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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 12, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather-- Cloudy tonight with a chance of snow Friday. Lows tonight, iii the upper 20s. Highs Friday, mill .'Ills. VOLUME 92 NUMBER 337 LO techie llmmta CITY FINAL 15 CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA. THURSDAY. DECEMBER 12, 1974HOUSE UNIT KILLS ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI. NEW YORK TIMES BILL Wholesale Price-Rise Rate Slows Gazette Leased Wires WASHINGTON — Wholesale prices last month rose 1.2 percent, legs than half the October increase, the government reported Thursday. There were indications the pace of inflation was subsiding. The 1.2 percent rise translates into an annual rate of 14.4 percent. Although the November in crease was high by normal standards, the labor department said price increases over the! month were lese, widespread than in preceding months. Industrial Goods And, while agricultural prices! continued to increase sharply at the wholesale level, prices of industrial commodities — regarded by economists as a truer1 measure of inflation — rose at! the slowest rate in 13 months. Wholesale prices of industrial goods rose 0.9 percent last month, slightly less than in September and October and the smallest rise since October 1973 when they rose 0.8 percent. Over-all wholesale prices have risen 23.5 percent in the past 12 months., the biggest year-to-year increase since 1947, but the rate of increase has slowed in recent months. The 1.2 percent rise in wholesale prices last month, on a seasonally adjusted basis, compared with October’s increase of 2 5 percent and a rise of 0.1 percent in September. Unadjusted, prices rose I percent last month. Trends in wholesale prices usually show up at the consumer level eventually. Food Prices Israelis Hit ReP°rt Ford To Name Would Have PLO famiK Saxbe Envoy to India Prg#lp|l fiji I kv VUIII|J<J WASHINGTON (AP) Pres-’lawyer and friend of White LliUvU JI} -    -    -    ident    Ford    plans    to    nominate House staff chief Donald Rums- . __ In Lebanon ^Allowance as ambassador to India and isitr^ol>son sald Wednesday that  .    Wrote House officials have not By Associated Press    ii"    reliable    sources say'* *    ' "m,,',ctcd ,lim aboul lh''Job WASHINGTON IAP) - A israeli jets bombed a suspect- 'TH soon be leaving Saxbe tled    *    "ul.i-billion^lar    lax    bill.    end- led Palestinian commando tram-mid friends in his nalive Ohio! Department officials w e r c * aTS* oiUndLry >f attorney general witn 'miijjons 0f average Americans, was killed Thursday by the house rules committee. The committee voted 9 to 4 to mfihl' BU' "* '"'I Bree,'ng «*“ I™** °f s,m Iteirut pursday -ess than 24 reporters any announcement another attorney general with mmiA„s „r I hours after    a    terrorist set off    must come    from    the    White    mixed    feelings I grenades in    a    Tel Aviv movie    House. I theater, killing himself, an Administration sources and    Won    Over associates of Saxbe in Ohio said I Some middle - level officials, he has agreed to    accept    the    am-    continue to be disappointed with    refuse €ven t0    0 * Lebanese    Premier Rashid    bassadorship.    Saxbe    because    they    feel    he    s,Vo    measure    which the house •      _    .    larks nrpsliyp in tho IppaI mm-iWay8 means O d after many I rn An the- Af UArlr dis Israeli woman and a British engineer and wounding 58 others, Solh told parliament that onei Th white House was exneet *acks PresRge in the legal com-iways and means committee had Palestinian woman was killed    House was exPCCl-    [recommend ! j !u w^mdn,was    ed to announce the choice of | and IO other Palestinians were    Saxbe t0    ,ace Danie, Moynij    But others who were wounded in the late afternoon han as soon as lhe Indjan gov. mayed at his early blunders! ^11 air strike. Lebanon s defense    ernment    expresses approval    have been    won over by his    raised    petroleum    industry ministry said one Israeli plane    probab]y    by the end of the    firmness on    some issues, his in-'faxes on production at home was shot down in the raid, which    W€Cj{    dependence    and his personable a    abroad,    cut taxes    for mil- months of work. The bill’s chief features would came just as Palestinian schools „ .    „    manner l( ,out    !    Saxbe was said to be well- Witnesses said Palestinian acquainted with Indian officials women and children scattered because of several trips there screaming in terror.    !    since 1971. Beirut airport was closed to tall incoming and outgoing —Gazette Photo by Jot, . We Ivor Assistant Police Chief Gareth Clift displays a pair of nunchakus (pronounced nun-chucks) similar to those used Wednesday in an assault on a 12-year-old boy, who is in fair condition at St. Luke's hospital with a head injury. Clift said the weapon, which is swung at the victim, comes under the state's concealed weapons statutes. Anyone caught carrying them is subject to arrest. The weapon originated in the Fa* East and has recently become popular in this country. Under Pressure The move would put the jus- Cattle Are Delivered to lions of average Americans in low-ineome and middle-income brackets, boosted the investment tax credit for public utilities, and closed assorted major loopholes while hiking taxes on foreign-source income of multinational firms. New Benefits many years.    ,    WASHINGTON    (AP)    —    Cattle-! Furthermore, ii would have israeli! p0rd has been under pressure men disgruntled over low prices|ma<*e a °f other changes some    ^    *    s“    1    :    M flights. There was no immediate | tice department in the hands of Riily OfNO/’C'fAn comment from the Israeli com- the fifth attorney general in as UU 1 L LsVVl o I KZfJ mand. But an informed source in Tel Aviv said: ‘ The from some members of for their beef delivered 45 head in tax laws ran8‘ng from new target area in the Beirut raid is congress and other groups to rid J0j cattle to Agriculture Secre- benefits for investors with capi-a PLO training installation. We the cabinet of all the holdovers tary But/’ official doorstep to- *osses lo revisions in the tax [have every reason to believe from the Nixon administration, day    [treatment of political organiza- i that it was where the planning No cabinet members have left    ..    tions. for the cinema raid was carried since Ford took office    I, Ai,nksld*' makesb,ft (*s *" out it ie a opntor fnr enpoiat I    .    J    front of the agriculture depart- out. It IS a center for spec.al, SaYha wa, N,Ynn.. fnurth and ^ (hpy ^ a J-. I ,    41    ,    _ ,,    i Saxbe was Nixon’s fourth and j operations of a very delicate)]ast nominw for aMonwy gencr. a1 and was sworn into office last Jan. 4 The former (Jhio senator has and sensitive nature. Dropping Bombs At least four Israeli jets flew “Here’s Our Beef, Mr. Butz.” The panel simply decided it was time to virtually close up shop for the remaining days of this congressional fission on all Youth Hurt When Hit by 'Nun-chucks' Nixon Wanted False Report: Ehrlichman WASHINGTON (AP)—Former 1973, rn which Nixon, Ehrlich-White House aide John Ehrlich- man and II. R. Haldeman dis- They'wanted Blitz to accept    h    inv0,vj ____  some    ofjhe cantor use rn a' s(flp m,mnk    ^ over 'the Lebanese capital*^ Inured prominently in weeks- jaf(er m    'report:    vio-presidenU.1 nomination of ping bombs on .several camps long speculation about an im-|cd ,hal h Bsajd    Nelson    A.    Rockefeller and shortly after 3 p.m. - 8 a m. lading cabinet .shakeup even,, „ jmpossib|e and jm (i. emergency measures. CST. Smoke rose over the ,h*«h hf was    mve!cons‘doredical for him to do so    The    series    of tax increases camps as air raid sirens wailed a ^,ucojn l°ya“st and maintained    p crWYt,Blhno ** and reductions for various cor- his independence of the White, First Responsibility porations and individuals would House during Nixon’s final BUtz later said “our first re- have resulted in a gain of $600 months in office.    sponsibility is to slow down this! million for the treasury this But Saxbe was widely cri-1 inflationary spiral” of farm I year. throughout Beirut. The jets dipped low over the city as they made at least two The labor department said prices for farm products rose I By Bill Lavalette 13 percent in November while! „    .    man    told the Watergate cover-up [cussed a report which they re-|zaatar" came near the lie i rut department. Always outspoken,: withhim in that direction. processed foods Qnd feeds in-    tvtrliey, OI Mil U cive- trial ThnrtrlAV ho n/iu/ MUvac ifAP tn OC *‘o HmUiwl bonrrniil ,,I .    ...    -    .ho ctirroH tho arostoct pritiHcm .    _    .    . bombing passes Witnesses said    ■Pi the major camps of Sabra and Seized for blunders during jus costs. He said he urged the! The ways and means commit-Shatilla and the smaller Tai f,rst four months at the justice groUp to join a common effort tee argued that the legislation is necessary to redistribute tax I hup MW wsc in fir .nnHitinn    ^    ler    to    as    “a    airport    took    hits.    Smoke    also    he stirred the greatest criticism {jCTQy kSchech(T u BLson s burdens while providing a more creased 3.5 percent.    '    on    at;former President Nixon never Thc government transcript rose from the Dbieh camp, ™h (‘ n he la^led ^dndp<‘<1 D., said before the meeting that rational taxing of the oil in- Sugar and confectioner} St. Lukes hospital Thursday wanted him to come up with an ^ Ehrlichman referring to a three miies north of Beirut.    heiress Patricia Hearst a com lhe group wante(J lhe depart dustry tax relk,f for |ower and goods accounted for most of the with a head injury suffered accurre report on Watergate, i“modified, limited hangout.” ’ j The proguerilla newspaper Al mon criminal before she had ment Sponsor jq of the ani- middle income persons and en-3.5 percent increase in prices of Wednesday when he was hit by h- f    -examination    bv    |s    a modified, limited Moharrer quoted Yasir Arafat, been charged with a crime. mals in a feeding demonstration couraging investments in public stt.*1stk- —.    .«-p-^his •“ - »-’• N“‘b5srr,.”,iyr,.£L-r-- “I don’t know what a modi- j movie attack Wednesday night, jpers0nai opinions to himself. I ^ose 10 steers now will join Robson Mentioned Since that remark April 17, confec- Pair of nunchakus (pronounced about the Watergate report he tionery prices jumped 33.1 per-J nun-chucks ) sticks.    bas said Nixon requested on cent last month and were 191.9 Kelley and a 12-year-old com-    ...    jlied, limited hangout 'is?’ said I “This is a retaliation in kind    Wa    “dementi10    other    fl'eders    in such » *m.|irard. W100dC0Cl' percent higher than a \< ar ago. jpanion were on their way home ^    reoor? was Ehrliehman. who denied he was for the Beirut operation,” he f L nat    n,    t    m    onstration    at    a    Germantown,    dustry and union leaders a1 dor hioh srhnol w ^ d Iul1 and true report, was ..     ..._____.    _    .___  ,    .    „„    _r^.;„„    lrom tne senate atter one term     supported    a    proposal for a tax at its Beltsville, Md., research utilities, facilities, to show how much it    “^|| Supported” Meanwhile, UAW Presid<*nt Leonard Woodcock said auto in- Higher prices for processedifrom Taft    junior high    school!. 9„ v    . poultry', milk, fresh and dried    Wednesday    when a 13-year-old    „</7    . fruits and vegetables, miscella- boy attacked him near the inter-; ,    ,    ,    lf wa^.concerned it r.eous processed foods and some    section of West Post road    and E    J'38    u    lookm&    back    and,    admitted meats also increased last    avenue NAV.    police said.    listening to    the    tapes month.    The    youth    hit    Kelley    twice    Vi6W ,iNixon ••Culprit"    Wltb the se    f “ f MMul it would not “The principal culprit is the authorities said, when Kelley increased costs of processing was able to take the sticks away and distribution,” Agriculture from the youth. Kelley went was quoted    as saying,    referring jwhen sjx#n    icked ^ as    attor.    Md., farm and be    sold to com .    piete the groups    records, de when    s‘Kncd 10 show lhc    heavF losses I to rocket attacks Tuesday on nev' oenlr’al '’foiiowinL''' the ""Sa-! pk'le thc «r0UP s records, de-three PLO offices in Beirut that supported a proposal ior a cut” to ease the nation’s eco- the one who used the term “Mode of Disapproval” ! inroo fr'i J I id I    in rvinii uim    i    *    .    .    .»    >    <    £3    iwi    w*i    I    iii    %>kiur    im- imbvv    i Woodcock made the statement t with Pres-hours. there were no t Ehrlichman added: ‘i jjftorel'dares*'to’staiT'a^ter L^^ar^rsafe’wo^ “ Another 20 cattle, already fat-ig*'*"0    frjm. the it in a mode of disapproval aration aeainst us •’    fire    the    special Watergate pros-    slaughter    Pres'dent. but that Ford was ecutor    rn    Ka.    blghly attentive to the prob- 't'he Wall Street Journal Witt the sticks. The figM ended, ughman repiki™     ''bT    Fhrliehm.n    ..,1'inic    it would be with.n six hours £££* oT Nixes'move to>ef ** *    But    tdiiriicnnidn    dddcd* I jjf Isr3€l d3rcs to st****** Disputes Tape    ^id    it    in    a    mode    of    disapproval    operation    against    us. Neal referred to a number of what was being proposed cretary Butz said in an j home and became ill several passages on tho tape of conver-1 In order to give the jury al    Not    Tough    f!*dressed    by union butcher* andilems    ,    u address that was delivered as hours later. After telling his sations in March and April 1973 [Chance to decide for itself who| But the Marxist Front for the    a*    rpn,,N,    j    the    9.500    pounds or so of dressed    at    thr    1    T (Continued: Page 3, Col. 6 ) weight, are attentive to the of the auto industry as the index was made public. mother about the fight, Kelley j which he contended showed that    sa*d what,    Judge John Sincaj Liberation of Palestine, which    c<)nsi    as * axbe s    ^pfac€ Butz said “our economists in was taken to the hospital where Ehrlichman. rather than being    ordered that    segment of the tape opposes Arafat’s leadership on    ITK>m    Jchn    Robson, a    ( nu ago the department of agriculture he remains in the intensive care misled, was recommending is-    replayed.    grounds it is not tough enough. have analyzed the 1974 increase unit.    suance of a less than truthful re- ‘•Misled 4 Times"    ,Continued7Pice 3 Col 2) in food prices and they find that    Hardwood    port.    (Umunuea.    rage    3,    loi.    a.) ... of the 15-percent increase in    Wf/annn    tn inillrfl Ehrlichman responded by dis- Ehrlichman testified Wednes-    _ coMumer food priers, to W74. 12 K(,||ey js ^of lwo hardwLd Pu,in.K ,hc accura.cy. of prowcu-jOy ly."»w realizes Nixon de- Arrest Fanne gins and only 3 percent is due to higher farm price; Helicopter Shot Down; 50 Killed SAIGON CA) — Viet Cong forces chot down a troop-carrying South Vietnamese helicopter sticks about 12 inches lone fas- *'on ,ranscripls of thc conversa- coivod him at least four times ' ’    >, timis, particularly the transcript about Watergate.    FoXG * CnOTOG (Continued: Page 3, Col. 8.) iof a conversation on March 21, In a matter-of-fact manner,^\ri I CJt IndQCGncy City Employe Raises May Start in January he ticked off the dates on which he said he was misled: June 23. 1972; March 21, 1973; Jan. 8, 1973; March 22, 1973. He said he never knew about the conversation on June 23, six AN FORD, Fla. (AP) Foxe, stripper-proH Fan of presidential candidacy Thurs- sions from an ivory tower.” Rep. Wilbur Mills, was arrested day and called for “new leader-! “Now is the time for early Thursday and charged ship and new id Woodcock said he cited the crisis situation affecting the automobile industry and construction industry and dragging down the economy. Woodcock also said he expressed a belief that a five-year pause is needed in automobile emission and safety controls to help get costs d</wn Tax Cut “This country badly needs an income tax cut,” W'oodcock told reporters after the session that was also attended by Michigan's to bridge chasm between people and gov- CtQV Milliken; the state’s con- Carter Sets Platform For Presidential Bid WASHINGTON (AP) — Gov- Carter said “political leaders ernor Jimmy Carter of Georgia have been isolated from the set forth a platform for his people and “have made deci- this The personnel department one year, raising the total deman discussed asking top CIA near the Thursday, killing all 50 persons day afternoon to begin setting crease is 13.55 percent aboard, field reports said dav^tr, PIT wZrmZ hLi "Uh indecent exposure, officials the gulf between Ibc American eminent to be bridged, and for gr,.ssiona| representatives; the in in which    “«•    |    people and their government. ; American citizens to join in transportation labor .commerce deman discussed asking lop CIA Assistant State's Attorney Carter outlined a broad agen- '•haling our nation s future, he and treasury secretaries; #*! • ■ .    ...     IV    .    !    K,iilt>nu,i/h»r caiH who was ria rtf nAi’prnmpnlal rnfnrm« in a S3 ICI.    t'.te-rlV- ii/>nnnmi/i Cambodian border and auditor were told Wednes- payroll to $10,587,613. Thc in- officials to get the FBI to limit ,ack Fulenwider said she was da of governmental reforms in a its investigation of the burglary ,arrcs,ed “for bein« completely speech at the National Pres * I *% lr * * rlt IHI n rf r» rWiflMf/mYl fl n/*0 !    .    tv L rsfn    11A    tx I n kl ti t lX/1 Du »»* Ford s economic advisers, and Ie urged these specific steps.    executives    each    from schedule for all municipal em- Today s Index Comics RC Crossword ... 8C Dally Record . 3A Deaths 3A Editorial Features .... 6A Farm _____ IOC Financial 61) Marion . 2C Movies 12B. I3B Society 1B-5B Sports 11)51) State ion, int Tele\ ... 9C Want Ads 7D-13I) up a new pay Cedar Rapids ployes. The city council hasn’t yet formally accepted the new plan, additional cost of about I recommended by a Chicago cent consulting firm. but councilmen had no major complaints after hearing details of the Wednesday. Thc council told Director Fred Mayor Don Canney said thc actual increase, when overtime Nixon never told him about alii and longevity pay are consicMhe thing red, would probably mean an [closed about Watergate. He planned to an- (,P<*n all meetings of regulate- ^ ^ four auto manufacturers candidacy for the ry agencies, executive depart- Ford, Chrysler, General After Finant Hal Schaefer On March 21.    Ehrlichman    said    ,uike<r durin« a    PorfonnarK('    Flub her. He s.^ai the Argentine-born strip-    nounce hi John    TVan    had    HiaJP61- was “charged    with a viola-Democratic    nomination    formal-    m^nts    and congressional    com-    Motors and    American    Motors. lion of the state    statute as it    |y later Thursday    at    a    rally    m    minces to the    public    “except    in    Wednesday    night,    Ford    said c    pertains    to    indecent    exposure.” | Atlanta.    a few rare cases ” a, Nixon    §gt    Frank Th(HIias of tht. „To begm with the con.| Prohibit all gifts to public ol Iwipfflor* With Carlos    Ishenff s office 831(1 nightclub fidcnt .* of people in our own ficia,s i bd hT‘Sht!‘hen special White House cm^0^ Mikc Pinter was als0 I government must be restored”! "'«losure of all business in per- Dn Jan. clemency for p>» ,r SSL'    Tv"-in a taped    &•    an    in-    bes found nartieulariv if dcoart- Ehrlichman said was “exactly, „ aid. “But too many officials volvements of major govern . ------- particularly    if depart    v-'Y.    ”    —"lenee ersonmM «««*. cu^ f)3ek on their com-'^metrically opposite to what found, ments not deserve that confidence.” “Sunshine Law” ment officials Personnel of regulatory agen the nation is not in an economic crisis and that he has no intention of changing his anti-inflation strategy. I “lf there are any , . , who (Continued: Page 3, (>>1. 3.) . -.    ,    ,    .    fsorbragren    to moditjcs purchases. Nordengren •» (Nixon) told me about clem-l f" start modifying pay records, so;waj ask(.J thc plan mM ^ e„cy "    |rUt‘ for implementation by if the new plan is accepted as readv expected, employes can be on!. n . the plan with their first check of 1975    ’    j    “tan    Be    Done" $1.2    Million Cost    “We    d    be    burning a lot    of TK.    in *    midnight    oil    in the auditor’s    of- Ihe    new    plan will cost    the city an additional $1,263,691 for (Continued Page 3, Col. 71 Miss Foxe and Pinter were I    —jcies should be barred for four ised on $500 bond each He called for “an all-inclusive; years from joining the industry , , M    pending a preliminar}' hearing    sunshine law in Washington” to    they regulate. ami on March ZZ, I    (Muglit|£yec ^ Thomas said.    opc^n to public scrutiny most Public financ ing    of    congres we had agreed rn pnnctple fori Miss Foxe was    receiving    governmental meetings, urged    sional campaigns full disclosure when, in    lad, it j^ qoq a for a    |Wo-week    full financial disclosure by a1! Tighter controls on    lobbyists, was the opposite.    engagement at a nightclub near federal officials and called for Appearance by cabinet this central Florida city. The “a drastic and thorough revi- members before the full house 'engagement began Monday sion of the federal bureauera- and senate to answer questions (Continued: Page 3, Col. 4 ) [night.    Icy.”    about their departments The witness concluded; “The fact is. as I look back) 'fulfilif'* Chuckle How is it that we can look through the family album and split our sides laughing -then look into the mirror and never even (Tac k a smile'1 ;

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