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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 11, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa What Young Wine People Think Flows Freely fly Nancy (filbert Gilbert Youth Service The majority of today's young people have drunk wine either in their homes or when out with friends, according to a recent survey. Fifty-two percent of those polled said they drank wine at family meals. Wine was served .on the average of once a week according to 17 percent; once every few weeks for 22 percent; once a month for 16 percent; less than once a month according to 39 percent; and 6 percent gave no answer Most of the college students and males polled said that they drink wine when out with their friends; females and high school students were not far behind percentage-wise Most preferred red wine, next, “pop” wine. Added Touch Among those who explained why they drank the beverage was Cathey Chaffee, 17, of State College, Pa., who said “it’s a nice added touch to supper and an opening of a show or some celebration.” “It is a romantic, warm experience, no matter with whom you drink It also makes me feel more relaxed,” says Pam Edmonston, 17. also from State College “It s a nice complement to a good meal and is healthy, too,” claims Roberta Panton, 17, of Nutley, N. J. “My parents drink it very often with meals and since I do eat with them, I. too, enjoy it,” explains Valerie Whittaker. 16. of Dallas. “I like the smooth mellow taste and the slowly building high,” admits Bill Mathews, 21, of Youngstown, Ohio. Digestive Ald “It aids in the digestion of one s dinner," states Brian Van Wyke, 19, of Topsham, Maine. Yet, while most of those polled said they drank wine, only 46 percent felt that “wine drinking” was on the increase among their friends. Forty- four percent said that it was on the decrease, and IO percent gave no answer. Those who thought there was an increase believed that “the availability, legality, and the price,” as noted by Ted Rogers, 17, of New Haven, Conn., were among the reasons for the rise in young People’s drinking ‘‘Mostly because the pop wine is cheap, and it makes you feel sophisticated drinking wine instead of cola.” says Chris Herwing, 15, of Haraham, La. “For one, the lower drinking age,” adds Mike Farnim, 19. of Fayetteville, Ark. “Also wines are becoming much more available and cheaper Thus wine is becoming a fad.” r ^    '    x Accent V*v on Youth German Says Inflation Bars European Unity BRUSSELS (AP) — A Belgian newspaper quoted West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt as saying economic and monetary union in Europe “is impossible to achieve between inflationist countries and those seeking monetary stability.” The Socialist daily Le People said Schmidt was explaining that a union of this kind would never be organized while some countries endeavor to keep inflation down and others do little or nothing about it. It said he added that “the stronger member nations in the Common Market should help the weaker nations. West Germany will most certainly not refuse to help the weaker countries as soon as it sees that they are ready to help themselves.” Plans Lottery To Give Lift To Hitchhikers LANSING, Mich. (UPI) - A state legislator who was arrested for hitchhiking has a plan to reward motorists who give thumbers a ride. Rep. Perry Bullard sponsored legislation to establish a hitchhiker’s lottery Under the plan, based on an existing venture in Poland, hitchhikers would give special lottery coupons to those motorists offering rides The bureau of state lottery would issue the coupon books containing IOO individual coupons at a cost of SI. Each coupon would signify IO miles of transportation. The coupons would entitle the motorist to chances in a special quarterly lottery. “The purpose is to provide rides to those without transportation by encouraging motorists to share their cars with others,” Bullard said. “The over-all result would be a savings in fuel, better use of cars and assistance for those in need of rides.” Backs Dum-Dum Police Bullets HARTFORD, Conn. (UPI) -Gov. Thomas Meskill defended state police use of hollow-point bullets, saying “those who prefer the police shoot lollypops at gunmen will just have to go elsewhere.” Connecticut state police are switching from 38-caliber handguns to the more powerful .357 magnums and are issuKl bullets, called dum-dums, that are banned in warfare as brutal and inhumane. “We like it here in Connecticut,” Meskill said of the new guns and ammunition.    * “The real issue is when the guns are used — not the ammunition. Troopers use great restraint in the use of their weapons.” Teens on Wheels By Michael lamm Dear Mike: We own a 1969 Mercury station wagon and sometimes pull a camp trailer On hot days, the engine overheats. We’ve filled the radiator full-top with this new liquid that’s a coolmg aid But it still boils. What now9 BOILED Dear Boiled “Super" coolants do nothing at all so far as I can tell Your best bet is to check with a good radiator shop. Let them inspect" your entire system, because any number of things can cause overheating. Dear Mike: Please let me know how we can disconnect the seatbelt interlock on our 1974 Cadillac. I know you’ve had this request before, but you have.to admit that the fact that ifs impossible to start the engine without buckling up is stupid. I don’t believe the government has the right to make us do that, do you? If I want to risk getting injured or killed, that’s my business, not the government’s. So please make a million 1974 car owners happy by telling us how to disconnect the interlock without goofing up the entire ignition system MIC,HTY PEEVED Dear Peeved I can't tell you, because frankly I don't know, but I wouldn t tell you even if I could I d like to take issue with your statement that you re not hurt mg anyone but yourself when you 're injured or killed in a car occident You are hurting other people, and I don 't mean just your loved ones, lf you 're killed, that's one thing, but if you're seriously injured and if you aren 't able to pay the medical bills, everyone suffers finan dally. Say, for instance, that you sustain brain damage in an accident, and you end up being a vegetable the rest of your life Who pays? Your family, yes, as much as they can, but then society starts picking up the fab. And I, for one, don 't want to Better you should wear your shoulder harness and reduce your (and my) taxes. (Write to Mike Lamm at room 601, 50 Rockefeller plaza, New York, N. Y 10020.) Controls Auto But Not Himself HONG KONG (UPI) - A would-be driver who failed six previous tests just missed getting his license and got arrested! for assault instead. While the examiner was w rating “passed” on a sheet, the applicant thought he was wriling “failed.” In frustration, he took a metal file out of his pocket and hit the examiner on the head, causing miniir injuries. NEW PIANO A RENT Month Per Ca log* -.‘o or pitier >npr*vnl s«bje> doe To Buy! Apply You win All Rent i Is s Kill THUS A 116 SECOND STREET Rf 00-IT-Y0URSELF Central Air Conditioning, Furnaces, Humidifiers and Electronic Air Cleaners. Buy Now! Save Up To 50% Complete Air Conditioning Easy to install. Everything you need—no extras to buy. All you need for installation is common hand tools. PACKAGE INCLUDES. M#a*un oil cold air return* COLD AIR RETURNS SIZE Measure the length and width of your home LENGTH WIDTH • Condensing Unit • A-Frame Cooling Coil • Pre-charged Insulated Refrigerant tubing Kit • Automatic Controls • OR SAVE ON UNITS (Installation Available) NO MONEY DOWN Easy Monthly Payments with Qualified Credit 24 HOUR SERVICE on all makes & models of furnaces and air conditioners FRI., JULY 12, Noon to 9 p.m. SAT., JULY 13,8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PARK ACROSS THE STREET in Joens Brothers Lot-59 16th Avenue 5,W. !     , j Sring in these measurements and well give you a FREE ESTIMATE! Measure the plenum (length, width, height) of th# | top of your furnace LENGTH . . . WIDTH HEIGHT . . Count the number of air ducts coming off the top of | the furnace to different part* of the house    i AIR DUCTS . SIZE . . .    J Measure diameter of blower and horsepower of ! motor DIAMETER . , . HORSEPOWER ...    | Measure tubing length needed from condensing unit J location outside house) to plenum LENGTH OF TUBING    I OVAK Heating & Air Conditioning 56-16th Avenue S.W. Phone 364-4626 Serving Cedar Rapids For 39 years'1 GARY NOVAK g The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Thurs.. July ll. 1971 AMERICAN WHISKEY—A KLENZ • ri PL TO- c ! 174 CALVER' CIST CO LOUISVILLE. KY Copyright 1974 Paper Pastimes Paper has many possibilities. Can you discover some new ones in your spare time? It’s great fun to experiment with paper. Cut out flat shapes such as squares, circles, triangles, rectangles or more unusual ones. Fold paper into various sizes and shapes Try cutting on the folded edges, unfold, and see the interesting designs. Cut shapes into sections. For instance, a rectangle easily becomes two triangles when cut diagonally. Here are some ways to change the surface of the paper 1. Curl the paper by pulling a strip across a ruler or a closed scissors. 2. Cull the paper by wrapping a strip around a pencil, dowel, or finger 3. Fringe an edge by cutting many small slices into the paper 4. Fold the paper into halves, fourths, or eighths. 5. Score the paper by marking heavily with a pencil or sharp tool and fold along the mark 6. Pleat by folding the paper back and forth like an accur-. dion. C one ‘Sc-.ral Cylinder Make some three dimensional forms such as 1. Cones by first cutting out a circle; then cut a slice halfway through; pull the circle into a cone by overlapping the paper at the slice and fasten. 2. Cylinders by simply rolling a piece of paper and taping it to keep its shape. 3. Spirals by cutting out a circle, start at a point on the outer edge and cut around and around the shape following the edge into the center. 4. Stairs by using two paper strips of equal size; put one strip on the table; place the other strip at right angles to the first to make an “L” shape; fold the bottom strip over the top one; repeat this fold back and forth until all of both paper strips are used. IOMI lUllttii! Fringe, PI e af ;

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