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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 13, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa JO The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Fri., Pee. 13, 1974 WIN AT BRIDGE For Better Health By Oswald & James Jacoby South was bitter He sputtered. “Grand slam bids are for idiots.” “I guess you’re right.’’ replied North philosophically. “I was an idiot to put an idiot in a grand slam ” We think the use of the word idiot was a trifle strong, but we do feel that North had jus- NOHTH    l« ♦ A K J18 ¥ Q 8 3 2 ♦ 93 4 A 6 WEST    EAST ♦ 064    4 753 ¥ 9 6    ¥ IO ♦ K.I82    ♦ Q IO 6 4 4 Q JIO 8    4 K 7 5 3 2 SOETH (OI ♦ 10 2 ¥ A K J 7 5 4 ♦ A75 494 North-South vulnerable West North East Pass Pass Pass Pass 24 4N.T 5NT 7T Pass Pass Pass Pass South lf 4f 5f 64 Pass Opening lead —Q4 tification for being annoyed. To start with South had a minimum opening bid with a broken six-card suit, yet he had made a jump rebid. North was entitled to play him for at least seven hearts. * However, the slam was a cinch the way the cards lay. If South had bothered to count to 13, he would have seen that he needed five spade tricks to make his grand slam. The best way to score those five spade tricks would have been to lead the IO and take a first-round finesse. This would win for him if West held four spades or less including the queen, or 42 percent of the time. The play adopted by South was to cash the ace-king of spades right away. This would have worked if the queen had dropped but that was just under a 20 percent play and any banker will tell you that 42 percent is better than 20 percent. »tCRRD<&**44 The bidding has been West North 13 Pass Pass 24 34 East South 14 INT. Pass 2N.T. Pass ? Y ou. South hold 4 419 AQ IO 86 4 K J 4 4 A Q 3 What do you do now? A—Pass. Y'ou have bid one and two notrump and your partner has signed off. Respect his decision. TODAY S QUESTION Instead of bidding two clubs your partner has bid two diamonds after your one notrump. What do you do now'’ LAFF - A • DAY “I admit it s drastic—but it s helping me cut down on smoking!" Send the SEASON’S GRgETER Beautiful flowers, festive greens, holiday candles... the Season s Greeter captures the very spirit of Christmas. But there '» more. We vt designed a whole world of floral gifts for Christmas.. gifts for everyone on your list And we ll send them almost anywhere the FTD way So, call or vialI us today. Mum t mu* rh mn ttimnst PIERSONS Flower Shop INN ELLIS BLVD. NW FkwerpkMt 164-182* Semi-Starvation Diet May Help Some People By Dr. S.L. Andrlman “I have been severely overweight for several years now,” a woman reader writes. “I ve tried all manner of diets but just can’t stick with them. At more than KHI pounds over my 'normal’ weight, should I enter a hospital and go on a starvation diet?" A semistarvation diet may work for our reader. Physicians at a Cleveland medical center report that a semistarvation diet program there made it possible for grossly obese patients to lose massive amounts of excess weight. The patients began their diet regimes with a short stay in the hospital and continued on the program for up to a year or until they reached their desired weight. The average loss was 85 pounds -—4.8 pounds a week for men and 3.2 pounds a week for women The patients ranged from 176 pounds to 54(1 pounds at the start of the diet program. Supplements Actually, the dieters had no real food but were given supplements of milk protein and glucose every day, totaling no more than 300 calories. The Cleveland researchers, Ors. Saul Genuth, Jamie Castro and Victor Vertes, stress that this semistarvation program is not for everyone. Only 60 percent of the obese individuals stuck with it. In addition, the program is definitely not a do-it-yourself affair. Initial hospitalization and careful medical supervision are essential. The researchers say patients encountered no serious disabilities during their diets. They engaged in normal activities:    Walking,    bicycling, tennis, handball and swimming were encouraged. Improvement Many of the patients also showed marked improvement in health conditions, such as high blood pressure, after losing weight. There’s no question that this diet program is drastic and runs counter to what we know about nutrition and proper dieting However, these Cleveland doctors — and many nfhm nalmnuidp I’m Dr. Andelman sure — often find it impossible to keep obese patients on sane diet programs long enough for them to lose the necessary weight. if you fall in this category, talk with your doctor about this type of diet program. Remember, though, that no one yet knows what happens to these thinned-down patients once they reach their dieting goal. They may go back to their old eating habits ★ ★ ★ Dr. Andelman welcomes letters outlining problems he may discuss in future columns. He regrets, however, he cannot personally answer mail. Write to him in care of The (iazette. Stadtpfeifer Will Appear At Music Assn. FAYETTE — The Upper Iowa college "Stadtpfeifer" has been selected, on the basis of taped auditions, to appear at the annual convention of the Iowa Music Educators Assn. in Des Moines in January . The Upper Iowa group is one of three junior and senior high school and college and university    instrumental groups from across the state chosen to appear. The ensemble will play a concert and Director Larry Keig, assistant professor of music at Upper Iowa, will conduct a clinic on selected concert and contest literature suitable for junior high and senior high school brass quartets and quintets. The "Stadtpfeifer". a brass quintet, was organized during the 1974 January interim period and has since performed extensively in concert, both on and off campus. Members of the group are Dan Ratcliff, Ceresco, trumpet; Rod Shedenhelm, Belle Plaine, trumpet; C. 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