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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 11, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa .... Thr Cedar Rapids Gazette: Thurs., July ll. 1971    9Theres No Sag in Spending by Auto Makers for Ads and Promotion Ozite Kitchen Carpe For Kitchens, Baths and Rec Rooms Regular $6 95 yd. $3 95 Yd. Carpet Samples 27"x54" 99 Each Armstrong Bf Place & Press Vinyl Asbestos Ms Floor Tile. „«. VQ#*■ Armstrong CARPET TILE Se'f-stick Back Sq. Ft. Many full rolls of quality CARPETING at DRASTICALLY REDUCED PRICESI ★ FRI. and SAT. ONLY FRIDAY 9 A.M. TO 9 P M. SATURDAY 9 A.M.-6 P.M. ★ CASH & CARRY * Reg Sidewalk Reg. Sidewalk Price Sale Price Price Sale Price I. Sculptured Avocado Tweed 12 x3 8 36.95 16.99 21. Gold tweed Hi-Low Shag 12 x7 3” 89.99 44.99 2. Sculptured Orange Tweed 12 x4’3” 39.95 17.99 22. Beige Tweed Shag 12 x8 3 ’ 100.00 52.99 3. Light Blue Shag H IO'x7’0 ’ 54.95 38.00 23. Green Solid Shag 12 x5 9” 70.00 36.95 4. White Beige Shag plush 12 x31 44.95 $5.95 24. White Shag Plush 14’10’x5’5” 96.00 44.99 5. Light Gold tweed shag plush 11'2 x6’9 89.95 39.99 25. Pink Tone on Tone Shag I TIO x8 O ’ ll 0.00 55.00 6. Antique Gold Shag 12 x9 I 20.00 65.95 26. Blue Shag 12 x6T 82.00 41.00 7. Green Shag Plush 12 x5 7’ 68.99 34.99 27. Gold Shag Plush H IO’xS lV’ 80.00 39.99 8. Two tone Gold Short Shag 12 x6 2 80.00 39.99 28. Gold Shag 1110”x6 8 92.00 44.99 9. Light Green Cable Shay 12 x71 90.00 47.00 29. Gold Hi Low Shcg 12x46” 62,00 31.00 IO. Orange Sculptured Shag 12 x3 5 50.00 24.99 30. Green Cable Shag ll’10”x5’8” 76.00 38.00 11. Beige Sculptured Shag 12 x3 4 50.00 24.99 31. Light Green Shag Plush IHI”x73” 60.00 30.00 12. Blue Tweed Sculptured Shag 12 x4 0 50 OO 26,99 32. Green Shag Plush 14 10x7 8” 178.00 62.50 13. light Green Sculptured Shag 12’x6’4 88,00 42.99 33. Dark Green Shag 12 x9 3” 144.00 72.00 14. Multi Color Sculptured Shag 12 x5 7 80 CO 39.99 34 Orange, White, Green Hi-low Shag 12 x8 4' 104.00 52.00 15. Light Green Sculptured Shag 12 x4 8 60.00 29.99 35. Beige Hi-low Shag 12’x9'5” I 20.00 59.99 16. Light Green Short Shag 10 x5 0 64.00 32.99 36. Patterned Kitchen Carpet 12’xlO 8 210.00 105.00 17. Lavender Sculptured Shag 12 x6 2 84.00 42.99 37. Light Gold Shag Plush 12’x8’2” I 27.95 54.95 18. Orange Sculptured Shag 12 x6 4 35.00 43,99 38. Green Plush Shag 12’x7'3” 80.00 39.99 19. Green & White Hi-lcw Shag 12 x67 88.00 44.00 39. Beige Hi-Low Shag 12 x7 4’’ 90.00 44.99 20. Green & White Hi Low Shag 12 x7 4 89.99 44.99 40. Red. Shag 12 x7 9 ’ 100.00 47.99 . . .plus many, many moreI Also many Vinyl Remnants! JOENS BROS. INTERIORS 59 16th Avenue S.W. Phone 366-7348 Free Parking Next To Store DKTHOIT (AP) -Cur sales may he down this year, hut the amount ll, S. automakers are spending to promote their products is as high as ever. General Motors, Ford, Chrysler and American Motors say their spending for media advertising and sales promotion activities is running the same as or even higher than last year, when they sold a record number of cars. The companies don't disclose dollars-and-eents figures, hut independent sources estimate the four combined will spend more than $725 million for promotion this year That s nearly as much as the city of Detroit is spending during the current fiscal year First Quarter Because of the energy situation and general inflation, the automakers had a disastrous first quarter for sales and profits. U. S. car sales ut re off more than 27 percent from last year and profits fell sharply, ranging from a 58 percent decline al AMT to a !)8 percent drop ut chrysler. To (ompensate, automakers trimmed costs iii other areas such as labor la.voffs and material savings campaigns, hut promotional budgets have been left untouched. Industry estimates put C.M’s total promotional spending budget this year at about $340 million, or nearly three times the auto giant s first-quarter earnings. CIM would not confirm the figure “We just don’t talk about those things,'’ one spokesman said lint the company conceded 1074 spending is very similar to last year. 1973 Outlay (IM Chairman Richard Gorst en berg told stockholders the company spent $326 million worldwide for promotion in 1973. That included $243 million stunt in the ll. S., of which about $154 million went for television, radio, newspaper and magazine advertising. Industry sources say GM, with sales off nearly 30 percent from last year, has more than quadrupled its spending this year for dealer sales incentive contests to boost sales. The contests, which provide dealers with prizes or cash rebates for meeting sale's quotas, is costing GM as muc h as $100 million by some estimates. Industry estimates of promotional spending at Ford range up to $250 million worldwide1, about the same as last year, when sales we’re' running 20 percent ahead of their current pace Ford also would not discuss its spending, although one company official said the* estimate is a “ballpark figure that is inaccurate in our opinion.” The last time Board Chairman Henry Ford II disclosed the company’s promotional spending budget was in 1972. when he said worldwide advertising and promotion in 1971 ran to $221 million. Chrysler is said to he spending around $1 IO million this year, 75 percent of which goes toward direct media advertising. American Motors, with sales down only 2 percent from 1973, is the only automaker to ac k-nowledge it is spending more money on promotion this year. Industry estimates put the total at about $30 million, but company officials say that is on the low side. Small ( ars When fears of fuel shortages sent sales of big, gas-burning cars plummeting, the companies responded with ads touting their small car line’s. GM’s push into the small car mar ket was exemplified by its Pontiac ads which emphasized “the great little cur” theme for its compact line. The company also promoted its large cars this spring in ads which discussed the conveniences of big, roomy cars for large families. “We base' our advertising on highlighting all the products and conveniences available to our customers, whether the cars are small, full-size or mid-size. We don’t leave anything out,” a GM spokesman said. Ford has invested heavily this spring and summer in its “I didn’t know that!” campaign promoting its entire line of small cars. More Emphasis mg mileage figures. AMP,    ratings by the firms.    interpreting a however, says it is opposed to    “Our opinion is the' con-    thins made in promotion ol specific mileage    Mimer is not really capable of    Freeman I the qualifier-mileage ads,” “The consumer is becoming confused because of the myriad of claims by the manufacture Choose from GROWTH PLANS 4 YR. CERTIFICATES Pay the highest interest that the law allows ... as long as you leave your money full term. 2 Vi to 4 YR. CERTIFICATES A wonderful way to make money grow. Consult us about terms and rates. REGULAR SAVINGS for Your Money We have a plan to suit every need, situation, and pocketbook. Ask us. Green grows your money-o when you plant with care ... with us. We’ll treat it tenderly, help it to blossom, pay you as much for its use as legal regulations permit. Just open a savings account with us . . . feed it every so often and watch what happens. Money won’t grow on trees, but it will flourish with us. Come ... consult. Open Mon, Thru Thurs. 9 A.M. ’til 4 P.M. Friday 9 to 6 ORIVE UP WINDOWS Mon. thru Thurs. 9 a.m. til 4:3Q p, Tri. 9 to 6; Sat. 9 a,rn. to 12 rn. Other Services • Auto Loans • Checking Accounts ® Night Hours • Mortgage Loans • Ready Credit o Safe Deposit • After-Hour Depository ® Drive-In Service US ITH Si STATE SE « VK I JH Wth Are. S\\    . f smrivnsiH Met ss Ic my Svrrivo iii IrsstissitM lssMssrsfsl .ll SZO.MOO It if lr. f.F. Balloon Biker Judging from the expression on this youngster’s face he is mighty happy with his assortment of balloons attached to the bike he is riding. The balloons came from a park fair in St. Louis recently. Chrysler also jras been pushing its compact cars — the firm has nu subcompact on the market — and placing more emphasis on promotions for dealer associations, a company spokesman said. American Motors, primarily a small car manufacturer, has pushed itself in ads as the “economy car experts." But the recent avalanche of mileage claims has led the Federal Trade Commission to launch an investigation into whether the companies are making deceptive or misleading pitches. Ford has said it would support uniform standards developed by the FTC for the companies to follow in report- ;

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