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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 17, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa rn MVIhouse interiors welcome browsersAfrican Chewing Sticks May Hold By Dale Slicer ST LOUIS (UPI) - About IHI percent of a1! Americans have some tooth decay. In some African areas the figure is as low as 15 percent What could do a better job of shielding American children and adults from tooth decay than is being done by the best toothpastes modern science has to offer? A team of researc hers at Washington university here thinks the answer may tx* hidden in wooden (hewing sticks, widely used in Africa for leaning teeth. Wooden Sticks The team, headed by Dr Memory F’lvin-Lew is, associate professor and chairman of the department of dental microbiology, has done preliminary'research mat indicates the anti-decay substances, known as anti- cariogenics, are found in the wooden sticks The sticks are taken from more than IOO varieties of African plants but they most commonly come from plants in the citrus, ebony and coffee families. Africans using the pencilsized sticks bite them with the tips of the molars, twisting and turning them as they chew on them thoroughly. The end of the stick becomes frayed, and the brushlike area is then used to clean the teeth. The stick is vigorously moved over the surfaces of the teeth, then is often sucked on for hours afterward Some companies in Kngland and India are now using ex tracts from the sticks in commercial toothpaste, but Mrs Elvln-Lewis said the exact chemical substances being released to fight tooth decay have not yet been isolated. To find out, she and her botanist husband, Dr Walter Lewis, along with a team consisting of anthropologists and others, are seeking a grant to go to Ghana and study in more depth the chewing sticks She hopes to find out how they work before more “modern” methods of preventing tooth decay are introduced and obscure the natural potency of the sticks Soil and Water “Our survey would be designed to establish the effect of the sticks on dental hygiene,” she said. “We want to see if there is a direct relationship between low decay and the sticks or whether the soil and water in a particular area are also involved.” Because direct use of the sticks helps the teeth but harms the gums, Mrs. Elvin-I^'wis said the anti-cariogenic substances could be extracted from the sticks and put to use in more conventional methods of dental hygiene. “It’s like doing fluoride research backwards,” she said “Instead of taking 3 sub stance and seeing if it works to prevent decay, we want to see if whatever is in these crewing sticks that prevents decay can be extracted for use in the best possible form.” Whatever is working in the sticks is similar to fluoride, she said, but probably is something more than fluoride She says fluoride is effective, but there is a need for something else “There are vast parts of the world that absolutely refuse to use fluoride,” she said, “This offers a natural alternative ’ GAZETTE TELEPHONE NUMBERS For Nnwv Sports, Bookkeeping, General Infor motion and Offices Not luted Below (all Circulation Subscription Oept Mon thru Sot 8 o rn to 7 p rn Sundays Until I? Noon Holidays Horn to 7 p rn Went Ad*    ____ Mon thru fri 8 a rn to S p rn Saturday until I? Noon Display Advertising 8 o rn to 5 p m Marion Office 198 8211 198 8331 398 8234 398 8222 398 841(1 REGULARLY 14.00 The California knack for good looking sportswear comes to Killian s. Smartly tailored shirts have short sleeves for casual comfort on hot days. Choose from a wide and varied assortment of colors in solid tones, prints or fancy patterns. Medium thru extra large. (•dor Rapid*; Downtown Strait Floor and Lindale Plata Iowa City; Mall Shopping Cantar on Sit at Sycamoresave 15% to 50% Floor samples, one-of-a-kind items and discontinued lines from the Kenwood family of fine furniture makers! Save substantially on furniture for your living room, dining room or bedroom. Kenwood house interiors SHOWROOMS ROS SECOND ST SE DOWNTOWN HOURS WEEKDAYS 9 Til 5, MONDAYS I THURSDAYS Til 9 • TREE PARKING NEXT TO STORT FREE DELIVERY t SET UP FREE INTERIOR DESIGNER'S ASSISTANCE EXTENDED TERMS AVAILABLE AP Wirephoto About 90 percent of all Americans have some tooth decay. In some African areas, the figure is as low as 15 percent. A team of researchers at Washington university in St. Louis thinks the answer may be hidden in wooden chewing sticks. Dr. Memory Elvin-Lewis, head of the team, holds a picture of a native chewing on one of the sticks and a group of the sticks. Coo I and carefree sport shirts fom a famous California maker ... at great savings!Special Purchase! Men s Short Sleeve Knit Sport Shirts ;

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