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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 11, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 4J«r'.for-- oles ^Sg&'. ; $rrtm thc t: 3 (0ii «« filii I»IaisE filii' "SS* contract is executed and private borrowing on national market is accomplished. Resolution authorizing city to submit preliminary documents to HUD to make the city eligible to borrow funds on nationwide private market to finance NUR activities during the July 1-Dec. 31 fourth action year extension 11 period. streets of Cedar Rapids for the'owners on Twenty-second ave-benefit of the mentally retarded |1UR requesting that heavy on Aug. 2.1 and 24.    truck    traffic    —    specifically    from ITT r1    ^rS'jthe parks and    forestry    depart- Wilbur E. Selck and other    prop-;    ;r erty owners requesting that the menls us<' A    street lnstead    of city vacate M street SW    from Twenty-second avenue. Twenty-seventh avenue Twenty-eighth avenue. Sentence Deferred In Shoplifting Case Alma Mae Pritchett of Cedar Rapids received a deferred sentence in Linn county district in comparison with the rest of The Cedar Rapid* J the Tri-Rivers conference, the r,a/ctte: ihurs., July ll. Center Point drivers are among the highest paid. Supt. John Schweibert reported to the board that for the 1973 1974 to Petitions from Kramer, Staub, r0urt ,ueS(^ay on a (!>arge ofLj year> some $651,076.33 and Reynolds and Quik-Trip Petition from William ll Corp. requesting concrete pave- ’ Ryan, attorney for Wayne T.  -  m.,    1 fl shoplifting. Clinton E deferred Pocahontas Man Dies in Accident ROLFE (AP) —- Lawrence Wolf, 18, of Pocahontas was killed Wednesday night when a ment on Nineteenth avenue SW Eighth year to Community Court Ser has been spent on all phases of car he was driving went out of Shadier granted education, including instruction,'control on a Pocahontas county sentence and administration and transpor- gravel road southwest of Rolfe. on construction walks at The Cedar Rapids city council,nity of Sixteenth street and 0 James T. Fox. met iii regular session Wednes-; avenue NW.    Resolution    authorizing day with all commissioners but Resolution accepting mainte- sewer maintenance department Harold G    Schaefer nrpspnt |nance bond for concrete paving to purchase Harold t,. Schaefer present,'in Bowman Woods unit seventyom Mayor Donald J. Canney presid-|from g and p Cement and As- ing. Invocation was given by the phaltic Concrete Co.. Inc. Rev. Neville G. Clayton, Cedar Resolution accepting rider to Christian church    (reduce    subdivision bond cover- LaPree, requesting a change in "    '       '    ”,    placed    her on probation for one tation. This compared favorably Officers said Wolf was thrown zone from IM to M-l and from I™, ™,h Trcct to hmhlh year to Community Court, Ser- j with the originally estimated out of th(‘car, which rolled over budget for the school year of several times. Two other Poca- Resolution awarding cont ract    to i^.j for property located I s*reet anc* concrete paving vices. Ilion of concrete side-1 in 700 block of Eighth avenue SE Ion alley between Nineteenth, sbe bad pied guilty to shoplift- '$72(1459. various locations to and 800 block of Seventh street!? 4l    from    ing    items    from    the    Target    store. SE. Sixth to Eighth street SW. _    ,    _ t l_ Petition from Thomas K. and •> the edition from Iou L Johnson Ratbieen A. Albe requesting a cinel    n    on/l    riorino II    in 4501 First avenue SFI, on March a two-ton truck Cedar Rapids Truck I safety department for June. Larry and C'arice J-j change in zone from R-2 to K-T Sharp requeuing a change in { r    , |oca(pd a, 330| R zone from K-2 to R-3G for prop-    vpn", ,e'rac0 m Center    for $5,764 to be paid    from    erty located at 3028 K avenue ,    , ffom (he d()    d fof revenue sharing funds.    !    NVY.    May Resolution extending a vote of Petition from Larry I), and Financial report from the s.    ,    j    ii    •    *    i    I thanks    and appreciation to    Mrs.    Clarice J. Sharp for the con-    water works for May. 'as RnLr2eiSMph1hv    Midwest Kin8s,ey Grant for serving    as a    struction of city sidewalk along import from the building Ridge unit I filed by Midwest member of thc 5oard of ,i5rary E avenue NW Development Co.    I trustees Resolution accepting rider to advisement. ™]esr'othe"r'wi^;reduce subdivision bond cover-l nof d    'mg concrete paving rn Apple1 nciuwcl 415 'Ridge unit I Public Improvements |Development Co.    Resolution establishing a post- I    closeout    land marketing pro Resolution authorizing auditor Public Hearings    gram in the Cedar lake, Iowa R-i Petition from Clara Schwie- 4 to Bl for property located at r nT'th ‘ to make payments to the Mil- Resolution    July    31    as,    9 project.    jbert    (deed holder) and 8]2 and 820 Sixth street SYV ne- i“erat,!!?Jhe Resolution authorizing the city;Bjornsen Investment Corpora-; titioned by II. K. Christian church The following business w conducted; all resolutions were passed unanimously and all petitions and reports taken under Center Point Board Firm on Driver Raise The difference between thc amount estimated and the amount actually spent amounted to almost $70,OW), he said, of which $60,000 will In* put into the contingency hontas teenagers in the car were injured. Petition from 29 residents in Report from the fire preven-Resolution appointing Katy!the vicinity of Johnson elemcn- tion bureau for June. a member of the tary school requesting that the filod bv Midwest1*031^ library trustees.    city    take    action regarding dele- Zoning riorated dwelling at 373 Seventeenth street SE. Woman Is Candidate For Mar-Mac Post MCGREGOR - Mrs. Dave En- gelhardt, McGregor, Tuesday fund, and $9,000 was for a new Mod nomination papers for the bus which was not purchased. seat 1° vacated by Maury .,    ..    ...    ,    Melvin, McGregor, on the    Mar - In other action, the board ap- Mflc schoo] bQard ^ fa„ proved a ten percent increase in Qne ofhor spt f)f nominatioJ1 CENTER POINT-The school    !hc board secretary s salary;ipapers    has    ^    fap hcm taken board here has voted to stand    int'rpa‘S(‘( im eage payments for    QlR    blR    nf)^ rejurned firm on its original 15 percent    school-related activities to 12    ________ increase pay offer to the    (Tnbs per mile, set July 24 as school’s bus drivers.    |^le ^a^ ^or board to ap prove the 1974-75 school year budget, and set Aug.J4 for the pubic hearing on the new budget. Letters will be sent out to Waukee railroad ifor crossing signals at Sixth street SYV as per    XroUV™'    tolibmTt'InTmerirn'certific'ate    .'control    purchaser,    re-    Jamcs    Isram. order of Iowa Commerce corn-    '    -    -    -    -    ...     n    /.hunm,    m    ,nn0    f™m First reading of an ordinance those who havc not a|rpad granting change of zone from R-I signed thpir ,974.75 contracts 0,0 j non o- au a a on, .reiterating the raise of from 812 and 820 Sixth street SW, pc-;$2(|0 (o $23fl ppr mQnth for (hp “SONDROL’S” Lilly and drjvcrs> and giving them ten Centennial Parade Mercy hospital. i of financial settlement to HUD basting a change in zone from Public hearings on a number for fourth action year. Resolution approving site mission. Resolution granting perniis- 0f Zoning requests, sion to Midwest Development Co. to construct water mains in ParkS Apple Ridge unit II.    i Resolution to accept bid total- Resolutions    <3) filing plans ing $8,759.13 from Iowa Concrete anft specifications; publishing pefjfjons, Reports Products Co. of Ames for fur-'notice of hearin8 on ^pecifica-j pishing storm sewer pipe in au- tions; publishing notice to re- Petition from Juan Cortez, ditor s Dint 430 A hid tot aline ceive bids on July 31 on the con- Advisory Council Member Area $8 895 90 made by Shiers Inc struction of a maintenance Agency on Aging, requesting ^“^"^v^'buiiding at 2200 A street SW for,immediate increased police pa council.    the    forestry    department.    Urol in the Hawthorne Hills Resolution approving contract; -    *    c* and bond for Dave Schmitt Con- Accounts,    finance struction Co., Inc., for construe- Resolution    granting cigaret tion of storm sewer—inter- permits to various applicants. Resolution authorizing city to R-i to R-3G for property west of Ordinances SYV avenue between SYV and First reading of an ordinance! velopment plan submitted byi;™;/"*"";L, “’iTl'cw    granting change of zone from R- Robert Murray for property lo- ^Hirty-third avenue SYV.    j to R_2 for property located on cated on Harbet avenue NYV. I Petition from Mrs. John D.j Glass road NE at Circle drive tract. Last month, lour of the bus drivers attended the school hoard meeting asking for a higher increase, saying the days to return the signed con- SIGOURNEY The Marching L •    Savages    will    be    in    the    Richland centennial parade Saturday, j beginning at IO a.m. The parade i route has not been determined. Gatto requesting permission to ne, petitioned by Robert VV. and starting teachers were receiv mediate section Fourth avenue SYV outfall, storm sewer beneath borrow locally up to $300,000 as Sixth street SYV.    necessary to cover Neighborhood Resolution authorizing installation of street lights in the vici- Development Program (NDP) expenditures until HUD-city trot in the housing area. Petition from Verlin Sedrel requesting permission to place a travel trailer in the rear of the Town House golf course clubhouse until Nov. I. Petition from the Knights of Columbus requesting permission to distribute Tootsie Rolls on the hold a dance in the court in Victoria Lehman. front of their house at 3511--- Thirty-first street SE on Thursday evening, July 25.    <trao«1 Petition from 20 property    tottsO' mg a $550 a year increase, and asking for the same. After much discussion Wednesday night, the board voted to hold firm, saying that i/ji# _ ^ — J - For the Finest* in Paints HAS ALMOST E — EXTENSION CORDS — E V — VISES — V E — ENVELOPES — E R — RADIOS — R Y — YARN — Y T — TOWELS — T H — HAMMERS- — H I — IDEALITY — I N — NAILS — N G — GAMES — G 1507 1st Ave. You Get Much More at .. . SMULEKOFF'S 2Vi acres of everything for the home Third Avenue at First Street SE :    In    Downtown    Cedar    Rapids Every TV set sold at Smulekoff’s is installed and serviced by Smulekoff’s own factory trained service staff, one of Iowa’s largest and best equipped. Open Tonight (Thurs.) ’til 9 p.m. NEVER BEFORE for the Whole Family! Shorts. 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