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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 7, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa U. S. Supplies Cambodians From Thai ‘Supermarket’ The Cedar Rapids (ia/ette: Tues., May 7, 1174 L Find Changes Theories of Early Life in Northwest By Surin Kuangdrj SATTHAHIP, Thailand (AP) — This American-built deep wa tor port is tin* supermarket for the Cambodian war. Rite, fuel, medical supplies, cement, trucks, guns and ammunition — all provided by the ll. s. — begin this long, perilous journey from here to Phnom Penh to keep the Cambodian government fighting. Sometimes, some of the weapons, ammunition and fuel winds up in the hands of the Khmer Rouge, the Cambodian Communists. Ll. Col. Carl Harvey of the U. s army traced the hookshaped sea route from Thailand around South Vietnam and then up the Mekong river to Cambodia. Six Bays Cur loaded barges, primarily ammunition, travel from here to Vung Tau, which takes about six days,” Harvey said. Vung Tau is a port on the South China sea, about HO miles south of Saigon. ‘‘Once it gets to Vung Tau the Vietnamese government provides armed escort up the Mekong river to the Cambodian border. Then the Cambodian navy escorts the convoy to Phnom Penh,v Harvey explained. He is in charge of surface transportation of U. S. military supplies from Satthahip to Cambodia. Most are carried on barges, but some rice and WIN AT BRIDGE By Oswald It James Jacoby In an all-expert game South would go down at his three no-trump contract with no hesitation in play and no fanfare. Hast would win the first trick with the ace or the king of hearts and lead back the five spot. Expert South would play the IO and the defense would collect four hearts and the ace of spades. An ordinary player sitting South might well rise with the queen and make his contract or be might have no problem to NORTH i ♦ 6|3 ?83 ♦ A g 7 4 ♦ K (<M> § UL I.'VT I-' .1 VT Vt I I ♦ A IO r.in I All?! V.I972 f a k a ft ♦ 963 ♦ 10 5 2 ♦ 108 7 4 ♦ 93 South (I) ♦ K QJ4 V Q 104 ♦ K .IK I ♦ A JI Boti) vulnerable West Nor lh Fast South j I N T. Pass JN1 Bass Fuss Fuss ((penmg lead - 22_I start with. An ordinary Kast might well cash the ace and king of hearts immediately. Why would the expert South play the IO and not the queen? It is a matter of something called restricted choice. Suppose to simplify matters that Kast plays the king and then the five. South knows it makes no difference if West holds both the ace and jack, but it matters if West holds just one of them. South also knows something else. If West holds just one he is twice as likely to be holding the ace as the jack. The reason is that if Kast held king-jack he would surely have played the king. lf he held ace-king as was the* case here expert Kast could in* expected to play the king half the time and the ace half the time. Thus, when he played the king he was twice as likely to lie left with the jack as with the ace. ffCRRD The bidding has been West I’a vs North IO 24 Kast South Pass 2* Pass f You. South, hold ♦K2fAJ765EA64*Q84 What do you do now ’ I'his is a tough one hither lour spades or three not rump is a reasonable bid Or you might try a fancy bid of three diamonds or three clubs today* question You do inil three notrunip and youi purine! bids toui hearts What do you do now Answer Tomorrow medical supplies an* sent by plane. At present only about 17 percent of the supplies are sent by airlift I .ast July the ll. S. army here begari truck convoys starting from Satthahip to Aranyaprathet, a Thai border district opposite Poipet, a Cambodian town, to Battam-bang, which is a major province of Cambodia. Besides ammunition, the Ll. S. sends trucks, spare parts, batteries, cement and medical supplies to Cambodia. The whole trip takers nine to 15 days by barge, according to Harvey. Quantity Fallen Before congress ordered a halt to bombing operations in Cambodia last Aug. 15, the surface transportation carried about 42,(NM) tons of suppliers a month to that country. But since then the quantity has fallen. In March only 20,000 tons went to Cambodia, Harvey said. “It depends on combat activities in Cambodia," said Col. Charles Norris, deputy commander of ll. S. army support Thailand. No American military personnel have accompanied the supply convoys since August. All security is provided by Thai Maritime Navigation Co., a contractor for delivery, arid South Vietnamese and Cambodian navy personnel, Norris said. Well over 9(1 percent of the supplies have reached their destinations, Norris said, adding that only two barges of ammunition and other supplies were stopped by the Communists since Aug. 15. The quantity of supplies to be sent to Cambodia depends on Cambodia's ability to build up stocks at ammunition supply points in the country. Consuming Rate “Somewhere in the neighborhood of one month is about all that they can store," Norris said. "We supply at the rate that they are consuming more than we do in anticipation of building up any new supply depots over there. ” His command, the nerve center for all U. S. army operations in Thailand, also delivers supplies to some 34,(MN) U. S. servicemen at Thai air bases, including the B-52 base at Utapao, a few miles from Satthahip. North of here U. S. air force personnel are stationed at Udorn, Ubon, Nakorn Phanom, Korat and Takhli. The U. S. and Thai governments have agreed to reduce U. S. troop strength Village Fences Itself Off VILLAGE OF GOLF. Flu. (AP) — Residents of this tiny golf course community have decided that good fences make good neighbors. So they plan to build a chain link fence around the entire town. "It should stop some of the unauthorized traffic around here," said village manager Mark Cantar. The wealthy residents of this Palm Beach county town had considered the fence for several years but a recent crime wave made up their minds, Cantar said. The fence will cost about $2(M),fHHI. The village consists of H7 homes, 13 cottages and a golf course. Japanese-Built Ford Truck on Sale Soon DETROIT (UPI) - The Ford Motor Co. will put its Japanese-built 1974-model Courier truck on sale this month, but, unlike its Ma/da counterpart, it will not have a rotary engine. The truck is engineered to Ford specifications and manufactured by Toyo Kogyo, the manufacturer of Mazda cars and trucks, which are powered by the Wankel rotary engine. Ford has no plans for the new engine iii cither its cars or trucks. Ford contracted with Toyo Kogyo iii 1972 to sell the truck in the IKS. and since May of that year has sold more than IIHMMMI units • Wake Up" CAM, England (UPI) — Seventy village children marcliisl into a nearby woods Wednesday and knocked on the trees iii a revival of ancient custom. They knocked on the trees to rouse them from their winter's sleep. here to about 28,(MMI by the end of this year. The U. S. government spent about $34 million and took two years to turn this port into the country’s largest deepwater complex. Norris’ command, manned by about 2,100 personnel, has been the army component command to all American units in Thailand for eight years. During those years it has built four major road networks and strategic communication units in Thailand. By Fldon Barrett SEATTLE, Wash (UPI) -Iii th<* area known as the Hanford Atomic Reservation, an archeologist recently found ar tifacts that showed man lived along the Columbia river about 0,500 years ago In light of much older dis coveries elsewhere, that (late is a mere toddler’s step back in the history of man. But what the discovery did do was upset a few theories about living conditions in these parts back in those days. Kept Out Anthropologists have pre slimed (hat the extremely hot, dry climate that prevailed iii the Pacific northwest back then would have kept man out of such deserts Now Dr. David Rice, a university of Idaho archeologist working for a public power combine that wants to build another nuclear power plant at Hanford, has unearthed in u layer of gravel man-made tools typical of others used by primitives iii the region. Rice, reporting his findings to the state Thermal Power Plant Site Evaluation Council, said the ancient campground he and his student crew explored was where the nuclear plant’s water intake system would Im; built. The most recent evidence unearthed at the dig was a clay pipe made in Scotland, trade heads and a rifle cartridge. The Wanapum Indians had used the campgrounds as late as 1910 This band once dwelled along the Columbia from Priest rapids to where Richland now stands. Further down, the diggers found a house floor that Rice estimated to be 500 years old. Still further, they found fresh water mussel shells which radiocarbon dating showed were gathered about 90 A.I). Came Tools At this point Rice said he had expected to run out of cultural material, but he and his crow kept digging just the same. Next they found tools used to kill big game. Perhaps these were 4,000 to 5,000 years old. After that came layers of gravel formed during high water periods at the end of the last ice age. It was in the gravel that four projectile points were found. They were of a type that seemed to have appeared in the area shortly after the great volcanic upheavel when Mt. Mazama blew ifs top and ended up as Crater lako in Oregon. That was about 6,600 years ago. These primitive dwellers did not utilize the runs of salmon that are believed to have been in the'Columbia then, hut must have subsisted on game. “It had been generally thought the Columbia basin would have been depopulated during this period,” said Rice. “But our work shows that people were there and were not too handicapped by conditions. “I think we are going to have to revise some of our thinking about the effects of this period on early man.” The name’s Olympia Beer. But our friends call us Oly. And if you’ve traveled around the country, we may already be friends. Or there’s a good chance somebody might have brought you a six-pack of ice cold Oly to share. Anyway, we’re here now and we think you’re going to like us. Olympia Beer. You owe it to yourself. Olympia All Olympia carts and bottles are recyclable )lympui Brewing Company Olympia, Washington *OlY* “ Iowa : rn FILHO BY OLYMPIA 7ts the ^SOLVtNT PROPERTIES OF OUR US TO Aft AIN PERFECTION IN IHE 4 W CONTENTS 12 FLB1D ;

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