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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 13, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Television Today Ity .lay h’harbutt Cosby's Documentary on Crime NKW YOUK IAI') — Come-tlian Bill Cosby doesn’t do everything for laughs. He’s also seriously interested in teaching and currently working for a doctorate in education from the University of Massachusetts. As part of that effort, he’s put together a film documentary that tries to show how education can deter crime by giving ghetto youths a far more hopeful future than the deadly, daily scuffle of street life. Alas, the documentary only is showing tonight on public TV’s KCET in Dis Angeles. But Del Shields, the show’s producer, hopes it’ll eventually be offered to the Public Broadcasting Service. “That would ideally be the first step,’’ he said. “And then the second step would be to offer it to libraries or the offices of mayors in cities with programs that really try to help youths. * * * “Ifs the kind of film that young dudes need to see so they’ll understand there’s really no glory in going to jail. We’d like to give it maximum exposure and try to save some young lives.” The documentary, “A Day at tiraterford”, centers on the lives of three convicted killers now doing time at a Pennsylvania prison near Philadelphia, the hometown of both Cosby and Shields. Since going to prison, two of the inmates have earned college degrees; the third is a postulant in the Episcopal church. Shields says they will discuss the value of education — and what the lack of it means — with Cosby, who also narrates the film. The 50-minutc film, made with the help of three students from Temple university, Cosby’s alma mater, was shot rn three days back in March 1973 and took eight weeks to put in final form, Shields said. * * *    « lie said the comedian put up nearly $25,000 of his own money to finance the project, intended as part of Cosby’s doctoral work as well as for TV and non-TV showings. Shields, who spoke in a telephone interview from Inglewood, Calif., where he manages a radio station in which Cosby is a stockholder, said he and Cosby had tentatively proposed the show to the TV networks. However, he said, “we didn’t actively pursue it” because they were told that 50 minutes was awkward, that it might have to be edited down to a half-hour program. “There were no hard feelings about it, but Bill refused to allow it to be edited.” Shields said. The program finally was given KCET because of Cosby’s close association with the station, he added. A KCET spokesman said the documentary may be submitted later this year to PBS for national broadcast, depending in part on the response it gets tonight for Los Angeles area viewers. African Art Exhibit Opens at U. of I. IOWA CITY — “Art of the Mende” is the title of an exhibition of sculpture from West Africa which will be shown at the University of Iowa Museum of Art from 5-7 pm. daily through June 5. The Mende are a tribe of some 700,000 persons living in the southern part of Sierra l/eonc. They are ruled by a hierarchy of chiefs, with a paramount chief as head of each district. Their economy is based on rice farming. The exhibition of 84 pieces of sculpture was organized by the University of ’ Maryland Art Gallery, where it has just been shown. Th* Neighbors iM By G*orf« Chirk M WEUW, MABEL, ITS FILIAULT HAPPER ' Soviets Eager To Expand (J. S. Trade, Burns Says MOSCOW (AP) — America’sjdations for a durable peace,” The Odar Rapids Gazette: Mon., May 13, 1974 1949 Forecasts: Some Hit, Some Missed By James It. King NEW YORK (UPI) year was 1049. 'Hie leasts for America during the The Period 1949-1954. was HHD. inc national' bf1‘cv? lha‘ -skirls wil1 b(' .I several inches shorter and sev-average weekly waKc was $55 ,,ra| deRrcc, gjmp,cr jn m," and prices were soaring. Some|wrotc Dorothy Shaver, head of Americans were dreaming of j the Ix>rd and Taylor department suburban .shopping centers, TV store. dinners and shorter skirts.    | “With servants becoming the Those dreams were to come j vanishing American, a woman’s true, as were a number of other idea of easy shopping is to pack specific predictions by 300j her children into a car, drive to prominent Americans, written a store that has ample parking 25 years ago, sealed in the cor-1 facilities, make her purchases nerstone of a Manhattan office and dash back in time to meet building and recently redis- the 5:17.” she wrote, covered.    j “I envisage a new kind of Tho forecasts included color community s h o p p i n g center television, radar ovens, turbine|which includes every kind of engines, a polio vaccine and ris- store. These will be located in ing prosperity.    open semi-rural areas which the Nol yt.t    automobile has brought within a !few minutes’ reach.” But many expectations have not yet been realized — world    Fortunes Sagged peace, an end of inflation and    The letters of Miss    Shaver cures for cancer and the com- and thor others were sealed in mon cold.    the cornerstone of a building The letter writers — among, erected by the publishers of them Jack Benny, J. Edgar Colliers magazine. But the for-Hoover, Ernest Hemingway, tunes of Colliers sagged and the Pearl Buck, Walt Disney, Helen letters, not believed of interest later evolved into the publishing foodstuffs will be purchased firm of MacMillan, Inc., where largely pre-prepared and ready a secretary found the old letters for cooking. Electronic methods . J ,    will cook many foods in a matin a box in a storeroom.    ter of seconds or only a few Here are some excerpts:    minutes.” I v a r Hennings, chairman, Horace W. Fox, president, South Bend Bait Co.: “This sport (fishing) promotes a clean mind, healthy body and leaves no time for succumbing to communistic or socialistic propaganda.” Lamport, Fox, Press and Dolk, Inc.: “I hope in this five-year span inflation may have done an ‘about Rec’.” Ernest Hemingway: “Hope no wars, that all my kids okay, that I write well and that Wil- was It. S. Reynolds, president, ham Chenery goes out and Reynolds Metal Co.: “Alumin- hangs himself.” Chenery urn metal saved the freedom of publisher of Colliers, the world — in the next five years it will save civilization!” Jack Benny: ‘‘I hope the next five years brings to the world the beginning of an everlasting peace and that each living individual will have his share of happiness.” J. Edgar Hoover, director of the FBI: “A potential criminal top banker says the Soviet Union wants to improve its economy through expanded trade with the U.S. and is willing to compromise on political issues to do it. Arthur Burns, chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, has completed a week’s visit in Moscow during which he had discussions on trade with Premier Kosygin and leading Russian economic officials. “The accent for the Russians was how they can do business with us in the interest of improving their economy, in the Burns said. “They have a high regard for our technology, for our managerial skills, for many of the products we produce, and they want to expand trade. In fact they are quite impatient to do that.” Burns said his hosts noted significant gains in trade between the super powers but told him “progress has not been fast enough and it’s not gone as far as they would like.” He said two nagging political problems are hampering trade: Whether the U.S. should rely on Russia for strategic petroleum Students Boo Anti-Nixon Remarks NORMAN, Okla. (AP)-Har-vard economist John Kenneth army stands ready at any mo-jGalbraith’s commencement mcnt of the day and night to    at    the University of rob, pillage, plunder and oklahoma was interrupted sov-murder. Add to this menace a craj tjmes by boos as he blasted godless, totalitarian army of president Nixon and his be Keller and 294 more corporation when they were removed in communists already in revolt Jeagured administration, presidents, cabinet officers, au- 1954, were set aside and forgot- and working to destroy freedom Galbraith’s Sunday address thors, and other prominent ten.    and substitute tyranny.”    came    one    day after the Presi- Americans — were asked to The magazine folded 18 W. R. Tappan, president the dent was warmly greeted at express their dreams and fore- months later and the company Tappan Stove Co : “By 1954 Audience Hails First Annual Truman Concert Television Listings 7—KWWL-TV, Waterloo 9—KCRG-TV, Cedar Rapids 2—WMT-TV, Cedar Rapids 3—KTVO, Ottumwa 4—WHBF-TV, Rock Island 6—WOC-TV, Davenport 8—WKBT, la Crosse IO—KROC-TV, Rochester I 2—KIIN-TV, Iowa City I 3—WHO-TV, Des Moines 40—KDUB, Dubuque Monday Night 6:00 /—News. Weather. Spts. 9—Wild Wild West 2—Action News 3—News, Weather, Sots. 4—News, Weather, Sots. 6—6 O CIock Edition 8— News, Spts., Weather IO—News, Weather, Spts. 12—Uncle Smiley 13—Eyewitness News 40—Lassie 6:15 12—Inside Out 6:30 7—Sontord and Son 2—To Tell Truth 3—Let’s Make o Deal 4—Dusty's Trail 6—Hollywood Squares 8—Nashville Music IO—Bobby Goldsboro 12—Consultation 13—Sanford and Son 40—Great Sports Legends 7:00 /—Magician 9—Rookies 2—Gunsmok# 3—Rookies 4—Gunsmoke 0—Magician 8—Gunsmoke IO—Magician 12—Special of the Week 13— Magician 40—Rookies 8:00 /-NBC Movie -"Giant', Pf. II 9 ABC Movie- "Ice Station Zebra", Pf. II 2—Here's Lucy 3—ABC Movie— "Ice Station Zebra", PL ll 4—Here's Lucy 6—NBC Movie— "Giant", Pf. II 1—Here's Lucy IO—NBC Movie— "Giant", Pf. II • 13—NSC Movie-"Giant", Pf. II 40 - ABC Movie— "Ice Station Zebra", Pf. II 8:30 2—Olck Van Dyke 4—Dick Van Dyke 8—Dick Von Dyke 12-Third World 9:00 7—Medical Center 4—Medical enter 8—Medical Center 12- Washington Straight Talk 9:30 9 - Shirts and Skins 3—Shiris and Skins 17—Theater Macabre 40 Shirts and Skins 10.00 7 - News, Weather, Spts 9—F yewltness News J Action News -I Newsbeat 4 News, Weather. Spts. 6—10 O'Clock Edition 8-News, Sots., Weather 10-News, Weather. Sots 12—Day of Night ll I yewltness News 40—Newsline 10:30 I tonight 9- Wide World of I ntertainment 2—CBS Movie— "World, f lesh and the Devil" 3 Wide World of t ntertolnmenl 4 Wild Wild West 8 -Tonight H CRS Movie "World, I lesh ond the Devil" IO Tonight 17 - David Sussklnd 13 tonight 40 Wide World of i nter (ointment Tuesday Morning ii .;38 owhide I ornoi tow 2—Last Word A I amor row IO -Toinorrow ll-1 ninon ow 4 country Music 6:30 2—Sunrise Semester 4—Garner Ted Armstrong 1—Sunrise Semester 7:00 7—Today 2—CBS News 4—CBS News 6—Today 8—CBS News IO—Todov 13—Today 7:30 9—Romper Room 3—America Sings 8:00 9—New Zoo Revue 2—Copt. Kangaroo 3—Sesame Street 4—Coot. Kangaroo 8—Copt. Kangaroo 8:30 9—Morning Show 12—In School 9:00 7—Dinah's Place 9—Mike Douglas 2—Joker's Wild 3—Kid Power 4—Joker s Wild 6—Dinah's Ploce 8—Joker's Wild IO—Dinah's Place 12—Sesame Street 13—Dinah's Ploce 9:30 /—Jeopardy 2—Gambit 3—Not for Women Only 4—Gambit A—Jeopardy * 8—Gambit 10—Jeopardy 13—Jeopardy 10:00 7— Wizard of Odds 9—Ail My Children 2—Now You See It 3—Galloping Gourmet 4—Now You See It A—Wizard of Odds 8—Now You Se* lf IO—Wizard of Odd: 12—In School 13- Wizard of Odds 40 Not for Women Only 10:30 7—Hollywood Squares 9—Brady Bunch 2—Love of Life 3— Brady Bunch 4—Love of Life A—Hollywood Squares 8—Love of Life IO—Hollywood Squares 13—Hollywood Squares 40—Brady Bunch 11:00 7—Jackpot 9 -Password 2—Young ond Restless 3 Password 4—Young and Restless A—Jackpot 8—Young ond Restless 10—Jackpot ll —Jackpot 40—Password 11:30 /—Celebrity Sweepstakes 9 Spilt Second 2 tomorrow I Spilt Second 4 Tomorrow A Celebrity Sweepstakes 8 — I omorrow IO Celebrity Sweepstakes 13—Celebrity Sweepstakes 40 Split Second Tuesday Afternoon 12:00 7 News V t yewltness News 2 News, Weather 3- News 4—Dick Von Dyke A Noon Edition 8 Noontime IO News, Weather, Spts t2 in Sc hool News All My Children 12:15 J Town ond Country IO—Virginia 13—Cartoons 11:30 7—Three on a Match 9—Let s Moke a Deal 2—As the World Turns 3—As the World Turns 4—As the World Turns A—Three on a Match 8—As the World Turns IO—Three on a Match 12—Electric Compony 13—Movie 40—Let s Make o Deal 1:00 7—Days of Lives 9—Newlywed Game 2—Guiding Light 3—Newlywed Game 4—Guiding Light 6—Days of Lives 8—Guiding Light 10—Days of Lives 12—In School 40—Newlywed Game 1:30 7—Doctors 9—Girl In My Life 2—Edge of Night 3—Girl In My Life 4—Edge of Night A—Doctors 8—Edge of Night 10—Doctors 40—Girl In My Life INDEPENDENCE, Mo. (AP) — They came to celebrate the life of Henry S Truman, in words and music, and Margaret Truman Daniel just beamed. “Dad would have loved it. He would have been so delighted,” said the daughter of the late President. The occasion was the first annual Truman memorial concert in the auditorium of the Reorganized Church of Latter-day Saints. An audience of nearly 5.000 received the program enthusiastically. ’I’wo Loves interest of helping lay the foun- products and the lack of most i favored nation status for Soviet I exports. A most favored nation 'enjoys tariff advantages in US. I markets on a range of products. Congress has refused to grant the improved status as long as the Soviets restrict emigration, but the Soviets consider emigration policy an internal matter that does not concern Washington. Burns said “of course” the Russians brought up the most favored nation question. He added: “I think the political authoritites ... will be able to work out a reasonable accommodation.” Asked if the Soviets showed similar optimism, he said, “I would interpret my conversations that way.” ADA: Turn Down Nixon Immunity The concert was for the benefit of two Truman loves: the WASHINGTON (AP) - The Truman Library Institute and liberal Americans for Demo-the Kansas (ity Philharmonic erat ic Action has urged congress to reject any effort to Orchestra. The institute is a private, nonprofit organization supported grant President Nixon immunity from future prosecution in re- Demo: Ford Race Would Bewelcome Shipwrecked Kids Enjoy Adventure of Air Rescue Oklahoma .State university in Stillwater, where he delivered that school’s commencement ad dress Saturday night. “Thanks to Nixon, we know that the office of the President is not that important,” Galbraith told the audience, drawing the first round of boos to drown out his voice. MIAMI (AP)— For five long “When we got there, the rock hours 53 shipwrecked Baham- was covered with people. They WASHINGTON (AP)-Demo-'tare dung to a tiny rock island,were al)f)Ut thrce feet from the cratic National Chairman Rob- My 20 by 30 fect ,n the Atlan' water ” Iahu? said of th* men ert Strauss sharply cirticizcd he ocean and waited for rescue. ’ ng.ad j the moi, ^ ^ §    ^    ^    ^    §    §    ^ Vice-president Ford Sunday and 'They were drenched by the surf, jwomen and diildrcn who had every American virtue,” he said his party would be “very I ^ *or hie children, at least, been ferried in a dinghy to the said. “I suppose what is most pleased” to run against Ford11 aeemed rather more of an rock after the Bahamian inter- wrong with this country is Nix-in the 1976 presidential election. .adventure than a disaster, ac- island freighter San Salvador on himself.” “Let us be suspicious of the man who identifies himself with Strauss said that instead 0f /    10 on<    ^ a>ast Express ran aground Sunday riniimtrrm7ong^kiSS?"°r,h °f “ Cay Some think he'd be better deposed if    of, the kids thoroughly 27 miles east-southeast of Nas- he added to the public confi-cn^Jed said Lt. Cmdr. Ed- .    ,    .    I    tUDrH    rvl    11r*nDr»a “Trmiz %i/apa n/> dencc in the institutions of this sau. Angered spectators shook their fists at the speaker, exchanged rounds of name-calling with those who applauded Galbraith and chanted “We Want government. “He could—he could be oc cupying that Oval office him-, ,    .,    . self, you know,” Strauss added , J.,„ J..... in an interview with the National Public Affairs Center for Television. The reasons Democrats would like to run against Ford, Strauss said, is “He’s been on the wrong side of enough issues. “I think he’d give us a choice,” the Democratic chairman added. “He’s a decent man ... I think he understands ward Mumane. “They were ac-! No injuries were reported and Nixon'” and “Go home, Gal-tually smiling after we picked and it was believed all the pas- braith!” J them up.”    j    sengers    and    crewmen had been I    At one point, the pro-Nixon Mumame and a second heli- saved.    and anti-Nixon forces in the Lt. Cmdr. Jan h there had been a storm, j adience rose to their feet and l/ong, flew the passengers a they would have been in even staged a shouting match of mile and a half to a larger mort* trouble, I-^ng said. As cheering vs. booing, island from which thcv were it was, no boat was abut ot get . ()ne sncctator then screamed taken to Nassau in four Ba- in there. They were awful glad .</^“ad tenough Water-hamian boats.    to see us,” he said. -1    Long,    27,    landed his helicopter on    an    outcrop of barely submerged coral and some pas gate!” Some of the graduates said they were irked at the political nature of Galbraith's talk. “I went there as a graduating senior to hear a speech to send us out into the world,” said Jim Breeee, who received a BA dc- Boat Goes Over r||    n a L    J    sengers    swam    to meet him. He rails,    L MuOaiQ    carried    24 of    them on seven NIAGARA FALLS, Ont.    (UPI)    triPs to    the lar8eT island .—Two men in a small motor-    Pdot*    Mumamc, the issues from a Republican ^ plunged over Niagara's hovered his craft about 15 feet in business. was very I™!1 ® VI®VV ralher well. I horseshoe falls as hundreds of above ^ rock and    upset    at    Galbraith’s speech don t think he understands the, weekend tourists and park offi- ;(^ri.v passengers and children ,cause d was ^ political.” issues, as I would articulate j cials watched helplessly from    SAtoty. them, very well at all.”    j tho banks. They were missing)    Wayne    Lughin* Strauss said also that Forded presumed drowned    buhl down in a hoist to th€ top makes a major mistake when "J was standing there watch* i ^ rock and he guided peo- » ____u-., j _    ______„    ole one    hv one    into tho hasket.” 2:00 7—Another 9—General 2—Price I* 3—General 4—Price It A—Another 8—price Is IO—Another 13—Another 40—General World Hospital Right Hospital Right World Right World World Hospital 2:30    „ . /-How To Survive o Marriage 9—One Lite To Live 2—Match Game 3—One Life To Live 4—Match Game A—How To Survive a Marriage 8—Match Game IO—How To Survive a Marriage 13—How To Survive a Marriage 40—One Lite To Live 3:00 ’/—Somerset 9—SIO.OOO Pyramid 7—Tattletales 3—810.000 Pyramid 4—Tattletales A—Somerset 8—Tattletales IO—Somerset 12—Jackson Years 13—Somerset 40—Movie 3:30 I - What's My l ine/ 9—.Gllllgan's Island 2—Dr. Mo* 3—All Mv Children 4—Mike Douglas A—Cartoons 8—Bewitched IO—No* tor Women Only 12—Bridge 13—Floppy 4.00 9—Lucy Show 7-*Bonanro 3—1 et’s Make a Deal A—Jeonnie 8 Star Trek IO Bonanza 17 Mister agers 13 Merv Griffin 4:30 9 Andy Griffith Bewitched Gentle Ben Hogan's Heioes Merv Griffin he tries to blame everything on! ing and I couldn’t do a sweet    by PP® into the    basket, ----------- ,--------- CREEP,”    the Committee to Re- damn thing about it.” said Nia- ^ll|'nano entirely by public gifts and be- turn for his resignation.    elect    the    President.    gara Ontario Parks Commission Murnamc s crew then Plucked Quests.    Holding    its twenty-seventh na- “Well, he waited several Constable Robert Harrison of nirK' crewmen tbe *is,in8 Guest conductor Robert Shaw tional convention here, it also years to be critical of CREEP,” the tragedy.    ’f of Atlanta and the Philharmonic renewed its call    for Nixon’s im-[Strauss went on. "He didn’t say “It made me sick.” said    |?uard °R,cers    said the led off with a spirited perform- peach ment    and said that, a word about them when he, Wayne Farmer. Niagara Falls,    Righter was    reported upset at Galbraith’s speech, because it was so political.” ^ Three-Week Bargain european Holiday under the f leadership of alice of “Roman Carnival Over- “when” he is impeached by the    was being considered for    vice*    Ont., who was fishing    when the tore” by Hector Berlioz.    house, he should turn the prcsi-    president. He didn’t say a    word    accident occurred    Saturday.    “I Later during the program, dency over to Vice-president    about them when he was    testi-    felt so helpless.” Rep. William Randall (D-Mo.) Ford until the senate decided    lying. He didn’t say a    word said in tribute:    the matter.    about them when they were “Mr. Truman was a man ihe three resolutions, and a operating, without pretense. He was [fourth one urging campaign fi- “As a matter of fact,” he human, fallible, but exceedingly nancing and other reforms as a added, “he was involved with wise, when it counted. He was [result of the Watergate scandaled, as best I recall, spoke for unwavering in his determination wore approved unanimously by J them and did other things.” to do what he thought was right.!the 200 delegates.    J Strauss noted that Ford s« He had strong loyalties. He ad-; - Gravestone Photo Social Security Erosion Is Seen sunk to its main deck. The vessel made a weekly mail and freight run from Nassau, the Bahamian capital, to San Salvador. mitted his mistakes. “Most Believable” “These characteristics, blended with his strong sense of duty, make Harry Truman one of the warmest and most believable figures in all American history.” The program included appearances by Eugene List, one of Truman’s favorite concert pianists, and Robert Vaughn, who recently portrayed the young Truman in a television special, “Portrait: The Man From Independence”. a low    birthrate    are said threatening to erode the social I three weeks ago “he was terri- .. ,    . .    ,    „    .. Ny concerned about the <!„• purity trust funds, Rep. David ■ i ti inothing Democratic congress.    ’iZ,    . Sa>S, Essay at U. of I. -Throe weeks later he comes    1 he soclal “c“r y Sy in.it h« cstte    now    on    a    virtually pay as-you-go IOWA CITY - A photo essay (,ut a°d he says now he s con- .    .    f.3    * of gravestones of the    famous    °*rned about a legislative dicta- i    a could    ru°    a    , J oi gravestones in Ute Minutia    .,Sj    „.t,; billion-a-year deficit by the and of unusual and poignant) •    .    ^ nj 1990s if current trends continue, monuments of ordinary people! ,low do \ou move from a do- will be shown at the University    nothing congress to a    legisla- of Iowa Museum of Art    through    tlve dictatorship?” June I. Silver Named HAZLETON—Sterling    Silver If you've never used a want ad, you’ve been missing a sure WASHINGTON (AP) - Infla- p!rformer D,al 398'8234; tion and a low birthrate Father Oaf id tent Faculty, Regis High School, Cedar Rapids LAFF - A - DAY The HO photos were made during the last 12 years by south he said. Estimates released last fall showed that the retirement and disability trust funds will take in only $800 million more than em California photographer been named director of a Dilia Woelffer. 'Hie exhibition|corporation formed here to was organized by the San Fran-1 provide five low-rent housing cisco Museum of Art.    units. His wife is secretary. The Among gravestones of famous corporation is seeking $25 con-The conclusion brought to- people photographed for tile se- tributions from the public to fi-gcther the Philharmonic Grebes- nos are those of Baudelaire,[nance the project, tra and the combined choirs of j Utrillo, Giacometti, Sarah Born- the University of Kansas in the hardt and Oscar Wilde All of 20 YEARS AGG - The army fourth movement from Bet ho- the gravestones except one date launched a five-year program to ven’s Symphony No. 9 in I) from the second half of the develop a method of preserving minor.    19th century to the present food? with atomic radiation. they disburse in 1975:    Obey said inflation will reduce that. Ireland Italy Austria England France Vatican “Housekeeping is a cinch you need is a mother.” SOUNDSTAGE SEALS and CR' 2- 3- 4-A- 12 S«*nm# Slier! OO Utogort AHI News (ontequtn. rn Nrv*ntrutu)f\ Gllllgan's Island I ontftautncts Monsters ABI News departing July 29th No hurry, no worry, pot the most relaxing three weeks you can imagine with a small group of congenial people like you! The hest hotels, meals, jets, sights, and accommodations everywhere! Hen ty of lime tor leisurely stopover at the principal scenes of I urope you se always wanted lo visit' *1241 5:30 7-NBC News 9—1 ygwltnrss News 2 CBS News 3 ABC News 4 ( HS News A NHC News 8 < HS News IO NHI News 17 I lr. lr Iv I ompniiv I I NHC News 40 Newsllna Seals and Crofts in Concert! TONIGHT at 7:00 KDIN*11    KUN    *12 OVI8 SS VIARS QUALITY • VAIUI • INTIG8ITY • £mlSc/w6- OVIR 7 Mill ION CAII FAINIID THI WORK) I I AR GI ST AUTO RAINTIR • OVIR 200 LOCATIONS. COAST-TO COAST STILL AMERICA'S BIGGEST BARGAIN (rom, to New York Rome, the historic seal of Christendom. von will aglee Rome alone would he woith the tup. I OU RITI X. where millions of dc vout prig*nits come every ycat XI Nil I the sparkling storybook town whose countless sights you will reach by gondola I ON DON, and fabled scenes you’ve read so much abvmt t harming VII NNA, treasure laden I I ORI NC I , leaning tower of PISA ( heerfui, chatty Irish arc wailing (or you at Dublin, Kiil.iinev and Cork plus Hlatney and other wonderful places PUPIL AUDIENCE An audient# with Hit Holmen, Pope Paul VI ii scheduled, as well as a comprehensive tour of Vail can Crty These are only a few of the high spots1 Write or tall today  for your detailed itinerary1 . Buy p.rvtd I’ Remy ptienp 365 i TJS PiRi'r*# Dg 'n I 6*3910/366 , CEDAR RAPIDS 1000 2ND AVE. S t. 366 7544 DAVENPORT 810 WEST RIVER DR 324 0631 DES MOINES I I IO LOCUST ST. 288 6526 Ctttof RAI Door fallNM Hoax# %«m"»ti y#w l(. I. ‘.7407 34321 ;

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