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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 16, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather- Partly cloudy tonight and Wednesday. Lows tonight around 70. Warmer Wednesday with highs in low 90s. CITY FINAL 15 CENTS VOLUME 92-NUMBER 188 CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA. TUESDAY, JULY 16. 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES WASHINGTON (AP) - Two, armed convicts, driven back by gunfire and tear gas in a desperate attempt to escape their besieged cellblock, surrendered to law officers Monday night. I ending a 105-hour ordeal at the U. S. district courthouse. Hours after their frantic effort to find freedom by axing their way into a courthouse ventilation duct, Frank Gorham. 26, and Robert Jones, 24. were flown to the Atlanta federal penitentiary. Seized Eight Gorham and Jones had been inside the cellblock since Thursday when they seized eight hostages and tried to bargain for a freedom flight to Africa. They released one of the hostages Friday and held the others as bargaining pawns; until the seven fled Sunday in a daring escape. Stripped and handcuffed. Gorham and Jones gave up 36 hours later. The final act of the drama began about 8 p.m. CHT Monday when they used an ax to hack their way into the a'r duct. For the first time since Gorham and Jones had barricaded themselves inside the basement lookup. officers exchanged gunfire with the pair, then used tear gas to force them back into their confinement. No one was hurt. Chief Persuaded Deputy Police Chief Maurice; Cullinane, part of a force of about 20 District of Columbia; policemen and U. S. marshals; who stormed into the cellblock; area, said he persuaded Jones and Gorham to surrender. “I was just talking to them throygh the door,” he said. ‘‘Just rapping with them.” Cullinane said Jones and Cor-, ham stripped and handcuffed themselves. Then police entered the room, searched them and allowed them to dress again. 250,000 on American's Plan Let lurks Send Roll nf Hip H,iack Hosfa9es Flee Thrpaf Tn WH lUBV TOKYO (API — An Amoriran Twaknshi nut his knifn fn (ho I 111    I    £ In Strikes TOKYO (AP) — An American businessman says he suggested I the plan by which 85 persons escaped from a hijacked Japanese Intervene Iwakoshi put his knife to the; neck of a stewardess and took over the plane on a flight from! Osaka to Tokyo. He demanded ( the release of a jailed radical Air Lines piano ai Nagoya, 1/0 leader and transport to North miles southwest of Tokyo here. 'Korea. After several hours at By United Press International Police seized the hijacker, a:the Tokyo airport, the plane; Turkey called on Britain young Japanese construction (?°k off f()I; 0saka but landed at Tuesday to join it in intervening worker, after the 81 passengers j sj,ort^5 fuel*0 ^    **3n    t0 fUn in Cyprus and said it would go it and four of the eight crew; Police who questioned the hi-.a*onc Britain refused to help, members got safely off the    jacker said he had no cornice-    President Archbishop Makarios, plane Monday. The hijacker    lion with leftist groups but had    ousted by a Greek-led coup lion has    had in the post-World!stabbed himself in the neck and    a record of live arrests for    Monday, was reported rallying war II era, according to the ... .    „    .    ,    .    ,    minor crimes. He told them he hic ln .    T„„criow    anainct Federal Mediation Service. chesl but was rcportcd out of didn't know Takaya Shiomi. the h's l0yal troops Tucsday aea‘"St In Ohio, the    American Feder-    danger after the d0ctors scwed    radical leader whose release he    the agents and heavy fight- ation of    State,    County and Mu-    bim UP witb 26 stitches.    sought, but thought he could get    ing was reported. By The Associated Press Some labor disputes were settled Monday but about 600 i strikes involving a quarter-million workers continued to hamper private industry and I government across the U. S. It was the most strikes the na- n i c i p a I Employes leadership Milton Richmond, 48, of Chi- a job    in    North Korea if he took gave its sanction to a state cago, one of two American pas-    with    him. workers strike that began more sengcrs aboard, said he per-than two weeks ago.    suaded    the    stewardesses    to    open Union leaders said they ex-;thc rcar emergency exits while ; pected half the state’s 80,000 the hijacker, 26-year-old Akira employes to honor their picket ^wakoshi, was in the cockpit lines at state universities, gov-! ta^n8 Nagoya airport of-ernmcnt offices and other facili- Bciiils by radio. ties.    Hijacker    Screaming The wage dispute began July “Tbe captain kept saying the; |6 but until Tuesday was c°n-situation was very serious,”! fined to about 2,OOO workers at a; said Richmond «while the hi- Murder Count Venue Change Granted Nowlin Cedar Rapids News— George Nowlin, who was to go -UPI Telephoto Motorcycling Aide Ronald Ziegler, presidential press secretary, adjusts His ‘tennis rackets on the motorcycle he is using for transpo nation wh'le with President Nixon in California. Ziegler commutes the 18 rn iles from his Laguna Beach hotel to the Western White House compound in S an Clemente on the rented twowheeler. British Foreign Minister James Callaghan told parliament Tuesday that Makarios is alive and has been given permission to enter Britain's sovereign base areas on Cyprus. Urgent Session The U. N. Security Council was called into urgent session at 2 p.m. CDT at the request of Secretary General Waldheim . . ,    __    ,    .who plans to inform the council  ...............„    ...    on a* next Monday on a of the situation in Cyprus, a dozen state    prisons    and    mental jacker screamed    hysterically in    char8n    of murdering Michael    spokesman    said. hospitals.    the background.    We could all    Servey,    has been granted a    Waldheim sent an    appeal    to , .Th!    hearit'    ctange    of venue from Linn    the Prime    ministers    of    Greece let this state know that we in* urru 4 a    and Turkov <4to exercise max- tend to shut it down." said Ted I    The stewardesses were very , county to Story county and the a™    loa""c“oj"’" Clemans. a federation official. | cluc,ant to °PC" the doors,;    tria| has been rescheduled to    tion which    miEht „jvc    risc A joint legislative committee    ,n    f*£ ,hcy Aug. 5.    mthe7 ToSc " Wa d^eim was to meet Tuesday to consid-dldn ‘ want t0 ope" ,hcm al    lfUrthCr °' C WaIdHe‘m cr a 25-cent-per-hour increase for public employes earning less than $12,000 a 69.000 workers, me sinners    W V‘^" Vc l1^ I one in Linn county and the other had left Cyprus for an undishave demanded a 31-cent boost, og^ther and let them down to    dosed destination and rhcre was the ground. A policeman hung    b    J™1*    r    speculation he was flying to New onto it and Bob Allen — mv' Tbe change of venue was ^„    , ,UIT\T8 , buddy - and I pulled him in.!granted Tuesday by Judge Rob- °Ar ^ °_3.!nd.!    ?fn    ? open all. But we had kids aboard T h e stewardesses finally Aug. 5. The 31-year-old rural Key- said U. N. officials had spoken stone man is one of two men to Makarios. oyes earning less    ,    .    (h    A    charged    in    the    March    IO    slaying    The    British    government    said i. ^The ""strikers ETuiST whieh 'we"    “fi! Pane! Members T o Get Proposed Impeachment Articles Thursday Mine Union Threat WASHINGTON lAPi - A United Mine Workers spokesman said Tuesday that the union may call a nationwide work stoppage next week to protest state police escorts for non-strikers in an organizing strike in Harlan county, Ky. We were the only big guys there.” Then the ert Osmundson on a defense A Turkish note to Britain sent motion that alleged excitement af*er ai? ad cabinet ses- i vain.    iiitu    ait    vthii National Airlines jets rested American smelting company. in their hangars again Tuesday as International Assn. of Ma- WASHINGTON (AP) — Chair-; Rodino’s announcement pro-,also complete Tuesday the ques- chinists members picketed at J'n.TriHp"thP limothe!man Rodino <D-N J-) said Tues-|duced sharp protests from Re-Boning of Herbert Ka During the time tney neia me pr0p0sed artides of    ...    ^,|Nixon’s former personal six men and a woman as hos- ^eP, w#u|d * presented'pUbllCa'' mmber*- "T saldl.-i- ~E. . (ages Gorham and Jones de-1,0 |he housc judlciary' comn)i|. they had expected a balanced manded to be flown to freedom [ee on Thursd    staff presentation, with ar-    ........    real issue is, fringe benefits." Twn Mnra Oil it m Alger,a-    Rodino    said    arguments    and    *Tcn,s    against    impeachment    CoUon    who. had been expect- Thc |1;ll„„,s N„. , coppcr pr0.( I W0 More Dasseneers    and    and    Prejudice    in    Linn county^10" aske().    Britain    to use    its passengers ana * Mn«,n„ frnm nhtain troops stationed in Cyprus for cabin crew slid down    the    oner-: *°u'd kaiPrial    joint Turkish-Britieh interven- gency chute and walked    ankle;1"*a'alr lna -    lion “to counteract the threat to deep in mud across    the    field. Nowlins attorneys    asked    that    cyprus’ independence,” a gov- It    feels fine,    doesn t it,    said    the    trial be set in    a mctropoli-• emment spokesman    said    in    Is- Richmond to    his companion,    tan    county, so    the    jurors would tanbuj Robert Allen, 48, of Glendale, be similar to those in Linn "    '    •,    ,    .    . Calif, lire two men are with an county. The judge noted that    n    a    e a t ion some counties    he    had consid- The note    said Turkey    would ered did not have jails with se-take unilateral action if Britain curity considered    adequate    by    did not act within 24 hours, UPI the sheriff’s office.    Correspondent John Lawton re ported from Istanbul. The British foreign office said Gorham, a convicted bank Storm Plane Meanwhile, ll plain- Kalmbach, dozen airports from Miami to clothesmen stormed into the lawyer. Los Angeles.    ^anc and overpowered the hi-’ Judge Osmundson denied a (he last witness to be called. William Spurlock, chief nego- Jacker-  _|d',ense    ”bff",fta‘    it    had    “no knowledge” of such a tiator for the union, said: “The    authorizing    depositions    British political sources ar-        hpnnfiK    ” x u r\ *i (sworn statements in response KIll,bn ..P°.    ‘ : to questions and recorded by an sald 11 wasunlhulkablelhatBn- ed by Republicans to bolster du'^    '^rNrp^l    JaDanese    Reaime    °ffiCia'    rep0Tn    f?,m    a"    CvpnisTn    tp ofitx'mStoe in" Rep. McClory (R-RI.) said he N«o" s impeachment defence, jreaehed ;| (,ma(ivc aRIwmcn, Japanese regime astate witnesses, to be paid for at ^men, Kthcraircland also provided. robber and one-time Vietnam evidence in support of the pro paratrooper, and Jones, a veter-|Posed^artide_s^would be 8,vfn ; was ’ to!d by ’ speciai counsel I lived up to that expectation. wjth a coa,j(ion of 2e unions! TOKYO (UPI) - Two key state expense an nfVnppiiois jail revolt two the committee by its impeach-    special tuu.se. — -k    ——...... with    a    coalition    ol 28 unions itmru turn - rwo Key,-—-f—    I    Allied    governments    including -j j rncnt inquiry staff in two closed !^ar . j ^ y suPP^)l^in61    representing    30,000    workers.    cabinet    members    resigned The judge said defense and (be u. s. increased their diplo- material would be presented at: “Ile really came down strong; Tbe strjkc tbat    Sunday    Tuesday,    threatening    to breakjstate attorneys should get to- matic .for the President on Gorham had faced years in prison and icast 30 years. up to Jones at '^^ndfiinn hv'VSeThv- briefings on Thursday and Fri- "L“l'n,‘    ul' P‘v»vhivu a. ™ i™,    »u™8|    The    strike    that began Sunday;lucsuay, tnreaiening to DrcaK|siaie attorneys snotita get io-jmatic efforts ,0 avcrl thc P • day.    thebriefmgs    for the President on every-ni g h t continued at Phelps up Prime Minister Tanaka's gcther and arrange for less for- growing danger of war between Sitian, ur. victorascn.    rnp    Protests    McClory    said    the Republicans,thing, said Rep. Fish (R-N.Y.). Dodge, American Smelting & troubled two-year-old govern-mal interviews with witnesses Greece^^and Turkey which fears /di    *    rro,c    15    have instructed their deputy mi-. Rep. lx)tt (R-Miss.) said “his! Refining Co., Magma Coppcr intent.    as a basis for the defense to de-1 for tbe safety of tbe Turkish i He said the committee will nority counsel, Sam Garrison, to testimony was all favorable to co. and two independents in Finance Minister Takco Fuku-jtermine which witnesses should nordy on t.bc jejand Both na-i start deliberating on the articles! work up counter-arguments. j the President. It was what you’d Arizona.    da and State Minister Shigeru; be questioned in the more for-|tions put tbdr armed forces on next Monday and should be able    The committee continued its    expect him to say and most of it    jn Baltimore, about    3,000    Hori    stepped down, raising to    mal manner.    high alert and Turkey drew up Sipnlpw    fipfc    n    to make its recommendation on    examination of former White    was public knowledge.’    striking garbage men,    zoo    three    the number of resigna-    Nowlin’s alleged accomplice,    pjans for possible milltsirv' inter- E lull ICY    UUIO    U    impeachment by Friday, July    House aide Charles Colson Tues-    Colson told reporters after his    keepers, park laborers    and    tions    from Tanaka’s cabinet    Atwell Conner, 29, of near Ber-    vcntion 26.    I    day and Rodino said it might testimony Monday that he is other blue-collar city employes; since last week’s parliamentary tram, has been convicted in ------convinced President Nixon did I returnod to work after a two-! elections.    |    Jones county of murdering xn    •ll    I    *    n°l ^now *n advance about the year contract was approved to Deputy Prime Minister Takeo Maureen Connolly. C    PP    C LJnta OU Elisberg breakin.    end a 15-<iay walkout.    Miki resigned last Friday, Both men were charged with ft lf Iff I fwW A^wi W WI    somc    committee    The    6(H) Baltimore police marking the first public crack murdering both victims, rob- members interpreted his tcsti-!unjon members who walked off'in the Liberal Democratic party)bing Servey and raping Miss Gets 6 99-Year Terms SAN ANTONIO (AP) - Elmer Wayne Henley, 18. was sentenced to six prison terms of 99 years each Tuesday for his part j rn the Houston sex-torture mass I murders. A jury convicted Henley Mon-j Gazette Leased Wires    confidential    IRS    information WASHINGTON — The house (from Vernon    Acree,    the assis (Photo on picture fxige) judiciary committee Tuesday I fant    commissioner    for inspec- evidence that theL:on for IRS and then deliberated 55 minutes I wbitc House s0ught to create Tuesday before returning its de- J fax problems for Democrats , land favorable tax treatment for] its friends. The U. S. Sixth fleet was in the area but not on any special alert. Urgent Appeals Abuse of IRS Released An Illegal Leak affidavit given the corn- given mittee by Randolph Thrower, a cision on sentence. Henley’s attorney said the convictions w ill be appealed    j jn ^ pr0(X?ss according to al former IRS director, on May 24. j Under I ex,is .ny, Hen e\■ 440-pagc report, it looked into! 1974, disclosed that Thrower had qould apply for parole in eight ;,he ^(lden^a| t„ status of as years and four months. Multiple! sentences of mon* than 60 years each are considered one sen-; tcncc for parole purposes. Todays Index Comics ......... ...17 Crossword 17 Daily Record .....3 Deaths ............3 Editorial Features 6 Farm ......II Financial 18 Marion 18 Movies 16 Society 8 Sports ...... UMI State . 4.5 Television IO Want Ads 20-23 asked Acree in 1970    ‘‘to inves- sortcd    “politically    active”,ligate the possibility    of an un- ^ass movie stars    and    other    individu-j lawful disclosure of confidential ;tax information” to    columnist which drew no Jack Anderson. The investigation    involved contributions to the    1968 prcsi- Rcad “Six Crises" 14 Times, Colson Says WASHINGTON (UPI) -Charles Colson told the house judiciary committee Monday that when a crisis occurred at the White House, President Nixon told his staff to read his hook “Six Crises”, a committee member said. “Colson said he read it 14 times.” Rep. Drinan <D-said. Nicosia radio, in the hands of beats Thursday voted to I cabinet. He said he was opposed Connolly. Only the one trial has Greek army-led insurgents since been held their accept a new contract. to Tanaka’s political posture. Wastewater Disposal Fees More Than Double for 6 C.R. Firms als. The report — final conclusions — was thc lat-, est installment to be released by the judiciary committee of evi- d c n t J a I campaign of Gov deuce gathered in its closed-door impeachment inquiry. Pressure mony as indicating that Nixon did have advance knowledge of the breakin. Others expressed an opposite view Quotes Ehrliehman Three committee members George Wallace and allegations that his brother Gerald Wallace had unreported income. Thrower gave the information been told by John Ehrliehman.|q. By Steve Hello The percentages are confusing ibut one thing is clear: Six local j industries that haven’t been 'paying their share of wastewater disposal will shoulder the lion’s share of building thc city’s new sewage disposal plant beginning in 1978. The announcement was made at a Monday meeting of the city council and 15 representatives from the following industries: Wilson and Co. Inc ; Cargill, the coup Monday, broadcast urgent appeals for all doctors, nurses and ambulance drivers to report for duty in the capital Thc radio also broadcast a U. S. embassy appeal for all Americans to stay indoors. The radio said the rebels held control of thc island, and that units of the Greek-led national guard arrested Pantalayikos Pantazi, commander of thc tactical reserve force created bv 1,200 timate that the industries will' Thc city is not required to pay discharge 67 percent of the total back any of the grant. sewage.    i Escrow Account Therefore over a ten-year    .    ,    .       . period    the    six    industries com-    portion    of the money the in- Makarios, his staff and billed will    be billed a whopping    i pastries must pay buck goes to members 0f the force. the city to bo put in an escrow,    a|ld ,oyaljst (orces bat. account for funding future tm- tlcd throllKh thc dav around ,hc provcments on the plant.    town    of    Paphos    -    Makarios’ Hardest hit among the plants!hometown and the arca to appears to be Penick and Ford, which he fled Monday, military disoosal Ivvbich wiI1    be charScd eight I sources in Athens reported. B    I times more    than it was charged, other fighting broke out in 1973. $3,834,865 yearly for construction, operation, maintenance and use of the new plant whereas they only paid $578,-942 in 1973. ’ The plant new sewage is estimated to cost i quoted Colson as saying he had|jnc' - oorn Sweeteners • Quaker 1136.792,000 to build. Seventy-five I “‘7' *    .    *    ,    ,    jarouJia Bi*1135*01’ Cyprus set- ............. ' I Sck^ndXd Ltd percent of tho project will be The Proposed .total yearly,cmd largesI city id General Mills.    (financed through a federal En-    ^ L British t According to 1973 figures the vironmental Protection Agency Pared 10    1973    bill respective- i ^yPras said the rebels had Attorning lo is i guie . I    ,    |y>    1S;    penick    and    bord,    failed to capture Limassol and ants have <mly been paying 28    • j * •    r    $1,248,806,    $    1    6    1,8    6 0: Wilson J Famagusta on the cot'st. jrcent of the total bill while But the industries must fi-'tafte ^    n„.    |---—-------- -    — Other around The volume also included ex-,  ....... , s . .    ,    ,    ■    ,    , ecutive session testimony before to Ulark Mollenhoff, at the time Nixons former chief domestic thc senate Watergate committee a special assistant to the Prosi-adviser, that Nixon had apili which John Dean former deld» wbo assurod b*m had proved “the Ellsberg opera-White House counsel said “the bt’(’n rtHjuested by the Presi I tion,” which they interpreted to the'dent. Mollenhoff told the com- mean the breakin of the doe-mittee he had received such as tor s office, surances from ll R. nobleman, “There was no other Ellsberg also disclosed Idlen 'vbdt‘ House staff chief. I operation,” said one of the A few days after Thrower j members. President had asked it ( IRS) be turned off on friends of his.” Thc evidence that John Caulfield, a former plants pe| discharging a little more than 601 nance 67 percent of the city’s percent of the sewage.    share of the project as well as Federal Law    pay back thc same percentage The federal law, however, of the federal grant. Mayor treasury department and Whitej^t,ve ,b(> ^ all.u-o material to llowcvci, (olson, intel viewedjpay f0r vvbd (bey discharge. House aide, regularly obtained (Continued: Page 3, Col. 7 ) (Continued Page 3, Col 7.) stipulates that industries must pay Projected figures for 1988 cs- Donald Canncy described the grant as an “interest-free” loan to the industries $985,560, $166,182; Quaker Oats, $458,129, $53,144; Cargill, $360,-1 543, $88,078; General Mills $259,-311, $63,870; Corn Sweeteners,! $298,666, $45,808. Operation of a new facility! (Continued. Page3,Col 6.)    |. Toff«;/\ Chuckle The billing clerk told her psychiatrist that she kept iiearing invoices. cop/nra ;

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