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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 12, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa W eat h er- Chance of rain tonight and Saturday. Lows tonight, mid 70s. Highs Saturday, mid 90s. VOU Mi 92 NI MI IKK 184 LO lipid* CITY FINAL 15 CENTS CK DAR RAPIDS, IOWA, FRIDAY, JULY 12. 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES MARATHON SIEGE CONTINUES Nixon Signs|Den'es Nixon E*Peds ( Reform Rill ^ane^ To I in peach 111 Mill VV A S H T NI r. T n M / Apl tho im no ooh mon I of tho Proc On Budget WASHINGTON (AP) -j James St. Clair, presidential defense lawyer, said Friday that it I would be “quite presumptuous” I of him to predict whether or not the house judiciary committee WASHINGTON (UPI) — Pres- will vote to impeach President idcnt Nixon Friday signed a bill Nixon. designed to restore to congress St. Clair disputed a Whitt ..    ,    .    ., House spokesman s statement the control of the formulation of    v the federal budget. It also, sharply limits presidential peachment. power to impound appropriated Asked about that funds.    i    by    Deputy    Press the impeachment of the President. I ns t e a d, the committee's “Statement of Information” presents without conclusions or comments, a compendium of testimony before the senate Watergate committee, the courts, and during the hitherto secret proceedings of the grand jury. that the President believes the There are handwritten notes committee will recommend im- and dictated recollections by the President, portions of White There statement Secretary In a signing ceremony in the    .    Warren,    St. Clair re- ~    ...    .    ,    -, plied: “I don’t know how he Oval off,ce, Nixon placed his e0uldform socti a judgment.’1 name en the Congressional l!-ni^At*anrdioTl^0U!l^mnnt con*Iterized the statement as the rnmf    aiI £? n a belief of the President, St. Clair tion 1)00 ,n ,lghting infla‘ said: “I met with the President .    this    morning    and he didn’t say This bill is the most signify any such thing to me.” cant reform of budget proce- House tape transcripts, are White House memos, Nixon statements, even newspaper clippings. There are no major new reve-lold that Warren had charac-jatjons    ^e    Watergate case. In some cases, the house "No. I Haven't"    |these. of comments oc- evidence sketches in details on matters known before but only in outline. Among the highlights are durrs since congress began ”    The flurry ut CUIIlIIICIll5 ^ on June 30, 1972,13 days after Nixon said. me nscongr s    um?d after a news report quot-i tbe Watergate breakin, Nixon and the executive (b anchjiwll gt clair ag predicting the vvas toid thcre was a risk “of work together to keep dov n I committee would vote impeach-1 more stuff, valid or invalid, sur-helpUiT"a„anfamUy to "IP^liticalgroonds. |racing on the Watergate caper." hold down their budgets. “The major problem facing the country today, abroad or at home, is inflation,” Nixon said. “This bill deals with that problem. A major problem is overspending by government and with this bill we can help to hold down the cost of living. Asked if he had made such a jje agreed and sajd; “We hope prediction. St. Clair haid, “No. I nothing wiU It may not But haven’t. It might be quite pre-|there is aiways the risk . . . sumptuous of me to make up well, I’d cut the loss fast. I’d cut the committee's mind for it.” r fast *» He added that “I think they Indirec, evW(Ke lhat ,n I committee members) will and March 17, l973 _ four days before the date Nixon says he quite properly should take into account political realities” in deciding whether to recommend impeachment. "Too often congress and the] The committee has a 21-171 House, MssFblUeven to himseif. executive appear to be at Democratic majority, odds,” he added. “Fighting in- Several newsmen who were flation is everybody’s burden.” present when St. Clair made his The President commended the earlier remark supported St. “bipartisan spirit” which made Clair and said he had not pre-uiHdiwadn spin/ wnicn made    ™ ™ii/iooi conspirator E. Howard Hunt passage of the bill possible and dic ^ 'mp^achment on political revealed That payment was expressed the hope that the ’    0    t    r,    :r    cited by a federal grand jury as same spun would result in mak-    1    •    onc 0f ^e acts in a conspiracy mg sure “the 1975 fiscal year Warren’s comments came to block the breakin jnvestiga-budget does not go beyond the after he quoted to reporters a tion The published evidence amount we propose, and we St. Clair comment that it is does nQt inc,ude a d ■ achieve a goal of a balanced “unrealistic to believe the com-; rt on Nixon-c a„eged role budget in 1976.”    mittee    will    not    vote    out    some    a44T_____ „ _ learned of the cover-up — he talked of the danger of the scandal reaching high into the White issibly More grand jury testimony about the $75,000 payment relayed the night of March 21, 1973, to convicted Watergate is Convicts, Hostages nside Police Ring WASHINGTON (AP) -Hundreds of heavily armed policemen ringed a basement cellblock at the U.S. courthouse Friday as a marathon standoff con- building would be closed, Hart said, “If I told you the reason and it got on television and they heard it, it sure would not help.” Hart had no comment tinued with two convicts holding when asked if police would rush seven hostages. Another hostage the    building or    if    an    airplane was released before dawn.    had    been obtained    for    the con- The convicts were demanding victs. a plane flight out of the country. I Hart said Gorham refused to The prisoners, Robert Jones speak with his mother and fa-and Frank Gorham, 25, want jiber, who had been brought to transportation to National airport, about five miles away, and an airplane, authorities said. I “I don’t care if you spend 1,000 „    . „ .... , j years in the pen. I want you Basement Cellblock    ..    ...    . alive. Your life    is    more lmpor- The convicts and authorities tant.” began a waiting game within    No    “Suicide” minutes after the hostages were; „c toM . „You know ,hat 'the courthouse. Jones did speak with his mother, who told him. seized about I p.m. (COT) Thursday in a basement cellblock of the building where the Watergate plumbers trial was I’m not going to commit suicide.” The seven hostages, in addi- being held. The trial was moved tion to Miller, were identified to another site Friday.    Ias:    deputy marshals William Radio station WASH quoted the inmates as saying that one Colquit, Joseph Driskell and Calvin Mouton; Ralph Schwartz, a justice department auditor; of the hostages, identified as at-:"    ™rag"...... torncy Anthony John Hurley| ‘)cbor.ah C°llms’,another justice ill and that convict Jones c^ m employe; and crim- UPI Telephoto auncher outside U.S. district A POLICEWOMAN carries a tear gas court in Washington while two prisoners hold a group of hostages in a base ment cellblock. Judge Gives Indicted Officers Plea Time Assistant Attorney General Nixon expressed confidence a'sort ot a bl11 Dul in.ai sucn a Petersen told the grand jury on balanced budget goal for 1976 measure would not gain approv- Feb g ^    he wa$ bead al on the house floor    (he    ori    jna| Watergate in Establishes house and senate Nixon of this assessment budget committees and a con Sharp Advance In Stock Mart; Dow Rises 25.50 “can be won The new law: By Roland Krckelcr One former and four suspended Cedar Rapids police detec-suggested dives have been given about two Chief Wallace Johnson, July 25 o/ 1.™    hnnoiH    NEW    YORK    (AP)    —    The at 1:30 p.m. Donald Kosdail, . !    ,    .    , , ,    „ .Istock market climbed sharply July 25 at IO am.; Kenneth-and rapid|y Frjday Millsap, July 26 at 1.30 p.m..| l>ow joncs average of 30 was wanted to release him. Hurley was said to have a history of heart trouble. Judge George Hart told newsmen just after 8 a.m. that “I think time is in our favor but I could be surprised.” He said: “Things are a little more hopeful.” Hart said no deadline has been set by the prisoners who have asked for three things: a copy of the Washington Post, cigarets and food. He said the newspapers and1 cigarets would be furnished    . quickly, but food would be fur-    U SM ?'S n,t fC Z pished a little later because the Ihard ,°«se“ ,hat lh,e >ud? * »1 u „ f ♦    minutes of instructions to the bul ding cafeteria u'as closed. .    ,    ,    .    . .    .    , h    jury had not explained the law Hostages Harmed?    as it applied to their client's Hart was asked whether he case could assure that the hostages    There is no theory in this j were not harmed. He replied: case,” Gesell said to Andrew “Not really. Possibly something {Hall, one of Ehrlichman s law-could have been done to a hos-jyers, with the jury out of the tage and we did not know about room. His case has been dart-Ium    ing and dodging around the ! A relative of one hostage said issues, but there was no coher- (Continued: Page 3, Col. 8.) Ehrlichman Case Goes To Jurors WASHINGTON (UPI) - The trial of John Ehrlichman and three others in the Ellsbcrg breakin case went to the jury Friday. Ehrlichman’s attorneys object- Nixon agrees with it. gressional budget office to coor-; st clair chal|cngcd sports ^Skhat he act also as Whitehouse weeks to plead to indictments! ' " ^ . »    ,    ,    auucs 311 counsel. Petersen said that was accusing them of lying under an oil anc s er, uy industrials soared 20.81 points    locked    in    a    cell    but    ent    statement    in Mr. (Ehrlich- April. 1973, and that he oath to obtain charges against at 1:30 p.m.    -    —    “"liney    "cre    -...........wmn^ 1 “----- -    1-------Inthpr nolipp officers.    I    If    the    defcuuama    uhchu iu mc------ *----------- 7-1 in Nixon’s defense. ______^*rst ^our an(^ wa.s UPI were unharmed.    man attorney William) Frates’ dinate overall focus on budget fn’m ^"rnmmiHpeThar^o^1 thought it “was a little hMvy-I0^^ police officers.    If    the    defendants intend to file 25-50 at '85.12 at 2 p.m. Gainers p deoutv US marshals closing argument.'’ totals and individual appropri-!'h.echanded."    '    At    the arraignment Thursday motions Instead of plead, they overwhelmed losers by a 7-1 jtwU ^ustlce dCpartmTnt cm- Dean s test,mony has damaged    ^    chief    ^    „    a f, e r n 0 0 lhc charg/s are to do so by 5 p.m. two days margin on the New York Stock ^yes and twfKeys were'    5 R. Haldeman was advised as brought by the Linn county before the pleading time, Judge Exchange.    .....taken hostage Thursday. But: .^ Thursday, associate spe- early as Dec. 2, 1971, that Nixon,grand jury Tuesday, another of- William tads said    Analysts    said    the    rally    was ig-. o( )he marshals Raymond clal Watergate prosecutor Wit- campaign aides were at work on Leer suspended after the indict-!    Attorneys    3    ,    y a sen(iS    I    Miller was released early this ,iam Merri11 asked thc jury to a political intelligence-gathering !mcnts were returned was told to1    developments    relating    to    inter-)    ’    •    j    convict the defendants of violat- Stra-' return to court Monday at 1:30; Attorneys accompanying thccst rates and inflation.    j    About    30    sandwichcs    and,ing the r‘8hts of Daniel Ells* returns to other defendants were Keith They said weekly banking fig-    broueht    Thursday'^herg’s psychiatrist. Stapleton with Steinbeck and lures from the Federal Reserve    tVuk    nAnvfcts    hostages:    He described the breakin as a ...    .....    B    .......other’prisoners violation of everything the U.S. n m H%iSh0W mT,eaSin5 “ thefPr S;|who were not taking part in the Constitution stands for. of Iowa City;sores that have driven interest\    n[ but    cba‘ght in the: “This isnt patriotism,”    Mer- r rn'    basement detention area when rill said. “This is anarchy.” operation. Aide Gordon chan wrote Haldeman in a after his memo then that G. Gordon town. attorney ation bills. Changes the beginning of the fiscal year from July I to Oct. 1,1 •    I    . starting in 1976.    Impeachment Establishes a tight limctablc Qafa; ^Q Major for congressional action on au--    1    #    * thorizing legislation or appropri- PqVelof ioHS p .    .    .    WASHINGTON (AP) — Im- Liddv .later convicted in Water-    Continued Requires congressional agree-1 ,    .    .    ...    n,.    1 J ment on presidential impound- Pcachment investigators Thurs-    gate, would “handle political in-    The    arraignment mcnt of appropriated funds and day made public their raw doc-    telligence as well as legal mat-; tinued    for    Darwin on reductions in funding levels, umentary evidence on Water-ters.”    who    said    the    attorne The requirement for congres-gate, the building blocks without White House Press Secretary sional agreement on withholding1 the blueprint of the case against    Ronald Ziegler told the grand funds is effective immediately. presjdent Nixon.    jury that his March 30, 1973, dolt is a dispassionate catalog.1    n‘a* any White House involve- 1 seven volumes of data new and    ment In Watergate was ob- old. momentous and trivial. No- vjously an ad lib on my part. where is there a signal of the di- N,xon t138 said he learned of the rection or likely outcome of the evolvement of his aides nine house judiciary committee's 'days earlier, but Ziegler said coming debate and decision on; (Continued: Page 3, Col. 7.) ; Johnson, Robert , Rosdail, Nelson was con-|and james Hayes Ammeter,' attorney he wants. Accused of Setting Fire Before Deaths BRIDGEPORT. Conn. (AP) -A Greenwich man has been charged with setting a fire in a bowling alley shortly before 24 persons died of smoke inhalation in an adjacent discotheque in Port Chester, N. Y. The 24 died when fire swept a building complex straddling the Connecticut-New York line early June 30 Peter Leonard, 22, was William Carmichael is out of with Manchester.    rates    to    record    highs Stapeleton said William Gray Kriday morning. New York's    Gorham    took    over.' would also be town. Attorney Robert ^c^on'jsteinbcck and Johnson.  —    _      He    said    that    not only were the representing First National City Bank said it Authoritles saldone ofthetwo nghts of the psychiatrist. Dr. —1    i*       Kilt    ex would not raise its prime rate -    apparently    was    carry-    Lewis    Kidding    violated,    but    so IL-    /xn    none    in    mo    rr    J    ,    !    ...ncA    (Laoa    nf    ♦    Amnrinan u-!Stcinbeck indicated they ...... -    .    . 1 seek to have the court appoint 12 percent for the coming week added boost. , attorneys for them to be paid at) county expense    noted,    came    from    the from the current I "‘b “ ''w,";v,“vu t—   —, , ,, rmmintt wppL drew as they were being taken into the cellblock. It was not . "9“r . Constitution was vie-disclosed how the gun was ob-i timized. Merrill said of the unsuccessful attempt to obtain brokers govern- Carmichael’s office that i—muitaicu mu will {corporations would handle the case. Time for the other five .-jcounty expcnse    |liWlcu, ......  ....... I    tamed plead was set as follow .    .    mcnt report ,hat 'vh()lesa,e    Locker Full    I    psychiatric    records    of    Ellsberg. Public Safety Commissioner    Study    Statements    prjces rose at a 6 percent annu-    LocKcr bul1    Frates    principal    attorney    for James Steinbeck, a former de- judge Eads said he will study a1 rate in June for the smallest Police added that the pair had Fhr|jchman characterized his tective, July 24 at IO a m.; Asst.Ifinanciai statements submitted increase since October.    !access to a locker full of pistols^cbent as a busy man jn tbe by them to determine whether    ------- and ammunition.    White    House    who    had    no    intcn- thev qualify as indigents.    Boycotts    French    Hart    announced    shortly before11jon 0f dojng anything illegal. Manchester was the only de- CANBERRA, Australia < AP) j 7 a.m. that the courthouse fondant who refused to waive — Prime Minister Whitlam Fri- would be closed Friday and that the reading of the lengthy in-!day boycotted a French em-jthe plumbers dictments. Two others, Rosdail I bassy reception to emphasize and Millsap, whose indie t-J objection to French nuclear Lebanon Asks U.S. Pressure on Israel To Halt Reprisal Attacks AP) — par at ions for a massive attack .airliner in Athens. In May, 1973, h101'1 *.s ^ Pa8es indicated tests in the I .uific Hi has Lebanon.” Guerilla spokes-1 commandos landed in the heart ^‘/ant0' the b'indictments . - / i I jury in a BEIRUT, Lebanon a charged with first-degree arson ^cd“f?    pressure:°'’ U’bi‘no" " fiucrilli'    ,u,„™    ...    mighl and third-degree burglary in a    £    sLptg    its    rmisal    ,    7    '.T 'n a    V    "'8    '    aSSaSS"    read b:nch rT, night PK rJS8 Im SS! ^^,hca a'! na,e<l thr“°gucr,lla ,cadors ,n 11 ,ook He was held at the state correc-|{i •    k    and    Beirut?,    \    ??I    . tional center in Bridgeport on    Krtday    that    ^Ut    “°Uld    te    amo"*    ,he    'ar' a “sensational Israeli attack. rpbcy sajd jsrac|j p|ancs flew on Beirut is imminent.    several reconnaissance missions Foreign Minister Fuad Naffah|ovcr Beirut in the last three met Thursday evening with U. days t0 jj|m palestinian refugee S. Ambassador G. McMurtric ,,^1,,.,-,^ unt(    sttrooi.s Godley and told newsmen after $20,000 bond. Today s Index Comics Crossword Daily Record Deaths Editorial Features Farm Financial Marion Movies Society . ......... Sports State .. 'Television Want Ads 10,11 ... 8 13-15 4.5 11 19-23 ward: “I have called in the ambassador to discuss with him ways and means of preventing further 7 Israeli attacks since we have no 17 tangible evidence that Israel IS will stop them.” Godley made no public comment. “Massive Attack" Beirut newspapers said Naf camps and adjacent streets,. where guerilla offices are locat- asesaga*ns* tsracjj attacks. cd. Israel has been attacking Lebanon in retaliation for Arab guerilla raids on Israeli settlements that have killed more than 50 Israelis this year. Special Prosecutor their apartments    (larry    Woodward    just    a    few    He Premier Takieddin Solh metjonds less than a half hour to Thursday night with Soviet Am- /cad Manchester’s 19-page in-bassador Servar Azimov in an dictment. effort to pin him down on an Judge Eads spent some time offer from Soviet leader Leonid questioning Manchester about Brezhnev to help lebanese de-1 whether he wanted the indictment read, noting that all the Brezhnev made the offer to!other had waived the reading. President Suleiman Franjieh    "Melancholy” after the Israeli navy shelled Wholesale Prices Up But to Lesser Degree WASHINGTON (AP) increases on industrial Sharp|for the fourth goods!month' l)lunK,nfc If . .    .j.    *    During    an    earlier    exchange three Lebanese i-n- hmil.n    —    M||K    Die    whole night and «u,k more lh;,,, 20 |h(,    that    ,,    wouW    the    -8malle«l fishing boats Newspapers said Azimov aer Struck Twice    Mired Solh that the Soviet gOV- Israel has struck twice before eminent is prepared to supply in Beirut. Helicopters landed Lebanon with any types of commandos at the Beirut air wca|xms needed to cope with consecutive a seasonally- j I- •-___; i adjusted 4 percent to a level 1.2 offset further declines in agr,- |>mr||| Mim y,,„. m cultural prices last month, lift-; industrial commodities ad- ing the wholesale price index 0 5 vanced a seasonally-adjusted 2.2 percent, the government report- percent in June following a rise cd Friday.    of 2.7 percent in May. wholesale price rise was Wholesale prices have risen at F olksy Tone trial would be. Addressing the moved to another court build-,friendly, folksy tone, Frates ing.    sought to attack the credibility Asked to explain why the 0f the two main prosecution witnesses, David Young and Egil Krogh. Sarcastically referring to Young as “our great American,” Frates accused him of “wheeling and dealing his way into a deal with the prosecutors.” Young s testimony was pro-I sided in exchange for immunity from prosecution. Referring to copies of White House memos Young turned I over to the prosecutors, Frates j said. “He bad to have something to sell and they bought be judge a “very very melaneholv expori-i.. lo have the indictment November that prices had risen j last three months.; by less than a full percentage percent higher in . marking ‘st the once read Nelson. beirut newspapers sam nun-    cuiiimunuua ai mc muui CIU- ncapuua nuuu, VuKx „„„    - fah told Godley and British Am-    port in 1968 and they blew up 13 the raids. Solh told newsmen the    as    toriufi as a steady rain.” bassador Paul Wright of “clas-    jetliners to retaliate for a Soviet offer was “positive” hut    Sitting with Special Pros sified reports about Israeli pre-    guerilla assault on an Israeli I declined to elaborate    (ContinuedTPage3 CM S in eight months,la seasonally-adjusted annual it ” first time since)rate of 12.2 percent during the)" and were 14.5 percent mgner in June than in point.    June,    1973. ,    .    ut.    .,    .    The June increase works outj The    increase    lifted the index joined    in,    saying,    JI    would    be    |0 „ annua| raU, of s pcrcenl still highly inflationary by his- to buy the osecu-j torjcai standards.    wholesale goods that $100 pur- ) I Agricultural prices dropped I chased in 1967. Millsap’s attorney,1 Today's Chuckle Said the man at the cocktail lo 155.7. meaning it cost $155 70 j Part>; "Thai reminds mc u| same volume 0f h™>y Joke-I ll try to remem-ber the ending as I go along Coovrtflhf '«    ..rn    ....    «    ,( ;

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