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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 10, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather- Chance of rain fought, and early Thursday. Low tonight 70 to 75. High Thursday, mid 90s. he (Cerine i\mntU (SnjcHe CITY FINAL 15 CENTS VOLUME 92 - NUMBER IOO CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, .JULY IO. 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES CHARGED POLICE Safety Commissioner, Detectives Are Named Gazette Photo by Duane Crock AN OBVIOUS ATTEMPT TO KEEP SECRET the booking (fingerprinting and photographing) procedures of five Cedar Rapids police detectives indicted by the Linn county grand jury Tuesday was made by conducting the procedure in a room at the Ramada Inn in southwest Cedar Rapids. Pictured above from left to right a re Detectives Kenneth Millsap and Darwin Ammeter accompanied by Attorney Robert Nelson, at right, as they left the room at the motel where the booking procedures took place. (See story on page 2). Nixon Quoted: Stonewall It, Cover Up By Roland Krckeler Six Cedar Rapids police officers and former officers have been indicted in connection with an alleged conspiracy to injure the reputations of other officers and to have charges pressed against other officers. Indicted Tuesday were Public Safety Commissioner James Steinbeck, a former detective; Asst. Police Chief Wallace Johnson, and Detectives Kenneth Millsap, Donald Rosdail, Robert Manchester and Darwin Ammeter. A11 except Johnson are charged with conspiracy, perjury and obstruction of justice. Johnson is charged with perjury and obstruction of justice and is named as an unindicted coconspirator in the conspiracy indictments. The indictments were returned by the Linn county grand jury which began investigating the police department in January following a report last fall from the county attorney outlining supposed illegal activities of some members of the force. Breakdown The five indicted for conspiracy face two counts on the charge. All six are indicted on one charge of obstructing jus- Chief: Officer Loss A 'Minor    Cat tice. The number of perjury trophe.” By Bill Lavclette Police Chief Wallace La-Pcters said Wednesday morning he will shift manpower within the police department to take up the slack left by the suspension of five members of the detective bureau following their arrests on indictments by the grand jury. The men, including the chief of detectives, Wallace Johnson, and four detectives, were suspended without pay Tues- Other Police Probe Stories Can Be Found On Pages 2A and .90 day when they were arrested by members of the Linn county sheriff's department. ‘Minor Catastrophe’ When asked the present status of the detective bureau, which is staffed by 26 detectives during normal times, LaPeters replied: “I deem it a minor catas- WASHINGTON (AP) — The Most of the conversation that there, instead house judiciary committee day hacj 5^ devoted to how to operation.” Tuesday released a tranecriptof dea, wj(h ,he forthcoming scn. a White House conversation 4    4    ,    ...    , quoting President Nixon as say-! e Watergate committee hearing of the senate Watergate in-imgs. They discussed vestigation: ‘‘I want you all to Dean write a report of a Nixon agreed and said: “ ‘This is everything buckshot And, uh. for that reason I am Dean report as the full White I perfectly willing to — I dont House accounting on Watergate, give a *— what happens. I want you all to stonewall it, let them plead the Fifth Amend-! we At the same meeting, Nixon commended Dean and Mitchell having know, Mr. Senator. That s what merit, cover-up or anything else l^r making the cover-up work. dealing I was preparing to say. ‘This is if it'll save it, save the plan. a lot of stonewall it. let them plead the with questions of the involve-everything we know; I know That’s the whole point. “Believe me, it s ^;Arnendment. icover-up or men^ 0f white House aides in nothing more ... If you need “On the other hand, uh. uh, I “Oh great," Nixon replied. ‘‘I any further information, my, would prefer, as I said to you, may (unintelligible). Well, let, our counsel    will    furnish that,    uh,    that you do it the other way.    me tell you, you’ve done a hell And I would particularly prefer    of a job here.” to do it that other way if it’s The transcript shows an uni-j going to come out that way any-dentified voice made an unin* | Nixon    referred    to    a    scandal    way. And that my view, that,    telligible remark, followed by anything else, if UTI save, save Watergate the plan.” Nixon’s comments were made near the end of a March 22, 1973. conversation with aides H. R. Haldeman, John Ehrlichman The Plan The plan was to offer the! Dean report to the committee and to seek an agreement to that is not in here.’ Adams Scandal counts are as follows — Millsap, eight; Rosdail, five; Johnson, six; Ammeter, four; Manchester, four, and Steinbeck, seven. The conspiracy indictments allege that the co-conspirators between about May I. 1973, and July 8, 1974, conspired to: I. Injure wrongfully the character of such persons as former Chief George Matias, former Asst. Chief Kenneth Vanous, Asst. Chiefs Carl Badger and Gareth Clift and Capt. Ralph Myers amd other officers by: A. Making false reports of criminal conduct, B. False testimony under oath, C. Procuring false testimony or D. All of those in furtherance of the conspiracy. * # + The indicted officers have 20 days in which to file appeals with the civil service commission, he said, noting it was his belief all five officers would appeal their suspensions. “The official view of my office is that, like any other defendant, they are innocent until proven guilty." Acting Promotions The acting promotions that will be needed to replace the suspended officers will include shifting Detective Captain William Byrne to chief of detectives and Lieutenant Denton Schultz to Byrne’s position. Two of the indicted detectives, Kenneth Millsap and Donald Rosdail were assigned to the day shift detective bureau. The other two detectives, Robert Manchester and Darwin Ammeter were assigned to the day shift of the youth bureau which is a part of the dective bureau LaPeters said the suspensions were imposed between 8 and ll p.m. Tuesday when each officer was arrested. Press Hit LaPeters responded to questions about the highly unusual manner of the arrests at the Ramada Inn motel, by saying the press was responsible for the procedure. He felt he had two obligations — one to Sheriff Walter Grant rn making the arrests and the other to the public, which was threatened by the mass of reporters following the events. ‘‘I think the cloak and dagger games were played by the press,” he said when asked about the secrecy surrounding the events at the Ramada Inn Admits Arrangements Earlier Wednesday LaPeters admitted he made arrangements for officers to report to the motel. The management at the motel donated the room (Continued. Page 3. Col. 3.) and John Dean and former At- keep the investigation in closed during the Eisenhower adminis- uh, with the number of jackass this comment by Nixon: f% ~ ~ I \ I 14 ,, L »11 f!’lm n    am    Inn!    inn    in    iiiLi/tL AII    IJntK-n    1    I    L«. . ‘    ^    IL n (    i . .    .    ■    >    •    . torney General Mitchell. The session. tration in which White House people that they’ve got that they ‘I didn’t mean for you. I 2. Do an illegal act or acts injurious to police, namely: material quoted by the commit- Mitchell described the pur-aide Sherman Adams was can call, they’re going to — The thought we had a boy here. No,! A. Falsely reporting to the tee was not included in the pose as ‘“to limit the number of forced to resign after disclo- story they get out through leaks, y0U    j0hn, uh, carried a Linn county attorney and    the White House transcripts. witnesses which are called up sures that he had accepted charges and so forth and innu- *verv verv heavy load. Uh, both news media. Supreme Court Giant Earl Warren, 83, Dies favors    from    Boston    industrialist|endoes.    will be    a hell    of a lot| johns as a    matter    of fact, but,! B.    False testimony under oath Bernard    Goldfine.    worse than the story they’re uh j was    gojng lo    sav u’h uh,ito deceive the Linn county attor- what    happened    to    going to    get out    by just    letting it = j0hn Dean    is. uh,    < unintelligi- ney, hie) got -    put the    fires out, a1-* C.    Procuring false testimony most got the damn thing nailed or I). All of those, alleging criminal conduct of the police depart- The were marked by Adams,’’ said Nixon, who was out there.” vice-president at the time. “I don’t want it to happen with Watergate — the Watergate matter. I think he made a, I way, criticism, ni a d c a mistake, but Cover-Up Praise . . •    ,    ,    ..    down    ti    past the election and In his reference to the other j f v so forth WASHINGTON (AP) death of Earl Warren, a cham- which included demands for his!shouldn't have been sacked pion of the Bill of Rights in his impeachment. 16 years as chief justice, re- President Nixon, often at odds moves a figure indelibly linked with Warren in their years as to landmark decisions of the California politicians and who supreme court in one of its most criticized manv of his court de- Nixon apparently was retie ferring to his preference that . . the senate committee accept the (Continued: Page 3, Col. 6. > controversial eras. Warren, 83. died town university hospital Tues- cisions, saluted him as ‘‘a par-in George- tisan for America.” Chief Justice Burger, named day night, a little more than jjV Njxon to succeed Warren and President Denies Authorizing Burglary in Ellsberg Probe WASHINGTON (AP) — Pres-!the breakin until March 17.1973 five years after his retirement stcer tfoe court toward “strictj ident Nixon told the plumbers It was at this time that revela-from the nation’s highest judi- construction” of the Constitu- cace jury Wednesday that he tion of the breakin at Field’s of- thon‘,e<j it rial post. A hospital spokesman tion sai(j -hjs contribution was I never authorized the breakin at lice by members of the Whitr *    ' the office of psychiatrist Lewis House unit led to dismissal of w * f uc Fielding. The President’s written com ments were given under oath tagon papers and read to the court by Judge Gerhard Gesell. said he died of heart failure Expanded Rights Under his leadership. large indeed ” Rosa Parks, the black scam-! ^1C stress whose refusal to give up1 court .struck down segregated ^cr seaj |0 a white man started schools, laid down the rule of Montgomery bus boycott, a great j charges against Daniel Ellsberg, jw as being done by the CIA? the man who leaked the Pen-assistant Watergate prosecutor Philip Bakes asked “I had no such knowledge." Nixon was read s written testimony after Secretary of Kissinger replied The comments came in anastate Kissinger testified for 90    *•    VOu    have    any    knowledge “one man-one vote’’ and greatly said. “We have last expanded the rights of the ac- fnen(j t0 humanity.” cused in criminal cases    Heart    Ailment    —    —    ,_____a .    , Tributes came swiftly for the warren was admitted to thrower to six questions submitted seconds, saying ne never ie of any pian (0 obtain informa-man whose years on the court hospital July 2, .suffering from a by lawyers for the defendants flu™!(‘(l a ps.vj-hologica1 profile tion from Ensbcrg?“ Bakes heart ailment. It was his second including John Ehrlichman, whoj° ^ J5.J'jb 1,1 ...... was once Nixon’s chief domestic Today's Index Comics HI) Crossword HD Daily Record :;\ Deaths 3 A Editorial Features 6A Farm MB Financial 91) Marion Ut Movies HU. ‘K Society HR I T, Sports 11 >-71) State 1C-3C Television 5C Want Ads I OD-MD hospitalization in two months. Only a few hours before, two advisor. of the former chief justice's Nixon said the special inves-closest associates on the court,,ligation unit, which became Kissinger answered only three (questions in a 90-second appearance. Ellsberg Profile We all know what it is. Em-jment, to create the impression that such criminal activities were being committed on a common or regular basis, when no basis existed for such, except for crimes committed by the conspirators, thus defaming the reputation of the police department, its officers and leadership. * * * 3. Do an illegal act or acts injurious to the police, to wit, obtain the election of James I). Steinbeck as public safety commissioner and head of the police by: A. Making false reports to the county attorney and news media, B. False testimony under oath to deceive the county attorney, C. Procuring false testimony or 1). All of those, alleging criminal activities were being eom- James Steinbeck Robert Manchester “I did not,” Kissinger said. “Apart from whether you au-did you have any Kenneth Millsap rwin Ammeter asked in his only other question. “I had no such knowledge,” miffed on a common or regular Kissinger said. Ehrlichman’? attorneys you authorize David subpoenaed the secretary basis, when no basis existed for had | such, except for crimes commit-of ted by the conspirators, thus Justice Douglas and Brennan, known as the plumbers because y directly or indirectly lo slate in an effort to determine defaming the reputation of the tod left his bedside. ______ _    of    its    mission    lo    psychological profile on j'who authorised the breakin at I Police department Warren served as chief justice from 1953 to 1969 after a political career in w hich he hervcd 11 years as governor of California land twice sought the Republican nomination for President. Kennedy Probe He w as vice-president nil candidate on the 1948 GDP national leaks, was authorized by him to panjej Ellsberg from the CIA?” the Hollywood office of stop the leaks prevent future askcd Wi,|jam KratcS( chief de- Lewis Fielding over Labor unauthorized release of security information and to prepare a history of past leaks. Ehrlichman. Nixon said, was m general charge of the group. “I instructed John Ehrlichman fense lawyer for Ehrlichman, who had subpoenaed Kissinger. Dr. I <i,i\ weekend, 1971. Kissinger returned Tuesday its officers and leadership. * * * In a second count the indictments allege the conspirators from his six-nation diplomatic durinK the same period con to exercise general supervisory; ticket headed by the late thorn- (.oniro| 0Ver the special inves-as Dewey, then governor of Ncwi(igative unit » N,xon said. (Continued Page 3, Col 3 Nixon said he did not learn of Toil"a's Chuckle If we could see ourselves as others sec us wed probably deny it    CoovrittW mission in Europe and met Ellsberg Smear A CIA official has testified that Young told him Kissinger and Ehrlichman in August, 1971, (Continued: Page 3, Col. 3.) spired to: I Cause or procure Vanous and Myers to be indicted, in some way impleaded (accused) or prosecuted for an offense of I which they were innocent, I (Continued Page 2. Col. 7.) Donald Rosdail Wallace Johnson ;

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