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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 16, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Porno Guidelines for Impeachment Issues? HEATHCLIFF By Dick West WASHINGTON (HIM) - If you have been following the continuing saga of “Sex and the Supreme Court”, you are aware that the justices have handed down “concrete guidelines” for regulating pornography. And you likewise are aware that in taking this stand the justices had their feet firmly planted on quicksilver. The guidelines as to what is or is not obscene left no doubt that the court doesn’t know either. “Son of Throat" This week, having disposed of the pornography question, at least until “Son of Deep Throat'' is filmed, the court Dick West The real test, however, might come on another guideline. Were Nixon’s actions “patently offensive” in that they appealed solely to political interest? By that criterion, impeachment would be inevitable. There is hardly a member of congress who has not been patently offended by something the President did or whose political interests have not been aroused. But the matter doesn't end there. Should the house follow these guidelines, the court may then decide that the Constitution doesn’t give congressmen “unbridled discretion in determining what is patently offensive’.” In sum, it may turn out that the articles of impeachment will come in a plain brown wrapper. took up another momentous issue — a case bearing on the impeachment issue. In doing so, it started me to musing over what would hap pen if the court brought to im peachment the same line of reasoning it has applied to pornography. Take the question of what is or is not an impeachable of fense. White House lawyers argue one way, house judiciary committee lawyers another. Let’s assume this dispute comes before the court for resolution. The key point, in the court’s mind, likely will be whet!*'**-the offenses attributed to the President had any “redeeming social value.” If, for example, Nixon’s role in the Watergate case amounted to hardcore cover-up, the court might rule that the house had grounds for impeaching him. Serious Value But if his offenses had serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value, such as protecting national security, then the court might rule impeachment was unconstitutional. Seems clear enough, you say? Hold on for a moment. The court isn’t through just yet. Coming up with an additional guideline, it now says that the house, in making this determination, may apply “contemporary community standards. ” Have you any idea what the standards in the congressional community are at this point in time? There is hardly anything a President could do that might violate the contemporary community standards of congress. So by that guideline, impeachment is out. U.S. Citizens’ Gold Ownership Stirs Up Official Nervousness By John < unniff NEW YORK (AP) - Sometime before the end of the year Americans may share a right that nationals of other countries have long enjoyed, the right to buy gold bullion on the open market. Not since 1933 has this bern legally possible for a U.S. citizen, although unofficial estimates place in the billions of dollars the amount of bullion — tmcoined, unshaped except as bars — stashed overseas by Americans. Both the senate and house have passed bills to permit U.S. citizens to own bullion. And the administration, although hesitantly, has pronounced such sales to be right and just. Nervous Signs But now that the moment is at hand, a good many influential Americans, including the secretary of the treasury, have shown signs of nervousness and a tendency to procrastinate, fearful it seems of what will emerge from a box closed 41 years. One of the more perplexing facets of the problem is this: W?hy should Americans now be permitted to own a commodity whose ownership in the past was considered unpatriotic and dangerous? Have times changed that much? Yes, times have changed. Gold has been further demonetized, or gradually removed from its role in currencies. The world’s trading nations nowr seek to repose full faith in paper, unbacked by gold. The situation was similar in 1933 too, when the U.S. government sought to bolster paper currency by not only denying convertibility into gold by its citizens but going one step further and making it Big George! Virgil Partch 'N “Of COURSE it's hard. Ifs specially made for dunking. EVERY PRESCRIPTION IS CAREFULLY FILED IN YOUR •XU FAMILY XI. PRESCRIPTION X RECORD Why? To provide a patient profile to insure compatability of your medicines & health. 'Vohoiwoout 55? i convenient locations pharmacies John Cunniff illegal even to possess gold. Foreign central banks could still redeem their dollars for gold, but that right also was suspended on Aug. 15, 1971. There were simply too many dollars abroad and too little gold to redeem them. Changed Attitudes But more to the point, many analysts note, is that attitudes have changed since 1933, and many of them compare the gold prohibition to the abortive attempt to deny Americans the right to drink alcohol. Estimates vary widely, but many billions of dollars in gold bullion are believed hoarded abroad by Americans. Charles Stahl, publisher of a commodity report, estimates the total at between $20 billion and $24 billion. The prohibition, it appears, hasn’t been effective. While the world’s trading nations attempt to substitute paper to replace gold because a limited gold supply would restrict trade, many Americans seem to be losing confidence in paper money, mainly because inflation deflates its value. In purchasing gold abroad, these buyers are adding to the U.S. balance of payments problem, needlessly so in the opinion even of government officials. Why not let them buy gold within the U.S., just as they buy lead or sugar or copper or any other commodity? “Inherent Freedom” “It isn’t so much an economic question any more as much as one of the inherent freedom that Americans should have,” said one economist closely identified with the administration. "This nation is based on the concept of freedom, free enterprise and private ow nership. Why should we be denied this freedom when it is available to everyone else?” Nevertheless, many critics believe that a sharp rise in the price of gold could bring further troubles for the dollar, despite the official break with gold as a monetary backup to paper currency. It’s a myth, they say, that people will ever ignore the trading value of gold, and treat it as just another commodity. If inflation continues, they add, people will seek refuge in gold. Bolstering this belief is the fact that mankind has always sought security in the bright yellow metal, which has been almost defied through the ages. Threat to Paper It is still the one medium of exchange    acceptable anywhere, the gold bugs note, despite repeated efforts by nations to substitute paper. Because of this it constitutes a threat to paper currency, they say. However, forecasts of a big increase in the price of gold because of senate and house approval of gold ownership haven’t materialized. Three months ago the price was $179.50 an ounce at London. At midweek it was $138.50. One reason for the decline may be the realization that much of the gold held as backing for currencies — monetary gold — may reach the markets as currencies further break their ties with the metal. But whether that tie ever will be broken remains to be seen. Should Seek Detente with Indians Inmates Escape While Guard Out to Lunch PLEASANTON, Calif. (UPI) — Two Alameda county jail inmates took advantage of a lunch break — they escaped. Sheriff’s deputies said Daryl Freeman, 37. awaiting sentence for burglary, and Gilbert Witherspoon, 27, convicted on a stolen property charge, drove out the main gate in a pickup truck while the gate guard was having lunch By Bab ( onsldlne NEW YORK - The next time President Nixon sets out to seek a detente with an old foe he should give some thought to getting together with the people we stole this country from: the American Indians. We are an extraordinarily generous nation, perennially ready to heap goods, services, manpower, money and nuclear reactors on the peoples of the world Provided they are not American Indians, of course. Mr. Nixon gave Mr. Brezhnev a Chevrolet Monte Carlo this time, to go with the Lincoln Continental and Cadillac presentations of 1972 and 1973. All sorts of goodies have been dispensed elsewhere this .,ear to leaders of Austria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia (I think we gave King Faisal another oil well), Syria, Israel, Jordan, Portugal and Belgium. But we’re about to evict one Indian tribe, the Havasupai, from lands they have worked for 1,300 years! They now have to come to the Great White Father hat in hand to get a permit to use their 251.000 acres on the brink of the Grand canyon The permits may be revoked on the whim or indifference of some deskbound paleface at the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The Havasupai Indians have long been called “The People of the Grand Canyon.” That could be changed to “The People IN the Grand Canyon.” They have been largely herded into 518 acres at the bottom of the canyon, all but inaccessible and subject to intensely cold winters. It makes Devil’s Island look like Palm Beach. Congress now has a chance to clear its conscience in this particular phase of the longtime abuse and neglect of the original occupants of the nation. It will vote soon on S. 1296, a bill to double the size oi’ Grand Canyon National park, and on an amendment sponsored by Rep. Steiger (R-Ariz.) that would grant the Havasupai trust title to their 251.000 acres up there on the lip of the grand old hole in the earth. If passed, the tribal chiefs would no longer be forced to go whimpering to Washington for permission to survive. Senators Kennedy, Coldwater, Jackson, Humphrey, and Rep. Udall (D-Ariz ), are firmly behind the Havasupais. The opposition is the always well-entrenched conservationists. Addressing himself to them, Sen. Kennedy has said: “The Havasupai have absolutely no desire or intention to use their land base for any purpose other than those which they have pursued lor 1,300 years. They are not going to build a dam, or put up a factory, or launch a tourist extravaganza, or undertake any other environmentally unsound project. “Rather, they are intent upon preserving and protecting the natural, undeveloped, and unspoiled beauty of their homeland, and are perfectly prepared to accept language to provide comprehensive land use planning for the new trust area or any other reasonable requirements congress might impose to assure environmental protection and consistency of use with the adjacent and enlarged Grand Canyon National park. “Justice for the Havasupai is in no way inconsistent with the OUR SAVINGS STACK UP AS HIGH AS THE LAWALLOWS! Passbook Savings 5% with No Minimum MINIMUM MATURITY RAT! AMOUNT 3-month    SVW    $    500 I -yoar    6%    500 2’A-yoor    SV.%    -    500 4-yoar    TU%    lOOO EDIC regulations require substantial penalty for early withdrawal prior to maturity. Get the highest rate of interest where you get FREE CHECKING at the Home of the Freel    ✓ GUARANTY BANK & TRUST CO. MiMii* rote •ire »<■ a ira i>»»i em i»wi si. sk ihi    im-,    sh enhanced environmental protection for the entire Grand canyon area. The 251,000-acre use area upon which the Havasupai depend for survival is the core of their immemorial homeland. It should be confirmed to them now in trust title, and their fears for the future laid to rest.” The Havasupai need that acreage for grazing, housing, agriculture, burial grounds and religious shrines. Incredibly, all but the first are now denied them. Alvin Josephy, senior editor of American Heritage and an outstanding authority on Indian history, does not share the misgivings of fellow conservationists. In a plea for the passage of the amendment to S. 1296 he has said: “Today, down in the canyon, the Havasupai people face extinction from discase, poverty, and the eventual collapse of their society, their culture and their religion.” Lo, the poor Indian — how badly the relative newcomers to his lands have treated him! It all started with Christopher Columbus on October 12, 1492, when he gave them a wrong name — believing he had reached “the Indies.” The Spanish, Dutch, English and French took turns exploiting and exterminating them. Then along came the glorious 4th of July, 1776, and we took over where the others left off. We called them savages, which apparently condoned the savage treatment of them. Two years short of 200 years later, we still push them around as if we actually owned this land of the free and home of the brave. "SS You can\d somethinc bout me energy ■    ■    rn    V-v    ■ crisis! Mod*: RA 4 Buy MICROWAVEFQVEN made only by Amana. 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