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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 25, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa IO    Cedar    Rapids    Gazette:    Thurs.,    July    25,    1971 WIN AT BRIDGE By Osuald & James Jacoby “Well,” said West philosophically, “anyone can chuck a trick when he has good cards. It takes a real genius to throw one away when you hold a bust.” East had shown no interest at all in tin' bidding or in the early play Maybe he had been NORTH    25 A 8652 V A 10 8 6 ♦ 104 ♦ 0 6 5 WEST    EAST ♦ IO    *    9743 V K J 54    *    973 ♦ QJ9    4    752 ♦ AEQ 10 8    *    74 2 SOUTH (lh ♦ A EQ J *Q 2 4 A K 8 6 3 ♦ J 3 Both vulnerable West    North    East    South I ♦ 2*    Pass    Pass    24* Pass    34    Pass    44 Pass    Pass    Pass Opening lead—KA happy when North and South failed to reach a slam, but we ll never know . West started out by leading out his three top clubs South didn't bother to ruff the third lead He was afraid that trumps might break 4-1 against him and in any event the deuce of hearts that he discarded would have been an eventual loser West decided to lead a fourth club South ruffed in dummy and East couldn’t wait to overruff South overruffed in turn: cashed his ace and king of diamonds and ruffed a third diamond in dummy. The suit broke and it was a simple matter for South to take the rest of the tricks Do you see w hy West was annoyed? East could have beaten the contract by just discardinga diamond on that fourth club. South would still have to ruff a diamond in dummy whereupon East would have been able to overruff ¥+CHRDJ5?/**44 The bidding has been 25 West North East South 14 Pass 24 Pass 34 Pass 44 Pass 54 Pass 54 Pass 9 You, South, hold 4A Q 6 5 4 4A Q6 5 4 4AK ♦ 2 What do you do now? A —Bid six spades. Your partner is show ing second round heart control. TODAY’S QUESTION Instead of bidding four spades your partner has bid four clubs over your three hearts. What do you do now 0 Answer Tomorrow ON THIS I)XTE in 1878, the first Chinese diplomatic mission to the United States arrived in Washington. C.R. Drug Numbers To report a violation: Michael Dooley 377-8081 lf you need help: Foundation ll... 363-21 74 (4 p rn. to midnight) Resume Big Factor in Finding New Job By Dean Miller NEW YOHE (UPI) - Job changes rate with births, deaths and marriages as milestones in many an individuals life. Despite this. few people know what should he in tin* resume list'd in trying to convince one company to hire you away from your present job. or how to frame that pitch A man with specialized knowledge in this area is Robert Half, director of a New York agency bearing his name which is the largest personnel placement firm in the world in tilt' areas of financial and data processing personnel. Three Ingredients Half says any resume must have three basic ingredients: Your positive image, playing down tilt' negative not only in context but in letter position: positive contribution, how you have and can aid a company and positive appeal, tooting Doctor Is Fired For Revealing Hearst Talks VACAVILLE, ('alit (I IM) -A California medical facility psychologist who arranged secret meetings between newspaper executive Randolph Hearst and an inmate has been fired for talking about the rendezvous Prison officials said Dr Wesley Plier was fired because he discussed the meetings in an interview with Rolling Stone, a biweekly newspaper published in San Francisco The convict reportedly had been a friend of Donald DeEreeze, the leader of the Symbionese Liberation Army which kidnaped Patricia Hearst in February. DeFrte/e. an escaped convict, died in a gunfight in Los Angeles in May. Hiler. dismissed for “unprofessional conduct.” said he would appeal. Foils Victim to * Sneak Eviction HOUSTON (UPI) - Service station operator Art Ballard. who once barricaded himself in his station with a shotgun to stop Mobil Oil from throwing him out, has been taken by surprise and evicted Several trucks, led by Constable Ralph Franz, rolled up to Ballard’s station and began loading equipment, catching Ballard while he worked on a customer’s car. A jury ruled last May that Mobil had the right to evict Ballard. Mobil first sought to cancel Ballard’s lease in April (Maiming the station was sloppily kept. Ballard, his shotgun in hand, refused to budge aud said Mobil wanted to get rid of him and take the station over because he had turned it into a profit maker Still Raid Nobs 74-Year-Old COLUMBUS, Ohio (UPI) -William Hoy, 74. was arrested at what was described as one of the biggest stills ever raided in Ohio. Sheriff Thomas Wilson said he and agents of the federal treasury department confiscated HH gallons of bottled whisky. B4H gallons of fermented mash. 159 gallons of unbottled whisky and JOO jugs during the raid on the 200-gallon still The still was located at the rear of Hoy’s home near New Straitsville. Ohio. INLAID VINYL ARMSTR0NG-C0NG0LEUM-LURAN 540 Patterns Choice 95 Sq. Yd. & Up EXPERT INSTALLATION OR DO IT VOL RSELF VINYL ASBESTOS 3 Easy To Install 12x12 Tile 21 ea. &Up 30 COLORS IN STOCK your own lob horn in a discreet but forceful way Vmong the essential “musts” of any resume. Half lists Be accurate, hut not precise to the extent that it becomes boring or ludicrous Too much detail suggests you overlook the big picture for tin' tnv ia Stick to facts; do not expound personal philosophies. Eliminate unnecessary words. Avoid the first person “I” and eliminate the third person ‘'lie ” Where possible use action words as tin' first words of sentences Make the resume serve a single purpose. It you qualify for two positions, submit two resumes Don't water down your capabilities I se birth date, not age. The date never changes; the age does Mention the following if they apply Foreign languages, business organizations, special business courses, published articles in related fields and business and education honors Some important “(lou ts Don’t say “prefer to" . . . but ‘ would consider.” Don’t use “etc." The reader know s you have (lone more than you list Don’t retral salaries iii (he resume. Don’t give references or yoni superv isor’s name Don't mention political, religious or fraternal organizations Don’t lie or exaggerate. Don't mention sex. race, color or national origin Don’t include a photograph. You are apply mg for a job not a passport Don’t he gimmicky. Too many people are turned off Half emphasizes that a resume is a sales (lev ice. that it is not an exercise iii modesty lf your resume has no "sell," it won’t Employers respect a person vvho can present Ins best front \fter all,that’s vv hat they want hun to do if lie goes to work for them Write ll Yourself And the resume must bo written by you W bile editorial advice can be helpful. Half says it is a mistake to have someone else write the resume It s too easily spotted and thrown away. Therefore, to the best of your ability, emphasize the points yon want tin' prospective employer to know And play down the weaknesses. They’ll he discov ered all too soon, sa\s Half. He suggests comments such as the following culled from applications coming across his desk be avoided A Los Angeles job-seeker wrote “Along with the project manager, I worried a lot " From Baltimore “Don’t ask mc about tin' other vv lie. ” And this cheery non sequitur from New York “Here’s looking at you ” Half says he never did Reject Homosexual Discrimination Ban WORCESTER. Mass (UPI) — The city council has killed a proposed ordinance to ban discrimination against homosexuals in jobs and housing by a 7-2 vote. The change, which would have amended the city’s human rights law to include homosexuals, was proposed by the Worcester Gay Union and supported by the Massachusetts Civil Liberties Union and the city’s humaTi rights commission. Dog Honored for Saving Master .....  ..    ..ill*    XI    IL    ll    ll    ll    f    I    ll    lf SAN FRAM TSCO (I IM) Red Baron, a German short-haired retried cr. lias been awarded a bronze miniature of Lassie and $1 .IWO for saving Ins master s life Tin* award for "loyalty, deep love and keen intelligence was made by the Recipe Dog Food Co. to owner Philip Schley cr. 49, (Tilton. N J Sehreycr. an insurance sales manager, was hunting last Nnv 28 when he slipped and Ins shotgun discharged, wounding Ins left foot Sehrey cr collapsed vv Ii i Ie trying t<> crawl to a road hut Red Baron went on ahead, stopped a car and hi ought hack help, according to his citation To Order Your Action-Ad, Dial 398-8234 MIDSUMMER CLEARANCE INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER LAWN MOWERS MODEL No 3322 21” FULLY ADJUSTABLE • ZIPPERED CATCHER reg. $1 54.99 • SOLID STATE IGNITION NOW •FINGER TOUCH START $132.46 • I YR. 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M*0>t »I *KS I .89 1.19 Noxzema Skin Cream ■; Barnes-Hind Wetting Solution for Contact Lenses 2 z Visme Eye Drops. 15 n Wet Ones Moist Towelettes 70 sheets Dial Very Dry Antiperspirant. regular or unscented 12 oz Desenex .pray-on Coppertone foot powder    Suntan    Oil.    4    oz Soothing, cooling medicated 6 oz Maalox liquid antacid 12 oz Stayfree Maxi-pads. No belts, no pins Box of 30 IMSECT REPELLENT .79 Cutter Insect Repellent. I oz Sportsmate Insect Repellent. 5-oz aerosol 1.27 Ladies Flicker Disposable Razor has 5 blades 1.00 2 boxes Curad Pana iq<<    Body All IOO assorted si/'    Deodorant i per box    powdery spray 16 oz Ban Roll-on Antiperspirant Deodorant Earthborn Shampoo ha natural pH balance 8 oz Tame Creme Rinse. 16 oz Regular with body balsam/body or lemon Edge Protective Shave in regular lime or menthol 7 oz Gillette Trac ll Twin Blade Cartridges 5 per pack r ■ "iv of; r Target Stores Incorporated Hours: Monday through Saturday 10AM to 10PM Sunday 10AM to 7PM 45Q1 First Avenue S E Across from Lindale Plaza ;

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