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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 13, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather- Dense fog tonight with lows 20 to 25. Cloudy with a chance of snow Saturday. Highs in 20s. (ti4 cl tic attid* (DtijeHc CITY FINAL 15 CENTS VOLUME 92 - NUMBER 338 CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, FRIDAY. DECEMBER 13, 1974 STIFF TERMS ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI. NEW YORK TIMES WASHINGTON (AP) -Congress is rushing toward passage of emergency programs to help America’s jobless. The lawmakers took three quick steps Thursday to broaden and increase unemployment compensation. Congressional action to help the unemployed followed the announcement earlier this month that unemployment in November jumped to 6.5 percent, its highest level in 13 years, with nearly six million persons out of work. A bill authorizing $7.5 billion to assist the jobless was passed 79 to 13 by the senate and sent to the house. The measure includes $4 billion — twice President Ford’s suggestion — to provide an estimated 330.000 public service jobs. The senate bill also extends emergency unemployment compensation to persons presently unentitled to such benefits, at an estimated $2.5 billion cost. It also provides $1 bullion for federal loans or grants to expand public works projects and similar job-creating activity. Then, by 322 to 53, the house passed similar legislation authorizing $2 billion for 300,000 public service jobs and providing an open-ended financial feature for similar jobless compensation This leaves it up to senate-house conferences to resolve differences between the two. The house also passed. 374 to 2, and sent the senate legislation setting up a new federally financed two-year emergency unemployment compensation program costing roughly $1 billion annually. It would bring benefits to people long out of work who have exhausted all existing aid. Elsewhere on the economic front: The Business Council, comprising some of America s top corporate executives, forecast a significant improvement in the inflation rate during the next six months. Predictions at the agriculture department’s annual outlook conference foresaw no cost relief for farmers and consumers through the middle of next year. The President’s Council on Environmental Quality reported environmental protection laws will cost the nation some $194.8 billion during the decade ending in 1982 The council said this works out to between $40 and $80 per person a year. Regents Okay Salary Hikes Of 13 Percent By Charles Roberts DES MOINES (API - The state board of regents Friday approved a proposed pay plan that would hike salaries of non- (See Earlier Story on Paqe 4) academic workers by 13 percent. Regents Executive Secretary Wayne Richey told the board it would have to increase its budget 13 4 percent next year and IO 5 percent in 1976-77 to pay for the plan The plan, presented by Robert IL Hayes Associates, a Chicago consulting firm, would give employes covered by the merit system an eight percent acr<*s-the-board increase, plus five percent more if they are doing satisfactory work Some employes would receive an additional one percent or so to raise them to the pay grades specified in the plan. Tile plan would cover 8.329 workers at the University of Iowa, Iowa State university, University of Northern Iowa, Iowa Braille and Sight-Saving School at Vinton and the School for the Deaf at Council Bluffs. Oil Nations Approve 38-Cent Revenue Hike VIENNA (AP) — Major oil! The expected plan would be I producers agreed F riday to hike! for a single, unitary market their revenues by 38 cents a    ___ . . ,    ,    * I j lh- •. -ii1 price aimed at eliminating what barrel. Asked whether it will    . [mean price increases for con- lht 0PEC members claim are sumers, Iran’s chief delegate (inordinately large profits by said, “This all depends on how multi-national companies under j much of this the companies can the present system. I absorb.”    _ The oil ministers opened Fri- The oil producers retroact day’s final session in a down-tively approved unilateral Per- j town Vienna hotel, where the sian gulf oil price hikes as the,conference was moved after a two-day conference of the Orga-1 second bomb threat in two days nization of Petroleum Exporting; was received Countries drew to a close. | ^ sbab 0f jran’g proposal is Iran’s chief delegate, Jamshid to add to the new market price Amouzegar, told newsmen, “We a surtax compensating the oil had two choices — either to states for the effects on their force the Persian gulf producers | imports of the industrial world’s to go back to the September, 14 percent inflation. iprice level or to accept the! while reporting that adoption present price level. We had no;of the p|a„ has ^ pm J re. alternative but to accept.    liable sources said it is expected Rising Inflation    to be adopted in principle. They Amouzegar said the confer- said the inflation regulator, ex-1 ence delegates'adopted in prat-j Peeled to drive the oil price up.they have suffered over the past eiple a decision lo further in-lf furthe^ inuet await a dia-j years. crease their basic government that OPEC hopes to stage It will also have to com pen* revenues on oil in accordance wi,h the con*sumor nations. sate Arab countries for the with ricing inflation in the in-    French Plan    damages incurred during Israeli idustriai world    ~    ..    .    I    aggressions, including the 1967 Oil company experts have es-1- An 0I>I?C source said the min*;war, as well as its exploitation titrated thattoe Si trice hikcs lstcr* wl» announce in a commo ! o( raw malcriaU including oil notated mat the oil price rimes, j , f0 extraordinary (rom sinai >.    b unilaterally adopted in Abu    in A1„„io „„v,    mom sinai "Freeze of Population By Israel" CAIRO (AP) — Egyptian Foreign .Minister Ismail Fahmy Friday demanded that Israel “must freeze its present population and pledge not to increase the number of its immigrants for the next 50 years” as a condition for peace in the Middle East. As reported by the official Middle East    News Agency, Fahmy said: “When the    political Palestinian entity    is established. Israel will also have to compensate the Palestinians for the material and moral damages Dhabi last month by Saudi meeting in Algeria next month,] reportedly to prepare for Israel gets a major portion of AP Wirephoto NO COMMENT — Arriving at Chicago's O'H are airport with his wife, Edward Levi, University of Chicago president, would neither confirm nor deny a report President Ford had offered him the post of attorney general. Census: Johnson Critic of Levi Cites Population Is    Trial-    Lack Over 75,000    r By Ford Clark IOWA CITY- A special census has shown Johnson county’s population has inched over 75,000. WASHINGTON (AP) - William Saxbe resigned Friday as attorney general to accept nomination to he ambassador to India. Vandals Cause Heavy Damage At Four Schools rn a study of the American jury; system that involved tape re-iBy Bill Lavolette WASHINGTON (AP) - Pres- ect. In an interview, Levi said The special census which list- ident Ford reportedly has rimed a 75,025 population, was re- sen Edward Levi, 63, a universi-quested to see if the county ty president described as a con-cculd qualify for additional fed- servative Democrat, to be the eral and state monies based on next attorney general, population figures. The 1970 It was not clear if Levi had census fell 114 short of the 75.000 agreed to leave the University figure.    I    of    Chicago    to    become Ford’s The census showed, however, pi*®* cabinet appointment, that Iowa City falls short of the K e y senate sources said 50,000 residents needed to qua-'Thursday that Ford intends to lify for federal metropolitan nominate Levi to succeed Wil-funding. Population figures 'iam Saxbe. were listed at 47.774. The nominee rnus* win senate in order to qualify as a stan- confirmation after senate judi- Jumped a record $177 an acre in dard metropolitan' statistical:"3^' committee hearings. I the year ending last month, ac- Arabia, Qatar and the United.. _a 1,s requirements from Arab Ai ab Emirates would channel    .    !    territory it occupies in the Sinai *    ..    „ oil producers and oil consumers, non nsu a another    *1.5    billion annually    Thjs    |h(,    ,an    ed    h ll*    nsul from od    consumer to oil pro-    Fr#nce    an(1    th<. oi,    statw    as    Traded    Fire ducer coffers.    |    compared    to a proposal by the Meanwhile, Israel and Arab Under the present pricing sys-^.s. for a common front by the'guerillas in southern Lebanon tem, the government revenue on|c    0 n s u m e r    entries on    oil [traded artillery and rocket fire a barrel of standardI Arabian prices    i carty Friday ae. increased vie- light crude oil is *974, I rider    A k OPEC    delegate said    the I lcnce on both sides heightened Fridays agreement, it will be 0„ sta(es wou,d not accept at MW.East lcnsion5 ^ n 2. and will go into effect on face va)uc thc jndustria| |srae|j artillery rained shells Sinele Price    world s estimates of its inflation ion me southern Lebanese town *    rate. Con.sumer-producer talks'of \abatieh, wounding IO per- The price is also expected to would seek to achieve a com-'sons an(j destroying 15 houses in be fattened by production costs promise between rival con- a two-hour barrage, residents of of ll cents a barrel and another, sumer and producer inflation the area said cording secret grand jury pro-1 Police were Investigating four 50 cents for profit, bringing the .estimates based on an index of Afab r(K.kets hit tW(> tovvns jn ceedings. A senate internal se- breakins reported Friday at per barrel price to $10.73. At the 20-30 basic commodities and northern Israel Thursday night curity subcommittee headed by schools, two of which resulted in present time, the price stands at goods that the oil states import f(),)ovn f an‘ israejj ajr attack Eastland investigated the proj- an estimated $7,500 damage. $10.35.    from industrialized nations. Qn palestinian camps on the The largest    amount was at    outskirts of Beirut I Prairie high school where van I/*.*    I    I f* k J    .    .    ~ . r- j dais caused about $5,000 dam KlS S/    nCI&K* ll S , j ! I” if Th age Other breakins were al    . U . J. 1*1 Uy    forces seized about 25 Arab Truman. Adams    and Coolidge .    ILI    ^.1    ,    guerilla suspects in the Caza TR,  J    Assure High    Oil    Cost    XSpiSZXX Lowe,    Swisher,    discovered    the    I    occupied zone, breakin    shortly after    6    a rn.    Fri-    BRUSSELS    (AP) — The U. S. j    sized    that this is    under    study;    The air    raid, in    which Leban- (jav    '    is considering a plan to keep the only and “is not a government ese and Palestinian officials Police said 13 pictures in a Pr*ce od from falling to a decision.”    claimed one woman was killed display case in the cafeteria P°*°t where it endangers the Kissinger said that since and 17 persons were wounded, were broken, a kitchen window development of alternate World war I the big problem was Israel's reply to a terrorist broken, a clock ripped down, a ‘sourct>s °f energy, Secretary of confronting the world “has been grenade attack in a Tri Aviv in Iowa thermostat and water cooler Stat* Kissinger said Friday. inflation ... a problem for movie house Wednesday. Three (Continued: Page 2. Col. 6.) Farmland in Iowa Hits Record $756 By AI Swegle Farmland valui broken,    an intercom    ripped    He also said some progress, w h i c h no adequate theory    persons    including    the    terrorist from the ceiling and    several    has been made in promoting | exists, making it necessary to    were    killed and 58    were    injured, area,    and    be    entitled    to    more    Initial    congressional reaction    larding    to an    Iowa    State univer- windows    in the corridors brok-    Greek-Turkish agreement on be- take decisive action now.”    Returned    Fire funding,    a    county-must    have    a    was    muted    pending    the official    sijy study issued    Friday.    en.    ginning Cyprus peace negotia-, He said that will require un- population of over 75.000 and a announcement. But an influen- The 31 percent jump hiked the. In a second floor hallway anions, but that it was limited to preCedented    cooperation    and city with population over 50 OOO tial judiciarv committee sta,e average to an all-time; speaker was tom down, several procedures and not .substance. ] consultation Armine to Robert Mile imember* who Relined to be ^gh of $756 F" acre* twice locker handles broken, a fire Nevertheless, he said, ‘‘I onhnro TLL* iWtnr of I identified, was unhappy with the whal il was just five years ago. case holding a fire extinguisher ] more hopeful than I was before I affect’* the West’s    defense    capa-, 41 fu.r Lx.Ln county regionaland referred to Levi as ai Average values of land range [broken and several display cas- I arrived.”    tlcs the Johnson p I a Sine Tte'^p^iatVon of'lowa Tho Chicago Tribune report.* *    ‘•°un,>-    the    slud>    reputed    broken. The Israeli state radio said “or oolitical insta-laboUt ,ive rocketS WCre firCd 31 am I kin. .. rn „    !.a    .kl    Salad    and    the    nearby    village of ^'.y. W.'l' ?.r0*..a?d,.'neV,tably Moron There were no casual- and no damage, and an I nn in a rommLion “The ''professor who    has never    prac-    from a high of $1,178 an acre in es damaged ♦ inn ie mu whether we em ticed law a day    in his life.    Grundy county to a low of $356 In another hallway, 34    w mon is now whether we can    __________ for Decatur county, the study'dows were reported broken Kissinger told a 45-minute    ,    bour    later    Israeli artillery re in- new's conference after the NATO Economic Problems turned the fire, the broadcast ministerial conference that U.S. The final communique issued said In the principal’s office, dam-policy is to reduce oil prices, by the conference hit hard on The air attack Thursday was ritv and Coralville to reach the! that Levi has told colleagues he chowed.    ...    .    ,    ,    i    .    .    i    _    .    ,    . my dim vAirdivHit: to iiaun    ...    .    .    ~    The    values    are    based    on    infor-    age    included    a    ransacked    secre-    “but    in    the    absence    of    a    price    economic    problems,    noting    “the    the    first    in    the    immediate    vicm It also said the judiciary com es not meet density mittee chairman. Sen. Eastland .. . .    ’    .    ‘ s under f ed e r a Imss, did no. law his    ^ ination because of his lack of ..    .    ,    ,,, trial 50,000 figure.”    |wou,d    npf accept But even with the new 6 605 n>P,a(r Saxb< population figure for Coralville, the town do* requirements guidelines Hilgenberg said the new census figures would be submitted to the office of management and budget in an effort to qualify as a standard metropolitan statistical area. A reply to this question is expected by mid-July. According to Alan Holst, community planner, “being designated a SMSA area could mean an additional $300,000 an offer to mation from 530 licensed real tate brokers from throughout the state. The figures were com-tate econo-j illiam G. , *    ,    Murray and Larry Walker, a xperience and his involve- . * a * men! in a research project that came under senate scrutiny in K'Bht f. ,he a,ate.s. n,ne c™>! 3 reporting districts reported , average land value increases of Levi and associates at the university’s law school participated I (Continued: Rage 2, Col 3.) j (Continued: Page 3. Col. u.) Today's Chuckle F^ven though tranquilizers are being used in increased numbers, there still is a lot to be said for the after-dinner speaker. I reduction our policy ... is to; efforts made at both nationality of the Lebanese capital, develop alternative sources.” and international levels to over- An Israeli official said the tar-Favor Subsidy?    come the difficulties confronting    get was    a building between    two , ij    the economies    of the allied    refugee    camps about three lf that should dr,ve down the    |rojtet north of the Band airport. price o oi o e jxnn o caus jn answenng questions on He said the building was a mg economic dislocation bv un-;    , y    .    ...    . .    ”    , dercutting the value    of    whatev    eca^n',ca a"d    »"•    «uenl'a    lralm.n« cr    alternatives are    found,    the    made it clear he    was . long way    base for    specta openrtto U.S. may favor a subsidy loF" af«Pimg fhe Frem* Mea Lebanese and Palestinian of- ,........  *_____ ,____for a quick meeting between the ficials major oil consuming and the oil producers. keep oil costs up. he said. However, Kissinger empha- House Floor Vote Lone Rocky Hurdle said four Israeli jets nations!roared out of low clouds shortly after 3 p.m. and opened fire on He said he had the impression ] the Sabra and Shatilla camps. there was agreement among the Strafing, rocket and bomb runs NATO foreign ministers on the continued for seven minutes. .sequence to be followed leading The guerillas claimed two of thc Gazette* leased Wires . ,    |    epa.    aJe“r L WASHINGTON federal monies. This would go , . ,, ,    , .. . I    n kefei]er*s vice presidential nom arge v for traneportation. macc and loans Nelson Roc- posed him. Insensitivity Claim . ,    .    ,    __ination has been cleartni for transit, capital grants, and plan- nearHCertain fina, approvai by Several accused him of being mng grants, he said.    the house late next week.    insensitive    to the power of his The census cost the county. Confirmation was recom-weaBh and °f giving congress mended by the hou committee as reasons they op- “The question is whether this Several is a risk we must take. I believe ing Rep. some includ- called it is $37,000, but Holst said, “with it judiciary information damaging to him the additional people listed it committee Thursday 26 to 12 ®tily when he had to. was certainly worth it.”    ancj chairman Rodino I IFN,J.) But some of the    Democrats An additional $20 in state said he hopes to get a house who voted for confirmation said monies is available for each vote next Thursday.    Rockefeller’s demonstrated in- new person listed in the* new president F’ord has said Roc- tegrity and ability outweighed census.    kefeller will be sworn in shortly the potential conflict of interest Other Johnson county popula- after house confirmation, which and what they called his errors lion figures are:    University would be almost four months of judgment. Heights, 1,181; Hills, 518; Lone after his nomination Aug. 20. “We have just got rid Rep. Eduard Mezvinsky (Iowa) said his decision to vote again*. Rockefeller un* a difficult one but cited two major factors: “What I consider Mr. Rockefeller’s insensitivity to some of the major concerns of the nation” and the “glaring and inescapable conflicts of interest" that could result if he became vice-president. to an oil solution. This would be developing aj unified policy for oil eonserva-! gifts! tion, finding new sources and Fish! re-establishing financial stability among the industrialized I I.    ...    PP    (Countries,    and    this could be fob loiter*.*, remarkably unblem- L, bya (,onsumers.produce„ II u ea r...    .    meeting. Kissinger said. Most Republicans and several, Apy Kproblem*on llmlng may be solved at the meeting start- Repubiicans, Fish (N.Y.) of Rockefeller’s errors of judgment but said “they stand out from an planes were shot down, but Democrats said the conflict-of-interest question has been resolved by the lack of any case coming out in confirmation hearings in which Rockefeller ing Sunday between President F’ord and French President Val-(liscard d'Estaing on the erv Kissinger said. On other matters, Kissinger favored his own interests over Mezvinsky said Rockefeller’s the public interest, i of a I testimony “indicated to me that President F'ord predicted this j    "*„7 r and he is unaware of thc growing week that Rockefeller Witt be ' p^i'Xiab have assured ^ h i rn there is no F’rench- Tree, 936, North Liberty, 1.408; The 12 committee votes    man .stollen with pow Oxford, 708; Shueyville. 194;    [against n< munition were    all    now we are    laked to place in    J concern about    increasing    cor-confirmed overwhelmingly Solon, 960. Swisher, 607; Tiffin,    from Democrats and nearly    all    line for the    presidency a    man    porate    dominance    and    its    cor- the 435-member house although    American^ disag 311; unincorporated areas,    cited both potential conflict    of    swollen with    wealth,” said    Rep.    roding    effects    on    our    free en- there could be as many as    iou/    *    4    s 13,858    interest    and    Rockefeller is no ^agreement over Israel said all turned safely. the aircraft re Today' s Index Comics ...... ..............22 Crossword ...............22 Daily Record , ............3 Deaths ..... ...............3 Kditorial Features 6 Farm ........... II Financial .......23 Marion ....... .... 13 Movies ....... .......... ll, ii Society ______ ............ *, 9 Sports ...... ........... 17-20 State........ ........— 4. 5 Television .............. 21 Want Ads____ .........21 29 gifts Barbara Jordan (Texas). terprise system.” votes against him. 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