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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 23, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather— Mostly fair tonight, Wednesday. Ihiws tonight, middle fids. Highs Wednesday, JHI to 95. VOLUME 92 NUMBER 195 tumta CITY FINAL 15 CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, TUESDAY, .JULY 23, 1974CYPRUS UA UNIT ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES Panel Now Final Approval Given Eying Rules For lmPeachmenf TV For Debate WASHINGTON (AH) The house and its judiciary committee have voted to allow broadcasters to switch on equipment that has been gathering dust will make possible color telecasts. Broadcast technicians installed cables and cameras im the committee’s Rayburn Office WASHINGTON (AP) -Rep. Lawrence Hogan (R-Md.), a member of the house judiciary committee, said Tuesday that in his opinion President Nixon has committed impeachable offenses and should be removed from office. WASHINGTON (AP) - With the evidence in and the arguments made, members of the house judiciary committee are turning to tactics and strategy in preparation for their crucial decision on whether President Nixon should be impeached. At party caucuses and private meetings being held regularly. Democrats are searching for the best way to bring articles of impeachment to a vote while Republicans are planning counter-moves. Democrats found themselves divided at a caucus Monday night over whether to plunge in with a proposed article of impeachment when debate opens Wednesday, or start with a general resolution on impeachment and leave specific articles to be proposed later. Fear Snowballing Republicans are opposing suggestions that one article be voted on before another is offered. preferring to have all the voting at the end. They don t like the prospect of a snowball effect in case an early article is approved. Also proving troublesome to the Democrats is the order in which they will propose articles. Some favor going with the strongest first while others would prefer to test the waters with a marginal one. A new dimension was added to the debate and voting procedures Monday when the committee voted to allow live televi-; sion and radio coverage of the! sessions. Some Democrats fear the Republicans will resort to forcing rulings by Chairman Ro-dino (D-N.J.) that would give an. appearance of stifling debate. Initial Speeches Rodino said Monday that he was prepared to give each of the 38 members 15 minutes to discuss impeachment in general terms, a total of nearly IO hours! for the committee’s 38! members. That should consume the first two days of debate. After that members would be recognized to propose articles of j i rn p e a c h rn e n t and to offer amendments to them, with each member entitled to five minutes on each article or amendment. Rodino at one time had hoped to conclude the committee’s deliberations by Saturday, but most members now expect the proceedings to run at least until| next Tuesday. St. Clair Out James St. Clair, Nixon’s impeachment defense lawyer added his touch of strategy Monday when he sent a letter to special counsel John Doar asking for permission to attend the committee's sessions. St. Clair said in a news conference Monday night that Doar has now (Continued: Page 3, Col. 3.) Stocks Score Strong Gain NEW YORK (AP) - The stock market staged a broad ad Vance Tuesday. The 2 p.m. Dow Jones average was up 10 95 at 801.31 and gainers led losers more than 3-1 on the New York Stock Exchange. since the opening minutes of the Building hearing room for the impeachment inquiry ten weeks beginning of evidenciary hear-ago.    ings on May 9. Television and radio broad    Four    Cameras casting is scheduled to start    Therc be four (e|evision Wednesday, the exact time de- cilmeras in th(, commi(u,e pending on when committee room two scanning committee members conclude discussions membe and two sh(|0|i of the procedures for deeding om |hrir shou|dcrs ,oward ,h* whether to impeach President au(jjen(.e on    According to the committee A committee spokesman spc- schedule, the first IO hours of culated Monday that the actual programming will consist of 15-programming may not start minute statements by each of until evening, but cautioned that the 38 committee members. this was just a guess based on    The next 20 hours will be the amount of work remaining, spent on amending and voting Rotation Plan    the proposed impeachment ar-; .    ,    tide. As it is now, the commit- The ABC , C BS and NBG tele- ^ expect to complete ac-vision networks said they will!R0n on recommendation early televise the hearings live in a next week, possibly Tuesday, rotation plan similar to the one they adopted in early June a    Votes year ago during the senate Wa-    The house voted 346-40 to tergate hearings.    allow broadcasting of commit- The house and committee sti- Jee meetings. The measure was pulated that the broadcasts supported by 196 Democrats and must not be interrupted by com- ^0 Republicans while 17 Demo-mercials.    ;crats and 23 Republicans op- Judiciary members voted to P°sed allow televi.,ion lights, whicll|    A few hours later the commit- B _ tee voted 31 lo 7 to approve a resolution admitting the broadcast media to the debates. Seventeen Democrats and 14 Republicans were in favor of per-m i 11 i n g broadcasting. Three _ I .nl    Democrats and four Republi- Plant Blasts caAn|*erew *,«.! ABC will televise Wednes-QUINNESEC, Mich. (UPI) -jday’s impeachment debate live.j Firemen worked cautiously UBS will cover .it I hursdav and j through the night to prevent NBG Friday. Any network can jvflAMI (API    ~v. more explosions at a Gulf Oil ni- a»r all or part of the debate live ward Gurney (R.pia.), indicted ly shot down an American heli-trate plant where a series of on the days it doesnt nave e jn conation W1th an influence copter with a heat-seeking mis-blasts Monday shattered win-j primary rcsponsibi itv ior ive p^i^g scheme, said Tuesday sile during training exercises in dows in an eight-mile area and coverage.    ^as decided not to seek the Philippines, killing all six killed a fireman.    At Night on PBS    re-election.    men aboard, a navy    spokesman Fearing more explosions at    sajd r has no plans for “There is no sensible or sound announced Tuesday. the facility in Michigan s upper,jjve tv coverage of the start of way to conduct a statewide po- The accident happened Mon- Struggle To Avert New NEW G.O.P. SPOKESMAN — Sam Garrison, right, named Tuesday by house judiciary committee Republicans as their chief counsel, confers with his predecessor, Albert Jenner, during a break in the panel's impeachment proceedings Monday. Jenner enraged Republicans by supporting pro-impeachment arguments. Gurney Not Helicopfer Shot Down Greek Military T° Ru," ftor    By Accident; Six Die HandsPowerto Re-election  7    Civilian Regime MANILA (UPI) - A U. S. Senator Ed- navy fighter-bomber accidental- Name New President For Island Gazette Leased Wires United Nations troops seized the Nicosia airport on Cyprus Tuesday and were attacked by both Greek Cypriot and Turkish forces in a major violation of The one-day-old cease-fire, the U. N. announced. A government crisis in Greece added to the un-! certainty of Cyprus’ future. A Turkish military spokesman said in Adana, Turkey, the Tur-k i s h military operation on Cyprus continued, and the U. N. report issued in New York said Turkish forces had reached the U. N. headquarters near the airport with a view to attacking it. The headquarters came under a Turkish mortar barrage around noon, it said. At about 2:30 p.m. Cyprus time, it said, the Greek Cypriot national guard “began to move forward in the area and the Canadians, who have already suffered some casualties, have been ordered to resist forced entry.” Although the U. N. forces in Cyprus carry only light weapons and have general orders to fire only in self defense, Maj. Gen. U. Prem Chand: of India, the force commander, ordered his I Canadian troops to resist armed entry into the U. N. compound. “Broken Badly” U. N. forces took over the air-jport “after a new and serious iTuc’uc /frDft    qn. /-    ,    breach of the cease-fire” in    the ATHENS ii ID — The Greek area headquarters reported, armed forces announced Tues-: ^ from tie” carrier Range'r? was da>' that «“>’ lurninE wet th ^kKmaiT^etd ^because participating in -an air wing Power to a civilian government. ™is H ™ where the wearxin delivery training pxer • announcement came dur- _ ,    ,•    1    ,    .    .”    . weapon aenver> training exer-    cease-fire    was    being broken -UPI Telephoto site within minutes but recovered only debris. The spokesman said the jet. peninsula, firemen sought to the public debate Wednesday, keep pockets of flame from; whiie CBS said it still is con- litical race and prepare for and day about 70 miles southwest of go through a major trial,” he the U. S. naval base at Subic cise The guided missile was mg a recess in an emergency meeting with former political very badly.” With the takeover, the airport launched "under normal con*-    j"1*    **■    ”,hus    becomes    a    V.    S.    interna- lions,’'the spokesman said. nouncement came*1*'1' dI1;ti<)nal Protected area,” the reaching two tank cars loaded!5^,.^ whether it'll interrupt said in a written statement tele-Bay. ’    expired™™* t^thTintcnded The Prcsident's off,cc “•iwuwTacilitate''the* arrival"* with chemicals.    scheduled    programming then. phoned to Miami by his Wash-    An p.4 phantom jet fired the    ,ar „et but rathcr flcw into thc    nounced that former Premier    u N    reinforcements Sidewinder air-to-air missile at helicopter, which was seen lo    <;'onslantine Caramanlis would    pr.,id.n, a “parachute flare target” but    makc a partial turn, impact into    be rJe,ur"!n« fr°m hls “''-""’i „    ,    ”Md,rt the missile instead hit a navy i^e sea ancj s]n|^ *> jjC sajd posed exile to form a govern-j U. N. Secretary General Kurt helicopter practicing a rescue at Na officials'began an hives- mCun'"f "r'T' “n'*' ■    ,    !W a'd h c i.™ held emergency ligation of thc cause of thc ac lc has llvcd ln Pa"s s,nce thc ™et'n*s "lth !he Turklsh and destroyers, the Jouett cicjent    (military    regime took power in J Greek ambassadors. Four explosions, triggered by The Public Broadcasting Ser- ington office. a gasoline fire in a garage, tore vice said it won’t air the de- Gurney. 60. of Winter Park through the plant Monday. The bates live but will videotape was indicted July IO in Jackson-manager. J. P. Jones>, drove a them for evening broadcasts. vj|je by a federal grand jury truck loaded with explosive The National Public Radio Sys- which accused him of conspire- sea. chemicals out of the burning tem said it’ll carry the debate cy bribery and perjury.    !    Two garage shortly before the first live from start to finish. CBS blast and was praised for said its radio network also will,    committee. he has pled heroism by Gulf officials.    (carry    the debate live, but will    . h . Youth Killed    lbreak    away for its re8ular six' minute newscasts every hour. James Olson, 18. who wasj NBC Radio and ABC Radio driving his car to the plant after|said they will air the debate live the fire broke out. was the fatal-|onjy when developments war A member of the senate Wa- and the Bradley, arrived at the1 He said he wanted to thank the “host of people who have phoned, wired and written in the '(last few days urging me to cam- The spokesman said the helicopter was taking part in the j exercise and that “there was 1967. Athens had seethed Meanwhile, the Cyprus gov with eminent announced rumors of a coup or a change in a new president in an apparent at- nothing unsafe about where it 8®vern,y,ent *01 two days and tempt to come to peace terms was" until tho missile failed “lo the U S: asked ,hc..Gr*ek g0V;! "ith 1 ity. The first explosion flung a|ran't    *    paign    for    re-election.” rear truck axle against the| The Mutual Broadcasting Sys-; Some Florida Republican fly its expected track.” None of the victims was from Iowa. young fireman’s car, killing him;tem said it planned to carry but missing a passenger.    |    highlights    of each day’s debate Two youths, Steve Peters, the j in special evening programs, passenger, and Scott Sparapani, 13, who lived nearby, were hospitalized with minor injuries. Several other persons were treated for cuts from flying glass, rocks and steel. Three more blasts followed during a 30-minute span. Shrap- leaders had threatened to repudiate Gurney unless he withdrew. Air Force Blamed for Bee Deaths OGDEN, Utah (AP) - Beekeepers in Weber county have I hired lawyers to help in trying jto recover losses suffered last week when thousands of honey I bees died suddenly in northern President Nixon will make acaf'acijvitvia"the Athens larea.|®amPson resigned as president Utah    I    “niamr    yHH roe c on (ha omn    _    ...    ....    I    of    rS.nm.n Turkey. ernment to permit chartered!    ... airliners to use Athens airport! ,e ar^ouncement said the to evacuate .some of the thou- new present would be Ulafcos sands of tourists stranded there I^lendes 3 Prominent figure in since the Cyprus crisis erupted!., cProuuus regime of Pres-a a'PPk ann    ldent    Archbishop    Makarios    and was closed to the man who headed the inter- Nixon Economic Speech Thursday rcgu’larlv-scHiedulcd’flights at a c;°”™uaal 'alks vvi,h th<' Turk'' r    '    durins the Makarios regime. | a week ago Thc airport SAN CLEMENTE (AP) I time when there was evidence of intensified military and politi- Hadio Cyprus Fund-Raiser Success n    K /    A ii- n/J The honey producers, headed om> rhursdaj before a gather- rescue tbe American tourists. Decause /VO/76 /incno by the county beekeeper assoc!- mg of businessmen at the Cenlu- regime, said Nikos major address on the econ- U. S. airlines were alerted to sCyprus. In a speech broadcast by Radio Cyprus, Sampson said derides, because of his experience, is better fitted to lead the nation. Greek Junta Quits In Athens, Greece’s military junta announced that it was at ion, blame the deaths on in rv Warn hotel in Los Angeles, .    I*    DI DETROIT (UPI) — A Demo- they said, when they noticed .ceticide spraying last Wednes the White House said Monday. IST3011 r lanes nel whizzed through the area. C1*atic candidate for governor how reluctant supporters were by h,II air force base.    NBC    and    ABC    television net    D    ->2 —J (^iipri|l;ac Windows shattered in homes hosted a political fund-raising to buy tickets and interrupt a The air force has dlsHVOWed works will broadcast thc speech    lxa,U v^ucrilia^ and business places. A set <T:huffet tdat was a smashing sue-summer weekend to attend a responsiWlity. Officials at the live at 6:30 p.in Iowa time. CBS TEL AVIV (AP) - Israeli truck wheels    ya^dsicess,    political gathering.    |base maintain the spray used:sa'd ^ has not decided on cover-(planes rocketed and bombed and barely missed a state n0 one turned up,    Worse,    aides    said. were peo- was approved by the Environ- ag('    Palestinian    guerilla    targets    >n(turnin„    over    power    to    a    civilian trooper. Electricity was knocked jerome Cavanagh. onetime pie who bought tickets, then mental Protection Agency and After his speech, three of Nix-southern Lebanon Tuesday, the government throwing diplomat-out in the city of Norway, near- mayor 0f Detroit and one of gave them away to persons who .spraying was supervised by thc on s l0P economic advisers will military command announced. jc efforts to settle the Cyprus ly five miles away.    j    three    Democrats    seeking his turned up — and ate and drank j Davis About 50 residents were ova-Larty-S nomination, c h a r g e d i everything available.    jment. cuated and the highway waS|guests $25 — if they promised1 “The overhead sometimes is I The beekeepers have they stand to lose up to half closed hours. to traffic for ,    -    .     —    *      I    ii    viiuri.s    lo    iit’iue    ii county health depart-! remain to take questions from A spokesman said the attack question into confusion the audience, including lasted “several minutes ’ and r „ a „ „ beekeepers have said meml)ers of the press.    all    planes    returned    safely “Giant Ball’’ have placed tho loss at about $300,000. The exact cause of the deaths several not {0 come.    ]terrible.** Long said. The price for those who did Cavanagh beamed as he re- their harvest in what they show was $50    ;ported the zero attendance tig- termed a bonanza year. Several Jones said he spotted flames “We’ve got about $1,000 in ure. coming from a truck in thc hand.” said Cavanagh s finance!    First Time garage and was unable to ext in-director. “About $500 more is Aides sajcj thcv thought it gulsh them. “They just turned coming in.    was the first time anyone had has not been determined, but into a giant hall of tiro, he    Stand    Alone    tried the no-show idea.    state officials have been con said    Cavanagh    and his wife stood! Cavanagh earlier dropped out ducting tests. He warned thc plant s seven ajone al thc serving table at a of the race for governor to un- About 90 beekeepers met Mon-|kish sajjors rescucct bv an Israe- sai<1* employes to get away from the aburban restaurant, nibbling dergo a kidney cancer opera- day night with newly-hired at- ...    ‘    *    >    Greece    has    denied    that    any    of area.    crackers and cheese and sip- lion. But doctors have pro- torncys, Richard Thorn ley and 1 s 0    1 vies un cons o sbips were sunk off Cyprus. He    then    drove    another    truck    nounced him fully    recovered and    Gerald    Parker. Both    indicated    Cyprus may have come from    Shipping officials said the Mc- (Photo    on    picture page)    fit. a fact    he underscores with    they most likely will    file    .suit    a Turkish vessel    sunk    by the    vo'ot Yam spotted the sailors in ------------ a highly    visible    and physical(against    Hill AFB,    .Turkish air torc®.    lifeboats Monday about 25 miles been    much    worse    except    for    the    ping    fruit    juice    while    waiting    campaign    They    also said. however,    that    The radio said    the    training    off thc island, fact that he risked his life to go to see if anyone would appear. His main opponent is Attor- they may settle out of court, ship Mevo ot Yam landed at( Crew men aboard the rescue I back and drive that truck away    He was not surprised when ney Sander Levin, who ran un- and that their main objective is Haifa with the Turks Tuesday, vessel said the Turks told them Think Turkish Planes Sank Their Own Ship JERUSALEM (UPI) — Israeli(ship which as it turned out wasj radio said Tuesday that 42 Tur- really a Turkish ship.” the radio! awav. “The situation could have Toil ii a 's Chuckle A bon1 is a fellow who lights up the room when he leaves. Copvrinh! I *s    '    - from the flames,” said David no one showed. He asked sup- successfully against Gov. WU- to determine whore the blame Preparations were underway , Narr at Gulf headquarters in'porters to stay away.    ham Milliken in 1970. Attorney lies.    to return them home aboard a Tulsa.    !    “The    best fund-raiser,” said James Wells, is also in the run- Asked how they could be con-; Turkish airliner waiting at Ben- The plant manufactured 4,900 Finance Director Wally Long, ning,    sidering a suit against the air Gurion airport    near Tel Aviv, I tons of explosives last year and “is the one where nobody The winner will face Milliken, force when they don’t know how the radio said, was described by Narr as “a comes.”    who is unopposed in the Repub- the bees died, they said the base Monday the Turks anither small operation.”    Cavanagh’s    aides    got    the    idea,    lican primary.    is the only reasonable cause. (nounced they had sunk a Greek about 150 of the 250 men aboard their ship survived thc attack and got into lifeboats. Shipping officials said they believed other survivors were rescued by a Scandinavian ship in the area at the time. London and Geneva dispatches said Britain and Turkey were ready to begin formal talks on Wednesday in the Swiss city but that there had been no reply from Greece as to when it (Continued: Page 3, Col. 8.) Today s Index Comics ......  IS Crossword ....  ,,...15 Daily Record ........... .. 3 Deaths ...............  3 Editorial Features ...... 6 Farm .......................7 Financial .......  16 Marion ................  5 Movies .      ll Society ..... 8 Sports    .....  11*13 State    I Television    9 Want Ads .......18-21 ;

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