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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 8, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather-- Partly cloudy tonight with lows in the upper Ms. Partly cloudy Thursday with highs in the mid 60s. nmtta CITY FINAL IO CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MAY 8, 1074 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES Metric Bill Rejected in House Vote WASHINGTON (UPI) - The house of representatives has decided in effect that the United' States isn t quite ready for kilometers, grams, centimeters and other trappings of the metric system, which has spread throughout most of the world since the 19th century. It voted down Tuesday, in a 240-154 roll call, a bill to coor-d i n a t c conversion of U.S. weights and measures to the metric system. Many of the bill’s backers say the change will come inevitably anyway, despite the house. Rep. Teague (D-Texas), chairman of the house science committee and manager of the bill that was defeated, indicated mixed feelings. “I never expected to learn the metric system, but I believe it’s' good for the country,” Teague1 said. Conversion Hoard Thei bill called for a 25-' member metric conversion board. The board, within a year, would draft a plan of con- j version, which congress could veto. If the plan was approved, by j lack of veto action, the board would have IO years of life to educate and convince the nation | of the merits of the metric system, which was first adopted in1 France in 1799. Switching to it would be voluntary rather than compulsory.* The measure came up under a procedure that suspended the rules and banned offering of amendments. It may be revived, and Rep. Matsunaga (D-Hawaii). backed by organized labor, I Court Battle Monday; Panel Subpoena Asked The committee also seeks 201 i tapes of PIT’s pledge to support Inducer cooperatives while wait-' One Dead, Three Hurt In Crash St. Clair said Nixon had I objection to considering no re fly Hill Lavelette Cedar Rapids News— An 83-year-old WASHINGTON (AP) - Spe-i cial prosecutor Leon Jaworskil [and the chief counsel for house judiciary committee said I jng for a profitable presidential’ Wednesday they need additional J decision to increase milk price; i Watergate material    from    the supports. White House, despite President Nixon’s decision to release no more Watergate material. qUcsts for more materia| on jtt was killed and his wife critically and the milk    case,    but “we ’ injured Wednesday when their . i,™ ♦ •„    -j    ..don’t believe    there    are any”) car was struck by an oncoming pnmmitfpp nnpfk    Wafpriiatn    ma ':taPL‘s* 1,0 said those transac- j hog truck and shoved into two committee needs    Wa    rgate    ma- tjons 0C(.urred    before    the White cars waiting at a stop sign. taping system was in- Newton G. Kessler was dead on arrival at Mercy hospital with head, back and leg injuries. Firemen were called to remove his body from the wreek- .John Dear, chief counsel 'the judiciary committee’s said for | im-; the’ Fairfax man terial the White House is refus-!|jf)US0 ing to release and should issue a S[a|j(>c| subpoena for it.    j Dour said at a news confer-    “Confrontation    _ ence the committee should act Asked what Nixon would do if ---v’—'! the committee issues another subpoena demanding tapes, St. “Mitchell Knew” WASHINGTON (AP) - The senate Watergate committee says the weight of the evidence before it tends to establish that former Attorney General Mitchell approved the plans that led to the Watergate break-in. (Continued: Page 3, Col. 2.) Linn Sheriff Is Sued for $1 I Million age. His wife, Bernice F., 78, who was driving, suffered severe (See Photo on Page 3.) head injuries and was admitted to Mercy hospital. The driver of the hog truck, William R. Boatman, 33, of Bloomfield, was treated at St. Luke’s hospital for back and leg injuries and released. The accident occurred at 8:03 a m. at the intersection of Wit —UPI Telephoto JOHN GLENN, former astronaut, accepts congratulations with his wife, Annie, and daughter, Lynn, right, after ho won the Ohio Democratic nomination for U.S. senator. Glenn, Wallace Sweep Primaries on a subpoena before it starts ^om ^ ruehling j receiving Watergate evidence An SII 2 million lawsuit gathered by the impeachment,against Linn county Sheriff.,, inquiry staff, which it is sche- Walter Grant was filed in Cedar *'ams boulevard and Edgewood i duled to do Thursday.    Rapids federal court Tuesday road However, committee Chair- by Dr. Thomas C. Sturgeon, a    I    urn man Rodino (D-N.J.) said no Cedar Rapids chiropractor con t Police said the westbound j meeting has been called to convicted last fall for counter- Messier car attempted to make sider a subpoena and indicated felting.    a left turn in front of the east- nothing would be done before in his suit, Sturgeon claims ^ound truck. After impact the next week.    that Grant and others acting ^css^er oar hit two cars waiting Court Hattie    under his command “engaged a. ,a srtap s.l®n on    southwest in illegal conduct to tho iniurv ^    ^    intersection. Earner Thursday White !flf lhc p,ain(iff and deprived^    E'    Efland    53.    of    3031 House lawyer James St. cla,r,pjaintjff of thc nchts privileges bixth street SW, a driver of one informed Judge John Sirica that P‘J ,    01    ngn    s’    « fr of the 'and immunities secured to the; plaintiff by the 14th Amend- i ment to tho U.S. Constitution.” j He lists 20 complaints in con-. turn over conversa- i Nixon will refuse to tapes of presidential lions subpoenaed by Jaworski and the special prosecutor said cars at the stop sign, was in good condition at Mercy hospital suffering from a shoulder injury. Thc driver of thc other car, Bv Associated Press self as a symbol of integrity in a Wallace ally, easily won his; In Former astronaut John Glenn dle ^t>ar d,e Watergate scan- bid for renomination and is un- men won the Democratic nomination da^ whi,e Metzenbaum suffered opposed in November for a sec Indiana, all ll congress-— seven Republicans and i!i    j *    I"*"    —-    nection    with and following the    *    I.1    , he would    continue    the    court    Jan    |97J arrcs| hls8resi.    Kenneth A.    Nemecek,    28, of donee, 539 loth street SE. Convicted wants to write federal subsid-1 for senator from Ohio on his ,rom the disclosure that bepaid ond six-year term, iaries into such a revived meas- third try and Alabama Gov. 110 federal income taxes in 1989 in the Ohio senate contest, ure to compensate small busi- George Wallace won renomina- because of business losses.    Glenn    reversed    the    result in fight to get them St. Clair announced at the White House Tuesday that attempts at working out a com- Sturgeon was subsequently promise over Jaworski’s sub- convicted on Sept 14. 1973, by a poena for tapes and documents federal court jury on nesses and workmen who must!tion for an unprecedented third change machinery and tools to term on the first big Tuesday of conform to the new system. the 1974 primary season. „    Candidates    for three senate “Boondoggle    .    .. seats, two governorships and Teague is against “damaging more than 59 house seats were amendments.”    ______ Rep. McClory (RTH.) said the (Photos on Picture Page) proposed subsidies would only be “federal handouts — we chosen as Alabama. Ohio, Inwood be creating a real boon- diana and North Carolina held doggie.” Rep. Gross (R-Iowa) |primaries for the November; mid-term elections. “Ifs been a very hard-fought primary, but I don’t think ifs going to be any problem getting together af’er the primary,” Glenn said at a Columbus victory rally. Metzenbaum, who told his supporters early Wednesday that “the votes tell the story, the people of Ohio have spoken.” declined to endorse Glenn immediately. He said he would Shellsburg, was not hurt. Turned Over The hog trucdk turned over in a ditch. Nine hogs were killed, . Some of thc remaining hogs (‘‘ght vvcrc set free ^ {jlc impact an(j four Democrats — won renomination in one of the state’s smallest election votes ever. Four of them were unopposed. In North Carolina. State Atty, covering 64 White House craver-1 counts of counterfeiting. He wa^hatl io lie’roundid up bTpoljr Gen. Robert Morgan apparent-|satl0ns had bcen terminated sentenced Oct. 4. 1973, to five1 Thc intersectjon js „olUroilrrl Iv won the Democratic nomma- and lhat Nl*°n would flShl tho years in the federal penitentiary by traffk. ljgh, The , lion for the senate seat beingP* 10 ,he supreme court if by Judge Edward J. McManus, limits on Williams boulevard at vacated by Sen. Sam Ervin, necessary.    ! According to the suit. Grant (bc scene 0, tbe accent js 45 the 1971) Democratic primary captured by Metzenbaum. The 56-year-old attorney lost that year’s general election to Republican Sen. Robert Taft, jr. The former space hero ran a1- Morgan had more than 50 per-! “Mr. St. Clair, special counsel committed perjury before a miles per hour, most even with Metzenbaum in cent of the vote Wednesday with to the President, and Mr. Ja- grand jury, and that Sturgeon    eiectrjc company the senator’s home city of reports in from ail but 3 percent worski, special prosecutor, visit- was indicted on thc basis of his cauccj t0 rem0ve wires knocked was said the costs could soar as high    leave    that    question    open. as SbO billion.    voters    in    the    District    of Co-    .    f.    .    H    x Gross sent a letter to constitu- lumbia, meanwhile, gave over- c ”    •    ,    '    .. yross still a ic nu 10 tonswiu    ,    ®    h . v e rn b e r against Republican ents this week about changing"helming approval to a charter ^ to kilometers, centimeters,*^at resl°res a measure of self grams, kilograms and hectares government to the nation s capi-and asked: “Why must Ameri cans be made to adopt these and other foreign measurements?” tai for the first time in a century. First To Orbit Cleveland and won Columbus of the state's precincts and Dayton which he lost in__ 1970. Metzenbaum won Cincinnati and Toledo by less than he needed to. With 12,876. or 99 percent, of the slate s 12.895 polling places tabulated, the vote stood Glenn victor over Peter Voss of 57M45' MclatObaum 475.939. Never in Doubt Reward of $50,OOO For Patty’s Return SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - A $50,001) reward for information leading to the safe return of Pa- The nominations for governor In Alabama, Wallaces reno- Wednesday bv her Ivor Ralph Perk of Cleveland, easy Canton was! in Ohio were won without dif-; initiation was never in doubt Realty by Democratic Gov. With 2,753 of the 4.641 boxes The 52-year-old Glenn, who 12!John Gilligan and former Re- tabulated, he had 338,272 votes j years ago became the first publican Gov. James Rhodes,; to a total of 176,421 for his four I Newspaper executive Kan-jtorica| and hypothetical and I American to orbit the earth. I his predecessor.    {opponents. The only one to at- ^olph Hearst and his wife Cath- don't think we will get to that showed surprising strength in in Alabama, Wallace easily tain a significant* total was (‘rine announced through a fam- .* Ohio’s urban areas to    end the    outdistanced four other Demo-    state Sen. Eugene McLain, who    d-v spokesman that no names of brief senate tenure of    Howard    erats. He faces Republican    had contended Wallace was    informants would be disclosed. Metzenbaum. appointed    last De-    Elvin McCary in November as I    more interested in a 197G presi-; The $50,000 reward, put in a    St.    Clair also said Nixon million in forei n aid rants cern^°r w*lcn ^eP4^^can WH-    he seeks to lay the groundwork    dential race than in Alabama,    trust account in Wells Fargo    would    give awaiting a decision in Turkey to continue a ban on opium pro- U. S. Holding Up Help for Turkey WASHINGTON (AP) - The U.S. is holding back nearly $20 (haven’t seen her since she kidnaped Feb. 4. Newspaper executive cd the court this morning to for- testimony. Sturgeon also claims down hy the collision. A short mally advise Judge Sirica that I that Grant lied at the trial. power outage was caused by thc the President intends to pursue! The counterfeit $20 bills used accident. his motion to quash the special    as    evidence    against    Sturgeon prosecutor’s subpoena to him    did    not come    from his pocket, and that the special prosecutor    35    ^,ran* testified.    Sturgeon will continue his efforts to en-    ar8ues- force compliance with the sub-!    ‘Held    Illegally’    „    "jjl poena,” Sirica’s announcement    .. c,    . .    .    _ k" HAVEN, Conn. (AP) — ! Further. Sturgeon claims he Seven persons were killed and ■ ^    t    was arrested and held in thc;fjve others hospitalized as parents who! J.a!rv c cft ^ Linn count>r ^al1 “without an> result of an apartment day what Nixon would do if tho, warrant, writ or any other legal fjre officials said supreme court should rule against him, saying, “it is rhc- 7 Persons Die in Apartment Fire a house Committee Requests Jive no more Watergate |i(ma| ri h|s ,he lo the house judiciary „M. (; of, |972 process^    ....    Si*    bodies were recovered Ile also says he was jailed |a(e Tucs(jay Dijiht and the sev-without benefit of any cloth- cnth vjetim was foun(J ,hj ing rom the waist up, which morninR „„ |hc „lird f|oo(, of |h(, he claims constitutes “cruel and four.storv brjck S|ruclure in lhc unusual punishment    Fair Haven section, a fire de- The plaintiff argues that he „artmciit spokesman said was not notified of his constitu- „c !ajd ,h(. duction, a state department official said Tuesday. The new coalition government in Turkey is restudying an agreement by thc former government to phase out legal farm production of opium poppies in exchange for $35 million in special U.S. aid. Sheldon Vance. state department narcotics coordinator, testified before a senate appropriations subcommittee. Treasury Oath Taken by Simon WASHINGTON (AP) Wit bam E Simon, praised by Pres ident Nixon as the man who saw the country through the energ) crisis, was sworn in Wednesday as secretary of the treasury. Today's I /••«<•!%lr Capsule biography: “I was born in the country, where I worked like a horse, so that I could live in the city, where I worked like a Inirse. so I could live in the country.” cwvrioni Saxbe resigned to become    for another presidential bid in    in rolling up some 65 percent    bank, raises to $550,000 the per*    tulles ti attorney general.    I RT G despite the 1972 assassi-    0f the vote, Wallace, who for the    seoul funds Hearst has put up in    committee    for    its    impeachment Opposed by organized labor    nation attempt that left him    first time had some significant    hopes of gaining his daughter’s    inquiry. The    committee    has    re- and thc state Democratic orga-    partially paralyzed.    black support, carried several    release. The other $500,000 was nization, Glenn projected him-    Democratic Sen. James Allen,    predominantly black counties he    part of a $2-milUon food give- liad lost in the past. He lost    away which failed to persuade Macon county but more than    the kidnapers to free Miss Bicyclists Challenge Train to Race, Win LAKE GENEVA. Wis. (AP) Eight amateur bicyclists challenged a commuter train to a race The cyclists won. The race was run from Mc Henry, III , to Lake Geneva over a 21 -mile stretch where, because of floor track conditions, the Chicog» A- North-w e s t e r ii Transportation (’n has limited its diesel trains to a 15 mile-an hour crawl. Seven of tin* cyclists, led bv Dave Ludtke, 27. a junior high school art teacher, covered the distance In an hour and 25 minutes and lieut the train by IO minutes. The eighth got lost iii the rain. Commuters have been re belling over the train’s delay, which lengthens the 71 mile trip from Chicago to l-ike Geneva to two hours and 43 minutes. Ludtke bas an 1883 timetable which shows that the trip then by wood burning trains took half an hour less. As the train left McHenry Tuesday evening, engineer Ed Schenk stuck his head out and said: “We'll heat 'em." When thc train arrived in I ake Geneva, it was greeted by cyclists shouting: “Get a horse ” Schenk laughed and said “You can say I was misquoted back there in McHenry.” William Sills, an investment lanker who commutes lie tween Lake Geneva and Chi-cag), instigated the race. Ile said be will cite the result in a hearing before the Illinois commerce commission on a petition asking the railroad to rehabilitate its tracks in that section. doubled his past percentage. Federal poll watchers were sent into 13 counties by tile justice department. Wallace called it “another intrusion” into local matters arid protested, “theres no need for federal referees.” “After all that’s happened in Washington, they ought to be refereeing whats going on there,” he said. Today s Index I karst. quested tapes cf about 75 Watergate-related conversations, besides the 42 for which it was given White House-edited transcripts instead of the tapes time of ar-publican convention while the government w e i g h e d dropping anti-trust charges against the corporation and 46 tapes on the $2 million campaign pledge by milk pro- (Cont inned- Page 5. Co! 3.) alarms was sounded at 11:25 p m. Tuesday and thc dwelling was engulfed in flames when firemen arrived. 'Two children were saved when their mother tossed them into the arms of someone on thc ground, police said. Jury Ban Part of Law Held Illegal Comics ‘ill Crossword 91) Daily Record 3 A Deaths \ Editorial Features CA Farm 2C Financial Itll) Marion 6B Mov ies 81) Society IIIB-I5B Sports ID-7D St.lie UMI Television IIC B ant Ads I2D-151) By Boland Krekeler Linn District Judge William Eads ruled Tuesday that a p u t inn ol a new law that abolishes the right to a jury trial in small claims of less than $1,000 is unconstitutional. The judge declared that key element of the small claims court unconstitutional even though In1 personally feels that permitting a jury trial “would slam the doors of justice” to some for whom thc doors had been opened by the new uniform trial court law. Linn District Associate Judge Anthony Scolaro, who sits iii the j’irst avenue division tit the court, where the small claims are handled, said Wednesday In* now “prob ably will grant” jury trials when they arc demanded Not Binding He and Judge Eads both said a district court ruling has no binding effect on other cases, but Scolaro said “considerable weight should be given to what another judge has done.” Eads wrote he hopes the matter can be adjudicated by the Iowa supreme court. The attorney general’s office is awaiting a copy of the decision before deciding on ail appeal. Scolaro said he agrees with Eads’ decision. Scolaro was named a defendant in the case considered by lvads, because he had upheld a ruling of District As sociate Judge Lynne Brady disallowing a jury trial to a Cedar Rapids couple in a small claims case. Scolaro said thc case was a test case. Basis for Case The matter began when Executive Affiliates, Inc, sued Peter and Linda Olney for $385 in a rent dispute in July, 1972. The Olncys tiled a countersuit and demanded a jury trial as was permitted by statute before the uniform trial court law went into effect on July I, 1973. Since the appe al of the decisions of Scolaro and Brady, the original small claim of Executive Affiliates and the Olney*- has been dismissed by the parties. Judge Eads wrote that tho abolishment of the right to a jury trial in small claims is contrary to the Iowa constitutional provision that thc right of trial bv jury “shall remain inviolate.” Historical Precedent Since there is evidence that suits for money damages were subject to trial by jury at the time the constitution was adopted, that right remains becaufre of the terms of the constitution. The Olncys would have had a right to a jury trial even without that constitutional provision, Eads wrote, because the statute abolishing (Continued: Page 5. Col. 3 ) ;

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