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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 25, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa ■ rn* *    *■ The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Thurs . July 25, 1971 —              j    -......  T Vermouth Pledge Neglected Evaporation I kl I ti1 a    a y I lr Ii west    making the nerfert martini    earh    nnrniny    thy    vermouth    of    the    rnntpntsi    nmr    thai    wn Chow Time These four newly hatched wrens seem to be voicing their disapproval, either because mom is bte with tine groceries or because someone is poking a camera at them. The picture was (raker) at Lake Park, Ga. My IMrk West WASHINGTON (UPI) - You (hulk you’ve got troubles, lei me tell you wha! happened to Terry Mcflale of Flint, Mich On Mellale’s wedding day, an older friend and eonnois sour of note presented him with a fifth of fine Italian dry vermouth “Young man," said the friend, “if you prepare your martinis properly, this fifth of fine Italian dry vermouth will last you 25 years ’’ Mcllale took these words to heart and remained ever mindful of his friend’s advice when the cocktail hour arrived Imagine, then, his dismay and chagrin when he recently discovered he had run out of vermouth a full six weeks short of his 25th wedding anniversary * Some Reassurance Now pinto understandably he is tortured by remorse and self-doubts. • “Have I been deluding myself and my friends all these years by thinking I was making the perfect martini when in reality I was using too much vermouth!!” he f ries in anguish Happily I am able to offer him some reassurance on that point It appears the donor of the vermouth, in computing its life expectancy, may have neglected to take into account the worldwide variation in evaporation rates Working from charts available at tho U S Weather Service, I have ascertained that the vermouth evaporation rat* in Michigan is 0,3 percent Dick West faster than it is in Italy where this fifth was bottled The donor was correct in calculating that, if the bottle were opened once a day for 9,125 days anil if l-9,125ths of its contents were removed at GAZETTE TELEPHONE NUMBERS For News Sports Bookkeeping Generol Infor motion end Offices Not listed Below Coll Circulation Subscription Dept Mon thru Sot 8 a rn to I p m Sundays Until 12 Noon Holidays ll o rn to I p rn 'N ant Ads Mon thru fri 8 a rn to S p m Saturday until I? Noon Display Advertising 8 o rn to S p rn. Monon Office 398 8211 398 8333 398 823d V/8 8772 398 8430 each opening, the vermouth would last 25 years. But only in Italy In Michigan, due to more rapid evaporation during the daily pouring period, it would only last 9,097 days Also to be taken into account is the fact that 25 years ago Italy was still recovering from the ravages of World war II. The quality of Italian glass was at that time somewhat inferior and vermouth bottles tended to be above normal in absorbency. This particular bottle could well have absorbed 14-9, 125th of the contents over that span of time (•one Forever The four-week supply lost through evaporation is gone forever lf Mcflale wishes to recover the two-week absorption loss, he may do so by pulverizing the bottle and straining the ground glass to extract the vermouth Otherwise, he may take comfort from the knowledge that his martinis these last 24 years and 4H weeks were mixed in exactly the proper proportions. 2-3-2 “THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE” DESIGNED WITH YOU IN MIND!! LOOK AT THE COLLEGE TRANSFER OPPORTUNITIES WEDNESDAY COLLEGE FUTURE COLLEGE WEEKEND COLLEGE EVENING COLLEGE COUNSELING AVAILABLE DAYS, NIGHTS, & WEEKENDS: KIRKWOOD S 2-3-2 IS FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO CONTINUE WHAT THEY ARE NOW DOING AND STILL GET A TWO YEAR DEGREE! CALL KIRKWOOD — 398-5517 — (even our tuition will please you. WATCH FOR COMPLETE COURSE LISTING ON AUGUST I I k Thousands of Squid Ashore on California Coast LOS ANGELES (IPI) -Thousands of squid are washing ashore along the southern Californii coast. chasing grunion (snail fish) and at least one frightened little girl. ‘‘There arc many thousands of them out there,” John Fitch, research director af the state fisheries laboratory in Long Beach, says. The octopus-like creatures, usually found in he waters off Chile and Peru, have washed ashore from Oceanside to Point Dume, he said. a stretch of coastline IOO miles long. north and south of l>#s Angeles. Most^ Small “Most of Clem are about 2 feet long and 2 to 3 pounds,” he said. but the species is “know n to get to 12 feet in length and can weigh IMI to 2IMI pounds.” John Olgiin, director of the ( abriHo miseum in San Pedro said a little girl ran from the water there in fright, with a small sqiid wrapped around lier leg. “It didn t bite her. and she was just scared,” he said The squid have long tentacles and small beaks, like a bird’s, which they use to catch and eat their prey. Fitch said he examined some of the squid “and they had grunion in their stomachs, so it's possible they chased after the grunion and stranded them salves on shore.” Grunion are small silvery fish that swim ashore to spawn on nights of full moon. Staved 3 Years Fitcfh said the squid last appeared off the coast in 1934. and on that occasion they stayed for three years, with sped miens weighing up to 30 pounds washing ashore. Already, he said, “the net fishermen are plagued by them, and many fishermen have! quit fishing because the squid get tangled in their nets* Squid are edible, and in Itafcy. LatirwAmerica and the Orient, they are caught in large numbers and prepared in many wavs ‘SOS’ Fails To Save $60,000 OAKLAND, Calif (CPI) -Ccm shop owner Wayne Skiles tapped out an “SOS” when a robber handcuffed him to his private teletype machine Coin dealers linked with the mreuit called police But by the Lime officers arrived the thief was gone with SHO.INK) worth of 300-year-old gold pieces, silver coins and cash. police said ^Coetus ■PMSHVjira Think of it os a Wallbanger CjOnC* IOCO* Tate a tall glass full of ice Add an ounce and a half of Tortilla Tequila. An ounce of Neapolitan Italian Style Liqueur. Fill to the top with Squirt and plop in a hunk of fresh limo. What have you got? A genuine Cactus Banger ... a spunky, citrusy South-of-the Border kind of diink that Harvey Wai-banger fans have just got tic love. Because .it s a sort of .a Wallbanger gone loco. Anal once you try one ., . Tortilla Tequila. SO Proof Imported and bottled by Kingston and Company, Limited, Chicago, Illinois 60623. Neapolitan Liquour, 80 Proof. Produced and bottled in the U S A by International Liqueurs, Chicago, Illinois 60623 SAI    ULEKOFFS®Pen *on'te (Thurs.) ’til 9 p.m. 2'/i acre! of •vurything for the horn# Third Ave. at First St. S E. In Downtown Cedar Rapids Hot Weather Is lust Starting! CW M^O*^    ~    Oor<*°*e o*tf\    _    p.    olC\    P Vjp°'"y on .ah COV*00;Con* CV'P    Roo'*' jf^rirei^r ROOM ma STB Air Conditioners Now You Can Buy Brand New ana Air Conditioner 5,000 to 18,000 BTU and Save $ 50 OO With Coupon The sleek, handsome air conditioner so whisper quiet it gets talked about ACT NOW! Why Swelter This Summer? Get Set NOW To Enjoy COOL, COOL COMFORT During Summer's Sweltering Days and Nights! It Pays To Buy NOW AND SAVE! BUY NOW . . . We'll Deliver Now In Original Factory Crating and Place It In Your Garage or Basement for Installation Later lf You Desire. 5-Vear Total Appliance Warranty! Covers Labor and Parts Only Amana gives you this comprehensive protection! SMAHA S Vt AR T01AI APPLIANCE WARRANTY Amin, ai intl for tv yonis frow date of original purchase In ti S , tree retirement or repair including related labor, or parts ti'. ’ it rte*. '.    1    a    •kniansli.p    ut    pa',• JI po (MI nor mal use ant returned through A ".MU s dealer U>st’ Pat.” !»:»'• .'ti" Owner n resp r-,blj (or local ca (age repairmen , travel ripens* it required repiaiement of gaskets, biters, lubber or olastrc peris, and install*!, rn St material Ownir is alay responsible tor normal rn nntenence service (cleaning of coils, water drains, motor tub'" Ilion and no-mal deteriorat ed of appearance items due Ic wear o espnsure Any product subjected to Accident, rn,* va, negligence, at ule, defacement et serial P aia or attent on shall void 1he warranty In Canada, the warranty applies es Above eirept that it does not cover (Aves, duties, Assessments levied At time cf pail export. SMU LEK OFF’S TERMS TO FIT YOUR BUDGET ;

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