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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 24, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 2A The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Wed., July -I, 1974 Bribery Charge Pondered in Milk Donation Case; Clark Denies Link Dubuque, Delaware Freeway Approved —Greece— (Continued from Pape I.) Drowning Victim s Body Is Recovered , immediately as prime minister. AMES — I he Iowa Highway jjle s( held when he left commission Tuesday gave ten- ^ a)untrv tative approval to a planned $30 million freeway along pres-    "dd    Rejoicing senate Watergate committee's; report states that the $50,000 was paid by AMPI (Associated Milk Producers, Inc. of San An tonio, Texas.) directly to the Valentine-Shcrman computer Gazette's Leased Wires    vices    were    for    the Iowa Demo- WASHINGTON - Watergate erotic party, not for his cam-prosecutors say they may bring PalSn- bribery charges against a dairy! llis ,irst k™«ledSe of Parr’s ... . . .    '    statement. Clark said in a tele- cooperative official in cornice-|phnne interview was whon it tion with President Nixon’s 1971 was read to him by telephone firm and the rePort contains on increase of federal milk price by an aide on Special Prosecu- !>aSe photostatic copies of supports.    !    tor    Leon    Jaworski’s    staff.    ,    ^e chocks (in the amounts of One co-op official, who pro-! Clark then issued this state-j^0'00^ eajjh) datcd 'Jal>' 16 and mised $2 million for Nixon’sjment to reporters:    Aug. _o, 19f I. (Clark did not. an- 1972 campaign. David Parr.1 “The reference to my cam-!t10unce his car^idacy or L.S. , I • i. rA. a .    noion nnnnni    ho    nnrrAPt    1    senator unti IF cb. lh. 1972). pled guilty Tuesday to con-pa.gn cannot    be    correct.    J    • spiring to donate corporate    “Early    in 1971" money and services illegally to six candidates, including Demo ent U. S. highway 20 iii Delaware and Dubuque counties. The proposed project would begin about a half mile east of, the junction of highways 20 and Iowa 38 and extend to I S. highway 61. At a corridor public hearing. alternates to the planned route were suggested, involving bypasser south of Dyersville. C o in rn i s s i o n staff members, however, have rcc-o rn rn ended following the alignment of the present road. The highway, to be desig that no Democrat in Iowa ever aiA uaiiuiuaics mwmuu. Lyc.v- *As the news media has ac-;had reason to believe corporate ^ ^....... crate” Hubert Humphrcy^and curatel-v r«P®rt«l on many funds vvcre involved and no one f"dfvidted "’highway" Wilbur Mills.    '    basions,    the computer project has ever suggested that this was Construc(ion is not scheduled was for the Iowa Democratic;the case.    until the 1980s. Clark Campaign    party as a whole, and it was es-! “Happy To Answer_____ The plea included admission > tablished, paid for, and well un-    snorial nrnse-    n    t    jl by Farr of a $50.0,10 payment to der way early in 1971    cu,or    ha,    never    contacted me —Debate— Valentine Sherman and As- “It was not possible for the u' 1 has    ac    c    /rnntinnoH    frnm    Pacp    I    ) vaicmuie, antiman ana as    J™    .,bout    this    matter    (until his of- ‘Continued from I age I.J socrates, a Minneapolis com- computer services to dc intend-i„.    , His return, apparently ending the Greek military dictatorship, brought wild rejoicing in the country. In scenes reminiscent of Athens at the end of World war II. tens of thousands of Greeks filled the streets in exultation and rejoiced at the end of the strongman military rule. The Athens newspaper Ta Nea said former Premier 'George Papadopoulos, the man I who established the military j regime in 1967. boarded a plane with his wife Tuesday and fled nated freeway 520. is to be a country. People shouted, clenched their fists and spat at former deputy Premier Stylianos Pat-! takos while he stopped at a I gasoline station to fill up his car, witnesses said. ANAMOSA - The body of a second drowning victim was recovered from tho Wapsipinicon river here about 6:30 a.in. Wednesday, some 40 hours after he and his brother went under w hi Ie swimming near the entrance to Wapsipinicon state park. Scuba divers, Jones county sheriff’s officers. Anamosa firemen and State Conservation Officers Mike Brewer and Hon Graves had searched steadily from early Tuesday until Donald Becker’s body floated to the surface Wednesday morning. The 12-year-old. along with his brother, Brad, 16. were swimming below the dam here with a group of friends. An Illinois deputy sheriff saw the incident and attempted to rescue the boys, but was driven back by the swift current. Officials theorize the younger boy's body may have become entrapped in one of the numerous holes at the base of the dam and remained there until it ! surfaced Wednesday. *    * * Services    for    the boys,    sons of Mr. and Mrs. Hon Becker, Ana-; mosa, will    be    Thursday    at    2:30 at the Methodist church    in    Na shua. Prayer service will be held Thursday at 9:30 at Goettsch chapel in Anamosa. Burial will be in Nashua .    . ’    .lwuullcarona    v-wiiii-    r    ip in p i ^id fice callcd Tuesday) — or con-needing davs. She said PBS tow'a ^mocralic^'rty, which no, even think about runninganv 0,h('r Io'va Dem°- would tape‘the debates tor re- J*??*?. Parr’s statement said were for until the following year. Sen. Dick Clark’s campaign. “The story of this computer But Clark told The Gazette project has already been exten-Wednesday the computer ser- sively detailed in the news. The votes for it as being possible or probable." “Convinced" Hogan, a candidate for governor of Maryland, said at a packed news conference, that after examining the evidence. he is convinced Nixon had committed impeachable offenses and should be removed from office. Front Command man of the fallen erat, to the best of my knowl-jbroadcast at 6:30 p.m. CDT. [?.dit.?ry dictatorship, Brig. Gen. edge - I would be more than even if live debate is underway ■    J’1(uS aJ°2n?    ’ ,waf rre* happy to answer any questions at that time.    ;    ported    headed    for    a    front line to clear up this matter.”    Under the rotational system ™™mand on the Turklsh fron- Clark said he is currently try- for the major networks. CBS    *.. ing to get the situation cleared-would be called on to broadcast u d 5 ^ d Jar* kith tho prosecutor s office. ;,hc proceedings Thursday CBS (JHSLX?in Fans and’head News President Richard Salantja g0vernment 0f national unity said he had received a tentative;on|y after recejvjng assurances schedule of debate for the day.j^at the military leaders would calling for a 9 a.m. CDT start, j return to their barracks and let 11:30 a m. recess, a session bim run things his way. from I to 6 p.m. and then an- it appeared that the military other two hours if necessary were keeping their word. First starting at 7 p.m. Hogan Says Not To Impeach In a letter filed with the court, IAI I I XA/ I    n •/    the prosecutors said that Parr’s Would Weaken Presidency p,ra "°ni him m / mumty from prosecution on pos-(Continued from Page I.) servative Republican, Wednes- sible charges of bribery and day questioned the President's conspiracy ‘‘in connection with ability to govern in the atmos- the March 25. 1971, milk price phere of “impeachment poli support decision.” tics.”    That    increase    was ordered by; NBC has the jjve coverage re- McClure criticized Nixon’s President Nixon March 23. and | sensibility Friday. NBC news signing of a controversial legal the public announcement was services bill opposed by conservatives. McClure said differing commitments on the bill were given by different members of the White House staff. “It must ‘The evidence convinces me    bring his ability to govern    ef-    brought the first official state- that my President has lied re-    Actively and to    lead at all into    ment that the Watergate prose- peatedly. deceiving public of-    sharp question,    he said.    cutors also are considering brib- ficials and the American pee- McClure’s statement    charges    cry charges against persons    in- ple.” said Hogan, a political That Nixon s decision to    sign the    volved in the affair, conservative and former FBI services bill results from parr was second-in-command been employed by the Killian jng to fight the Turks if war agent.    commitments by his staff to at AMPI, the nation's largest I Co. for 38 years as advertising comes. Addressing a main argument liberal senators at a time when dairy-farmer cooperative, until and display manager, during-- raised by Nixon defenders, that t^e l>res‘den{ himself told eon-    be was ousted in an internal    which    time    he won    many    naMon Mncnif al i70fl impeachment would weaken the sorvatives be had made    no such    shakeup in January 1972.    tional    awards for    his    window    nUdpildlllCU presidency, Hogan said. “In my commitment-    He    pled    guilty    to    conspiring to displays.    Aft0T CLR CrdSh view if we do not impeach the A portion of McClure's state- donate up to $222. 450 in corpo- Born in Bavaria. Germany,;    *    | President after all that he has ment was read to a newsman rate money and an unspecified he came to the United States in Paul L. Durabala, 26. of 1004 done, we would be weakening by a McClure aide, who said the dollar amount in corporate serv- 1913 and worked in Wisconsin G avenue NW, Wednesday was the presidency even more.” statement fell short of calling ices to six candidates.    until coming to Cedar Rapids in fair condition at Mercy hospi- Hogan said he received two ,or Mixon’s impeachment or He admitted giving illegal in 1916. He was a member of tai with head injuries suffered telephone calls from the White    resignation.    corporate help to Humphrey’s Trinity Lutheran church. Tuesday in a two-car collision. House before his news confer- _    _    J1968 and 1972 presidential cam- In addition to his wife, Lillian,' Durabala was injured at 8:54 to go was loannides. the dread- j ed and mysterious chief of the military police who toppled dic-President Richard Wald said he tutor Papadopoulos in a blood-1 held up two days while    presi-    bad    not received a schedule    of    less coup last    November and dential aides obtained continua-    tbat    day’s proceedings.    ran the regime from behind the tion of Parr’s $2 million prom- :   I scenes. ise. Parr’s group and two sister ^ H Luber Dies,    He    was reliably reported to co-ops donated $632,500.    *    ‘    have submitted    his resignation Native of Germany    from the army    early Wednes- FAIRFAX — M. Hans Luber, day, but was refused. Military 86, rural Fairfax, died Wednes-1sources said instead loannides day at a Cedar Rapids hospital was being assigned to the following a brief illness.    northeast front, where Greek Before his retirement, he had armed forces have been mass Tuesday’s court proceedings ence, which he did not return. G.O.P. Head Raps paigns and his 1970 Minnesota he is survived by a son. Martin p.m. Tuesday at the intersection and one from Vice-president '    .*    ,    •    senatorial    race,    and    to    Mills’P. Luber, and a daughter, Doris of Second avenue and Tenth Ford. He said Ford only ques- L/6§f/6f Kon^QTOO I9~2 presidential effort.    **-    r,~J—    u--    ^    1 Honed the timing of his an- ^    . nounccment and did not try to UTT 0/77/770/7/ influence him. Met Hostility Parr Williams, both of Cedar Rapids; I street SE when the car he was! also admitted aiding campaigns Three grandchildren, and a [driving and another car driven1 of Sen. Abourezk (D-S.D.).'great-grandchild.    by William E. Sherman, 47, Al-! hat t aq iad* p Kl- (former Rep- Patrick Hillings Services: Turner chapel west. Burnett, collided, v*’ i •    «RePu „caP (R-Calif.), former Rep. Page Cedar Rapids. A memorial fund Police charged Durabala with National Chairman George Bush Be|cheI% , R.ok,a , and t|ark h been established    ,disobeying a traffic signal. Appearing on the house floor says he agrees with presidential _ •_!_ [ shortly after his announcement.(lawyer James St. Clair’s efforts* Hogan met with hostility as    well to keep    President    Nixon's Wa- as sympathy.    He said    one tergate    defense on a non-par- member greeted his arrival tisan level, with “let’s hear it for Larry! Bush said he feels presidential I Hogan’’ followed by a loud rasp- Press Secretary Ziegler made a berry.    [mistake    in calling    the house ju-j He was also    denounced    by jdiciary    committee    a “kangaroo! White House counselor Dean court.’’ Burch, who said Hogan was mo- “I just don't believe it,” Bush; tivated by his political ambi- told newsmen on Tuesday. “I1 tions.    don’t think it’s a witch hunt.” At least four other committee i The G.O.P. chief stopped Republicans — Hamilton Fishjshort, however, of saying of New York, William Cohen of Ziegler’s remarks about the ju-Maine, M. Caldwell Butler officiary committee's impeach-Virgima and Thomas Railsback ment inquiry were an embar-of Illinois have indicated they ■ rassment to Republicans who might vote for impeachment. want to keep the party out of In an effort to assure their Watergate. “He’s saying his thing and support Chairman Rodino (D- N.J. t, has been letting the foul ^js thing,” Bush said. Republicans provide SUgges- Kush sajd hc doub,s sena(c lions for tho proposed articles ,rja, on ,m hm,,n( wjl| takf of im^aduaent that will1 be ,ate „e > put before the committee for ^ aj)ou| ^(tjn(, j( a[| om with before the fall elections. Final Drafting    “i’m    anxious to get this matter Final drafting was to be behind this country. Whatever it worked out in secret caucuses takes to do that, I'm for.” Bush Wednesday, but it now appears said “The main thing is to get that only three articles will be it over quickly.” presented, one charging Nixon-- with obstruction of justice in the Yrm + I*ic    A Watergate cover-up, one with ' OUTmS v^rlarCJGCi abuses of power for wiretapping    ^    Minu+oc American citizens and using the    J    irimuiea    ai    lei Internal Revenue Service for political purposes, and one charging him with contempt of congress for refusing to comply rested in a stolen car Tuesday with committee subpoenas. night just three minutes after On a 21-16 vote, the commit- the owner reported it missing tee adopted rules that call for    The    car, owned    by    Helen voting on each proposed article    O’Deen, 217 Seventh    street SW, of impeachment before going was taken from her residence on to the next one.    She called police at 11:21 p m. Rodino has alloted each of the Tuesday to report the theft. 38 members 15 minutes for gen- Police stopped the car in the oral debate, After that the im- 1000 block of Third avenue SF: at peachment articles will be con- 11:24 p.m. Tuesday when offered with each member a1- ficers noticed the car matched lowed five minutes debate on the description of the stolen ve-each article and amendments to hide. them.    The    youths    gave    police    false If a committee majority rec- names when arrested. Later the ommends impeachment, the full youths were discovered to bel house will then vote with a ma- runaways from the Iowa train-jority needed there to impeach mg school for boys. The youths Nixon.    were taken to the county jail Shop Thursday ’Til 9:00 P.M. DISCOVER DINETTES In Aristocratic Bronze Your Choice 7 Pc. 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