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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 18, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weath errantly cloudy tonight and Friday. Lows mid 70s. Highs Friday, mid •His. VOLUME 92 NUMBER IOO nj CITY FINAL IS CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, THURSDAY, JULY 18, 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMESFEARED HOOVER Makarios Lands for U.N. Talks NEW YORK (AP) — Armed with promises of BrXitish support, Archbishop Makarios arrived in New York Thursday to ask the United Nations to con- Collection of Fines Harder Since July I By Roland Krekeler Statutes effective at the beginning of this month have created headaches for courts and prose-! tutors by posing problems in collecting fines and in deciding whether to follow a statute that 1 may be uneonstittuional. In an interview Thursday Asst. Linn County Atty. Phillip demn the Greek military junta blinger told about a recent for the coup that overthrew him. Imeetin* ln wh,ch court Person-He told newsmen he had Brl- nel invo,ved ln handling such tain’s assurance it would not m'nor olfenses discussed the, recognize the new military re.j Pr°blems-simeon Cyprus    0ne    of    Klinger’s duties is to: “I was very satisfied with the studv and «ive advice to county| talks I have had with the prime;Pcrsonnel on SU(-‘h nevv legisla- minister and the secretary OU J?*    ... state,” the bearded archbishop °ne problem is to determine said of his meetings with Harold ,0 c°dect a fine from a Wilson and James Callaghan. ^rson who has convicted the British foreign minister. “Found Understanding” “I found a great degree of un- pay derstanding and I appreciate! the British attitude on the situation in Cyprus. of unindictable misdemeanors such as assault and battery and traffic offenses, but does not Installments I Such simple misdemeanors! .    -may be punished by fines of up appreciate their assurances $|(M) or a ja|, sen,ence of that under no circumstances are t 30 d they going to recognize the so- A new slalute permits ,J called new regime imposed by ,men( of fjnes |n installmenJ the junta of Greece upon the and s(ates ,hat wj||fu| faHure J Pe^ IPruS'    .    make such payments is con- archbishop was expected;, , of court'and t0 be unJ to appear before the U. N. Seal- ■ h d accordinB|v my Council on Friday.    |    The    statute apparently is the' L. N. Resolution    result    of U.S. supreme    court Small-member powers    of    the    rulings that a person cannot be U. N. Security Council were jailed for failing to pay a fine if circulating a proposed resolu- he is unable to do so. tion. It reportedly called for the The new statute replaces one withdrawal from Cyprus    of    the    which    provided that a    judge Cypriot national guard’s    Greek    could    order a person to    serve officers who led the coup. It out a fine at the rate of one day also expressed opposition to an- for every $3.33 of the fine, nexation of the island by    Paper    Work Greece, which is believed to be The problem with the new law the object of the coup.    I    is that it involves extra paper While Makarios pressed his, (Continued: Page3, Col. 5.) personal crusade, Britain and    ______ the U S were trying to ease the threat of an armed confrontation between Greece and Turkey. Turkish Premier Bident Ece-v't said Thursday after talks Deputy Saw Tap Data pane| Gjyen Use Aimed at Nixon ki . ™ March 22 Transcript WASHINGTON (UPI) - A high FBI official handed an assistant attorney general secret R. Haldeman ordered 24-hour-a-, day surveillance of Sen. Ken-! nedy in 1971; and John Ehrlich-!wiretap records in July, 1971. man ordered a rapid investiga-i for fear J. Edgar Hoover might tion of Kennedy's involvement! use them to blackmail President;in the Chappaquiddick incident [.Nixon as he had “used wiretap!immediately following the ac-„ .    .    .    w. [information to blackmail other cident that took the life of a ^f,eAOU.v^rbKT ATmx n Presidents.”    young Kennedy worker. The WASHINGTON (UPII-Presi- The story came to light Thurs-j surveillance never was carried dential lawyer James St. Clair, day in five volumes of evidence ()UL but Anthony Ulasewicz, a summing up President Nixon’s published by the house judiciary j committee before it begins de lormer policeman who spied for impeachment defense, gave the the Nixon campaign, spent sev-bouse judiciary committee a bate next week on whether Nix- eral day* at Chappaquiddick. ^ ,ranscrj , Thursday which on s conduct in office warrants Ihe day alter CBS newsman ,    .,    . impeachment.    Daniel Schorr was invited to the! s disproved Watergate The new evidence traces howj White House to hear complaints 'testimony by John Dean, Nix-political spying developed in the ab0ut an unfavorable television °n’s former counsel. White House — using the same report, the FBI launched a full St. Clair told reporters at the personnel and techniques — field investigation of him. The conclusion of his 90-minute sum-from elaborate machinery set FBI interviewed about 25 per (nation for a closed committee up to combat news leaks of sen- sons *n seven hours, including session that the transcript sitive national security matters. \the newscaster’s family, friends proved Nixon was not aware of and employers.    and did not approve payment ,    ,    There    was evidence high of hush money to E. Howard So deep was Nixon s concern whlle House nfficia|s #rdcred E Hunt. with the leaks, a newly pub-iHoward Hunt tQ fabricate Although the committee had lished tape transcript shows. Icablcs to make it look as (hough subpoenaed the tape of the con-that at one time he considered I the jate president Kennedy or- venation on which the trans-ordi ring lie detector tests tor dered the assassination of South'cript was based, Nixon had 400.000 government workers who had “top secret” clearance. But the big surprise in the    ____ 2.314 pages of evidence came in    _ a sworn statement given FBI |||c4>ITifk^4,ion agents on May IO, 1973, by Rob-    1    1    '    ,v*a    MUI    I ert Mardian. the former assistant attorney general and once! a high official in the Nixon reelection campaign. Mardian has; been indicted in the Watergate! cover-up conspiracy. Mardian told Vietnamese President Diem in withheld it on the ground it was 1963    not relevant. ---- “Changed    Testimony* However, St. Clair said, it became relevant because Dean [“changed his testimony” about events of March 21, 1973, when he discussed Hunt’s demands ! with Nixon That night, Hunt Of Wiretaps By St. Clair —UPI Telephoto ASKING WORD OF VICTIM — Police try to comfort a Swiss tourist and her children as she asks word of her husband, one of those injured when a bomb exploded in the Tower of London. (Another photo on picture page.) Kidnaper Kills 2, Surrenders Inflation Kills Gain in Output was paid $75,000. WASHINGTON (AP) - Pres-! The new 2Vi..page transcript how William’jdent Nixon’s defense to the was, ,°f J ,Nixon conversation (Sullivan, Hoover’s deputy at the uAIM_    w,th "•    **• Haldeman on    the    fol- FBI. came to him in July. 1971. h0aw    udlclary committee for    lowjng    |ng    jn wh|ch    s, {and said he feared he was going! 10 security surveillance Clair said, Nixon made clear his I to be fired because of policy dif- ar6ues    that extreme steps taken    disapproval    of    paying    black- ferences with Hoover.    to plug    security leaks were jus-    mad- SALT Taps    jtified by extreme circumstances; ^a*r sa*d ^ean had pre- «. „J~y. « «- -■< - had leaked oui about the U. S. lion of documents submitted to testify Dean 'aid “something arranged for sur- fallback Position in the Strategic the committee's impeachment was decjdcd ,, s, clajrs id Arms Limitation Talks (SALTI probe by presidential lawyer To refu(e Dean,J tesllmony r,     „    .J__________I    “He    said    this    was    wiretap    in-    James St. Clair and made pub- c» death in their ($50,000. The bank officer called by Mrs (,ans whl,e the 8unman| formation and that, in his opin- lie Thursday was that Nixon make thp nevv transcriDt avail° idered after a the FBI and Whittaker and an-held a semi-automatic carbine ion. Mr. Hoover could not be en-! was deeply concerned over h, MIAMI (AP) — A kidnaper. Wednesday and told the pres-! The FBI who was paid $50,000 ransom by I ident his wife was being held by L    f    th    hci    d    .    n his employer, shot the executive!a gunman. He said he needed^ and his wife to car, then surrendered atter ai me f bi ana vvnittaKer ana an-!"ciu a pcn.ruumnaui '-aiuu.c „»n, mr. nwvcr t-uuiu nut ut- cn-iwmwueu UVCI able even though he oreviouslv WASHINGTON (AP) - The manhunt, the FBI says.    other agent rushed to the scene, to her head, Whittaker said. Trusted with this information.” leaks of what he considered had toid the committee that he with US.    and    British    leaders    nation’s real    output of goods    slain were Sydney Gans, 64, | Whittaker    said Gans told    him    Gans placed the $50,000 in a    the FRI reP°rt said- Mardian    vital secrets to the press.    had given it “the full Watergate in London    that    the situation is    and services contracted 1.2 per-    owner of a paper bag company,    the gunman was    circling    the    paper bag left the bank and    fir.f 0XPr{^ssed reluctance to The 225-page volume contains    story.” “very grave” and that    Greece    cent over the    last three months,    and his wife, Lillian, 60, who    block with    Mrs.    Gans in    the    was nicked ud bv the abductor    taIk ab<>ut the incident, it noted,    a mass of memoranda, tran-    Members Angry and Mrs. Gans. TIK. three drove ' Mr fu"ivan ™nti"ue,d ** scriP's- alvite and other doc-    *    y ;    conversation, saying that Mr. uments picturing a President flairs tactic of withhold- '    ,    , .    Hoover had used wiretap infor-    and administration agonizing1^ the previously undisclosed Mrs. Gans was forced to drive    mation lo blackmail other Pres-lover persistent leaks which    transcidP* ^ IO weks of vaGnn ' nV“K'nr.iVa"nnareniiv* said its preliminary figures gunman. Authorities said the , D    L    * I l0?elv wooded a^a 'dents of the United States and threatened delicate diplomatic bearings had concludede drew wa niKliPd hack until H least showed the gross national pro man taken into custody was an In Boat Mishap southwest Miami The abdui tot was afraid tha( hp could biack. effor(s and evcn thp nation*s protests from Democrats and Saturday^when^the^Turkish oar duet increased 7.5 percent to employe of Gans’ firm but they1 k. „ k A^r^rsr na"    a    k    t    "    mail Mr Nixon with this infer- safety and which had to be Republicans alike. figment massed    ‘trillion in the second quar- know of no animosity between Near McGregor led into the underbrush as po- mationr    stopped.    .1    was a very poor (lament recessed an emergency,. ,    ------------------- CwUr R,P(ds N,w»-    ihce    and agents closed in on in other highlights of the new    n    tactic,” said Rep McClory <R- D r a g g i n g operations con-him, authorities said. is sending military forces into marking the second consecutive had been held hostage by the couple's Mercedes-Benz. Cyprus by air and by sea.    quarterly drop, the government    ------ Nixon Envoy    reported    Thursday.    I    (Photos    on    Picture    Page)    , The threat of a Turkish in-1 ^be commerce department    Man    I    SS    I    fig J$1.38 trillion in the second quar- knew of no animosity between it"' SI z    ri    ^reen.'    'inT Pol^ identified .he abductor'"^    ^a,ions    con‘    him'    au,horfties    sa,d'    |comm.’itee ev^    "    Tapk    on    f-    >■    second    most    senior Repub- mmt mtSi on Tis’’southern real lerms' A" ,he «Rnnes as Thomas Knight, 2.T He was !"ued T r ay■    Five-Hour    Hunt    Nixon    frequenllv    plated    a    The    most    concrele    presenla-licanon the panel. rT! v from Gvnrus md I represented t h e quarterly charged wiih two    counts of first- 'he Muassippi rrnr near Mc-,    ronvereed    central role in While House et- lion ls a le8al areument (hat    It is the most arrogant act of coast .to    mibs from Cyprus and . nroiected at an annual decree murder    Gregor for the body of Lynn    • ™ 200 lawmen n erged    which    wiretaps placed without war-    contempt toward congress and landing craft and warships were thanges piojttit al an annual .degree minder    Rutledge. 24. Cedar Rapids. »n the scene and for some five ,0"s    f,™'* * ,ran,s on telenhones of 17 gov- the comm.hp- H»t h,. a... standing offshore.    |rai‘' ,    .    ,fc    ,    PR' -Special Agen Ken Whit- J    said    hours    used    helicopters,    a    small    reached wha! the President felt «"'* '^phones ol gov . The contraction in the annual (taker said of Gans: He decided    u:;_____n|uru, trarknr Hnn? ann tour prk were alarming proportions in (Continued: Page 3. Col. 6. President Nixon's envoy Sisco joined British rate of ouput after an even I    IfTnvanH    Rutledge    and    his cousin. Larkin plane, tracker dogs and tear gas were alarrmng proportions in he wanted to get the mom> a d pjutje(jc0 26 Guttenberg were to flush the gunman from his rnid-19/1 when Daniel Ellsberg turn it over to the gunman be- __ _    ._____ gave the Pentagon Papers to Joseph Simo joined Bluish more severc dip over (he fjrsttturn it over to the gunman be- IClarno    swampy hideout    gave    the rVntagon Papers leaders in a formal and con- ,hrep mon|hs 0 thr year pro.!t.alJsr hc was afraid about his *n a ,4*f4f f!at    \ u Tv ct p 1B several newspapers. certed effort to dissuade Turkey | vided one of the main*technical wife.”    1)031 on ,hf chan"el 0 fthe Mu5' „F‘n3,1>’    0    ,CT    ^    ,    RuSS    In    an affadavit to the commit- I rom invading the island, a i    tixr    3    rfln#ccinn    Aa    ,ntA    Ra„L    sissippi at about 11:30 p.m., Kubik almost stepped on him as elements for a recession as de-    Into    Rank    ,    rrt,    ...    . T ,    t    A    A    tee. fx i «v i,.    .    u    „    -    ,    n „ l_ i •    when    their    boat    was    struck    in    his    seven-man    patrol    edged (Continued: Page J, Col. /.) lined bv economists.    I    Gans    rushed    into    a    bank    .,    ., ,    .    K Through waist-high weeds afterja,xon as sa-'^R’ . ll: .    ®_____j— - don t give a dan Probe of C.R. Pork Reservation System Asked by Ohi o Senator the side by another.       .    ,.    .    . The second boat, according to lobbing tear gas grenades into s'u’ a    ow 18 authorities, was a speed boat the undergrowth, operated by Dan Gingerich, Mc-1 -Hp Was burrowed into sandy I Gregor Stocks Gain; Dow Up I 3.92 committee that has occurred in the entire proceedings,” said Rep. Waldie (D-Calif.). Rep. Drinan (D-Mass.), called WASHINGTON - Terming operation of the Cedar Ra-pids-based Park Reservation system “an enormous foulup.” Sen Howard Metzen-baum iD-O h i o» Wednesday requested the General Accounting Office to investigate the service. Park Reservation system has a contract with the National Park service to make reservations for 21 national parks throughout the nation Metzenbaum. who is completing the term of present Atty General William Saxbe. said he is asking for the probe in response to complaints by constituents. IIM! Attempts A Columbus. Ohio, automobile club representative reportedly attempted over IOO times to contact the Cedar Rapids operation hut was unable to get through Metzenbaum contended, according to National Park ser-v i c e Director Ronald H Walker, at one point telephone lines were so busy that as many as 7.500 calls an hour were rejected. The Ohio senator said this was ”an enormous foul-up that is a disservice to campers instead of a service." James Rossie, vicepresident of the firm and general manager of the Cedar Rapids operation, has admitted that there were initial problems since the service was “popular beyond all expectations.” “Settling Down” He said last week, however, that business appeared to be “settling down” following a big rush for camp sites over the July 4 holiday. Rossie also said news releases announcing the service were issued before his firm was prepared to handle telephone calls. A spokesman for the park service said Wednesday that there had been "frustrations.” He added that it was first Rutledge and took him to short where he was transported to a hoped that the operation Prairie du Chien hospital He would begin in early April. was K°°d condition Thursday The contract was signed w,{h a hip injury and an eye May 5. but legislation restor- - ^ceration ing national park fees was not Efforts to locate Lynn Rut-passed until June 7. The res- Iedge after the accident were to no avail. McGregor firemen began dragging for the body at Charles Colson quoted in effect. “I NEW YORK (AP) - The! done,    do whatever has to be    stock    market    rose strongly) done    to stop these leaks and    Thursday. The 2 p m Dow! ■a    **    ••    v    .    prevent further unauthorized    Jones    average    was up 13.92 at I It stopped and rescued Larkin “ouqHt to might    S' dead    But    1 ,do"Y'an', '• bp    798 *!    Gainers    topped losers J-1 • •    ...    inougni    rn    mum    ne    ai    aa.    oui    i    told why it can t be done.    on the    York    Stock    Ex (Continued: Page 3, Col. 4.) j Former Nixon chief of staff H. change. (Continued: Page 3. Col 4.) Torfffi/'s Chuckle lf you ask enough people, you can usually find someone who'll advise you to do what you were going to do anyway. Copyright ervation service began accepting requests June 23. Metzenbaum has    asked GAO to investigate why the contract was awarded to Park Reservation system rather than to one of the other bidders, Tieketron or Information Management, Inc. Thorough Evaluation John Kyi, Asst, secretary of the interior, said Wednesday that the successful contract was thoroughly “evaluated and reviewed ” A spokesman for the National Park service said Park Reservation system simply had the “hest offer " He said it was the only one to meet specifications and that its charge to the public was the lowest. In addition, the firm roil u e s t e d no initial set-up charge, he continued. about 4:30 a rn but wero hailed WASHINGTON (API - A during an electrical storm at about 7:30 a m. The search re- Uthuaman seaman who attainted at KI M a m. Additional t,e„"1Pte(*    Y    1    ' T information was not available. '    ° av< int in ans _    allow his return to a Soviet ship, has officially been declared an American citizen Todays Index However, it is not known if •    the Soviet government has Comics ......   23    transmitted the news to the Crossword ......... 23    sailor, Simas Kudirka, fol lo w- Daily Record    3    mg the state department ac- Dcaths    3    tion Wednesday. Editorial Features    4    Kudirka may be the only Farm    21    American to have been tried, Financial    24    convicted and imprisoned for Marion    8    treason because he attempted .Movies ........... 14    lo flee to the I S.. a depart- Society ..    HM3    merit spokesman said Sports    17-20    He has been in a Ural State    5.6    Mountain prison and no infor- Television    22    mation has been received Want Ads    26-31    about him for approximately right months Lithuanian, Rebuffed by Americans in Bid To Escape, Declared U.S. Citizen Dissident sources from Communist-held countries say registered and certified mail has been acknowledged only with the signature of a prison camp official. The sources say that, because of the lack of commo nication. they fear for Kudir-ka’s health U. S. embassy officials in Moscow could now determine how he is being treated, under a U S.-Soviet agreement that permits them to visit American citizens in Soviet jails. Rut it is not known if that option will be taken. Kudirka is the son of a Brooklyn-born woman living in Lithuania whom the Soviets will not allow to return to the I S Marija Sulskicne was taken to Lithuania as a child by her parents after World war I, but was not confirmed to be an American citizen by the state department until May 17. President Nixon was briefed on Kudirka s plight before his recent Moscow summit trip, according to Rep Hanrahan < R ill ), who helped get Mrs Sulskicne declared an American citizen The state department said “After an investigation ol all available evidence and on the basis of his mother's application on his behalf, the I . S embassy in Moscow has determined that Simas Kudirka derived U S. citizenship from his mother and, in the absence of any evidence to the contrary, has retained U. S citizenship With the department’s concurrence, the embassy has therefore registered him as a U. S citizen. “We are consulting with embassy Moscow on how we can best protect Mr, Kudir-ka’s interests in his present, situations.” Kudirka jumped aboard the coast guard cutter Vigilant Nov. 23. 1971). while the cutter and his Soviet ship were moored closely off Martha's Vineyard. Mass, for a conference on fishing rights in the North Atlantic. With coast guard permission. the Soviets boarded Ihe cutter, tried to talk Kudirka back to his ship and, when he refused, bound and beat him before dragging him back. ;

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