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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 13, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Doctor Studies Rope Rhymes Bv M A. Bartholomew STORRS. Conn. (AP) - Tho next time you see a youngster jumping rope and reciting seemingly innocent rhymes, listen carefully The child may he telling you more than you think “You can tell a great deal about the psychology of children from rope rhymes and about the culture of nations," said Francelia Butler, a University of Connecticut Knglish professor who specializes in children’s literature Dr Butler, who has collected more than 2.IMH) rhymes from her travels throughout the world, left Sunday armed with a dozen jump ropes for a six-week Asian tour With the help of an interpreter, she says she will visit villages in Southeast Asia. India and Japan, giving children jump ropes and collecting their rhymes Dr Butler said most of the rhymes are scraps of ballads dating back to Roman times, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance "The reason why they last is that there’s something haunting about them They are remembered emotions that have a universality about them because they deal with the problems of growing up and existing.“ she said Frustration A constant theme throughout many of the rhymes is the frustration young children experience with their families, especially younger brothers and sisters, Dr Butler said She gave the following example. “I haft a little brother, his name was Tiny Tim. I put him in the bathtub and taught him how to swim He drank up all the water, he ate up all the soap; he died last night with a bubble in his throat.” Other rhymes popular with children reflect a rather matter of fact acceptance of death. “Mother. Mother, I am ill; call for the doctor over the hill. Doctor, doctor I will die. Yes. my dear, but do no cry.” “Children don’t like to be children.” Dr Butler daid. “They want to bt* like adults. In their fantasy world, they can work out various family and life situations they become involved in And rope skipping is a rehearsal for life.” AP Aireohoto Dr. Francelia Butler, a University of Connecticut English professor, has collected over 2,000 lump rope rhymes from around the world She says the rhymes actually deal with the problems children face while growing up Dr. Butler left Sunday for a six week Asian tour to study more jump roping rhymes Ellis Park Medalist for the weekend event played Sunday at Fills park golf course was Mrs Arlen Blank Flight winners were Mrs Max Miller and Mrs Charles Burta, first, and Mrs Forrest Ainsworth and Mrs Fd Smith, second Mrs. Richard Norton had a birdie and a prize was awarded to Mrs Buss Braies Enrico Fermi 's Nuclear Research Unknown to Wife CHICAGO (AIM - Mrs. Enrico Fermi had known for some time that she would Im* the honored guest at Monday’s ceremony in which the National Accelerator laboratory is renamed after her husband But because of wartime secrecy she did not know for 2V£ years that her husband was the leader in nuclear research that ushered in the atomic age. It was not until after the first atomic bomb had been developed at Los Alamos. N M., she said, that she learned about his secret research at the University of Chicago. Fermi, Nobel Prize winner in physics in 1938. died in 1954 at 53 The National Accelerator laboratory in suburban Batav ia will Im* named Fermi National Accelerator laboratory. Now nearly completed, the laboratory is the world’s largest nuclear facility. Bridge West Side Club Winners in a Mitchell movement game played at 5:30 Sunday at Welty-Way were: North-south — Richard Moenk and Howard Wilfong, first, and Mrs. K V. Harrington and Mrs. Richard Golembiewski. second; east-west — Mr. and Mrs. Warren Houghkirk. first, and Mrs. R. W. Vater and Frank Zeman, second. The next game will be played at 7 30 Thursday at Welty-Wav. 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Reg. $75 to $195 Sample Bridal Gowns The Fthjidaire Ceramatop Range Italian Divorce Vote Splits Government By Julie Flint ROME (AP) — Italian voters Monday complete a two-dav referendum on repeal or retention of divorce that could bring down Premier Mariano Rumor’s government no matter how the vote goes By Sunday night, 73 8 percent of tin* country’s 37 5 million registered voters had cast their ballots for or against the three-year-old divorce law Public opinion surveys before the referendum indicated a slight edge in favor of keeping the law, with up to HO percent of those under 30 in favor of it and nearly as many over 55 opposed to it But a late trend indicated many people were undecided A majority vote against divorce would automatically erase the law from the (woks But either a yes or no decision may split tin* fragile center-left coalition government beyond repair, plunging Italy into another political crisis while the dominant Christian Democrats try to put together tin* country’s 37th postwar government Repeal ( ampaign The repeal campaign was sponsored by the Vatican and the Christian Democrats, Italy’s Roman Catholic party It was also supported by the neo-fascist Italian Social movement, a party whose support is normally considered an embarrassment Ranged against them were th** other three members of the government coalition—the Socialists, Democratic Socialists and Republicans—plus the Communists. Socialist leader Pietro N'enni warned that repeal of the divorce law would "upset present political relationships," a clear threat to take the Socialists out of the government. But a vote for retention of the law could subject Rumor to pressure from conservative Catholics to break with the leftists In the th rn* years since Italy got its first divorce law. fewer than KH),(HH) couples have filed suit to have their marriages severed, and about 7(I,IMMI divorces have been granted Grounds include a five-year legal separation, sentencing of a spouse to prison for more than 15 years and conviction of a sex crime or of murder of a member of the family “Modernize Society” Among the voters Sunday were Luciano Gherardi, a 28-year-old office worker, and his bride Mirella Montechiari. They went from the altar to the polling station—and both voted for divorce “We want to modernize society,” said Luciano. “We don’t want to go into reverse." “I’m voting against divorce,” said night watchman Pino Gunella, who was accompanied by his wife, Giuseppina. “When I want to divorce her, I II take her home and kill her That’s how we do it hero " Giuseppina. a squat, mustached woman with curlers showing through a pink hair net, laughed. “I d divorce you tomorrow if I thought anyone els*1 would have me,” she said. "But they won t so I don’t want divorce." The Rev. Giovanni Franzoni, Italy’s most controversial priest, who has clashed many times with the hierarchy, challenged an order from his superiors to stop campaigning in favor of the divorce law. Church authorities banned him from saying Mass and administering sacraments. Thousands of priests and laymen voiced support for him They claim that though they are against divorce as Catholics, they cannot stop others from having it. Jean Anne Roe, T. R. Northey Are Married Contemporary beauty with a practical purpose — total cleanability. RCDE3-37CW It's beautiful. And it can stay that way because it s so easy to clean. A smooth, one-piece ceramic cooking surface lets you clean up most soil with just the swipe of a damp cloth. There are no cracks, crevices or exposed surface units to trap grease and dirt and there s no need for special cookware. Underneath, an Electri-clean oven can clean itself and oven racks automatically All yours for just . . . ^ 529*s Shop Mon.-Thor, til 9 , , . All day Saturday By Abigail Van Buren DEAR ABBY This is tn inform your correspondent. Barbara G. in Wilkes Barre. Pa., that she is not losing her mind — she did read that it is possible to square a circle The mathematician who worked it out was Edward V Graef and a technical paper explaining the method was authored by him and \ C Harris of San Diego State collegt* lf one changes the rules slightly, he eau trisect angles and square circles Using the kind of curve they do, they are able to solve three ancient problems — (I) trisecting the angle, (2) squaring the circle and (3) duplicating the cube — with just one method I hope this helps your correspondent I enclose a copy of the article, which was published five years ago in the Pittsburgh Press HENRY G. GOULD PROF OF MATHEMATICS W YA I . MORGANTOWN, V\ VA DEAR PROFESSOR: Bar bara will bless you tonight in her prayers. Now, if anyone out there has a mathematical problem, those with license numbers ending in an odd number please write to Professor Gould on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And those with even numbers write on the remaining days. Thanks. Henry . I needed you * * • DEAR ABBY Knowing that our cross isn’t the heaviest is small consolation. There are many of us. but those who aren’t in our positions rarely give us a second thought We are single fathers caring for small children The cost of day-care and maintenance of the households we put together in better days causes us to lead semi-cloistered lives If we should meet some attractive lady, we can’t ask to take her out to dinner and a movie because the budget doesn’t allow for that plus a sitter to stay with the youngsters An invitation to spend an evening at my home is given awkwardly and is sure to be misunderstood Nobody is going to call me and nobody is going to visit me. so after the kiddies are in bed, I sit here wishing away the best years of ' my life Can you put in a good word for us. Abby0 I have a nice intl*1 home, two pretty little kids. over 2(H) bottles of homemade wine in the basement and time on my hands BILL j DEAR BILL; Haven’t you ever heard of Parents Without Partners? They are looking for men like you, so start looking for them Mother of the Year NEW YORK (UPI) - A , pretty grandmother of seven tr rc K“nsington. Md., Friday Aa** chosen as American Mother of the Year The American Mothers Committee, Inc , which has honored an outstanding mother every year since 1935, named Mrs Russell Stewart Marriott —a member of the Church of I>atter-Day Saints — from 52 nominees representing all the I states. Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia She was th** I) C representative WAUKON — Nuptial vows wert* exchanged Saturday by Miss Jean Ann Roe and Thomas It Northey, son of Miami Mrs Gilbert Northey, all of Cedar Falls. The Rev. William Tjaden perform*^ the 3 o’clock ceremony at the First Presbyterian church Parents of the bride are Miami Mrs Melvin Reeder of Waukon. Pleating formed th** high neckline, V-shaped bodice and bishop sleeves of the bride's gown of organza and Chantilly lace. Scalloped bands of lace edged her shirt and chapel-length train. Matching lace trimmed the bride’s veil and she carried a Bible topped with white roses. Attending her sister as matron of honor was Mrs. Edward Vaughn and Mrs Edward Rammer, the bridegroom’s sister, was bridesmatron. They wore gowns of chiffon over taffeta rn peach and mint green, respectively. The gowns featured high necklines and sh*H*r bishop sleeves and were styled similiar to that of the bride. Each attendant wore a floral headpiece and held a ball arrangement of carnations. Nathan Northey served his brother as best man Groomsman was James Sealey and guests were seated by Mr Vaughn and Mr Rammer Candlelighters were Leonard Reeder and Daniel Northey, brothers of the bridal couple. Also in th** wedding party was another sister of the bride Mrs. Randy Drake of Cedar Rapids. Following the ceremony, a reception for 250 guests was given at the church. * * * On return from a brief wedding trip, the new Mr and Mrs Northey will reside in Cedar Falls. The bride was graduated from Hawkeye institute of technology and is presently employed by Sartori hospital in Cedar Falls. The bridegroom has been a student at the University of Northern Iowa and is an employe of Consolidated Freightways in Waterloo. One large group of sample wedding gowns just reduced , .% do come and see this group while si/** selection is at its best Many styles and fabrics . savings of $25 to $f»5. at 106 2nd Avo. S.W. * Two Locations... TWICE AS NICE! 108 ie tower TOWN & COUNTRY Shopping Center Mon thru Tri 9 AM 9 PM, Saturday 9 4, Town & Country Shopping Center PHONE 364-9909 or 364-9929 al y2 off Hies*.* wert? regularly pru **d from $32 to $ou A Toast to Regis Gazette photo bv I W Ward A toast to Regis high school is given by senior students at a pre-prom party Saturday evening at the home of Molly Negro, 816 Thirtieth street drive SE. From left, are: Tom Corrigan, 513 Gwendolyn drive NE, escort for Miss Negro, hostess; Anita Collins, 1938 B avenue NE, and her escort Chris Barry, 1005 Thirtieth street SE. the support for the chandelier. 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