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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 17, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 4A The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Wed., July 17, 1974 PP Wirehaired Wooer -Gazette Photo bv John Mdvor Don't sell Snickers short it you're searching tor a canine sidekick. She's a six-month-old wirehaired terrier who is partially housebroken. Snickers can be adopted for $10 from the Humane Society, Mt. Vernon road SE. The society's hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Version of Meeting Taped So Ehrlichman Could Show rise 25-Million Star Stock Purchase WASHINGTON (AP) - Hous-ton Banker Joe L. Allbritton has signed a contract to pay $25 million for 37 percent of the stock of the Washington Star Communications Co., Inc., parent company of the Washington WASHINGTON (AP) — John| Jacob Stein, Parkinson’s law-Ehrlichman arranged to tape Iyer in the Watergate cover-up record a meeting with a Nixon case, said Parkinson was sim-campaign lawyer last year so ply speculating to Cacheris: star-News newspaper, the Startle former presidential adviser about the Ehrlichman-O’Brien News said Wednesday, could “register great surprise” meeting the Post said    He will become board chair- at “all the gruesome facts” of Transcripts of White House man and chief executive officer ro of Star Communications and conversations re"j will take an active part in man-leased this year show that Ehr- agement if the sale wins needed TLfl TW*    ^„»sa«nfSoiilichman    had    already    been    in-    approval    from    Star    stockholders Thei!°Si.qU0*cd^Confid^l.t,fJ formed about much of the and the Federal Communica- to the the Watergate cover-up, the w Washington Post reported _ Wednesday. memorandum by Lawyer Plato. -    4-    '    cover-up    prior Cachens concerning a meetmg ... 0,{| £ between Ehrlichman and Pail!!wun u Bnen* O’Brien, an attorney for the Nixon re-election committee, at San Clemente, Calif., April 5, 1973. , Cacheris is a defense attorney for former Attorney General Mitchell in the cover-up case. The description of the meeting was given Cacheris in 3 memorandum from another Nixon lawyer, Kenneth W Parkinson. The memo did not indicate how Parkinson learned about the meeting It saki: “Parkinson explains that O’Brien was to be sent there to relate all the gruesome facts, that Ehrlichman would record it and register great surprise,” according to the Post story* by Reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. meeting bons Commission, the newspa-I per said. Russian Roulette Is Fatal to 7-Year-Old PORTLAND (AP) - A 7-year-old boy was phot to death while playing Russian roulette with his sister at their home here. Multnomah County sheriff’s deputies said the victim, Gary Allan Gott, died of a wound inflicted with a .38-caliber revolver. The children’s mother, Shirley Gott, was job-hunting when the shooting occurred, officers said. 103-Year-Old Loves Life, Whisky CHICAGO (AP) - Max Mos kowitz celebrated his 103rd birthday by taking a slug of bourbon whisky, holding his arms aloft like a winning prize fighter he once was and declaring: “I love this wonderful world that God created . . . I’ve had a lot of pleasure here and I tell Him so when I pray each day.” A party was thrown for Mos-kowitz Monday at a nursing home and ha received a half gallon of whisky from the director, Al Mendelovictz. “He drinks between two and three fifths a week,” Mendelovictz said. “Doesn’t seem to faze him.” Max said he was one of three boxers who fought professionally under the name Kid McCoy. Brandishing a pair of old boxing gloves, Max said, he had about 14 professional fights. “The one that I remember best,” recalled the 133-pounder, “was with bantamweight Joe Gans. We went 25 rounds to a draw in 1903.” Max has many friends but no living relatives. He especially likes Charlotte August, who is in her late 70s and wants to be called Ms. “I knew her father and I used to bounce her on my knee when she was a baby,” smiled Max. His outlook on life? “Everything else could go,” he said, “but there are five things that we always will have with us — the sky, the earth, the sunshine, the sunset and breath.” Falls 12 Stories, Needs Only Drink For First Aid VANCOUVER, B. C. (AP) -A windowclcaner fell 12 stories from an apartment j building, bounced off a parked ! car, then recuperated with a drink in the apartment manager’s suite. Norm Lawrence, 23, was 1 working on the top floor of the Del Charro apartments when a knot in the rope connecting his platform to a pulley came loose. He hit the roof of a car parked near the side of the building and bounced from there to the ground. His injuries were a cut on the head and a sore ankle and Lawrence said he believes t!#? sore ankle came in the &1I from the roof of the car to the ground. Eleanor Bolam, manager of the building, said she gave Lawrence a drink and refused to allow him to return to work until the next day. “I wanted to go back to work, but she sent me home,” Lawrence said. “I felt like a school kid.” As he fell, Lawrence said, he saw he was going to hit pavement and used his feet to push himself away from the side of the building. The parked car has a dent about four feet long, three feet wide and seven or eight inches deep in the roof, he said. 20 YEARS AGO - The Federal Power Commission froze the wellhead price of natural gas: sold by independent producers for interstate distribution. Nw-'"’ oyneL ' modacrytc 30 YEARS AGO - A Swedish newspaper reported that robot bombs weighing as much as IO tons and capable of reaching New York had been concentrated in western Judland, Denmark. 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ARMSTRONG WIG SALON SECOND FLOOR Tr Ut (Lfcltir i\jipuU r "E$?ot>ilsh»d Tn THS bv The Gazette Co. and published dolly ond Sunday a* SM Third ave. SE, Ceaar Rapid*, iowa $240* Second clos* postage paid at Cedar Roplds. Iowa. Subscription rotes bv carrier VS cents a week. Bv mail Night Edition and Sundoy * Issues S3.75 a month, $39 OO a year: Afternoon Editions and Sunday 7 issues S3 IS a month, 140.00 a year. Other states ond U S. territories SAO OO a year. No Moil Subscriptions accepted In areas having Gazette carrier service. •The Associated Press Is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of oil the local news printed in this newspaper as well as ail AP news dispatches. Hie/ bfc-7F fo UOOjJ t FIND UpiC'Jb I tyr b to OL. lotO-LO^r OjCA. 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