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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 7, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather-- ('hance of min I h r o ii g Ii Wednesday. I-ow tonight iii (he 50s. High Wednesday in Humid (ills. VOLUME 92 NUM BEH IIH inlier CITY FINAL IO CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, TUESDAY, MAY 7, 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES BRANDT Paper Tells Scott: Transcripts Evidence of 'lmmoral-SLA Arms WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen* A White House spokesman exalt- Republican lx-ader Hugh pressed the conviction Tuesday Scott said Tuesday President I that the Nixon presidency will Nixon's reveal Watergate transcripts 'a shabby, disgusting, be judged by foreign policy and domestic achievements and (AP) — Chronicle pieces of were found in the Sym- White ,,()Use and said P°rtions secretary, said in response to with liberation army hideout ()f tho transcnP| he saw last reporters’ questions, “We rec*;Gror last SAN FRANCISCO The San Francisco said Tuesday that firearms bione&e I discovered by authorities week. The newspaper said the evidence indicates the apartment was used as an armory. The newspaper also said that neighbors were reported to have heard drilling and other sounds coming from the apartment. Sources speculated that “work with weapon?, was in preparation for new anil unexpected action.” Authorities who were asked about a report that a SLA bomb factory had been found said they were unaware of such an operation. T Ii e half-ton of clothing, paper, bedding and trash taken by FBI agents Thursday from the last known refuge of the SLA has yielded no clues as to Patricia Hearst's whereabouts, the FBI said. Seeks Cun Permit immoral performance” by all of not the tone of the transcripts. those involved.    “As    you have been told,” Scott, who has defended the Herald Warren, deputy press Henry Sees HopeinTalk To Gromyko -winter showed Nixon’s in- ognize the risks taken in pro- NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) —I Secretary of State Kissinger met for three hours Tuesday Soviet Foreign Minister romyko, and said, “We had a ! good talk, a useful talk and we hope to make progress in the j Syrian-Israeli disengagement.” The secretary then flew back to Israel for meetings with Pre- i c    »»    ,    ,    -    -    -. mier Goida Meir and other mg immora performance, the ters and many hours with cad- u r i n i »    '    rf    ^    luiu    members of her negotiating Pennsylvania Republican said.! ers of congress.    ,    ,,    ,    ■ * i a it t    ,    - iv    team. He is    due in Damascus on Asked d he meant by the Pres-! “The point is, from my gen-1 Wednesday Gromyko described his session with Kissinger as “useful and constructive.” He later flew nocence, gave reporters some viding transcripts of 33 hours sharp comments on them based of this very difficult subject. on reading about ROO of the 1,300 «The President has had thou-Pa8cs-    sands of hours of conversations “I think it’s a shabby, disgust- on important foreign policy mat- ’res- ident, he replied “by each of    era, view>    j    d()n-t    fee, ifs    fajr those persons according to what: t0 judg3    the president on 33 sa‘d-    hours of his    very    difficult    dis- Scott said, “I am enormously    cessions.” disturbed that there was not enough showing of moral indignation.” Nixon “Exculpate”? However, he declined to say to Moscow. Arab newspaper commentaries were hinting that the Kissinger mission was close to down, and a Syrian White House officials have made    clear    they    believe    the President has provided to the house judiciary committee all,.    , the material    it    needs for its    im-' nuvvuwi,    ne    ucci.ucu    iw    ooj    M!lnL    u .    c    government    communique    issued anything    further    and.    when    . ‘    dj    ,,    (Uf,CVC, >(    Tuesday    indicated    the    Russians amiced if he .lilt Ihnneht the [? . n t c m n    !>«•    IK-Iped    harden    the    Syr,an scripts, many committee1    y    3 members say they need more information. asked if he still thought the transcripts “exculpated” the President, said he stands on a statement he made last Friday. At that time, he said the full transcripts of the March 21 line One The communique said Gromyko had declared the Soviet Un-“Impeachable”    ion’s full support for the Syrian member, Rep Conyers attitude tawards any troop dis- RESiGNS Complete Withdrawal ‘‘The two sides again reiterat- lmpeacha Cd that the process of troop sep-_ aration should be considered a _    .    11 k i Nixons black- step toward achieving a com Q U iff I liq * Not 1 21, piete Israeli withdrawal from all c    7    .    T I 1\W‘ch Dcan concernin« dc- occupied Arab lands, and to tnOUqt) Work IO UIST6P OIIM© mantis by Watergate conspira- ward reaching a complete and / -±'l    —    .    " ,tot L. Howard Hunt was “the jUSt settlement to the Middle Justify OOIOTy best evidence of the commission East problem,” the communique CHICAGO (AP) — An assis- j ________ .    ,sai    tant state comptroller says he’s Conyers told a news confer- \ hieh official nn hnnrr) Kis .....,    , because there isn t meetings    involving    President    | (D-Mich.), an outspoken critic    engagement    on    the    Golan In another development, Nixon and    former counsel John    0f the president, said Tuesday    Heights. Steven Weed. Miss Hearst’s Dean are    consistent    with the    \]ls rcadjn,, 0f the transcripts fiance, tried unsuccessfully to summaries and excerpts he was;convjncc that Nixon }l.jd obtain a handgun permit and a shown last    winter.    committed “an passport in Santa Rosa north ..... ................ *—    act” of here, it was disclosed Mon- _    fk    J J    Conyers    said Sonoma County Undersheriff    .    ..‘!!uCU“‘ons.0n March , | plete Israeli withdrawal from a Robert Hayes said Weed and his mother,    Mrs.    Bernard    Pepper. tried to get the gun permit at BELFAST (AP) — Two Prot the sheriff's office Friday.    estant teenagers opened tire °n|0f    a federal    crime He was sent to the Santa Rosa Roman Catholic construction police department, which said workers Tuesday, killing two)    J    T”    A    high    off!cia!    on board Kis-qujtting Dt,c;iusc ,nm. lsn they denied the permit because and wounding five, authorities .    1 on u" "ce- mai us singer s plane said Kissinger 1    . Chief Salvatore Rosano had or-! said.    clearly an impeachable act.    had made    ‘‘reasonable (>nouf5*1 uo1^ lo justify Ins sal* dered a    ban    on new    permits    Earlier,    terrorists believed to    Although several of the 38    progress” in his discussions r> until he    takes    command of the    belong to    the Catholic Irish Ile-    webers of the committee have    with the Israeli government and “When I reached that conclu- force June I.    oublican Army killed a Catholic    f°r    Nixon    s    impeachment    hoped to take a revised Israeli sion, the next conclusion was couple and wounded their;10 the Past- Conyers is the first proposal for disengagement to obvious: daughter,    planted a record-sized    member to say he had found ev-    Damascus Wednesday. Gromy- •P*    t iuo.rM.iinH bomb 200 yards    ldence an impeachable of-    ko has been conferring iii Inl and destroyed fcnse 10 the transcripts. Senate Subpoena Meanwhile, the .senate Water-committce said it still nnH needs five subpoenaed White C two teen- House tapes, despite Nixon’s rangers got out of the car. yanked lease of<®dited tratlscriPts ol thc claimed Kissinger was making it' conversations.    progress, they also said there At A dejected Willy Brandt is shown at a meeting of his Social Democratic party in Bonn after h’s resignation as West German chancellor. Glenn vs. Metzenbaum Highlight of Primaries Story by Weed In a Chronicle story that peared under his name Tues- ,100-pound from city hall day. Weed said the SLA cannot SmjthficW Markct, one of Bel-lct Hears go and. f t-s hes, known landmarks. risk (he melting away of her ,,olicc said the Protests — a few' short drove up to a workers were reading newspapers, nvlon stockings over their faces, riddled thc hut with submachine gun and pistol fire, then fled. Indians To Discourage South Dakota Tourism conversion in days of freedom. Miss Hearst was dragged from the Berkeley apartment she shared with Weed on Feb. 4. Weed was beaten bv the abductors, He said from talking to people who have known members of the SLA “I also have the impression that some individuals of the group are much more friendly and intelligent on a personal level than their actions and language would have them appear. “Over a three-month period it    boycott    to    protest would be hard not to respond in    racism''    in    the    state some way to this personal attention, if that is the way she has been treated,” he said. Weed said if his fiancee “has gone through a revolutionary rebirth it has been a very odd one. She has cut loose not only her family and friends, but also her subtlety and wit " hut where rotestants the ® mascus with Syrian Hafez Assad. A senior U. S. official told newsmen Kissinger hoped his meeting with Gromyko would “nudge disengagement along ” ct out,” said George Ylahin, 64, lured as an assistant President t0 Comptroller George Lindbcrg Feb. I, at $27,500 a year. “The first year was a tremendous challenge to meet some impossible deadlines,” said Carolina Mahin. “I was busy. But now but with Bv United Press International congri The 1974 voting season began *l0n in earnest Tuesday, with primaries in four states and a home rule referendum in the nation's “last colony.” Thc featured contest was the Democratic senatorial primary in Ohio, where former Astronaut John Glenn was trying to throw out the recently-appointed Sen Howard Metzenbaum. Alabama, Indiana also only Party Nod To Finance Chieftain BONN (AP) - West Germany’s ruling Social Democrat-i c party nominated sharp-tongued Finance Minister Helmut Schmidt Tuesday to succeed Chancellor Willy Brandt following Brandt’s unexpected resignation. Brandt, 60, whose “Ostpolitik” policies for East-West detente won him the Nobel Peace Prize during his 4 V6 years in office, fell victim to a spy scandal on top of state election setbacks for his socialist party. Caretaker Cabinet Foreign Minister Walter Scheel, Brandt’s vice-chancellor and thc leader of the junior partner in the coalition government, took over the caretaker cabinet left by Brandt. He will serve until Schmidt’s election by thc lower house of parliament. Heinz Kuehn, deputy chairman of the Social Democrats, told newsmen Brandt himself proposed the 55-year-old finance minister as his successor. Schmidt was nominated by the party’s presidium and a caucus of its members in parliament was called for later Tuesday to approve the nomination, Kuehn said Brandt, despite , his retirement from the govern-iment, would retain the chairmanship of the party. Brandi was greeted at    his party’s parliamentary caucus by thunderous applause and smen sought rencmina-* cheers. A bouquet of 50 red roses lay on his desk. The Glenn-Metzenbaum cam-! Th© chancellor’s resignation paign was    bitterly    fought, with    letter to President Gustav Hein- both    sides    charging    the other    n m a n n Monday night    said with dirty campaigning. Glenn. Brandt took * political responsive a    Hility for negligence” in    ap- AP Wirephoto the first American to rocket in earth orbit 12 years Pointing a spy for East Cerago. has filed twice before in man-V. Guenther Guillaume, to senate contests, including a pri- an important post in thc chan-marv defeat by Metzenbaum m ^cilery, 1970    State    Setbacks Metzenbaum then lost to Re- Political experts said Brandt publican Robert Taft, jr., but ;dso resigned because of the kind North was appointed this year by Gov. recen! setbacks in state cloche Id primaries. John Gilligan to the senate seatjBons and 0P*n*°n polls that a few contested left vacant by the resignation of sl,0VV(’d support lor his policies ST PAUL (UPI) — The American Indian Movement says it will discourage tourism in South Dakota in an economic rampant smPts suspect and neither Although U. S. officials    -    .    -       ,------------*    —-— --------—    . , ,     .    .    _ reached the point where major races for congressional Republican William Saxbe to ”dd dropped to about 30 per- progress, they also said there there just isn t the work to jus-ar s,a,c offiats. Voters in the become attorney general.    ^nt    d^n I(rom 43 Peromt as the same time. White was “a distinct possibility” he *.fv #|lr v.nd 0f s darv I was P>,striC*-Columbia balloted on    income    Taxes    ‘    .    ‘    .    ,r. *- . . Wr . House lawyers were given five would go back to Washington j. aid „    “    a home rule charter^ that would Mu(.h of the Ohio scrapping |ington "aid^rand't’s customary more days Monday in which to without a disengagement agree-    .    .    ,    t^ the nations capital bob-, stave off a showdown with the ment and would return to the Considering Mahin s back- tailed self-government. Watergate special prosecutor Middle East in three or four;ground, the reason for his resignation is not that surprising. For 12 years he headed thc Better Government Assn., a citi over 64 tapes sought for use in weeks. the Watergate cover-up trial. The high American official The senate committee, in said the meeting was at Grainy-papers filed with the U. S. court s request of appeals, called Nixon's tran- d* iii a statement issued by ALM Leader Russell Means during a rece trial kota a “zone of war.” The statement said out-of-state cars which enter reservations without Indian permits will be confiscated. The two men will cuss not only the Middle East but questions concerning Prcs-complcte nor accurate.” The i^*mt Nixon s scheduled visit to ruption on the stati court had asked the senators Moscow in .lune and the limita- local levels cd some attention, but not because Gov. George Wallace was expected to have trouble win- D- candidacy. 4J zens' nonprofit watchdog "lnc    Wallace    sup-    kj    k)ts    d,d porters are talking about an-.[.am aign other presidential run for him in igency which works closely with media in investigating cor-countv and after what stake they still have in the in the Wounded Kneejcourt f»ght in light of disclosures AIM declared South Da-!alreadv made. including the transcripts. tion of strategic arms Not liinder Mahin says lie will go private consulting work into Tax Penalty Collected Too Early: 85 To Get Refunds The official said that when Kissinger and Gromyko met a “Corruption”    week ago Sunday at Geneva it The committee .sought tapes \sas undeistood that .it best the covering five presidential con- ^ovu’ts w°uld suppoit the Amel venations in a subpoena issued u'an disengagement elicits or at last Julv 23. Monday ii said tho lc:,sl would n(" hlndl'r ,hcnl 3 Killed in Crash Of Flower Plane tapes still are needed if    the committee is “to inform    the public of the extent of corruption in the executive branch ” The committee said that even By Roland Krckcler    The    taxes    were    not    certified    the incomplete versions of    the The    Linn    county treasurer s to the    treasurer    this    year    until    conversations covered in    the office collected penalties on SSI Keb. 4. An attorney general's property tax payments Monday opinion of some years ago de-until it determined at ll am. clares that when the certifi-that under a state law the pen-cation is late, the penalty collcc-alty was not to lie collected until tion is to commence 91 days after the certification This year that fell on Monday. American officials have gone out of their way since the surprise meeting was announced Monday night to deny that the ((’ontinned' Rage 3, Col 2 I (AP> -plane, loaded former Rep Mother’s day and Henry French Hi NUERNBERG chartered cargo with 12 tons of flowers from th Viera, crashed into a forest while approaching Nuernberg airport Monday night, killing all three crewmen Much of the Ohio was over the candidates ,n*    I vigor and enthusiasm had been Tho Alabama    primary attract-j!*™    hiok"m    r°plfCd T"' mon'hs,b>' cl his returns back to thc early    puzzling and alarming apathy. 1960s when he announced his The political crisis caused bv and Metzenbaum, j Brandt’s resignation was consid- a fortune in airport pred the; worst in West German so during the. history and was expected to intense prod- have repercussions far outside ding by his opponent, who Germany’s boundaries, espc- also became prosperous when | cially among its partners in the he left the space program.    European Common Market. The District of Columbia ref- u. S. officials in Washington erendum decided the fate of the    expressed the hope there would first home rule legislation to    be no slipup in thc succession of At    stake in    North Carolina    pass through congress in a cen-    Schmidt, considered a friend of were    the party    nominations for    tury.    the U. S He volunteered to the senate seat now held by Washington has been a city challenge French Foreign Min- Democrat Sam Ervin State At- run by congress and presider j*ter Michel Jobert on behalf of tornev General Robert Morgan, tial appointees since shortly the U S. government at the Nick Galilianakis after thc Civil war and, while February conference of oil-con* Hall Wilson, a the home rule charter now of- sliming nations, and in March former White House aide, were fered its citizens would permit he said iii an interview that in the Democratic race. William them to elect local officials, there would be no permanent Stevens was expected to be the congress and the W hite House split between the U. S and Republican winner.    1    would retain final control in a Western Europe despite current 1976 and a big win in Alabama was regarded as an ideal launching platform for such an effort. Ervin Seat North Carolina In Indiana, all ll incumbent number of key arca^ Tuesday. Treasurer said Tuesday being mailed transcripts vindicate its claim that the tapes are needed The committee said it is essential that it have a complete and ac- (Cont inned Rage 3. Col 3.) Tape Gaps Explained; Due to Swerping James Hennessey refund cheeks are to those who were charged the penalty on Monday. It had been his understanding. based on an attorney general's opinion and announced publicly two times, that the penalty was to be charged beginning Monday. State .statutes call tor the taxes to be certified to the treasurer no later than Dee JI, for Hie first half taxes to be paid Howler, as Hennessey learned Monday, a chapter ai the code dealing with construction of statutes states that in computing time. Sundays and legal holidays are not counted if they are the lavt day of a period. •Since Sunday was the last day on which, according to the attorney general, a payment could Im* made without penalty, Hennessey has agreed that the last day without penalty should have Today s Index before March I and lur a pen alty consisting of 0.75 percent to been extended to Monday Im* charged each month begin-) Ile said the refunds toto Im* Corn ies 25 Crossword 25 Dally Record *1 Deaths 3 Editorial Features 8 Farm 21 Financial 26 Marion Mov ies 23 Society lf.15 Sports 17-20 State 8.9 Television 21 Want Ads 27-31 mug April I, if not paid tween $2<HI and $31X1 By Harry Rosenthal WASHINGTON (AIM YI last, an explanation for some of those “inaudible” and "unintelligible ' gaps in the White House transcripts of Rrcsidcnt Nixon's Watergate conversations. Swerping caused them Swerping? According to White House lawyer J Fred Buzhardt, swerping is the noise on the tape during the time it takes an automatic recorder to start and get to recording speed The White House taping sn s tem was actuated by sound The microphones picked up a noise — a voice, a slamming door. a clock ticking loudly and the reels began to turn Buzhardt is a lawyer, not an audio specialist, but he was one of tin' first and one of the few to listen to the tapes. lit' offered Ins explanation iii an interview with YY’es-tmghousr Broadcasting l o. “Rrobably the most pre dominant cause of “inaudible” or “unintelligible” is tim voice actuator system on which the system operates.“ he said. “When there is a hesitation or interruption iii speech, the gain ivolume) control usually moves from the lowest point of sensitivity to the highest point of sensitivity.” Still with us’’ “At the same time the tape reels, which have stopped turning with the interruption, then accelerate and pick up to playing speed. The combination of the gain control movement |)lus the acceleration of the ta|H» through the recorder produces a swerping noise which normally obscures the first few syllabics spoken aile r the interruption of speech.” Buzhardt also said there is a relationship between how deep the voice is and the fidelity of the recording. The lower th(* voice, the more distortion He said the Rresident has a lower voile than John Dean and therefore the former YYhite House counsel conies through more clearly Dean, he said, has a higher- pitched, rather flat tone of speech. “The Rresident has, relatively speaking, a more bass voice than does Mr Dean,” Buzhardt added “I guess Mr. (John N.) Mitchell has the bassest of thc voices iii any of the tapes that were recorded and he is almost impossible to hear on the recordings.” For the record it should bo noted that there are about 1,670 portions claimed by White House transcribers to be inaudible or unintelligible. In 1,075 of them the Rresident was speaking. There is no count yet on how many were caused by swerping. differences. Mounting Pressure Brandt’s shock resignation came after mounting pressure on the government by the opposition Christian Democratic Union over the Guillaume affair, the biggest spy sensation since World war ll in a country which is a major target for Soviet Bloc espionage Guillaume, 47, Brandt’s aide for party political affairs since 1972, was arrested April 24 with Ins wife, who was secretary of the Hesse state government’s office iii Bonn. Guillaume admitted being an East German army officer and (Continued: Rage 3, Col 7.) I Oil" a's ( It Ut'Lie The cost of living may be high but it's still a bargain toping ■ ;

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