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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 24, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa NATION Al 30.00 WlAtMf* SftviCf FOJtfCAST lo 7 AM i ST 7 -a*- M- Konneth Lessnnan County Atty., Sheriff in Verbal War A war of words has erupted Victor Pearson, 86, of 1519    Donna Lessman, of Terra Keith drive NE, a Cedar Rapids    Bella, Calif., formerly of Cedar I resident for a year, and a half,| Rapids, died Tuesday following    between    Linn    county    Sheriff 'died Tuesday. He was born July:a long illness.    Walter    Crant    and    County    Attor- : 29, 1887, in Sweden and wasj    while in Cedar Rapids, she>cy    William    Faches    af,er The* Cedar Rapids Gazette: Wed., July 24, 1971 3A NowWeCan    Pu Watergate Behind    Us,    Says (Continued from Page I.) under all cir- applause from married to Vera Linguist May 6. and b(1J. husband, Kenneth, were * a( bes ^declined to prosecute! 1915, in Chicago. Mr. Pearson jemployed by Collins Radio Co. * ^ 0 was a retired carpenter and was | 'i |lc.y a member of Carpenters local 13 in Chicago. Rapids two to UH Wf ATMIWFOKX ASI $ Rain is expected Wednesday night in most of the Gulf coastal states, the upper Mississippi valley and the vicinity of the Lakes. Clear to partly cloudy elsewhere. left Coda r years ago. i Surviving in addition Surviving in addition to his husbandj are two sonS) wife are a son, Evert Pearson, jand Ronald, at home, and Cedar Rapids; lour grand- daughter, Patricia, at home, 'children and four great- Services will be Friday • grandchildren.    I    California. Services: Oak Hill cemetery]    - chapel, Chicago, at 2 p.m. Friday. Friends may call at Turner chapel east until 10:30 a.m. Thursday. The services in Chicago will be under the direction of the Pedison Ryberg funeral I home in Elmhurst, 111. Friends (may, if they wish, contribute to I the charity of their choice. ’Charles non. in Memorial Services Sylvester A. Smith —Daily Record--- -United Fire- Continued from Page I.) Sylvester A. (Pat) Smith, 81, i of 325 First avenue SE, died Monday at a Cedar Rapids hos-jpital. He was born at Commerce The Weather Hlqh temperatures Tuesday, low tem peratures overnight and inches of p.e donation: Anchorage    68    S3    L. Angeles    88    70 Atlanta .    80 69.08 Miami    86    79 Bismarck    94    68    Min'aoolis Chicago    .73 6)    N. Orleans Oenver    90    62    New York    SO    65 Duluth    77    57    Phoenix .105    85 Honolulu    88    77    Seattle    69    52 Houston    96    78    Washington    Bl    68 08 Extended forecast — Fair Fri- in to American General, and L)ec. 20, 1892 it owns directly or, where he attended school. Hei service. was married to Frances! Sheneberger, Jennie B. — Craemer April 7, 1912. He was I Thursday at 3 at Turner chap-NE; John Grissom, 18361more tban the past IO years en- a member of Immaculate Con-j^ west by the Rev. Russell C. Eighth street NW; Blair Hat-(gaged in both the life insurancejception Catholic church; the’friends may adiriat thencha0ci puny, 1115 Longview' drive. Marion; companies Sevde^Toiedo^Denni's^Amda^-1,hr0^ subsidiaries. The Arnee-Ie, 4420 Bowling street SW;Jican General group has for Dean Robertson, 6526 Asbury 86 68 .13 | Ipirifk 91 72 .67 1 ldne hirty-seventh |antj ^re ancj casuaity insurance]^Hights ofColumbus^ Newton; | until 2:30 Thursday. The cas day through Sunday. Highs the 80s Friday and Saturday the 90s by Sunday 60s. C. R. Weather High Tuesday ........... Low overnight .......... Noon Wednesday ........ 2 p.m.................... haugh. 653 street NE; Kathy Frazier, Eighteenth street SW; Duane' business. Yousse, 1613 West Post road SE; Tony Carr, 2524 Townoi “It also has subsidiaries en- Surviving are Lows in the I “To" NE: C“h flncd f2°    ”ndc.rin«    ‘l^TD^Smlth,    G^nelCMrs.    |    chape to thunderous ,    ,    %    ii    s    well-wishers, from the courts under all cir-    , ..instances    [    feel    right    good    over    what .    '    .    ..    r    happened. We can move ahead In a case such as he cover-up ., hc added m a ^ of drug charges against trial in which the claim of con-!,    ,    conferences D. Gifford, 18, MI. Ver-lMentiahty is not based on ^ grounds of military or d.plomat- cour( con“mled down (hcP ! Faches justified dropping the ic secrecy, the I resident s as- and onto the sidewalk. r> unr^ charges because Gifford has en-^rtion of privilege must yield t Robert ijsted in the army. He cited the to the need for the evidence. ]    1    m    especially    pleased    it    was a “supervision and structured en- A cross-appeal by presidential a unanimous decision it doesn’t vironment” of the army as often I attorney James St. Clair asking leave any doubt in any one’s more beneficial to an accused court to decide whether the mind’ he added, individual and .society than put !Watergate grand jury had the Jaworski said it would be acting him in jail or on parole. 'authority to name Nixon as acceptable to him if the White Grant responded, “Speaking unindicted co-conspirator was House turned over the tapes one I’iiukert, Lola M. — Friday at us a former military man, I’m ”imPr°vicientIy granted. the at a time, rather than delay and 1:30 at Chapel of Memories by, upset that the charges were|Phrase means that the court is yield them all at once. the Rev. Neville G. Clayton of dropped so he could enter the dismissing the question on the    “Disastrous” Cedar C hristian    “St    •,«.•••    .    •    .    .    ui»o»wuua Cedar Memorial. Lewis, Clara F. — at noon at Turner ci-aivt-i casnv*v'4    ..    ,    .    ..    . by the Rev. Warren L. Feller.dating persons.    CnKip,# .    ■    I    judiciary    committee,    said Burial:    Cedar    Memorial!    xiii    Subject to Appeal    R would be “disastrous” for Friends may eau at Turner east |    ™    The    court held that Sirica’s Nixon if he failed to obey the until 11:30 Friday.-The casket:    *he    sherif!    noted    that    he    was    ,    , .    .    .    n,nrPmp will not be opened after tho not as indignant because the;”)"    . subject to appeal, a1-    ' “~lt    'charges of possession and deli- thouRh ™rmal|y <» su^h «**»! the President would defy Mary    —I very    were dropped as he    was an appeal 1E    not ln    order untl1    the court the    way he has defled « Nevrmeri“pset    about the fact that    thcv I the person to    whom    the subpoe-lthe committee I don't see how *v. cevinei    •'.inn bas bccn addressed has de-we could avoid articles of lm- McClory told sket! Faches replied in a separate: been eited for contempt. c I interview that Grant was “not e ls^ue whether a Presi-    J  in a position to make statements ,can cited for contempt the committee should hold up its for the army. lie s just one of- could itself engender protracted impeachment proceedings in ficer    and an outdated and    out-j bb£aH°n and    would    further de-    order to get    the tapes for its lay both review on    the merits    own inquiry. t    Prir^e    and!    “Tbjg    clearly    is relevant in- thc ultimate termination of the forrnation,” McClory said. “We underlying criminal action for have subp0€naed it, we want it which his evidence is sought,”'d to report articlcs to the cain Riiraor    ...    1    ... lf Rev NeviUe G. Clayton of dropp€cJ so he could enter the (dismissing the question on the edar Christian church. Burial: mimary.t He addcd that the grounds that it should not have ThnrgHav military should not he consid-heard the matter in the first Hep McClory of Illinois, a se-'apel castled as an option in rehabili-!p1ace-    mor    ^publican    member    of    the L. Feller. | toting persons. nrlitrn'int The court held that service Mlneck, Anna Thursday at 1:30 chapel west by the Rev. m.-vua | •    -    n., Clayton. Burial: Linwood, were dropped so Gifford could • ,    , ,    ,    .....    . .    ,    , iFriends may call at the chapel enlist    iclined    to    comP!y    Wlth    and has peachment,” His family moved to Grinnell I “I"    1    Fathcs    replied    in    a    separate    been    cited    for    contempt.    newsmen. ‘    ■    .    ..    Iwl|l not be opened after the, ......    ......    ......    “The    issue    whether    a    Presi-I    McClory    also    said    he    thought ..........87 68  80, «l enue SW; fined $10 and costs. • • •;    ,    Improper turn — Lorraine Precipitation ..............None]Eddy, 5401 Johnson avenne Total for July ..............1.55    SW;    fined    $20    and    costs. Normal for July ........... 3.58 Normal through July ......20.19 Total for 1974 ..............31.49 Barometer, rising    .........30.12 Humidity at noon    ..........67% Wind direction    and velocity at 2 p.m. S at IO mph. Sun rises Thursday, 5:53; sun sets, 8:33. Year Ago Today — High, 85; .....    ,,    _ advisory services, Intoxication    —    Ronald    Ra-1 blk. Center Point; John Kirby, jand management services to!P h y I r I4 'fn'SJ kV<i!lue    SE;    each mutual funds, investment    bro-^rovet forfeited $30 bond.    brano    cnrvif-pc    inciirincr    of    rout Burlington,    and    Larry, Ocean- Faulty equipment    —    Mar-]kcia8e seruces> insurin8 of    1 edl    miif    . on cella Hale, 104 Thirty-sixth av-'estate titles, mortgage banking, savings and loan operations, real estate development and management, equipment leasing improper passing — Ronald jand operating radio and televi-Gray, Peoria, 111.; fined $20 andjsion stations, as well as certain po'jpy’ jyJjJJn co‘sts'    service subsidiaries.    „    ’.    *    \    .in Parking violation — Sandra 4(A    «    .    ,    Services:    ll    a    m. Thursday at Reed, 226 Twenty-seventh! American General and its street NW; fined $20 and costs. Driver's license violation — said Burger. The chief justice read side, Calif.; 20 grandchildren; I I great-grandchildren; two brothers, Vincent, Seattle, and Paul. Elk River, Minn.; and two sisters, Julia Haigg. Foreston, Minn., and Nellie Fitzpatrick. floor without it would be a distil service.” Won’t Wait However, Chairman Rodino Ie road SE; fined $20 and costs. Victor Turner, 60512 Fourth street SW; fined $10 and costs. Offense by owner — Mark moded one at that, i’m not going to abrogate any of my re-j land    Plumbers and SteamfittersI ket will not be opened after the!sensibilities as prosecutor    to I local 387 in Davenport.    J service.    I    the    sheriff. three daugh-LVa"‘a‘£e’ \iolan“ ™£rsday “Thc case was a sloPPy Piece! H n My‘f,euriei°f investigating on their part,” ,    ,v..urv.    by    the    Rev.    Neville G.i , , . b,    ,    *    ’.    1 distribution'Keith    Paul,    Mabel, Minn., and Clayton and    Star of Maine Re- addcd baches. “Theres no evils    Constant, Cottage!bekah lodge.    Burial: Cedar Me- dence in our files that the    kidiOpinion    in    full    from the bench    in Minn.; two sons. Carl, moriaL    could    have    been    a    pusher.”    a    steady, unemotional voice. O’Donnell: 1*rd"ard J; r~    “Draw Pictures” , Normally only a summary of' _ .. T ....    ...    ... SrSW.a Rev A a1 Grant -poadpd: :■ ',Vr °Pini()" is re,ad’ bU‘a fpurcei ^head w t tei,rr^teo d SodHwassor.    Burial: Mf. Calva-;hlre a commercial artist    to,close to the    justices    said    Justice^® ®“da    p    ^ ry. Wake service: 7:30 p.m. draw pictures of the crime re-,Douglas insisted that this opin- ,    .    ..    articles    or    im Wednesday at Stewart funeral I ports so the county attorney can ion be read in full    1    peachment    without    waiting    for 1    understand    them.”    *    „ .    .    ,    IV    rr    .    ?e    ^aPcs    Nut^    has    been    or’ Faches said that because of, Rehnqu.st IHsquahf.ed dered to surrender. this current controversy he Justice Rehnquist disqualified Rodino has been advised by would reveal that the sheriff has himself from the case because experts who worked on asked his intervention “in at of his former service as an as- °*ber White House tapes that it least a dozen eases” for reduc- sistant to John Mitchell, now would take at least two months tion of sentences of criminals one of the cover-up defendants,^0 produce usable transcripts, when Mitchell was attorney gen- even ^ tbe committee received home where friends may call. Tompkins, William B. 3:30 p.m. Friday at Chapel of Memories by the Rev. Neville Clayton of Cedar Christian 0.    .u    I- * „ 1    .    I church. Burial: Cedar Memori- subsidiaries market thpir nrori 1 Marys Catholic church lh a1. Friends may call at Cedar subsidiaries market their Prod-|Grinnell by    tho    Rev Iveo    V.    Memorial funeral home after 5 and sen ices throughout lhe:KUebrich. A    vigil    service will    be    P-m. today and at the ehapeL Steven Ruggiere, 179 Indianda-    a0 states and various terri-lu^ia ot c.qa    «    u;^nnc^u„    after 2:30 p.m. Friday. The kept    in the county jail. tories. held at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at be closed at 3:15 Bol ght by Subsidiary “Because of his lack of ability eral. or facilities to handle persons Tbe other defendants in the the tapes right away. The committee has sub- Traveler’s Forecast Thursday low, 72: rainfall, none. SW; fined $15 and costs Failure to use signal — ald Congers, 2058 Larry Weather, Hi-Loj NE; fined $10 and costs. Bismarck   Fair 86-55)    . n ,, Chicago .........Ptcidy    87-671    Iowa Ueaths Cincinnati  PtCldy 82-621    Tama    —- Darren Dale Chyma,    in .lirn uhnlk-nwnnd cnh. Cleveland  PtCldy 80-60 2-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. . turfn; a wholly-owned sub- Des Moines .....PtCldy 86-65 Daniel P. Chyma. Thursday at sidiarv of American General. Detroit..........Cloudy    80-59:    ii at St. Paul Lutheran church.! Scott McIntyre, sr., is listed drive was purchased by thc Maine 'Bonding and Casualty Co., a ,whollv-owned subsidiary oflri ..    . Maryland Casually Co..'which I ?a_Pld*.dled Monday in K,ssun- Clara former Kaemmerle, resident of 76, a Cedar mee. Fla. poenaed most of the same tapes covered by the court order but Nixon has refused to comply I Smith funeral home, Grinnell.! p.m.Vriday. I Burial:    Hazelwood cemetery, Gillard, Pvt. Michael R. —,    ♦    j    •    u 1 v Woodson's application staled I Grinnell.    10:30 a.m. Friday at Chapel of inoarccrat®d in 0ls ”c 1S in cover-up case are former top H h th f H h t Gordon. 221 Cherry Hill road,that the common stock of Unit.    -- Memories. Friends may call atjeffect asking to let criminals go Nixon aides H. R. Haldeman ?T0VeiedLby    ^ cd Fire and Casualty actually    Mrs Karl Kapmmerle Cedar Memorial funeral home loose on the streets before their and John Ehrlichman; Robert: ... .    , re ann casualty actually I Mrs. Karl Kaemmerle ^ 5 W^nesduy and at th.= full sentence U completed,” cri- Martian, a former as, start at-r, h‘he subpoenas. ±a£f.‘ af.!f,r L.' L "£-y:J Iticizcd Faches.    torney gcncra,. Gordon Slra. Jaworaki has no authorUy to Series of Conflicts i chan, who was Haldeman's top I fellver‘hf .apes t0 thp con™': Concerning the case that I assistant, and Kenneth Parkin-1    a    c    0 son, an Indianspolis PtCldy 83-65 Burial; Memorial Gardens, j Sioux Falls .... PtCldy 90-61 Mississippi Stapes (Flood stages in brackets) Lacrosse (12) 5, fall .6 Lansing (18) 8.5, no change Dam 9 (18) 1.3, no change McGregor (18) 7, no change Guttenberg (15) 4.2. rise .2 Dubuque (17) 7.8, rise .6 Davenport (15) 4.8. lisc 1.2 Keokuk (16) 3.7, fall .3 casket will not be opened at any time. Pvt. Gillard drowned July 8. Full military services! Concerning the case that Sri b^i    £ rn Ha cr, I.sparked    the conflict, Faches I son    an    attorney    for Nixon’s re- For 36 years, Mrs. Kaemmer- JJrs. Clarence GiHard, ^«on, said (here wouId j* nothing tofelection    committee lie was employed by the Rock eettv Rlado residence lnsn a prohibit    his office refiling the Island railroad at Cedar Rapids!avenue NW.    ’    'charges within three years if _____________»    Bl.    She    was1----Gifford's enlistment did not Minnie Koth, 86., PcrcenI °‘ Ibe total of 376.740    Rcinbeek.    lo    YEARS    AGO    — Barry workout. eUn»«/tn a C J Tntln/l L^ima nt a nix I    *    «    ,    .    ,    I    “I    *    J    : Surviving are her husband, j Coldwater was scheduled to talk Grant    said the current con- Karl; three sisters, Mrs. Paul with President Johnson about Itroversy    was just the most re- Kansas City ... PtCldy 91-70) Marshalltown. Mason-Hand’s. jas owner of 69,538 shares or 18.5 |and Rock island. Clif- MilWaukee    . Tshwrs 82-63! Clarence Mpls.-St. Paul PtCldy 87-63 Thursday at 10:30 at St. John’s!shares of United Fire stock. Omaha .........PtCldy 100-65,United Church of Christ. Chap- Directors    arid    officers cf    the St. Louis ........PtCldy 88-68 man’s.    >    « Vinton — Vada L. Neve, 76.) ,    _.    .    ,----------------- ----,o„_Fo    t Friday at 2. Campbell’s.    shares or 32.1 percent. This lat-Ljejd 0f Gedar Rapids and Mrs.(trouble over civil rights in~the-the seven years Anamosa — Louis R. Han-jter figure includes the Mein-1Herbert Barman    of    ”    “      * I Goettsch’s Friday at 11 3 i    st0C*C‘.    4.    J Texas; and two brothers, Anamosa - Bradley Dean I McIntyre said more than 50jford and Merrill Hansen of I Becker, 16; and Donald Eugene) Pcrcen^ °* ^be st°ck is owned by,Cedar Rapids , mV2- P“rsday L 2:30 management employes and: The bodv was    mmalcd.    Pri. at Nashua Methodist church, i local stockholders.    L_to    cf>rviPPC    anH    horial    will Burial: Greenwood cemetery. *    ivate    services    and    burial    will Prayer services Thursday at    Company    Statement    , take place later in Linwood ce- 9:30 at Goettsch’s, Anamosa. .    . .    .    ,    .    . meterv Friends \vho wish mav _I raJr#av    Mon* t iiHai- In a statement being prepared “ititiy. nanus who w mi may i airfax — M. Mans Luber, ,    ...    ,    ,,    ,,    imake memorial donations to Cedar at C.R. (13) 4.15, rise 86. Turner chapel west, Cedar for mailing to stockholders, re-|maK memonai aonau°iL ?rbU?_.^nJ: \ ? I Gordon and Mrs. George May- , steps to avoid any inflating of cent in a series of conflicts over ^ its in the    seven years he has been Marlin, I {^residential campaign.    dealing    with    Faches. I Texas: ann two nroiner r"'t McIntyre said more than 50 LaPeters Cites Indictments As Reason for Suspensions * * * At the Western White House in San Clemente, Calif., Nixon's cress secretary, Ronald Ziegler, had no immediate comment on what, the President’s response would be. Presidential counselor Dean Burch said earlier that Nixon is “well aware of the magnitude” of the issue and would address I himself forthwith to the court's : ruling. still have to seek the tapes on its own, despite the court’s ruling. Zone Request Is Withdrawn by L. T. Enterprises A controversial rezoning request has been withdrawn by the developer, L.T. Enterprises, Inc. The rezoning would have permitted construction of con and .15 Coralville Lake Pool level Wednesday . 686.89 Marriage Licenses Keela Herr, Amana, David Day. Macon. Mo. Births — Mercy July 22 — To Joyce Cooper, 901 Fifth street SE, a daughter. July 23 — To the families of Ervin Poduska, Mt. Vernon, a daughter: Ronald Laird, avenue NW, a son. Births — St. Lul.e s July 23 — To the families of Charles Brown, Walker, a son; Leon Souk up. Central City, a son; John Christiansen, No. 2 Leisure boulevard NE, a son; Frank Althaus, 2706 Tenth avenue, Marion, a daughter. Marriages Dissolved Carolyn C. and Leonard L. Baker, II, and Marilyn J. and Richard A. Martens. Fires Rapids. A memorial has been furring to the 7oik purchases^f«mPJ GoodI Health or the chark—J- dominium units on Edgewood In arguments before the road jyjyy near rs intersection d* n j n -j «•    •    I    court. St. Clair said the case with O avenue hive Cedar Rapids police of- raise the issue of the guilt or in- t.b : c submjtted ,0 this    ave™e. ricers were suspended because nocence of the suspended of-    S    submitted    this, established. Windows Are Targets for C.R. Vandals Six reports of damage to cars and residences apparently 912 O caused by a pellet gun were received Tuesday by police. — Cyprus — [Continued from Page I.) by American General, officials!^ °^beir cbolce said. “We can only speculate as to their intentions in acquiring this interest in our company. We can say that it is our intention to continue to provide the company with the best management of which we are capable. . .” That statement will also point;york, Makarios out that earnings for the first proved derides’ accession half of 1974 were $473,000 or (bc acting presidency, but ere indicted ny a grand fjccrs jury, Chief Wallace LaPeters in The request was rejected ear- court for its guidance and judg- jjcr {bjs vcar by jbe cRy coun. formed the civil service commission Tuesday afternoon. court proceedings.’’ The explanation of the suspen- LaPeters could not be reached sions was in answer to appeals for comment Wednesday. filed earlier by the officers. As-    *    *    * sistant Chief Wallace Johnson and Detectives Darwin Amin New-!meter. Robert Manchester, Ken-he ap- neth Millsap and Donald Ros- he said “That will be ment with respect to the law.” cjb then resubmitted in revised decided in the proper district “The President, on the other form. The revised request was island nation within the next few weeks and reassume office. At a news conference said tojdail. ex-, The commission has ten davs punctured between 10:30 and ll a rn. Tuesday. Damage to the vehicles was estimated at $300. Windows and screens at the residences of Edna Needville, 2711 Seely avenue SE, and Stephen Michener. 1024 Thirtieth street SE, were reported dam- 9:07 p m Tuesday. Unknown aged Tuesday. to car motor component in ^ window in a pickup truck front of 3130 Sixteenth ave- , , mle sw    owned by Ronald Wilson, 529 2:36 a.m. Wednesday. Nui- Tenth street SW. was reported sance call at Twentieth street broken Tuesday while it was ar£A avenue NK.    parked in the 500 block of Six- 8:51 a m. Wednesday. Air-c-if    c    cr^ vac at airport.    teenth avc5ue SE. u    .    • r i Tw0 windows in a car owned Magistrate v Court „ u,onard j „    27|7    „ av. Speeding    Rickie    ere-    J    , derickson. 1141 Nineteenth ave- enue NW. Tuesday were report-nue SE; fined sin and costs cd shattered while tilt* vehicle Charles HinderLneeht, route was parked at the Cargill plant The most serious case hap-    .    ,    ... pencd in the Kirkwood Comniu- ll.? pfr shfle' c(™pared "'‘'h:pected derides to relinquishjlo set a hearing date on the ap- nity college parking lot where?'53/"0,    3 e    powcr voluntarily uPon his rc’ Pl':,ls windows in seven vehicles were f ■    . ,u    Jl|urn'    ln    hls    fP<’clfloa,lon of the rea' The figuies toi the second; Tbe prelate also said he “re- sons for the suspensions, La- quarter of 1974 were 25 cents d;ceived with much satisfaction)Peters cited only the indict- share compared to $1.11 a share Lbe news 0f (be end 0f military ments, not the alleged activities in 1973 for the same period in ] rulo in Greece,” adding that a (obstruction of justice, perjury 1973.    :change to a more democratic and in some eases conspiracy) Storm Loss    form of government in Greece'that led to the indictments. The statement indicated that could “positively contribute” to the firm, along with other in-his return to Cyprus.” surers of property risks in this said he expected Turkey to Dave McGuire ar withdraw a demand for parti- council, tion of the island, which he Some observers called “absolutely unaccepta- the specifications on Otis road SE. one, Cedar Rapids; James Usher, Center Point; Ronald, Lucnsman, Monticello; Thomas A window in a van owned by O’Brien. Coggon; Patricia Mill- Carla J. Titus, 3229 Kenrich cr, Elkhart, Iud.; Wayne He rn- drjVe SW\ Tuesday was reported mines, 412 thirtieth street NW; .    .    ... f.    .    . Downy ne Mulholland, 1080idiiniagod while it vvas parked Valleyview drive, Marion; En- her at her residence, gene Fruendt. 1219 Third ave-, a BB gun may have been used in the shooting spree, po- area, had a substantial increase in storm loss claims during thc second quarter. The United Fire losses for the period were cs-t i rn a t e d at approximately $475,000. Premium writings for the six-month period have increased 12.5 percent to $8,422,000 lnvest-1135 Americans on Cyprus boardmen income was $445,000, an cd the USS Trenton Wednesday increase of 31.3 percent over the with other foreign nationals. An-same period in 1973.    other 60 Americans were flown Wednesday morning the stock by British planes to London Notification The notification came after a ed< might better serve As far as partition of Cyprus I closed meeting Monday involv- 'n,y H are allowed to was concerned, the archbisop ing LaPeters. City Attorney ma’n on H10*1' J°^s hand, has his obligations under denied by the city planning the Constitution,” St. Clair said, commission (which had ap- Earlier Promise    proved the original request). A motion to deny the revised Nixon promised during a Simi- requcst was prepared for action I he city council was asked lur dispute with Jaworski s pie- by the city council VVedncsdav Wednesday why public discus- decessor. Archibald Cox, that he b^ no voje vvas taken because sion vvas not conducted before would comply with a dofini- the request vvas withdravvn five police officers were sus-'five” ruling of the supreme__ pended recently.    ]    court on whether he had to turn Eldon Colton. 366 Brentwood over tapes sought by Cox. drive NE, said because a consid-j That case never reached the; lerable amount of money is in-'supreme court, however, and volved in the matter, the deci-j Nixon and other White House Robert Ray Daseke of Amana ; sion should have been made by spokesmen have    consistently re*    picd guilty to a charge of mali- i the entire city council after a fused    to repeat    that pledge in    cious injury to a    building in ; public airing of the facts.    the dispute with Jaworski.    Rinn district court Tuesday. He said since the susjvended At a news conference Monday J^ase^e had originally been 'officers will probably receive night,    St. Clair    again declined I    c”ar£edwii” arson    m connec- iback pay if they are cxonerat- under    repeated    questioning to    {lon wdo al*eScdly    sefRn8 tU;e Pleads Guilty Irt Bu'ld'ng Barnage the,say whether Nixon would obey a re- supreme court order in the case. the city Safety Commissioner James Steinbeck, who affirmed Chief speculated LaPeters’ suspension of the of-mav have fivers, said he is willing to meet “Can Move Ahead” Jaworski said after the dcci- to an apartment building in Marion. The charge was reduced and sentencing is set for Aug. 30. . He is free on $5,000 bond. hie.’’    been calculated to prevent pre- with Colton and explain the rea The U. S. European command trial testimony on the specific son for the action in Germany said the remaining'charges during the commission City Attorney Lave McGuire hearings. By citing the indictment of the'giving nue SE; each lined $30 costs. Jeffrey Fields, 1175 and j Sev-1 Thomas enth avenue, Marion .Tansa, Belle Plaine; each fined I $25 and costs. Thomas Kp-pcnauer, 3814 Montclair drive NW; John LcClcre, route three, Cedar Rapids; Glenn Martin,! 1° contact them said. No arrests have been made. Police request anyone having information about the incidents was quoted at $18.50 to $19 50. Soviet Meeting MOSCOW (AP) The central committee of the Soviet Communist party met Wednesday in preparation for a regular meeting of the supreme soviet, the parliament of the Soviet Union. Wednesday 21) YEARS AGO The U.S. j right,” ordered two aircraft carriers to j he did the scene of the British airliner reason crash near Hainan island off limited China “to cover and protect fur- officers thor rescue and search operations.” officers. Instead of the accusa- civil service employes to thc tions of specific illegal acts, the chief and safety commissioner, specifications seem to limit tcs* not to the entire council. timony relevant to the hearings. !       — 4 ‘ I think that’s probably IO YEARS AGO I S of-said McGuire, although fieials, who were talking a few not say that was the weeks ago about the danger of the specifications were expanding war in Southeast to the indictment of the Asia, were reported trying to I shut off talk with South Vietnam Unraised Issue    warning    of    early attacks on specifications do not North Vietnam. sion that it looks now as if the American people can put Watergate behind them. “We’ve been told time and aid the state law is specific in aHain t0 Watergate behind the authority to suspend us, and now it looks as it we rn Light Up Someone s day with Flowers can,” Jaworski said in res porn - PIERSON’S I BOO HIU Blvd. NW FLOWERPHONE 366-1 826 “The BROSH CHAPEL "Ihvotnl Fit hi ic Sen ice" Inquire About Our Pre-arranged Services Rapids    Solon Since 1909 flowers for all occasions JOHN E. 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