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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 7, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 8 Tho Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues.. May 7. 1974 Busing May Benefit 30,000 DES MOINES (AP) — A mea-1 months for delivery of a new They said the money appro-! adding that the route manipula-sure requiring local public bus a^er Rls °rdered.    printed    would not go to the tions will result in higher costs school districts to transport pri The busing measure replaces .    ,    , , x ... I a bill passed a year ago rcquir- a e school students to their \ jng pUbijc school districts to pro private schools, but would go to for fuel, maintenance, replacing schools may benefit some 30,000 the public schools only to assure I buses and paying drivers, that private school students re-; The measure allows public Iowa school children. “The legislature estimated this legislation might vide auxiliary services, such as ceived transportation to school, (school districts to provide trans special education and remedial I However, the new law which portation in any of three ways education classes, to private becomes effective July I also! — furnish buses and drivers, schools.    '    appears headed for a court test c o n t r a c t with transportation None of the $4.4 million ap-    by a gr0up that says the bill    companies or reimburse parents proved last year for auxiliary: ^presents an illegal mingling of    foe transporting the students to u__ u    „    l    ...    'private schools, that act has been tied up in a    ,    , federal court suit.    Anticipates    Ihallenge    lh- Requirement Supporters of the auxiliary Arlene Jens of Davenport,1 the measure requires trans-- R„ bU1    th* three-judge fed-1president of the federation of porting elementary school chil- The bill    signed    Monday    b>    eral court will rule the measure    church and stale seoarationists    dmi who llve more than tw0 Gov. Robert    Ray    appropriates    unconstitutional, thus freeing    saKj the group anticipated    miles from school, and high $4.4    to    the    DPL    Half    of    that money for the busing mea-Challenging the constitutionality sch°°l students who live more bus bill within twothan three miles from sch001- Wiley said some local districts cover about 28,000 students, but I ^ WUeyiVcSt'r'to fte    haS    ^    Spent    becauselite affairs of church and stale. school budget review committee of the state department of public instruction (DPI). the funds will be used to trans-; sure    f . port private school students, tho *    Revokes    Rill    1° j th- remaining half go to the school    L    in^11 ls    [“already are busy figuring out budget review committee to pay To make sure, the busing bill bhe said the measure violates ^ needs’’ of non-public schools for extra buses and other neces-1 also revokes the auxiliary ser-the U. S. Constitution because    netas <>*    puniic scnoow, sary equipment.    vices bill.    there is no way to separate the Mo Idca    Supporters    of    the    bdl    think    the    transportation of students from ^    don’t    know which rn-, ,    ,    .    J    measure couW pass a court test.; other functions of education.    „[ the three options or combtna- Wiley said he has no idea ; citing a U. S. supreme court j Public school officials will be tjon 0f thcm ^e district will as covered under the new law. “It will be hard to figure, how many new buses will be decision in the 1940s that ruled a forced to consider the needs of required by local districts. He similar measure in New Jersey non-public school students in de said it usually takes eight constitutional. itermining bus routes, she said, Property Value Adjustments Are Ordered in 12 Counties use.” he said. According to state figures, there arc about 620,000 children attending public schools and about 43 percent of those (about 266,000) are bused. There are about 63,000 parochial and private school children in Iowa. AP Wirephoto Iowa City Cyclists Four Iowa City Central junior high students have taken the current bicycling craze one step farther — they va switched to unicycles. The boys are, from left, Phillip Kirk, Jeff Lloyd-Jones, Duncan Stewait and Andrew Steele. By Harrison Weber DES MOINES (IDPA) -State Revenue Director Donald Briggs has instructed boards of review in a dozen counties to make certain percentage adjustments in the valuation of property. Last fall, a number of assessors were informed by the state that they needed to make adjustments in certain types of property in order to equalize property between various assessing jurisdictions. Most of the assessors complied. but several did not. This latest action is a result of a review of the records by the State Revenue Director and the State Property Tax Division. Under the new fiscal year law, the equalization order will apply to taxes payable in 1975 and 1976. The first payment will be due by Oct. I, 1975, the second bv April I, 1976. The 12 counties are: Dallas, Wayne, Warren, Fayette, Buchanan, Dickinson, Kossuth, Decatur. Polk, Mahaska, Wright and Gay ton. In onlv two instances are the valuations reduced. Commercial property in Mahaska county is reduced by 21 percent and by 12 percent in Decatur county. The biggest increase ordered was 28 percent in urban residential property in Dickinson county. In making the adjustments ordered by Briggs, the county boards of review' will have the option of reassessing each parcel of property in the affected class, or by making an across-the-board adjustment of all parcels of property by the percentage specified in t h e order. The boards of review must publish notice in newspapers of general circulation of the adjustments made in compliance with the order. Affected taxpayers may appeal the adjustment by filing a written protest with their local board Rules Preparation on Tax Package Launched Manchester Council Airs Land Easement Clark: Reform Needed in Commodity Futures Control WASHINGTON (UPI) — Sen. but said the legislation fails to Dick Gark (D-Iowa) said Mon-;give the commission the today the general accounting of-dependence and authority need-' of review flee (GAO) report on the com- ed to adequately regulate the During the May session, the modify futures trade indicates I futures market, the need for “total reform of    own    Penalties government regulation in this .    ,    . _ „    It    is    particularly noteworthy, 3FC3. Gark said he hopes the report will have a “significant impact on congress’ legislation on the subject,” and added that he will push for the GAO’s recommendations when the senate ag-r i c u 11 u r e committee begins hearings on commodity trade legislation this week. Independent Agency The GAO report recommended house legislation fails on all that an independent agency be these points.” established to regulate all trad- Clark is one of four senators ing in commodity futures in [who introduced a bill calling for place of the agriculture depart- an independent commodity that in addition to calling for a fully independent body regulating all futures trading,” Clark said, “the GAO is recommending that this body be granted authority to seek its own injunctions and impose its own civil money penalties, and that it also be granted authority to require exchanges to designate additional delivery points. The ment’s commodity exchange authority (CEA). commission last December. He also requested the GAO to un- Clark said the report is “ajdertake its study of commodity thorough and comprehensive futures in March, 1973. testament to the need for total ,•__.I-    >i Man Found Innocent tion rn this area. The Iowa Democrat said the! Oil WeapOIIS Charge house already has passed legis- p:LKADER (UPI) _ An od-lation to establish a new govern-wejn mgn ^as j)ecn foun(j jn. ment commodity commission, I nQCent Qf poinUng a gun at a Clayton county magistrate who Prefers Tuthill, Van Nostrand as Advisers: Ray board of reviews may act only upon those protests filed by Monday. These sessions will cover protests stemming from earlier adjustments. After these sessions have been conducted, the boards of review in the 12 affected counties will be reconvened in special session to hear any appeals from the latest action taken by the state. Equalization orders to boards of review include: Dallas county, increases in rural agricultural of 12 percent; rural residential, 29 percent, and urban residential, 21 percent. Wayne, increases in rural agricultural, 19 percent, and urban residential, 20 percent. Warren, increases in rural agricultural, 18 percent; rural residential, 22 percent; urban residential, 22 percent, and commercial, 19 percent. Fayette, increase in urban residential, 5 9 percent. Buchanan, increase in rural residential, 19 percent. Dickinson, increases in rural residential, 27 percent, and urban residential, 28 percent. Kossuth, increase in rural residential, 12 percent. Decatur, increases in rural agricultural, 4 6 percent; rural residential, IO percent; urban residential, 27 percent, and decrease commercial, 12 percent. Polk, increase in rural residential, 15 percent; urban res- ialleged he pointed the gun at! her as she drove along a high-' 1 way. Clifford Hurst, 35, was found innocent in magistrate’s court! here Monday after pleading in-; nocent to pointing a gun at DES MOINES (UPI) - Gov. Rosemary Tuecke, a Clayi Robert D. Ray said he has all county magistrate from Cutten-1 but ruled out his two top energy j berg. advisers as his selection to head ^rs- Tuecke said a man point-J the new Energy Policy Council. ed a Sun at ber as she drove In addition, the governor said along the highway last Sunday idential, 15 percent, and combe may have to choose an “out- and she backed her car up and mereial, IO percent, of-state” resident to head up the confronted a trio of men stand- Mahaska, decrease com-EPC if a top candidate cannot ing near a parked car. She said mereial. 21 percent be chosen from within Iowa. she then drove on and reported Wright, increase rural agri-The EPC, after considerable the incident to authorities.    cultural,    12    percent, political bickering, was ap- Hurst and two other men were Clayton, rural residential, proved in the waning days ol arrested by Strawberry Point 4.7 percent, the legislature to oversee the police later Sunday. Hurst’s two state’s future energy problems, i companions, James Wetherbce, Up to this point, Iowa com-26, and Martin Shirley, 22, both merce commission Chairman of Waterloo, were fined for Maurice Van Nostrand and drinking beer on a public road State Geologist Sam Tuthill j have been handling most of the1 responsibilities that would now! fail under the auspices of the! EPC. But, Ray said he would rather have Van Nostrand and Tuthill remain in advisory positions to the powerful council instead of serving as director. Adv*rtl»*ment By Randy Minkoff DES MOINES (UPI)—State department of revenue officials, admitting there could be numerous “hazy” areas in the law, Monday began drawing up rules and regulations regarding the lifting of the state’s three percent sales tax on food and drugs. The legislature approved a compromise tax break package in the waning days of the session that included removal of the tax on certain food items. The exemption will take effect July I. Deputy Revenue Director Gerald Bair said the depart- Utilities Criticized For Cooler Shutdown CORDOVA, 111. (AP) - The Izaak Walton League in the Quad Cities Monday sharply criticized the utilities operating the Cordova nuclear power plant on the Mississippi river for shutting down a new water cooling system five days after it was put into operation. The water cooling system has replaced a controversial system used to disperse heated water into the Mississippi. The spray canal cooling system was shut down temporarily Sunday to permit workers to increase the voltage of the canal system, said plant superintendent Nicholas Kalivianakis. The Cordova plant, located about 20 miles north of Rock Island near the Mississippi river, is operated jointly by Iowa-Illinois Gas and Electric Co., Davenport, and Commonwealth Edison Co., Chicago. Reciprocity DES MOINES (UPI) - The Iowa reciprocity board decided Monday to allow Omaha truck drivers to drive into Council Bluffs across the river without Iowa license plates. The decision is a return to an agreement between the Nebraska truckers and the state of Iowa that existed for about 25 years until March when a crackdown began on the Omaha drivers. ment anticipates several questions from consumers and grocers about what items will be exempt, but noted that the department expects that its rules will clear up most of the “grey areas.” USDA Definition Under the legislation, grocers will be required to use the U. S. department of agriculture's food stamp definition for exempt items from the sales tax. It is expected to save the average Iowan $12 annually. Bair said the list would include all food items such as meats, fruits, vegetables and dairy products, but would not include the following: Meals prepared on the premises, such as food at restaurants or take out orders. Alcohol or tobacco. Pet foods. Nonfood items, such as-soap, dishwashing detergents or most household supplies. Prepared Foods But, Bair admitted “hazy” areas that will not fall in any preset definition would spring up. Specifically, food prepared by supermarkets in special delicatessen or bakery shops may not come under the sales tax exemption as well as foods prepared by restaurants but sold commercially, such as salad dressings. “There will be quite a few things we will have to clear up, but we plan to review what other states are doing and have done and draw from that,” Bair said. No Problem is get the park for the purpose I bought.” Parking Lots A resolution annexing and I • ,    j ju zoning B-2 (business) land Re venue officials, alons commission were discussed by,^ Rjchard ^ ,he with proponents of the sales the Manchester city council at wiUiam Acers subdivision, lo- exemption legislation, its meeting Monday.    cated on Quaker Mill drive and By Mary Hello MANCHESTER - Four recommendations by the Man-!chester -planning and zoning tax have maintained that most grocers in the state will have no problem in figuring out what items will be exempt at the checkout line. They argue most checkout clerks are familiar with the food stamp definition of food and that the regulations established by the department will be clear. Bair said most grocery stores in Iowa have the cash Action on a recommendation by the commission that A. L. Anderson, owner of the trailer court at the corner of Stiles and East Butler streets, be given an North Franklin streets, was passed by the council. A preliminary drawing, submitted by Baxter, showed how parking places for more vehic- easement of    city    property, was    |es could be    achieved    by mak- tabled until    the    next regular    mg changes    in the area. Action robing-    was tabled    pending    arrange- Councilmen refused to grant    ments for the council    to view the easement recommendation as it was worded in the request. The phrase, “The continued register equipment to handle rlKht >» use Property in the I manner now utilized and for such purposes as are related to j mobile home court needs,” could be misconstrued by future owner, council members said. the exemption, but some smaller grocery stores in smaller towns may have some problems. Separate Items “However, many of the smaller grocers tell us that they separate the items anyway,” Bair said. ‘‘Besides, the smaller grocers don’t do the heavy volume of purchases that the bigger stores do. and the bigger ones have equipment sophisticated enough.” Bair said a key to the definition of exempted items will be the phrase “food for human consumption” which is specifically outlined in the legislation as not subject to the sales tax. “We hope to have the rules ready in a little over 30 days. Few Changes few changes the property and given it more consideration. The ordinance pertaining to rezoning petitions was amended by the council. Effective on June I, a fee of $75 and the required legal publication must accompany all rezoning petitions. Prior to this there had ibeen no charge. In other business, approval I W!!ih l a-f h changes that was gjven by the council to would clarify the meaning of the, * contractors for the recommendation, council . ......    .    .•    ____ .,    . It (city s 19/4 seal coating program members said they felt theyL ^ jn |une 15,Vste^ of could approve it.    I    the    contract    date    of    July    I. Anderson, visibly disappointed I with the added delay, said he    Ambulance • had been seeking a solution to City Manunger Garth Arnold his problem since February. i was instructed by the council to A survey made by Anderson!inquire into the purchase of a revealed that 12 feet on the I back up ambulance for the city, west, and 8 feet on the north of Arnold said he believed at this his property on which some time, “this is the number one trailer homes are located, pre-' priority in Manchester.” viously thought to be in his land A letter from Josephine Coo-purchase, belong to the city. ley was acknowledged by coun-"1 need some legal right to oil members. Mrs. Cooley said use this property,” Anderson she objected to the rezoning of and    then    they    are    subject    to    said. “I bought a mobile home the old Central school block by the    legislature’s    rules    review    park. The city condoned it and the West Delaware school committee,” Bair said.    Incensed it. 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