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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 13, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa I lie Investor's (iiiidc By Sam Shulsky Q — Which of those would be most profitable in the long run 400 Eastern Air Linos common at SH a share? Kighl convertible ii percent bonds selling at $450 (each convertible into 20 shares of common)? Or eight 4tys, I so at $450 (each convertible into 20 41 shares of common)? A — Before I put myself on the spot, you’ll have to tell me whether LAL common is going to go above $34 or $50 a share before these bonds mature in 1002 (for the 5s) and IOO:! (for the 4%s). There are so many unknowns in your equations that there is no way for me to answer, except to point out: The common pays no dividend now (and hasn’t paid any since 10H0). lf you had bought 400 at 8 when you wrote your letter you would, as of a recent market, be down about $400 on your investment lf you had bought either of the convertibles your percentage loss would be much less. In a bear market you could expect that the bonds would be less vulnerable than the common. In a rising market, you could expect that the common would go up faster — at least until such price levels are reached where the conversion privilege began to take on more than theoretical value. For example, just about a year ago — when the stock market was higher than it is Row, the common was at 15>/4 — about 2 and one-third times its recent reading; the 5s were at HI and the 43/4s at HH. only 5(1 percent higher than recent levels. Sam Shulsky Such price movements are especially typical of convertible bonds which are selling at a substantial premium above their conversion value (in this case, a premium of about 17(1 percent for the 5s and about tai percent for the 4s). So there you are: we’re back to the old story — the greater the risk, the greater the reward potential. From this point on — I fear — you’re on your own. * * * Q — Is the interest on E bonds guaranteed? Would we get the interest if the dollar is devalued, or if the country suffers a depression’’ A — All interest on Ixtnds issued by the U. S. treasury — E bonds, ll bonds, treasury bonds, notes, bills — are guaranteed by the U. S. government and that guarantee is beyond questioning We have had depressions, and we have had two dollar devaluations in the last couple of years. This has not imperiled the interest accruing to E bond values — in fact, the rate has recently been increased from 5V& to fi percent * • * <4 — How can a person buy stocks selling below $3 a share? Brokers will sell such stock for you but will not buy. Seems like a scheme to rob the public without a gun I would like to buy 1.00(1 shares of stock selling at 75 cents a share. How? A — I see you're working up quite a head of steam But this time all my sympathy is with the brokers. And, anyway, it isn’t fair when you start out with a $3 figure and then base your complaint on a 75 cent stock. Most brokers will help you sell almost any priced stock because it is necessary to sell in order to establish a tax loss — for which purpose many such cheap stocks are excellent. But it’s quite another matter when you ask them to buy 75 cent stock because such stin k often represents a HNI percent gamble and most often a losing gamble. And brokers have enough troubles without being called in to explain why they lent their services to such a deal. I'm sure many brokers will execute an order for a $3 stin k but if you want to make sure, ask the Investors Service bureau at the N. Y. Stock exchange, ll Wall Street, New York City, for the directory which sets forth not only minimum share prices, but minimum amount of money involved in a deal, margins, etc. etc. * * * Mr Shulsky welcomes written Questions, but he will be oble to provide onswers only through the column For lists ot growth ond dividend stocks, please include a self addressed, stamped en veiooe Address your requests to Sam Shulsky, core of The Gazette For Better Health High Blood Pressure, Heart Attacks Linked By Dr. S. L. Andelman May is high blood pressure month — a good time to ha\e your blood pressure checked. More than 23 million Americans have high blood pressure but only half are aware of their condition, according to “Your Blood Pressure’’, a new pamphlet available from the American Medical Assn. The AMA is one of several national groups taking the lead in the drive to combat high blood pressure, also known as hypertension. Of the Americans with high blood pressure, 12 million have hypertensive heart disease. High blood pressure and hypertensive heart disease cause about HO.(IIM) deaths annually and contribute to strokes, heart attacks and kidney failure. High blood pressure most often can be treated successfully and many of these deaths could be prevented if treatment is sought early. Prevention The first line of prevention is to find out about your blood pressure. For this you need to see your doctor lf you find that you do have hypertension, your doctor will recommend treatment to control it Be sure to keep up this treatment It s a sad fact that many individuals know they are hypertensive bul postpone doing something about it or don’t stay on medication Many people with hypertension have no symptoms at all If symptoms do appear they may be very much like those found in other conditions — headaches, dizziness and shortness of breath But don’t try to diagnose yourself — see your doctor. ('•nirtlled Sometimes a good doctor-patient talk and a change of living habits is the only treatment nfH'ded for mild hypertension In any case, high blood pressure can be treated and controlled if detected early enough Why wait? For more information, the pamphlet “Your Blood Pressure’’ is available through the Order Department. American Medical Assn , 535 N Dear-liorn St., Chicago, III KOHM Need some landscaping done? Read today’s Classified Ads FRI! GARMENT STORAGE INCLUDES MEE MOfHPHOOFING ^ ■mn Nu Free Your closets of heavy winter clothing We ll store it for you free of charge All you pay in the fall is the usual cleaning and pressing charges Phone 364-8174 for PICK-UP Dempsey’s Dry Cleaning Services 417 2nd Avenue S.I. The (edar Rapids Gazette: Men., May ll, 1471 MORRIS Decorating Centers TREMENDOUS SAVINGS ON PAINT ... WALL COVERING . . . CARPET & HUNDREDS OF OTHER DECORATING SUPPLIES .. . NOW THROUGH MAY 25TH! 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