasts a membership of more than 325,000 members in 1.200 chapters in the United States and Puerto Mrs. Dienstfrey Rico In Israel, Hadassah conducts a comprehensive program w hich includes a hospital network of diagnostic, curative and preventive medical services, youth refugee rehabilitation and land redemption projects Mrs A L. Smulekoff is chairman of the luncheon Mysterious Pain, Gearshift Knob OAKLAND. Calif. (UPI) -The pain in Mrs Lope Fragaso’s hack turned out to be a gearshift knob, and she has the automotive part to prove it. Two years ago. Mrs F’rugoso was involved in a minor traffic accident and treated for a puncture wound. Last September, she began complaining about a pain Indow her left shoulder blade. She went to Dr Arthur Anderson of San I Leandro, Calif., who at first thought Mrs. F'ragoso had a tumor He found the plastic knob after an operation Mrs. F’ragoso was released from the hospital this week. A Zenith Hearing Aid insures Quality - After-Purchase Protection - Satisfaction. We start with a complete evaluation to determine your need Then we help select the aid that’s right for you. Choose from a complete line of Zenith instruments priced (rom $85 OO to $390.00 ** The price in eludes all hie consultation and after purchase adjustments necessary to your complete satisfaction. Batteries for all makes of hearing aids the Quality yows in before the name goes on *A«>h about our S year Protection Pl,in. ♦•Manufacturer’X suggested retail price f . edlcal rn \jt Medical Arts Surgical Supply • •••••••• 2740 First Avo. NE PKone. 364-4136 STORK HOUR Si 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday thru friday. Saturday Hour*! I a.m. to I 7tOO Noon . . . marveling at his restoration of the antique furniture. Tm u S Rut Oft sn *974 by to* Angelet Ti me* termite country! Termite rustlers are active in this territory. let us go these varmints For Free Inspection Call 363-1676 INSECT CONTROL SPECIALISTS Locally Owned and Operated Since 1948 ISI! MT. VERNON NOAD SE Society for Women Features pm.iynu.Mtw «Pn ttxz ntvr^fU'1    ifsi    <    -•***'• ****** '- mm* By Abigail Yan Buren ;

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