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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 25, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather— Chance of rain tonight and Friday. biw tonight, mid Mis. Highs Friday, mid 80s. VOLUME 02 NUMBER 1!)7 CITY FINAL 15 CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, THURSDAY, JULY 25, 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES ■ ^ I ■ | ;> i-'\ (ti ;; ■% ;.jr SAN CLEMENTE (AP) -Pledging to comply with the! supreme court’s Watergate tapes ruling “in all respects,” the disappointed President Nixon has ended weeks of uncertainty with the declaration, “I respect and accept the court’s decision.” Special prosecutor Leon Jaworski asked U.S. Judge John Sirica Thursday to order Nixon to turn over within the next two to IO days the fit tapes and documents the court said Nixon must surrender. In a motion submitted to | Sirica, Jaworski said failure to ' comply quickly would prevent the start of the Watergate! (Photos on Picture Page) cover-up trial Sept. 9. for which Jaworski sought the tapes as evidence. “No Valid Reason” The motion noted that 33 of the 64 conversations “apparently have been reviewed by the President and perhaps other White House personnel.” “The government submits I that there is no valid reason why the tapes of these 33 con-1 Inmates Demand Guns, Plan Taking Threaten 10 Hostages |n C|.l||irLc HUNTSVILLE, Texas (AP) -iphen Ray Robertson, 26, Dallas. I § ii W W SU 5 ,) Tossed Out WASHINGTON (AP) - The ) —Iphen Ray The leader of a group of armed. 16 years for rape, inmates says IO persons held Kirkpatrick said, however, hostage in state prison here will that he did not believe Robert-be killed unless the convicts are (son was an active participant, given automatic weapons, am-1 The rebels’ demands were demunition and bullet-proof vests. | livered to officials by the prison Authorities said seven con-Ic h a p I a i n , the Rev. Joseph supreme court Thursday struck victs were with the hostages/O’Brien, a Roman Catholic down by a 5-4 vote a controver-but one of the convicts was not priest who    was    in and out of the    sial desegregation    plan calling believed to be an active partici- library several    times Wednes-    for busing pupils across school pant in the rebellion.    day night conferring with Car-district lines in the Detroit area. Broken Off    rasco. Carrasco served as a The decision sent the case Negotiations between the P°^er in the prison chapel. back to U.S. district court in rebel convicts and prison au-: Prison authorities said Car- Detroit, where the plan was ap-thorities were broken off by the ras(0 an^    b*s    romPanions took    proved two years    ago by the inmates at about I a m. Thurs- (°terol    the    library about I    late Judge Steven    Roth. day. They said they would start P,m Wednesday brandishing The supreme court said Roth talking again Thursday.    j    three handguns. Officials said errod m orderjng a dosegrega The hostages are seven ‘bey did not knr” women and three men, said Dr. convi(ds obtained because correctional officers at know where the tjon pIan embracing both Dc. ( weapons jrob anr] jig suburbs without I Don Kirkpatrick, assistant. , director of the Texas depart- prison do not carry arms ment of corrections. One of the    Heart    Attack I men is guard and the other hostages are civilian teachers and I librarians. I Kirkpatrick told any evidence as to whether the suburban districts were segregated. The lower court was directed —UPI Telephoto MOVES TO IMPEACH — Rep. Donohue (D-Mass.), who introduced the formal resolution to impeach President Nixon at the opening session of the house judiciary committee debate, calls to someone. Leaning over is Rep. Jack Brooks (D-Texas). Standing is an unidentified staff member. No Surprises in Committee Debate ings, said Wiggins, “we would mine how he’ll vote until the; toric debate Wednesday night time for balloting, Mayne eau- before a nationwide television The convicts originally took ll hostages, but one, Glcnnon.to formulate a desegregation Johnson, 51, suffered an appar-’plan for the city itself. wi a • u. newsmeI)'ent heart attack about 9:30 p.m.!    No    Finding Wednesday night ti* apparent and Carrasco freed him.    !    " lr!l.,r°.    johnson    was    reported    in    ala-    .    ch‘ef    •>““<*    Burger    speak- I Gomel Carrasco, had demanded b)e fondl(ion al ” Huntsville ‘"S for tha    ”‘d federal | six bullet-proof vests, three bul- bosDjta|    courts may not impose multidis- ■ let-proof helmets and visors,! Asked by newsmen Wednes- trict desegregation plans where day night if he thought Carrasco There is no finding that all the would carry out the threat to I school districts included had kill the hostages unless the j    to operate integrated rebels’ demands were met, sca00* systems. Kirkpatrick replied, “He’s shot J Justice Marshall, the only black member of the court, dis-u    ..    ..    ,    -    Asked    the same question, Fa-sented, saying: !Sl!oL*'!L?“e.TPc.U0 "dither O'Brien raid. “I believe he) "We deal here with the right will. I believe he will kill those;of all of our children, whatever people.”    (their    race    to    an equal start in The IO hostages were iden- life and to an equal opportunity tified as Alline House, 61; Ann to reach their full potential as three walkie-talkie radios, three M-16 automatic rifles, five magazines of ammunition, IOO loose rounds for each rifle and “suita-j ble clothing for the three of us.” ; Kirkpatrick mid Carrasco,    „ • who was sentenced to life for H a police officer at San Antonio,! had threatened to execute the hostages if the demands were not met. tioncd that "no vote against any and radio audience that heard|„.    j    Fleming,    50;    Linda    Woodman.'citizens. Those children who us for any time deadline,” Kirk-claim patrick said. “It is also interest- 44: Julia Standley, 43; Novena others were given Nixon by ap-    Z    Later,    Wiggins    was    given    ad- pointments secretary Stephen I    J*    ditional time by a fellow Repub- Bull at that time and a partial I    ^ lican’ Hamillon Fish ot New transcript of one was supplied j .    York',0 continue a detailed rec- the house judiciary committee f 7    pieaaea ior jtation of why varjous charges Mayne raised the possibility, about it”, he said. by St. Clair last week, a prose-    xon;    a democrat against Nixon should not bring of misdeeds by other Presidents, But Sandman himself lined up >'ers-    „ cutor’s office spokesman said. urf ,0lJ f .,op^n an impeachment.    especially    Lyndon    Johnson,    against impeachment, terming [n addition to Carrasco, the notorious defiance of the law; a,    Mayne said Johnson came to both the panel inquiry and press ® convicts were identified as congress with only an income of coverage unfair.    Rudolfo    Dominguez    of    San    An- $10,000 a year and amassed a    27-11    Prediction    tomo,    serving    a    15-year    term    for have been denied that right in the past deserve better than to see fences thrown up to deny venations should not be deliv-,^ ,    . „„ ered to the court immediately,”    wa SHI NT TONI    ,reS winding the Jaworski motion added * I    WASHINGTON    — Winding    be doing    a greater violence to Of these 20 were included inl    oug^ ^a*v an^    teght debate,    the Constitution than    any mis-    uuneu    mal    no    vote    again.si any the Partial White House trans i    e house judiciary committee    conduct    alleged of    Richard    impeachment    article    should    be    /dm    tx crinte released fast wriiS 12 heard more mcmbt‘rs Tbllrsday'Nixon”    iinterpreted as approval for im- R<?P' Sandman <R-N.J.) “""“.r“Z'"''"'' Pollard; Elizabeth Beseda. 4t „,JL    I®’.,    -declare    their    positions for or Iatpp wi„oi„, wa, 0iwn ad. proper White House activities.” ‘‘There are sufficient votes here;W to twte^re have been nOjAnthooy Branch. 36; Ron Robin- But he spoke disparagingly of for an impeachment resolution. j    ’    ^son, 35: Bertha Davis, 54; and them that right in the future.” partisan members seeking im-1 “Everyone knows that. There Talked to Lawyers guard Bob Heard, 27.    j    Also    dissenting were Justices peachment “with a vengeance.” jis n0 ’use kidding ourselves He sa^ several of the con- Carrasco escaped from a Douglas, Brennan and White. victs had talked to their law- Mexican prison at Guadalajara! Roth’s decision had called for |yers.    |    in late 1972 after his arrest in I busing of pupils in a three- connection with the seizure of county area around Detroit. $20 million worth of heroin and; It was appealed by Michigan cocaine. After his escape, sever-(officials and by suburban school 8-Hour Delay    Republican expected to be a key    Mayne    Against Some eight hours after the swing v°te merely listed his Besides Wiggins, Republicans    _________ court announced on Wednesday tests f°r an impeachable of- David Dennis of Indiana and fortune during his many years its 8-0 decision that Nixon must tense. surrender the tapes and documents, the President issued a statement of acceptance through his chief Watergate defense lawyer. James St. Clair. Drafted after lengthy conferences at Nixon's oceanside home here, the statement ended suspense heightened by weeks of refusal by presidential aides to say whether he would obey an adverse court ruling murder; Mexican As an opening round a1 of his associates were found districts, but not by the Detroit Ignacio dead on both sides of the district, which is about 64 per-national;border.    (cent black. murder;! His assault with attempt to conviction. Casually Ignored opinion said boundary -    -    -    A    UPI survey indicated there Wiley Mayne of Iowa came to of public service, especially.were 27 likely votes in the com-j™,;^’ 3 VOQr f • n •    ,    r    .    co    j    Nixon's    defense.    (through ownership of a televi- Ujttee for recommending that    J    r    A i .    ...    ^ speeches given rn o der of kA m said most of the evjJsion station ,ated b the the house impeach the Pres- fi0rec,« Vera, 29 of San An- murder conviction, Carrascos niority neared its halfway!, •    (rnupmmnnt    'jn    t    A    4U    ;    /u    .    I    I    tomo, IO years for burglary; (third felony conviction, The mark, there had been no indica-^^^, „      ^    ,.rnnlH    tKo    rnaeftn.,    thQt    lnhn.    IJT    TTT    I    Martin Cuiroz, 27, of Houston, (stemmed from a shootout with | lines may be bridged in circum- t i o n s of change in i member's anticipated vole. ’ |cna-ge agamst Wixon was an-,, was no, „,ves.,8aleu «e ,ne|Were ti nkeiyvoms against ;m-dein(; a narciuc. Henry Es-1 July 22. 1973. Carrasco was Constitutional violation calling The epic debate is expected to    17 ^'- camilla. 40. of San Antonio, five wounded four times during the for interdistrict, relief but that (Continued: Page 2, Col. I.) lyears for shoplifting; and Ste-jgun battle.    (school district lines may not be j casually ignored or treated as a mere administrative convenience. Development of a metropolitan area plan, upon implementation. would leave “no school, j grade, or classroom . . . sub-I stantially disproportionate to ATHENS (AP) — The new eking the seven years of military gime’s repudiation of the coup.the overall pupil racial compost LOS ANGELES (AP)--Pres-!or.conauct ••• never a8ain De vilian government of Greece! dictatorship.    | in Cyprus, which is generally tion” of the area as a whole. believed to have been the work Burger said the clear mes-of the dictatorship. He said sage of the court’s earlier stan-(itizcnship was restored to all (;reece -has accepted fully the dards is that the dismantling of stantial.” He said the strongest ‘Could the reason” that John- him and convict him. There culminate in 'Toting this week-1 volving the Waterg3te cover-up. both houses of congress? J n3tfe '    "L    fhJTm    He termed it    the “only real pos-    Mayne    asked. end that would    send    the im-    ......    ...    . poachmont question to the house    "“I1*? whi5h    re“1,?ins for    a vote    Rep'    ConyerS of representatives for a vote on £ impeachment.    ,    , ,    . Saying he    would not    deter-    peachment, declaring that --Nixon    must    be    removed    “to    re- of Michigan confirmed he will vote for im-; whether Nixon should stand “While I am disappointed in trial in the senate for Watergate the result, I respect and accept and other charged offenses, the court’s decision, and I have'    Defender instructed Mr. St. Clair to take! Opening the second round of whatever measures are neces-|the nationally broadcast collo- sary to comply with that deci-1quy, began Wednesday night,, t ^ J • u . tnkratPH ”    f w ,i , *• i sion in all respects ” the Pres- ReP- Wiggins (R-Calif.) de- ‘dent Nixon was to fly here by tolerated.    has freed all political prisoners ident said    dared Nixon “is entitled to a helicopter Thursday to deliver    Uncommitted    and recognized Archbishop Ma- Appearing before newsmen presumption of innocence.” (what aides described as a major Fish did not say how he will karios as president of Cyprus. Nixon Economic Speech Tonight store to our government the proper balance of constitutional power and serve notice to all future Presidents that such abuse Pres- °f conduct . . . never again be vilian Regime in Greece Frees Political Prisoners, Recognizes Makarios Camp Shut and television cameras at the Wiggins has frequently been address on economic problems vote. But he concluded a listing But the new head of the Greek wh® had bc('n deprived of it. United Nations Security Council! a dual school system does not characterized as Nixon’s most!and the battle against inflation, of philosophical and legal con-Cypriot regime on the island, including actress Melina Mer- decision on Cyprus. .    j.    ,    We,(require    any particular racial articulate defender on the com-! Nixon's nationally televised siderations by declaring: “If the President Glafcos derides, said couri, leftist political leader An- therefore,, recognize President balance, mittee, but he told the commit- and broadcast speech will be evidence is clear, then our con- he would not hand the office dreas Papandreou and compos- iMakarios as the legal head of    “Deeply    Rooted” tee’s (second session of formal!delivered at 6:30 p.m., Iowa stitutional duty is no less!back to the archbishop.    cr    Mikos    Theodorakis.    The    new    Cyprus.”    j    “No    single    tradition    in    public debate that “I wince” at that time. label because he believes sim- The timing coincides with a ply that the case should be scheduled 39-minute recess in decided according to law.    (the house judiciary committee’s If fairness is not the overrid- televised impeachment hearing factor in the epic proceed-1 ings. White House press center in nearby Laguna Beach on Wednesday afternoon. St. Clair spoke of “the time-consuming process of reviewing the tapes subject to the subpoena and the preparation of the index and analysis required . . .” He said the work “will begin forthwith.” To Panel In the past, tape's provided to! Jaworski have been supplied to! the house judiciary committee! for its impeachment inquiry. It was not immediately known    ANGELES    (AP)    —■    Aj A police spokesman said of- whether the latest subpoenaed j woman    tricked    police into be- j    ficers    raided    an apartment land material would ever figure in jjgyjjjg sbe was    fugitive heiress(found    three    persons a cat, congressional consideration of j>atrjcja    Hearst    and was willing    a .22-caliber    rifle and an auto- impeachment.    I    to surrender, bringing 150 po- matte shotgun. beemen to a North Hollywood clear.”    One    of    Premier    Constantine    g°vernment    emptied    the    Yiaros    But    in    Nicosia, the Cypriot(education is more deeply rooted Confirming    past indications,    Caramanlis’ first acts after    Island concentration camp    and capital, President derides said    than local    control over    the Reps. Eilberg    (D-Pa.) and Wal-    naming a 12-man cabinet on    sbut R down.    people of Cyprus should    de-    operation    of    schools,” the opin- die (D-Calif.) said Nixon should    Wednesday was to declare a Foreign Minister George .ride the presidency, and    he    ion said. be impeached.    general amnesty for all those    Mavros, who is also deputy    pre-; would hold an election The committee opened its his-1 jailed for political dissent dur-truer, announced the new re-I a t e r than within a * months.” 150 Police Answer Patty Hearst Hoax Call Presidential Press Secretary The three, including a 13-year- “not; “Local autonomy has long few been thought essential both to the maintenance of community “Unwise Move”    concern    and    support    for    public schools and to quality of the ed-Asked if Makarios could run, ucational process.” he said: “In a free country| “\ye conclude,” Burger said, citizen has the right to LL Dan Cook, the police spokes-1 was positive she saw Missl Karen Cuenca, 19, her hus-jevery citizen nas me rignt io,“that the relief ordered by    the man said it was “a practice in Hearst, but she wouldn't elabo-    band, Edward. 22, and 13-year-Prescnt himself for    election.”    distiict court and affirmed    by futility.”    (rate.    old    Kelly    Ravenscroft,*    were    I    Hut    he    warned    that    “it    would    be c0urt of appeals was based It all began when three per- Police massed near the build-(playing cards in the apartment a VCIT unwise move for Ma-jupon an erroneous standard and sons called police between 6 and *ng. A Special Weapons and    that police believed was oc-;kartes to come back    under the    was unsupported by record evi- ...............-----,     ,-------- .— 6:30 p.m. and reported seeing a Tactics squad team arrived.    cupied by the newspaper present conditions ” Ronald Ziegler was asked how apar(ment    (old girl who bears a strong re- woman fitting the description of    Publisher    Cousin    heiress.    The    6l-year-old much time would be needed tOj police officia|s canod off their I semblance to Miss Hearst, said Miss Hearst.    | A woman who said she was in- “Someone came and began process the tapes.    (operation    early    Thursday    after    they were grabbed by detectives “There’s really ~ ------ no way to •the hoax unfolded.    I    and questioned. say, ’ he replied.    j^lss    jjearst’s    parents    and    Police    said    the    guns    had    a    le- Zieglcr, responding to Gut,s' I sister flew anxiously to Ix** An- gitimate owner with no connections, said possible defiance of gejes from ^an Francisco. Her Hon to the Svmbionese Libera- archbishop was proclaimed president automatically last year for a thin! (Continued: Page 2, Col. 6. Police said the three callers side telephoned police and said banging on the door,” said said the woman who entered thejshe wanted to give herself up to! Cuenca. "It was a neighbor vvhoiR j^ear R‘[nj 'TTT “Uncle George.” Miss Hearst’s said to lock the doors and win-cousin, George Hearst jr., is dows because Patty Hearst was ihn miirt unot an notion!"— ------ —---------- —I— ”     i--------------ipubllsher of the Los Angeles!in the complex. ve iJ A . _ ‘flicfM,ssedlfathcr was “very disappointed,” lion Army, which kidnaped Miss building was followed later by a Herald-Examiner. Her uncle, “I ran out of the apartment Nixon and St. Clair    and    the    family    quickly    returned    Hearst    at    Berkeley. Calif., on Wk mancarrvine a rifle Wednesday. He SU MCS ted that ,    '    «    .    .    .    '-“ny mg a fine. nome.    irco.    *    I    Officers    went    to    the (Photos on Picture Page) Wednesday. He suggested defiance never had been given (Continued: Page 2, Col. 6.) Totten/'* Chuckle A bargain is something that would cost a lot more if you had any use for it CapynsSf “Uncle George”    The    hoaxer    wasn’t    found,    contacted the manager and Officers surrounded an apart-jand a police spokesman said i showed her photographs of Miss ment building, blocked off later “we had no evidence that Hearst and SLA members Wil-streets and negotiated by tole-; Nliss Hearst or any SLA |jam atld Kmily Harris, all being phon<‘ with the hoaxer, who said -member was ever there.    sought on a variety of state and she wanted to surrender to “Un-j “Command Exercise” federal charges. The manager. George.” Rumors later George Hearst, died in 1972. and a couple of detectives “We should have realized that grabbed us and said they want-Hearst. sr., was dead and that ed to talk to us. They took us the call was a hoax,” Chiel down the street and into the Davis ftaid.    manager’s apartment for ques Police refused to say how they tioning and then let us go.” talked to the woman or whether! The guns were owned by didate opposed him. Now in New York, he said earlier this, week he planned to return to, Cyprus in a few weeks. But there was no immediate com-, ment from him on derides’ statements. Turkey Thursday opened the ‘ITIthree-power Cyprus peace talks in Geneva with a demand for a Today s Index e buzzed she identified herself After all the excitement, Po- Marcella Tyler, identified Miss!Hearst. But officers that Miss Hearst had lice Chief Ed Davis summed up Hearst and Mrs. Harris as being been in the apartment building the Wednesday night operation (seen in the building, police said, but had escaped.    as    “a good command exercise.”) Later she told newsmen she “federal solution” for the turbo as Miss friend, Chris Garza, 21, who lon‘ M;diterrean island rouplcd Sport believed;also lived in the apartment, said U1 eflective powers toi a ut situ, * heiress Mrs. Cuenca. Comics Crossword Dally Record Deaths ........... Editorial Features Farm Financial ........ Marion .Movies ........... Society .......... she could have been the “because of the detailed infor-1 rifles.” she said. “Chris likes to motion she gave,” Cook said. hunt.” fhey're hiding ki*!' Cypriot vice-president But Britain’s Foreign Sucre* [Continued: Page 3, Col. 3.) Television Want Ads ..28 ...28 ...3 ...3 ... 6 20 ..29 .14 .21 16-19 21-21 . 1,5 25 31-35 ;

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