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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 16, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 8 The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., July 16. 1171 Dame Sybil Hathaway: Benevolent Dictator SARK, Channel Islands (AP) — Michael Beaumont, the new Seigneur of Sark, pledged Monday to try to keep his tiny Channel island a trouble-free 19th Century paradise following the death of the Dame of Sark “The last thing I want to do is drag the island into the 20th Century,” he declared Beaumont, a 47-year-old aerospace engineer, became the ruler of Britain’s smallest and oldest dependency on the death Sunday of his grandmother, the legendary Dame Sybil Hathaway. She was the 21st in the line of seigneurs, though being a woman her title was La Dame Dame Sybil died at the age of 90 after ruling the tiny island off the Normandy coast for 47 years, shunning Nazi occupation forces, automobiles, labor unions, divorce and income, cigaret and liquor taxes. She insisted on keeping it “a place of peace and quiet” for the population, which now totals about HOO, and the 50,000 tourists it attracts annually. To Change Nothing Beaumont said he will quit his $14.4(K)-a-year job as a design engineer with the British Aircraft Corp. and move his family from Bristol, England, to the 12-bedroom Seigneurie on the island. “I want to change nothing,” he said. “I hope to keep the island just as my grandmother kept it: peaceful, quiet and a beautiful place to live.” Sark is miles long and lh miles wide Queen Elizabeth I granted it to Belier de Carteret, the first seigneur, in 1563 with instructions to populate it. He estimated a system of feudal government that has since been modified to include a 52-member local legislature called the Chief Plea*. But the seigneur is the final local authority and is answerable only to Queen Elizabeth II and her privy council Dame Sybil was a feisty woman who fought all her life to keep the more troublesome aspects of modern lib' out of her island domain No Divorces There if hardly any crime; a two-man police force and a jail built for two is adequate. Divorces are not granted, and the only motorized vehicles are the tractors on some farms and the electric wheelchair the Dame permitted herself in recent years because of arthritis. But there are telephones and electricity. “We’re not averse to the comforts of modern life,” she said. Only the Dame could keep pigeons so the flock would not grow large enough to threaten the crops. Only she could keep a bitch so that the island would not be overrun by dogs. Only she could mill corn; she could also call on every male islander over 16 to work two days a year on the few miles of roads. “If I’m a dictator. I’m certainly a benevolent one,” she once said “I prefer to regard myself as head of one big happy family with the queen as my overlord.’’ —UPI Telephoto La Dame of Sark, the only feudal ruler of the British Isles, died Sunday at her home. She was 90 years old. She is shown here with her dog on the grounds of her home in 1959. Dame Sybil had ruled the 600 inhabitants of Sark, one of the Channel Islands, for the past 47 years. Oklahoma Woman Rules As First Indian Chief By Ray McCarthy STROUD, Okla. (UPI) -Dora Schexnider wears th * Sac and Fox beaver headdress as the first woman Indian chief in Oklahoma She quit a high paying job in the Bureau of Indian Affairs she held for nine years to become Sac and Fox chief. Now she is paid the federally allowed minimum wage of $2.25 an hour. At the end of her first year as chief of the small tribe that is located in Oklahoma, Kansas and Iowa, she presided over a weekend pow-wow at the tribal grounds five miles south of Stroud. Mrs. Schexnider, married to a civil engineer, spends only part of her time on tribal affairs and maintains her people need a full-time chief to revive their heritage. Claim Money She started action on claim money that was appropriated by congress but never paid and has begun plans for a new community building on the tribal grounds She also is looking for industry to settle on the SOO acres of tribal land. The Sac and Fox Indian tribes share approximately $15 million in total claims money appropriated by congress. The method of dividing the cash among the tribal members in three states has held up payments of the claims “It’s just sitting there in the U. S. treasury, drawing interest,” she said. To Move Mrs. Schexnider, who lives in Shawnee, Okla., with her husband, plans to move to Stroud soon. “I believe a leader should live right in the heart of where the work is needed,” she said. Her critics were able to have her first election last UPI Telephoto Sac and Fox Indian Chief Dora Schexnider, the first woman chief in Oklahoma, reached a landmark in her first year in office at a weekend annual tribal pow wow near Stroud, Okla. She is planning construction of a community building and recruitment of industry on the 800 acres of tribal land. summer voided because of alleged voting irregularities. In January she won a second election. Her term ends in August, 1975. Only Chief “No one else has done w hat I have done in the short time I’ve been in office.” she said. “Past leadership had years to do it and they just couldn’t cut it.” rn Society for Women Features Women s Golf Consumer Adviser Fights Administration for CPA Bridge By Michael J. Con Ion WASHINGTON (UPI) - Virginia Knauer, President Nixon’s consumer adviser, is lobbying against a large portion of the administration and big business in her efforts to get a Consumer Protection Agency (CPA) proposal passed by the senate this week. In a last-minute plea Sunday, Mrs. Knauer said the agency would be a “powerful antidote to the poison of alienation and helplessness affecting many of our citizens (who) believe that their pleas for help or understanding are unheeded . . . that only the big and powerful have access to decision makers ” Filibuster Expected The agency, consisting of one person with a small staff, would be able to present the consumer viewpoint when any arm of government, such as a regulatory agency, is considering decisions involving health, safety or some other vital consumer issue. Legislation to create the agency has passed the house and is scheduled for senate consideration. A filibuster, which killed a similar proposal two years ago, is again expected. Forces on both sides say an attempt to cut off debate could pass or fail by one or two votes. Both the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Assn. of Manufacturers lobbied against the current legislation. “In practice the Consumer Protection Agency will represent what it perceives to be the consumer interest — very likely the goal of the consumer activists,” the Chamber said in a .statement. Business Cest “In the end the results undoubtedly will hike business costs one way or another like seat belts and other devices have done for autos. So all consumers will face increased prices, regardless of whether they have benefited from the CPA ” Mrs Knauer also faces trouble from the administration which employs her. Roy Ash. Nixon’s budget director, has been sending letters to congressmen threatening a veto unless parts of the bill are changed drastically “It is the most important consumer matter to come before the congress in the five years I have served as the President’s consumer advisory," Mrs. Knauer said “It is the first answer by congress to years of criticism by congress that government agencies too often do not adequately reflect consumer interests ” N. Y. Family Moves Daughters ’ HAUPPAUGE. N Y. (UPI) — A mysterious illness that killed two young sisters has forced their father to pack up his wife and other five children and move out of their family home in Long Island The dead girls’ aunt said she did not think the family would ever return to their sprawling ranch-style home. “They don’t want any part of that place anymore,” she said, “I don’t think they’re going to come back, not after what happened.” A next door neighbor, .lames Anzalone, whose house and grounds were treated with chlordane, a termite killer, also moved out with his wife and 2-year-old child “The fumes are still there and it s killing little birds. They just flop out of the air,” said Mrs. Frances fmpastato, the dead girls’ aunt. Following Mysterious Deaths But health officials who worked through the weekend to determine exactly what killed 7-year-old Angelina longue and ner 4-year-old sister, Deborah, said they were unable to link the deaths to the pesticide. Dr. Mary McLaughlin, commissioner of health services for Suffolk county, said autopsies of the two children haven’t shown any finding of chlordane so far. “Right now we’re trying to put the pieces together,” she said. PRIVE SAFELY Advertisement The Best Carpet Buys Are At Carpetland U.S.A. The Shufflers Winners of the rubber bridge game played Monday at Noelridge Park Christian church were: North-south — Mrs. Clyde James and lait Cummins, first, and Mrs. W. E. Eyman and Mrs. Charles Fitzgerald, second; east-west — Mrs. Robert Dreckman and Mrs Richard Grodt. first, and Mrs. Shirley Moore and Mrs Bill Howard, second Over-all winners were Mrs. Dreckman and Mrs. Grodt. The next game is scheduled Monday morning at 9 at the church. JOYCE CHURCHILL FETED AT SHOW ER Miss Joyce Churchill, daughter of the Keith Churchills, 1825 E avenue NE, was feted at a bridal shower Sunday afternoon The event, attended by 20 guests, was given by Miss Jane Porter. 931 Old Marion road NE, and Mrs. Paul Porter. Miss Churchill and Thomas Pochobradsky, son of Mrs Enid Foehn bradsky, 4748 V avenue NE, will be married July 29. LINDA BARNES HONORED AT BRIDAL SHOWER Miss Linda Barnes was honored at a bridal shower Monday evening, given by Mrs George Appleby, 299 Red Fox road SE. Twenty guests shared the courtesy Miss Barnes, daughter of Mrs. Mary Jo Barnes, 2931) Seventh street, Marion, is the Aug. Ill bride-elect of Kirk Krumm, Bali Hat Estates. Hiawatha He is the son of the Fred J. Krumms, 1959 Rainbow boulevard, Hiawatha. MRS STANLEY FARMER FETED AT BABY SHOW ER Mrs. Stanley Farmer 3615 Bever avenue SE, was honoris! at a baby shower given Sunday afternoon by Mrs Roy Sadler. 3914 Franbrook drive NAV. Co-hostess to the 15 guests was Mrs John L. Sadler. Dan Stoner Is Wed in Mf. Vernon MT. VERNON - Miss Catherine Anna Humphries, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dewey R. Humphries of Hartsville, SC,, became the bride of Dan Lee Stoner, son of Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Stoner, during a 2 o’clock ceremony Sunday. The Revs. Thomas Stewart and Maurice Cheek officiated at United Methodist church. For her wedding, the bride wore a princess sheerganza gown accented with inserts of Venise lace and styled with a sweetheart neckline, short sleeves and a chapel train. Her elbow-length mantilla was caught to a Juliet cap and she carried a cascade of yellow roses and whit!' daisy pompons. Mania Humphries was her sister’s maid of honor. Other attendants were Mrs. Dan Brown. Mrs Dennis Hedlund and Miss Kim Wilkerson. They wore sleeveless gowns of yellow polyester styled with empire bodices and white collars edged in lace White open lace picture hats completed their ensembles and each carried an arm bouquet of white daisy pompons. Mr. Stoner was his son’s best man. Groomsmen were the bridegroom’s brothers. David, Ray. Warren and John Stoner. Guests were seated by Doug Hyde, Al Clarke, Doug Showalter and John N’uzzo. * + if The couple chose Miami for their wedding trip After July 28 they will be at home in Mt. Vernon Both were graduated from Coe college The bride affiliated with Chi Omega sorority and the bridegroom was a member of Phi Kappa Tau fraternity. He is employed by Life Investors Insurance Co in ( edar Rapids Elmcrest Junior Thirty-three girls are participating in a junior girls golf tournament. First-round play Monday saw Kandie Reeves as 9-hole medalist and championship flight leader. Amy Alford is second place winner of championship flight. The 9-hole first flight leader is Brenda Roushar, with Lisa Feddersen in second place; 5-hole championship flight leader is Tami Thomason and Mama White is in second place; 5-hole first flight leader is Susie McAfee and Kristi Bjornsen is in second place; 3-hole championship flight leader is I^ana Whitehead with Sue Martin in second place. First flight leader for 3-hole play is Kelli Naso; Gena Young is in second place. Tournament play continues Monday. Jones Junior Medalist with 15 members playing Monday was Barb Feckley. Winners in blind bogey were; Susan Zvacek, first low net; Lorene Kuehl. second; Kathy Terrace, third, and Patty Frazier, fourth. Play next Monday at Jones will begin at 7:45 a m. Squaw Creek Junior Flight winners on 18 holes Monday were Anne Pinckney, medalist, and Janet Stuefen, low score. There were 9 players. Other winners were; Susan Lagerstrom, medalist, and Valerie Wrohlewski. most 7s, on 9 holes. Tara Gustafson, low scorn, and Cheryl Snodgrass, most 10s, on 5 holes, and Joyce Ortega, low score on 3 holes. Twin Pines Junior Paula Higgins was medalist Monday. Flight winners were Joan Peck. 9 holes; Lisa Griffin, 6, and Michel Thom as, 4. Prizes for the day went to Amy Schaefer and Christi Thomas. Town House Medalist honors with 29 playing Monday went to Mrs. Marvin Martin. The Mmes. Norris Hunt. Martin. Gary Wilson. Barry Wendt and Jack Spau had birdies and Mrs. Martin sank an approach and had low putts. The Grasshoppers and the Drags tied for team winners; league w inners are the Grasshoppers. BRIDAL SHOWER HONORS MISS MONICA LAGRANGE A bridal shower was given Sunday afternoon honoring Miss    LaGrange, July 26 bride-elect of Loran Bender. Both are of Amana. Mrs. Don lezak, route two, Cedar Rapids, was hostess, assisted by Mrs. Edward LaGrange. Twenty-one guests attended are the Joseph I>aGranges of Amana and the Neil Benders of Wellman CYNTHI A CLOSSEN FETED AT SHOWER A kitchen shower was given Saturday for Miss Cynthia Clossen, Sept. 28 bride-elect of Gary Stephens. Fourteen guests attended at the home of Mrs Melvin Schulte, 1609 Tenth avenue SW. Co-hostesses were Miss Maxine Slykhuis and Mrs John Uthoff. Miss Clossen is the daughter of the Marshall Clossens, 2399 Twenty-fourth street, Marion, and Mr. Stephens is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Stephens of Oxford Junction. ON THIS DATE in 1945, the first atomic bomb was exploded over the desert in New Mexico. It was the beginning of the atomic age WE CONTROL TERMITES /•"JIak (Mi safely. aid right awn! CALL 363-1676 FOR FRIE INSPECTION — l ocally Owned and Operated Since 19 W — INSECT CONTROL SPECIALISTS 1516 MI. VERNON ROAD SI Susan Polashek Becomes Bride Miss Susan Jean Polashek and Terry Kevin Brandon were married Friday morning. Parents of the bridal couple are Mrs. Gerald E. Polashek, 4201 Twin Pine drive NE, and the late Mr, Polashek, and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence V. Brandon, 416 Sixth street SW. The Rev. William Harnish performed the 9 o’clock ceremony in his office. For her wedding, the bride chose a powder blue gown styled with short puff sleeves, a fitted bodice and a tie sash. She wore a red rosebud corsage. Following the ceremony, a reception was given at Bishop cafeteria, downtown. ★ * ★ On return from a wedding trip to St. Louis, Mo., the couple will temporarily reside at 1317 Twenty-second avenue SW. The bride is employed by St. Luke’s hospital and the bridegroom by Armstrong’s department store. Mrs. Brandon By Abigail Van Boren; DEAR ABBY: My sister-in-law is a very self-centered person. She left her husband (my brother) after 25 years of marriage to marry a gigilo type man This caused my brother to have a nervous breakdown, during which time she never came near him to offer sympathy or help. He would have died had it not been for lJS _ his sisters and brothers. This faithless wife even gave custody of their 15-year-old son to her husband, saying the boy was a nuisance Now, after several years of ignoring my brother, this terrible woman and her gigilo husband have fallen on hard times, so they came to my brother, who offered to share his home with them Free room and board he’s giving these worthless people. They have been there several months now and my brother will not permit any interference from any of his family. Have you ever heard of a former husband permitting an erring wife and the man who broke up his marriage to be permanent guests in his home? He has no pride, apparently. Could his breakdown have addled his brain’’ My brother holds down a responsible, high caliber job. BEWILDERED DEAR BEWILDERED:    lf your brother’s brain were ‘addled,” he couldn't be holding down a high caliber job. But addled or not, ifs his home and his decision — not yours — so stay out of It. it it it DEAR ABBY: What do you suggest for a non-sexist salutation in a business letter? Obviously, "Dear Sir” is inappropriate; “To Whom It May Concern” is too verbose; “Greetings” connotes induction into armed forces. To further true equality in this male-dominated business world, a new vocabulary is necessary. MSW DEAR MS W.: I offer for your consideration the unimaginative “Sir or Madam”. (Too lacking in warmth and courtesy'’) Or, * Attention”. (Or does that suggest “Ach-tung!” the German command'.’) “To Whom It May Concern” may be verbose, but it is nonsexist and conveys precisely what the writer has in mind, which is still communication at its best. BRIDAL SHOWER GIVEN FOR PAMELA SHAFER A bridal shower was given Sunday afternoon for Miss Pamela Shafer of Hammond, Ind., by Mrs. Dale Boddicker, 2948 Sharwood drive NE, Twenty guests shared the courtesy. Miss Shafer, daughter of the T.E. Shafers of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, former residents of ( edar Rapids, will be married to John Randolph. Park Forest, IIL, July 27. The future bridegroom is the son of the CT) Randolphs of Anamosa. MRS WILLIAM TAYLOR TO NOTE Kl RTHD AY CENTER POINT - Mrs William Taylor will celebrate her 90th birthday Sunday at i Van Alst family reunion The reunion picnic will take place in Wakema park in Centei Point. -j*j -    ,    .    *    #    j*    t ■, • I- : A Zenith Hearing Aid insures “ Quality - After-Purchase Protection - Satisfaction. We start with a complete evaluation to determine your need. Then we help select the aid that’s right for you. Choose from a complete line of Zenith instruments priced from $85 OO to $390.00.** The price includes all the consultation and afterpurchase adjustments necessary to your complete satisfaction. Batteries for all makes of hearing aids. rhe quality goes in before the name goes on. •Ask about our b year Protection Plan. • •Manufacturer s suggested retail price r£MITM fdlcal rn j Medical Arts Surgical Supply 2740 First Av*. NE Phono: 364-4136 STORE HOURSt 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday. Saturday Hours: t a.m. to 12:00 Noon ;

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