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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 17, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather— Fair tonight and Thursday. Low tonight ne ar 70. High Thursday, raid 90s. VOLUME 92 - NUMBER 189 HitWt FINAL CITY 15 CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JULY 17. 1974 Kalmbach Quizzed on Milk Boost WASHINGTON (AP) - The house judiciary committee Nixon: 'Wouldn't Serve One Minute' lf Guilty SAN CLEMENTE (AP) —I The tape-recorded interview President Nixon says he contained a defense of the Pres-“wouldn't serve for one minute”;ident’s position, harsh criticism1 and that nobody would have to of the news media and some of ask him to resign if the charges the special Watergate proseeu-against him were true.    |    ton s men and a denial of any In a May 13th interview made I anti-semitism in response to republic on Tuesday, the Pres- ports of racial slurs in tran-n e a i d testimony Wednesday ident said he believes there has scripts of some presidential con-about a $2-million campaign been ‘‘harassment on a massive venations, pledge from the dairy industry basis of innocent people” and; The President    said    that    if for President Nixon s re-election that for any Watergate figure charges against him    on Water- that one member said might “to get a fair trial anyplace is lead to a bribery charge against almost impossible.” Nixon in the committee’s im-! "    ■    ..... ' I gate and the cover-up were true, “nobody would have to ask me to resign. I wouldn’t serve for one minute if they were He termed Watergate “the peachment inquiry.    thinnest scandal in American “W’e’re beginning to establish history.” meaning no one got true. a case of bribery,” said Rep. rich from it.    I    “But,    I    know    they    are    not Elizabeth Holtzman (D-N.Y.i. Nixon said that if he “had true, and therefore I will stay after emerging from a closed- bugged out of Vietnam.” as here, do the job that I was elect-door committee session with some liberal members of the ed to do, and trust to the Ameri-Hcrbert Kalmbach, Nixon’s press wanted. “Watergate can constitutional process to former personal lawyer.    would    have    been    a    blip.    They Other members disagreed. vvou^n t have cared.” however, and several said Anti-Impeachment Group Kalmbach ha I added nothing to the testimony about the milk make the final verdict.” He said he considered resigning if the house votes impeachment “and I totally rejected it. I have decided to go the dis-; The interview is included in a deal he had not previously given new paperback book- “The Per* tance to defend this office, and jsonol Nixon: Staying on the to defend myself against I Summit,” written by Rabbi charges of which I am wholly Baruch Korff of Providence, R innocent.” to the senate Wategate ccm mittee. Miss Holtzman would net dab orate on her statement. L, and Rehoboth. Mass. He is head of an anti-impeachment organization known as the National Citizens’ Committee for Fairness to the Presidency. Rabbi Korff said the interview at the White House was ar- Chronology Kalmbach gave the committee a detailed chronology of the timing of the milk price increase. which Nixon decided to, . ,    „    „    .    , grant on March 23. 1971. but ™8*1 b>' B\UQe, Herschensohn, which was not announced pub- ^n ° , a' i- ,_____,..... r ident. Herschensohn also provid- licly until two davs later.    i    ,    ,,    ..    v    . J    ed a flattering commentary Kalmbach reportedly told of a about the author for the back midnight meeting in a Washing- cover ton hotel on March 24 at which    staffers in    the press office of    transcripts    say    they    don't    find a spokesman for the dairy in-    Western    White    House were    an    impeachable    offense,    but dustry "reaffirmed a previous- providing    duplicate copies of they    don’t like    their    tone, ly given pledge to contribute $2 sections of    the interview for dis-; “Well,    I    can    say    if    they were million to Nixons re-election tribut ion to reporters, campaign. Rep. Mayne (R-Iowa) said it Criticizes Prosecutors was clear to him from the evi-1 Rabbi Korff’s committee pub-dence given to the committee fished the    $1.25 paperback and that Nixon was responding to will print    300.000 copies in the heavy political pressure from next month,    a key    time in the Policy Consequences The President said he felt resignation or impeachment at this time “would have devastating consequences in terms of foreign policy, would jeopardize the best hope we have to build a structure of peace in the world.” Nixon said the “great majority of those who have analyzed the (Watergate presidential) —AP Wirephoto ARCHBISHOP MAKARIOS, ousted as president of Cyprus by a military coup Monday, leaves the governor's car to talk with newsmen in Malta. He later flew to England. Report Pressure from Agency To Tone Down Industry Safety Advice to tape the conversations of WASHINGTON (AI ) Job-; The inter-agency dispute Presidents that I have known health researchers say they are'comes at the same time as a they wouldn’t like their tone ei-!Settin& Pressure from the labor! somewhat related controversy “Your suggestions as to how to promote the advantages of four more years of properly- congress in agreeing to increase Watergate impeachment pro-of special prosecutor Leon Ja- coming from the department’s related department to tone down their that was sparked when the sen-|managed OSHA would be appre-advice on how to protect ate Watergate committee pub-dated,” the memo said. workers from industrial poisons, lished a memorandum written    The Watergate committee    wj,0    sponsored    the    law    that    set!threatened    to    act    alone    if    Bri- Nixon said he believed some, The pressure is said to be by OSHAs former chief, George    said Guenther s plan was reject-    Up    OSHA,    said    the    memo shows    tain    does    not    join it    in    interven- “Abusive Process”. NATO Asks Moderation On Cyprus By United Press International Turkey sent an armored division to its southern coast Wednesday to join troops massed for a possible invasion of Cyprus 50 miles away and world leaders increased pressure on Greece to end the coup before Greece and Turkey go to war over the issue. Turkish Prime Minister Bu-lent Ecevit and Defense Minister Hasan Esat Isik flew to London for crucial talks while Turkish newspapers spoke openly of imminent invasion. Archbishop Makarios, ousted president of Cyprus, also flew to london and met with British Prime Minister Harold Wilson for 55 minutes Wednesday to discuss the future of ?iis island country. Wilson assured Makarios that Britain stands firmly by the terms of the 1960 treaty guaranteeing the independence and territorial integrity of Cyprus, a spokesman at the prime minister’s office said. After consultation with the British, Makarios was expected I to fly to New York to appeal to 'the United Nations Security Council for help in reversing the I coup. Turkish Threat 1 Turkey, Greece and Britain are co-guarantors of the free-d o m and independence of demanded that the Watergate Cyprus, but Turkey says Greece special prosecutor, Leon Ja-: defaulted by permitting Greek worski, investigate. (Earlier officers to lead the Cypriot na-story on Page 12C.)    (tional guard in the revolt Senator Williams (D-N.J.), against Makarios. Turkey has the support price for milk. Last Witness Kalmbach was the last witness heard by the committee before it turns to the task of drawing up and voting on proposed articles of impeachment. Following his testimony James St. Clair. Nixon’s ceedings. The committee gets worski’s “eager-beaver staff-'Occupational Safety and Health the royalties, the rabbi said. ers” had engaged in “an abu-Administration, center of a new Terrorists Bomb Guenther. The memo proposed led by the man to whom it was Guenther guilty of “at the very ing. that Nixon fund-raisers use the addressed, Laurence Silberman. least, a clear dereliction of With the anti-Makarios insur-agency’s    record    as    a    “selling    now    deputy    attorney general. duty.”    gents    apparently    in    virtual    censive process.”    Watergate    controversy also re- point” with the employers; But Ralph Nader’s Health Re-    “No    Defense”    1 trol of Cyprus, Greece's 14 allies He said, “It will be found that lated to job-health rules.    |Guenther was supposed to be search Group charged that;    ;in NATO called on the Greek of- there has been harassment on a 0SHA officials want heajth regulating.    OSHA    has apparently imple-    Sure,y    “    J®.®®"    fleers who led the coup to leave T    XBI    masSiVe baS‘S °f innocent Pe°- researchers at the department    “Sales    Point”    men    ed    th<; ^enth<;r plan’ a"d ^WilliamsSd    the island and permit Makarios 1 OWS^ pf London pIe' that many wlthout guilt Of health, education and welfare' He wroto thp mem0 five S0,rl h ? a a    ^    i    hcha    to return. There were appeals LVVVUS law ii wi wbi have had their reputations to nuit rprommendine safe . Y, 7    ™    .    health    standards now in force,' A spokesman for OSHA. Mal-from the U. S., Britain and LONDON (API    — Terrorists    badly damaged. .    . . Many who    ipVPis for industrial substances I    montbs before the 19/2 election,    three years after the    agency    eolm Barr, conceded that there    other allies to Greece and Tur- coun-set off a bomb in    the Tower of    have been charged with guilt    that are harmful to workers    3n(! Pr^d'ctL‘d tbaI no contra cr-    was set Up are for    asbestos    had been delays in setting legal    kev to use moderation. sci, was to be given an opportu-London Wednesday, killing a have been charged on flimsy in- sources say    ’ Job-health proposals would 'fibers and a list of cancer-caus- ceilings for industrial poisons The Soviet Union issued a nity to submit a brief and make    woman and    wounding 32 other dictments as was indicated in ‘    '    ‘ HPW    h    come    *rom    h,s    a8ency    or    HEW|ing substances.    but    said there are “extenuating stern    warning    to    Greece    and oral    arguments    summing    up    the    persons, including    an American,    the Mitchell-Stans    trial.”    At present, hlw researcners    during the campaign.    HEW recommendations for    circumstances.”    saidt “the Soviet people    resolu- case    against    impeachment.    About half the casualties were He referred to    former Attor-    1SS-UC cntena documents tor    Hp alsQ said ^ intended to!    ceilings on more than    a dozen    He said the process takes 18    tel y denounced the    armed . .    .    ,    * • m, i • * i    , ,.,    .    ,    .    i    i    x\f\i con c ror»ni,Ttmon/i intr crt^Pli t/* i    .    ><«    .»    •    «•    *    *    I*.    »    »___is... t it   t_ t • J    ^ At least six articles, the chief children visiting the city s most one charging obstruction of jus-]popular tourist, site, tice tergate to be drafted and ready for Missouri    j    connection    with fund-raising cf presentation to the committee in    Scotland    Vard    declined to private briefing sessions on    theorize on    what    organization Thursday and Friday. Expects Impeachment The chairman of the Democratic national committee, Rob He referred to former Attor- ,SSUe cntena documents tor Hp alsQ said he jntendcd to ceilings on more than a dozen He said the process takes 18 teiy denounced the arn ney General Mitchell and W'sons, re^mendin* specif^!dear new employes with the other poisons, affecting an es- steps, including lengthy public putsch” against Makarios. former Commerce Secretary cf1,mgs wtl1™ ^ ,CCI 'J111 Republican national committee, timated five million workers, hearings and a legal review to | number of Sovjet warships w 04   l _______ _____!ii i eliminate ncaim nazsras. von/\ J coir! ho hnrl HwcnnccpH with an* still rwmrlincr crimp sinrp pnciirp that thp npw roPlllationsI    , in connection with the Wa- The American was tentative-! stans who were acquitted of e*im,naie neaun nazaras. wan/ and sa|d ^ad discussed with are still pending, some since ensure that the new regulations reported in cover-up. are reported ^ identified as Edward Klein of criminal conspiracy charges in    .Ll'^T^'ltund^afser Ue Nunn "tbe great 1972.  ............[pats    muster    with    the courts,|Cyprus and , was behind the bombing. Irish extremists set off an explosion    "Hate    My    Guts” June 17 that damaged the A were the vicinity of . . -ii it r r—------- —  .......~    0—i -----Ir— -------- -ivjpiua    a«iu at least seven U. S. conned,on won lunu-ra.s.ng ei- SYrd?    such    ^lcn,ial of 0SHA 33 3 ***' Dr. Sidney VVolfe. head of the whk'h recently struck dowijljth neet ships including the car- forts for Nixon's 1972 re-election    I7,?_    0^^    ,nH    in-ipoint for fund'raising and gener- Nader group accused OSHA of OSHA s ceilings for agricultural|rier Forrestal were in the area. «amboina_jcconoznlc factors as jobs and in aj SUnj>ort bv emolovers.” '“murder in the workpl come. Critics often    charge that workplace” and worker exposure to pesticides. “Much of the press, and par-rj^?^ swaps houses of parliament and in-jtubularly, I am sorry to say,!ana sources jured seven people.    ;    much    of the television press, ert Strauss, said in an interv iew , The area around the Tower: jja§    been responsible,” he would be “terribly surprised Uvas crowded with tourists at the; Nixon charged, and shocked” if the committee time of Wednesday's blast. Most! - lives tor profits, say this has led OSHA officials to seek an end to HEW’s recommendations. One source inside OSHA said its standards chief. and full house did not vote to of the injured were Danes and jn^pninsat'do    |R°yd*    pressed    HEW    officials    for    p^ However. Washington said the 6th fleet had not been placed on an alert. The British defense ministry |said it    diverted the 28,500-ton COLUMBIA,    S. C. (UPI) —.organization, something    like $300,000 to make his name    British    troop carrier Hermes Retired Gen.    William West-    this is so nebulous.”    known, edged Dom. dean of the    with a    900-man commando unit nantoi I mordand, his voice only a whis-    He was thrashed by State    Sen. I South Carolina congressional    to the    eastern Mediterranean ^■    laryngitis,    james Edwards a'Charleston'delegation, in a seven-man    Wednesday because of the 'Inept    Candidate'-V/est mor because of impeach Nixon. He said he had Germans, reached this decision over the weekend after studying the1 transcripts and other evidence released by the committee. Strauss said he has not discussed impeachment with the; house leadership. Senate Republican Leader Scott, asked by reporters about Strauss’ statement, said Wednesday: “I read it as his instructions to Democrats to vote for impeachment.” Judiciary Committee Chairman Rodino (D-N.J.), said Tuesday he hopes the committee can reach a final vote by; July 26 on whether to recoin-j mend impeachment of Nixon. G.O.P. Votes Key With the Democrats holding a 21-17 edge in the committee the key question on any impeachment vote will Ik* how many Republicans support it. “We're going to win this — thing.” Rep. Wiggins (R-Calif.). a Nixon loyalist, told newsmen "I think the committee will aet as lawyers when the chips are down. The evidence just is not there.” Wiggins’ comment prompted other Republicans to say they (Continued: Page 3, Col. 8.) press room that of its extent. It added that the sophies are different” Tower would be open Thursday as usual. Nixon said that as a result of jaw requires HEW to recoin- j height (Continued: Page ll, Col. 7.) mend .specific ceiling levels. Wrong Instructions to Computer, So Wrong People Get $7.5 Million in Welfare Checks ♦/» ctwifir rPMimmon blamed himself for his crushing oral surgeon who had hesitated Democratic race Tuesday. , Cyprus situation. The ship had lo spicule itcuiimiLii- , i 5n Tliac/|ot,*e «m»»h (1 nm. ..i____*    —...Hi, uiiii,    votes    count-    been    expected    to    dock    at Malta Action government’s to the U. N. Se-isked the council demand a cease-fire md let the 2.000-man U. N. peace keeping force there enforce it No action was taken. Britain and the U. S. were been rejected rn accustomed in vol vc nu to str at the percent of the total to 13.886 for addressing a private instead of • _ vement.I Westmoreland.    a candidate pleading for a vote*iin ^„y "uctured    „    r,    Edwards has a gregarious cam- J, wh™® « Demo Runoff newcomer, venel, in the fall New York Times Service NEW YORK — Someone gave the wrong instructions to a computer, causing it to spew out about $7.5 million in welfare checks to people whose cases were supposed to be closed, embarrassed city officials disclosed Wednesday. The computer system had been set up to speed case closings and avoid overpayments. “We save a lot of money -when it works right,” said Howard Stein, acting human resources administrator. It stopped working right sometime in April, the city found out what was happening late in June, and Tuesday Ste in said, “The problem has been corrected and the system is now working.” He said a good bit of the money should be recovered since some of the beneficiaries were dead and some had moved oui of town, so the checks should come back. Some checks were even returned voluntarily, he said Stein said the city would “pursue recoupment” of the rest, but it was not clear exactly how that could be done, short of suing people who had c a s Ii e d the checks. This process often costs more than it brings in. As officials told the story, tho computer had done just what it had been told to do. Unfortunately, its orders had been incorrect. ‘‘Th e malfunction was traced to a programming step that, in error, signaled completion of one phase of the work and caused the computer to disregard subsequent information n e c e s s a r y to suppress production of the cheeks,” Stein said. About 21.000 cases were involved, some of them for a portion of the time. some for all of it. And it was the old-fashioned manual paperwork system that first indicated something was wrong, Stein said. He said that a manual sys tem of checking cases, oriented to neighborhood welfare centers rather than to the main computer, alerted welfare officials to the fact checks were still being sent to cases that should have been closed. By late June officials had figured out that there was a computer error. Stein said, and commenced “emergency corrective action.” Were they now confident that all their computers were operating under correct orders?” Stein sighed, “We hope we’re doing our best,” he said. nominee. Ravenel, who spent more than Today s Index paign style. Edwards will face either Rep ] Edwards said he was sympa-W. J. Bryan Dom or a political thetic to Westmoreland's prob-    .    t    ..    ..    „ ' Charles “Pur" Ka- terns. "It was difficult for Somc>P°';ted to believe the situation who had been a command. '»o fluid: the Soviet Union took oerats will be in a runoff clee-, mg general for so many years a s ’’ an an1,ca e L tion in two weeks to decide the to come    down and    campaign,”Ic0/up a "rca 0 v\01 .    pfac.e‘ Ile ..    Greece maintained    that the coup on Cyprus was an internal Old-Liners Miffed    J affair of Cyprus and that the Many    old-line    Republicans:colonels ruling Greece    had noth- wcre miffed that    it    took West- ing to do with the    uprising, moreland until March to decide [Turkey and Makarios put the his party affiliation.    I blame squarely on the Athens Ile said he has no plans other I government and Wednesday U. than to “relax and learn how to S. Ambassador Henry I asea play golf.”    told Greek Foreign Minister “I suppose this proves Fin not Constantine Kypraios the U. a politician, but I wanted to opposes any violation of Cyprus’ prove to this state and this1 sovereignty. Comics ...................61) Crossword ................ 61) Daily Record ............. 3A Deaths..........SA Editorial Features  6A Farm ......  6C Financial.............71) .Marion ............... 4C Movies.............. IIC Society ........... 10B-13B Sports    ID    ID State  .........  1C-3C Television ............. IOC Want Ads ...........I DD-131) party that there could be a two-party system,” he said. Senator Ernest Hollings was unopposed iii the Democratic p r i rn a r y and will face a Charleston housewife, Gwen-yfred Bush, in the general election Mrs. Bush was also unopposed in the primary. There (Continued are approximately Page 3, Col 3.) I off ei a's Chuckie A desk is a wastebasket with drawers.    c<»vn®nf uatSStou: x. .jr...... jfe. itVijrVf- ifH'TH ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES ;

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