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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 26, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather— Partly cloudy tonight with lows in the mid HOS. Fair Saturday, highs In the mid 80s. Mhf LO nimbi QhtjeHi' CITY FINAL 15 CENTS VOLUME 92 NUMBER 198 ( KI)AR RAPIDS. IOWA. FRIDAY. .JULY 26, 1974 TAPES ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES TUESDAY Warns of New War In Cyprus By United Press International Turkey landed more troops in Cyprus Friday and Cypriot P r e s i d e n t Glafkos derides warned that war would break out again within a few hours unless the Turks stopped violating the cease-fire terms. Almost immediately mortar and machine gun fire broke out along the Nicosia line separating the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities. Witnesses said Greek-led national guardsmen began piling into trucks to move into position. The peace talks among Britain. Turkey and Greece opened in Geneva but the two antagonists developed a hard line and there was no early progress. Both Greece and Turkey accused each other of breaking the cease-fire. The situation was darkened by political developments in Athens, where Premier Constantine Caramanlis ran into snags in forming his cabinet. He finally completed the list after a delay. “Solely on Turkey" “The responsibility of what might happen in the next few hours will rest solely on the shoulders of the Turkish government." derides said. “We are not prepared to con-; tinue to see Greek villages being ruined and refugees piling up while we stand still." derides, displaying a map showing alleged ground advances by Turkish forces to widen their corridor from Kyrenia to Nicosia, said he had cabled the guarantors of Cyprus* independence meeting in Geneva, “explaining the situation clearly." “I can no longer accept the responsibility of restraining the national guard and other forces in the republic from taking counter action," he said. Greek Troops? Asked if by “other forces" he meant Greek troops had arrived on the island, derides said: “No comment” His warning was put into the record in Geneva, where Greek Foreign Minister George Mibros was meeting with British Foreign Secretary James Callaghan and Turkish Foreign Minister Turan Gunes. A British spokesman said Friday’s opening session was devoted to trying to make the cease-fire stick. But Greece and Turkey took diametrically-opposed views with Greece demanding withdrawal of Turkish troops before there is a political settlement and Turkey demanding a political settlement first to protect the minority Turkish Cypriots. Elect Kosygin, Podgorny Again MOSCOW (AP) - Premier Alexei Kosygin and President Nikolai Podgorny were unani inously re-elected for four more1 years Friday at a joint session of the supreme soviet, the par liament of the Soviet Union They were nominated by the Communist party leader, U'onid Brezhnev their colleague in the Kremlin leadership troika begun in 1964 when Nikita Khrushchev was ousted Brezh nev is serving a six-year term that expires at the party’s 25th congress, to be held in 1975 or early 1976 There had been rumors Kosygin, 70. would be retired But J Tass news agency said earlier this week that a French report to that effect was “mad ravings " Today's Chuckle The sneakiest thing about women drivers is the way they turn out to be men right after you’ve criticized them to your wife.    Copyright Panel's Obstruction Article Is Redrafted LOS ANGELES (AP ) — ident Nixon has outlined a nosurprises economic policy calling for budget cuts, a federal payroll slash of 40,000 persons and an appeal that all citizens salt away 15 cents- for every $10 spent. Nixon made what aides Gazette Leased Wires    ident would consider making the WASHINGTON — Democrats tapes available to the commit-on the house judiciary commit- tee. tee, working with at least six    ...    „    ,    „ Republican members who have ‘    e e    e indicated they favor President!    Chairman Rodino (D-N.J.),I Nixon’s removal from office, who declared Thursday night he drew up compromise articles of favors impeachment, advised! impeachment Friday    committee members they face The private meeting to seek a "the terrible, tremendous bur-compromise position on im- den of trying to reach a decision peachment delayed the start of that will last for all time." nationally televised debate on    The task of writing an article the articles themselves.    charging Nixon with obstruction The bipartisan group started of justice in connection with the work late Thursday night and I Watergate cover-up was to oc-continued talks Friday toward cupy the committee Friday in( redrafting Article I, (he first the third day of its nationally! that will be voted on. It charges: televised deliberations. Nixon with obstruction of jus-    On Saturday, a second vote is! tice.    to occur — on abuse of power; “Cleansing"    by turning government agencies! Rep. Mezvinsky ID-lowa)j~ ^    an(* ^ H called the redrafting a “cleans- P°    purposes, ing operation" and said nine!    On the basis of their previous- supportive charges would re- ty announced positions it ap-; main intact.    peared certain a majority of the Rep McClory of Illinois, sec- committee is prepared to rec-i ond ranking Republican on the ommend impeachment if a sat-committee and a key figure in I isfactory article can be drafted, the compromise negotiations.    It takes only a majority of the said he hoped the revised artic-1 j u d i c i a r y committee’s 38 les might be worded so that as members to recommend im-many as seven of the commit-!peachment and a majority of tee’s 17 Republicans would vote the house to impeach. It would for them    1 require a two-thirds vote in the Reps. Mann (D-S.C.) andsenate to find the President Railsback (R-Ill.), who took the | guilty and remove him from of-lead in redrafting Article I, said J fice. no substantive changes were    Concedes Defeat jmadc*    Rep.    Latta (R-Ohio), a com* Seeks Delay    mittee    member opposed to im- McClorv opened F r id a y ’ s peachment. conceded defeat Presell is good that the President at said this would be accomplished “I recognize that some Amen-session by calling for a delay in and predicted a 27-11 vote in long last is speaking out on the through normal attrition and cans cannot cut their spending proceedings for IO more days to!favor of a recommendation that economy but he still fails to would not involve firings.    without real hardship. Some ex- give Nixon another chance to the house impeach Nixon, spell out the .specific steps. It is Nixon urged that all Ameri- penditures by business cannot comply with committee subpoe-1 The certainty that the corn-laudable to want more produc-Jeans join in fighting inflation by be cut without cutting produc- nas in light of Wednesday’s su-, mittee will recommend im-tion but he does not explain how cutting their own spending. He tion now or in the future. But preme court order that Nixon peachment was sealed Thurs-fhis is to be accomplished. said:    most families could reduce or must turn over 64 tapes to spe-day when every uncommitted Basically, the President ad- 'I call on state and local gov- defer some expenditures — cia! prosecutor Leon Jaworski. ; member either came out for im-vocated a continuation ofjernments. on businesses and building their savings instead -| But the committee voted 27 tojpeachment or expressed such ON AND ON — Reps. Lawrence Hogan (R-Md.), left, and Caldwell Butler (R-Va. judiciary committee impeachment debate grinds on. —AP Wirephoto listen as house Nixon Vows No Return to Controls termed a major television-radioipresent federal economic pro- consumers to hold down their-without hardship. Every busi-jn against McClory’s motion for!deep concern over Nixon's con-address here Thursday. He wasjgrams and rejection of “the own spending and increase their ness has some fat in it. just as delay.    ‘    duct    of    his    office    that    it    left    lit- Agree To Give Prison Holdouts Tailored Suits HUNTSVILLE, Texas -State prison officials (UPI) Fridav every federal agency has. “Cut 11 ie Percent" He advocated “a cut of only Pi percent in personal consumption expenditures — that would mean like putting away 15 cents for every $10 spent." “Less spending means less pressure on prices today," he said. well received bv more than!shock treatment of a sudden,!own savings as their contribu-1.000 businessmen and manufac-|drastic ‘wringing out’ of infla- tion to the fight against higher turers and their wives who gath-T»on. the cost of which in terms prices, ered to hear him in a ballroom iof increased unemployment for at the Century Plaza hotel. Ap- millions of Americans would be plause punctuated his remarks unacceptable. at regular intervals and after-    Summary wards Nixon thanked his audi-; Here is how    Nixon    sum- ence for "your support."    marized his approach: The President did not see! ^ P°iicy to check inflation is some 300 pickets who marched fundamentally a policy to curb outside the hotel. These includ- Me growth of demand relative ed impeachment advocates and to the growth of supply. In the .agreed to give Fred Gomez representatives of the United short run, attention must focus Carrasco tailored suits, ties, ex- Farm Workers of America. on holding down the increase in pensive shoes and toilet articles  u”," . demand, because with few ex- and expected the desperado to    “ ceptions increasing supply takes demand transportation from the Nixon was applauded when hei a considerable amount of time." prison where he has held ll pledged no return to wage or Repeating a pledge to balance hostages at gunpoint for two price controls, called for energy the budget due for submission to days. self-sufficiency and urged    a re-!congress in January, Nixon also    a spokesman said the clothing, evaluation of federal environ-;said he    will try to hold spending    would    also be provided two mental and safety    programs to    in the current    budget    yearner inmates    holed    up    in    the determine whether    they hamper    which began July    I. to close to    library, production.    $300 billion. This    would    repre-    -He has demanded    free world In Washington. U. S. Chamber;sent a cutback of nearly $5 (civilian) clothing and toilet ar-of Commerce President    Arch billion    from his goal seven    j tides.    We’re giving him tailored Booth commented, “The    poli-j months    ago.    suits,    shoes,    shirts and ties, | cies President Nixon enunciated “I intend to veto congres- cologne and shaving The two Iowans on the panel,(tie doubt as Lo how they would Republican Wiley Mayne and j vote. Democrat Mezvinsky, voted In a long round of speeches in against the delay.    which    29 members unburdened McClory's motion read: "To themselves on their struggle postpone for IO days further with the evidence, the Constitu-consideration of whether suf- tion and their consciences, only ficient grounds exist for the eight came down solidly against house of representatives to ex- impeachment, ercise its constitutional power of Mezvinsky Hits Taxes impeachment unless by 12 noon Mezvinsky called for Nixon's impeachment pointing to No Controls the President’s underpayment of federal income taxes by nearly $420,000 from 1969 to 1970. Mezvinsky, the last of the are admirable and responsible.; sional actions that would We need above all. as he stated, total spending above the an anti-inflation lobby. We need get," he said. a national will to stop inflation."    Federal    Job    Cuts raise ment." said Hon Taylor, a bud- prison spokesman. “He has indicated to us that later today he will have an ad-But    Rep.    Pat man    (D Tex    ),    Nixon also    announced    he will ditional demand for transporta- chairman    of    the    house    banking    reduce the    federal    work    force tion " Officials agreed to the demands after Carrasco talked with his attorney, Ruben Mon-temayor for an hour and IO minutes. Authorities said the clothing would be purchased at downtown stores. Officials also have collected [weapons, ammunition and bulletproof helmets requested by Carrasco, bul.said none of the equipment had been turned over i to him “More saving means more in    , vestment in new housing and ^    ’ on    a^’    ^ new production — and therefore!    President    fails    to give    his ow The con-!uncciu,voca* assurance t0 prosumer wins both ways."    duce forthwith all taped conver- In discussing environmental ;sat‘ons subpoenaed by the c°m*    .    enpaL- and safety programs. Nixon ad- mit,ce which are madp avail- libbed a reference to this bcing,able t0 lhe dlstrict court    sa additional arliclc of im- ‘‘a very sensitive political'3^ 10 caurt order in U. oi’po ** Ua r*nntinned *    *Vlltchdl« -We must re-evaluate lhe    The    McCiory proposal was op-    mg:.    A,    ' trade-off between increasinn    posed    by Democrats who said    ^^on by I resident Nixon supplies and other objectives That more delay would not re. Ming his income tax returns that are worthwhile, such as    jsuit in    obtaining more evidence, improving the environment and    ^bey    said the committee al- increasing safety. These are im-    read>'    had enough evidence to portant, but we often have a recommend impeachment, tendency to push particular so- At the Western White House equip- cjaj g0a|s s0 fas{ or so far that;in San Clemente, spokesmen for; pursu S vsJP€achment should be added to those the committee is considcr- e-in eturns. The First district congressman said that in 1970 Nixon had income of almost $350,000, and paid only $793 in taxes. “This is less than the average family in my home state of other important economic goals the President declined commentp°wa Pa‘d< he said. He should^ are unduly sacrificed."    when asked whether the Pres” (Continued: Page 3, Col. 6.) and currency committee, said, by 40.000 by next June 30. Aides Nixon Visit Seen For Hoover Event Crop Picture Darkening KA NS \S CITY (AP) homa, Iowa and Nebraska were, treme southeastern part of Mis-Scarce rain and searing heat in the 100-degree range for the souri. are devastating crops in the first half of this month Midwest, source of much of the DES MOINES (AP) - President Nixon will visit West Branch for the observance of former President Herbert Hoover's I (Kith birthday celebration Aug ll), a source close to the Republican state cen tra! committee said. The source said the slate central committee has been told to notify the party’s can didates and state officials to attend the celebration a1 Hoover’s boyhood home Nixon, who is to speak at 2 p rn., will be among digna (aries from throughout the world and former associates of Hoover attending the cele brat ion, w hich runs Aug. 6-10 Near Gravesite Nixon's speech is lo he given at an open-air gathering on the mall, just north of the Hoover gravesite. The event is sponsored by the National Park Service with assistance from the Hoover Presidential Library Assn., the National Archives and Records Sevice and the Iowa Arts Council. The program also will include a concert by the 451st army band and the Chicago Children’s choir. Knew Nothing However, both Gov. Robert Ray s office and Republican state headquarters in Des Moines said Thursday they knew nothing of the report. Lauretta Mintzmyer, superintendent of the Hoover Morn o rial Library in West Branch, said she had not been notified of the planned visit. nation's bacon, hamburger and breakfast cereals. From the southwestern plains, the drought is creeping north east into the Mississippi valley. Crops not already wiped out are badly damaged. As estimates of    ,    .    .,    „    „ yield and production go down.:1" much ot torn Bo" 15 ** and there Carrasco has given officials Pnces S° l,l> mere is more several deadlines to produce the bad news f°r Me food buyer, equipment, threatening each A chart compiled last week by lime lo kill the hostages - a Me National Weather Service guard a priest, two male teach- applies its definition of drought ers, four female librarians and M Me eastern two-thirds of New three women instructors. Six ‘Mexico, the Texas and Oklaho-Iother convicts were with him ma panhandles, southwest but officials indicated only two' Kansas and southeast Colorado, were part of the takeover.    To indiana? The hostages have been a1-1    ,    .    , lowed to telephone their fami-    Me    new' drought index, lies and were reported in good! 10 ^ relea?ed Saturday, is______ spirits. The convicts have made expectt‘d to widen the officially much jfs going them sit one at a time in front! ^footed areas, and tanners are vveather service This at a time when some farmers    are praying    for rain, literally.    Sheldon,    a    town of 4,500 in northwest Iowa, calls a special worship service to sing, meditate and pray for rain. Cloud seeders are standing by in 16 western Oklahoma counting considerable    stress    on    the    ties. but there are    no    clouds to corn crop    in    most    areas,”    reads    seed the agriculture departments! Gov. J. James Exon tours weather summary for last week. northeast Nebraska and esti Rainfall at Kansas City through July 24 measured 1.12 inches, all of it in a thunderstorm on July 3. Normal rainfall for the first 24 days of the month is 3.59 inches. “Prolonged hot, dry weather Aiming for 13 Others By Friday WASHINGTON (AP) - Under prodding from U. S. District Judge John Sirica, James St. Clair, presidential attorney, agreed Friday to surrender tapes of 20 Watergate conversations by next Tuesday and to speed work on 44 others. St. Clair and special prosecutor Leon Jaworski agreed to a compromise timetable for White House surrender of the tapes after Sirica made clear he would not accept a promise by President Nixon’s lawyer to move "as quickly as possible" but without a specific target date. Sirica said he hopes prompt production of the material, which the supreme court ordered Nixon to surrender on Wednesday, will enable the Watergate cover-up trial of six former presidential and campaign aides to start on schedule Sept. 9. 13 More Friday Under the compromise agreement, reached in a private conference that lasted more than an hour, St. Clair will report back to Sirica next Friday on progress in preparing the tapes and documents relating to the remaining 44 conversations. Associate special prosecutor James Neal said that next Friday will be a target date for 13 additional conversations beyond the fir st 20. The 20 conversations for which tapes are to be turned over by next Tuesday include material covered in the edited White House transcripts released in late April. Earlier, St. Clair told Sirica it would be impossible to comply with Jaworski’s: proposal that the White House surrender all of the tapes within IO days. Original Order However, Sirica told St. Clair, "I think you’re making this thing more complicated than it should be." Sirica said he would set a timetable himself if St. Clair and Jaworski could not agree on one between themselves. With that statement, Sirica called a 30-minute recess in the hearing on Jaworski’s call for prompt compliance. Sirica noted that his original order, upheld by the supreme court decision, had allowed ll days for surrender of the tapes and documents and that his order had been upheld “in all respects." After the material is turned over to Sirica, he will review it to determine whether it is relevant to the cover-up trial. Material Sirica considers relevant to the trial will be turned over to Jaworski. Two Months St. Clair had said it was impossible to say how long it would take the White House to review', analyze and index the material and turn it over to Sirica. St. Clair told the supreme court that the process could take as long as two months, but told Sirica he did not think it would take that long. He said Nixon plans to listen to all of the tapes before they are surrendered because he “feels quite strongly he should know what he is turning over." of the glassed-in double door to Miking drought as far east as saKj week Although temperatures have lowered somewhat and there has been some scattered rainfall this week, the outlook continues to be grim. Scattered Rain "The rain has been very scattered and I don’t know how to help," a spokesman the library to prevent any possi hic sharpshooting by authorities. Indiana. And Temperatures iii the five-state for the area of Missouri, Kansas, Okla chance the weekend forecast five states calls for a of rain only in the ex mates grain growers and livestock producers will lose $1 billion this year because of the drought and the declining price of cattle and hogs. i Exon proclaimed Nebraska a drought disaster area Thursday. The step was designed to make farmers eligible for emergency subsidies and low-cost [loans from the federal government.) “If it doesn't rain right away, farmers may have only a (Continued: Page 3, Col. 3.) 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