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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 13, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa r 2\„ JU - ■¥**/ V%8-0    ,z-t*4 He'd look great in a new tie—store-bought or handmade. Hut there are only 11 more days until Christmas. ijr * * v ■nit    -»*■    ^    .Au    >■ Expert Says Beauty Products Are Better The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Fri., Dec. IS, 1874    9 By Abigail Van Buren DHAR ABBY I am a 28 year-old girl away at college. I have an older brother in grad-uate school. My mother, who was 52, died very suddenly and even though we didn t get along very well, I was very upset by her death. She and my father. 53, didn’t exactly have an ideal marriage and I’m sure they stayed together because of my brother and me. I^ast night my father phoned to tell me that he was dating a 38-year-old woman who was working for him, and it could be "serious.” Abby, my mother has been dead only six months! Don’t you think out of respect to her memory he could have waited for at least a year before dating0 I talked to my brother and he didn t see anything wrong with it. I told my father that as long as he was seeing this woman I wanted nothing more to do with him. He seemed to think I was unreasonable. What do you think0 Was I wrong? CONTUSED DEAR CONFUSED:    The amount of time one waits be fore "dating” bas nothing to do with respect. The time to show respect is while the mate Is living. And yes. I think yon were wrong to sever yoor relationship with yoor father. it it * DEAR ABBY Our daughter was married at one of the loveliest weddings this town has ever seen. We had everything planned down to the last detail, and nothing was left to i hance Needless to say. it cost us a lot of money, but it was worth it. The morning of the wedding. the minister who was to officiate phoned to say he had 14 houseguests — his three daughters and their husbands. his mother and dad and six grandchildren — and could he bring them to the wedding, the reception and dinner as well? We had planned a sit-down dinner after the reception. I couldn't very well tell him he couldn't, so I said >es. Have you ever heard of such nerve? I am still upset about it and wonder if there was any wav to have turned him down politely without making an enemy of him for life. I later learned that two of his daughters were not "visiting as he said they were, They had recontl.v moved to town. FUMING IN FliORIDA DEAR Kl MING: I ran t say whether a negative response would have made an enemy of him for life, hot von mold have told him that you couldn't accommodate ll extra. * * * Everyone bos a problem. What s yours? For a personal reply, write to ABBY: Box No. 69700. Los Angeles, Calif 90069. Enclose stamped, self-addressed envelope, please. By Goy Tinley UKW YORK (UPI) — That stereotyped vision of the little womn'n retiring at night smeared with cold cream and laden with curlers has disappeared like vanishing cream A* skin care and makeup artist who travels the United States* and abroad talking with women individually and holding (Times says that technical advances in beauty products have ca used the changes The modern woman uses the speedy method of hot curlers or the warm hlowr-drv comb instead of the sleepmg-in-curlers routine. And nighttime treatment creams no longer are the* gooey, greasy concoctions that inspired cartoonists and smeared the pillows. Night creams still lubricate but they are absorbed quickly The fbeauty-care-is-hettcr opinion comes from Avy Vak-mne, bonn in Morocco and in the field since he opened two beauty salons in Paris in I DBD. Creates' Faces In 1971. he joined Charles of the Ritz as beauty director because he decided it was more pleasure "to create faces than hair styles ” Vaknine believes in keeping skin care simple — cleansing, toning to tighten pores and smooth the skin, moisturizers to protect against dryness and provide a smooth base for makeup, and the night treatment to moisturize and firm Neglect these steps, which use only a few minutes each day, and the sicin’s natural and environmental enemies take their toll, he sand "There’s no such thing as a miracle,” said the handsome cosmetologist. '"Women ask me how long before they see results. I tell them maybe it blok 30 years to create those unwanted lines It may take a year to get rid of them. Constant care is the«secret.” To Vaknine, *soap and water are a no-no combination but he concedes that «a lot of women feel their skin is clean only if they scrub it. Puritanical Heritage \ ‘‘If you must wise water,” said Vaknine, "use a deep cleanser first And! you can get water soluble cleansers I think the soap and water thing is part of our puritanical heritage "Young people will scrub and scrub because of oily skin and acne. I tell them soap removes only the surface and will just let the pores get larger and blackheads form. "You’ll see the older woman using less water. I tell my \ Board Member Votes Despite Possible Conflict of Interest PORTLAND. Ore (UPI) -Oregon’s new conflict rtf interest law got right dowin to the brownie mix. The school board was preparing to vote on a j>ur-chase of the mtx when brerd member Mrs Job York said "I inherited five shares of Hershey stock from my fadh er. Should I abstain from vot ing? There might be Hershey chocolate in it.” Staff Attorney Robert I). Rindfusz replied "It is up to you how much difference a tt.fiOO purchase would make. lf you think it would influence you. you shouldn't vote on it.” Mrs. York voted to approve the purchase. American Scene 1974 bv SEA (Jfyi\fc\^/l4y ive decided I want a career, Teddy, and im afraid playing house doesnt flit in with my plan.. PTIyounkers ^ J SATISFACTION ALWAYS Lindale Plaza OPEN SAT! TUPA Y EVENING ’TIL | ti P.M. NO W THR U CHRISTMAS FOR YOUR SHOPPING CONVENIENCE BMS MW FRUIT BASKCTS THEY RT THI SWEETEST GIFTS! Heaping ’a Peck    ~    3 Hj HeapingSPeck    •* Heaping fa* P«k.    1)0 a* *■«■ -we** * •    J DAUT KMT MMM! IAH tem— Tf M    I lim u — -    _ hajji* Opa"****    ' ladies lo be gentle with the skin How some clean is frightening — scrubbing, pulling, working against muscles You have only one face. And one neck Give the neck the same treatment you give the face ” Vaknine said skins today have a tougher time staying young than they did, for instance, "when my grandmother used lemon juice twice a week to cut excess oil.” He said the skin’s enemies are pollution, hard water, heat in the winter which is overdrying ("use a humidifier at home”), summertime air-conditioning which dries, improper diet (excess of snacks, sweets and alcohol, and over-exposure to the sun). “A suntan is lovely,” said Vaknine. "But you damage the skin if too long in the sun You’re losing the natural oils. Once the lines are created, it is almost impossible to replenish that oil.” "The face gave way to legs when the mini was in.” he said. "Now. with the now longer clothes, it s back to the face again.” We have it here IS SEEN ON1 Ronco** Cordless electric sowing machine $998 Ronco"* The Rhinestone I Stud Setter $998 Ronco** Cordless electric Miracle Broom $998 Ronco* ordless electric! Ice Cream Mochine *1995 FTT MAGIC SET 15 magic tricks $4*8 Gilbert" Pottery craft ‘ with motorized potter’s wheel ‘13” Pope!!’*" pocket fisherman’ Spin Costing Outfit $19" Pop*ll'«’ have-a-maidR mop with miracle wringer »7»5 HO THUNDERBOLT TRAIN SET \ e lf \ DOWNTOWN WOOLWORTH’! HONORS BANKAMERKARD MASTER CHAR OI CREDIT CARDS Pawneeww- 117-1 lf led I*. SI Owen th JO e.m.-t p.m. Delly Saturday 9 •.!*.-* p.m. Sun. 11-S p.m. "Billy the Kid” Sporty Matched Sets Easy care matched sets of polyester and cotton permanent press in blue or yellow plaid. Shirt style locket. In 8 thru I A. 21.25 Matched set of solid navy or green has contrast top stitching on bottle styled locket and lean type pants, in 8 thru I 2. 18.25 Ceder Rapids: Downtown Street Floor and Lindale Plaza Iowa City Mall Shopping Center on Si* a* Sycamore HK* ^ X lC<c lEflPl bt‘ f fef^VjWs Back an Old Fashioned IM STITES Keep him warm and handsome this Christmas! Matched Robe and Pajamas Silvil* plaid pajama and matching robe of 100% cotton flannel for extra warmth. Choice of Blue bon*/white or red white blue combos. 8 to 20 PAJAMAS; Sizes 8 12 Sizes I 4 20 ROBE: Sizes 8 12 Sizes I 4 20 8.00 9.00 IO OO I LOO Cedar Rapid* Downtown Street Floor and Lindale Plato Iowa City Mali Shoppmg Conter on Si* at Sycnmor# ;

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