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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 13, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 8 The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Fit, Dec. 13, 1974 ‘Mrs. Jolly K’ Fights Child Abuse By Pam Jagerson Parents Anonymous (PA) is a national organzahon designed to prevent child abuse by helping the child abuser It was founded four years ago in California by a woman who calls herself “Mrs. Jolly K’\ Since then, the organization has grown to include nearly 120 chapters and over 1,100 members. In a day-long seminar conducted Thursday at the YWCA, Mrs. K explained her reason for organizing Parents Anonymous. “I was a child abuser,” she said. “On several occasions I nearly killed my youngest daughter. She was my whipping post though I didn t realize it at the time ” What Mrs. K did realize was that she had a severe problem. In an effort to save both her daughter and herself, she aked for help from several social service workers in nine local and county agencies in California All her efforts were futile — social service workers were just too overloaded to give her immediate attention. “Finally, I got to talk to a psychiatric social worker,” Mrs. K continued. “I complained so much about the lack of treatment available that he challenged me to do something about it. That’s how PA got startedBasic Principle Parents Anonymous was developed on the same basic principle as Alcoholics Anonymous. As with AA, members believe they have a common problem and that realizing their problem is the first step in combating it. Group discussion is the therapy utilized by the members. PA members retain anonymity by revealing to one another only their first names. According to Mrs. K. there are several reasons for becoming a child abuser: Social, personal, emotional or envi ronmental pressures, parental frustrations and the inabilty to cope with and handle anger are just a few, "For some reason a person becomes totally frustrated and unfortunately, child abuse becomes a way to vent this frustration.” Environmental and emotional circumstances are partially responsible for the frustration Mrs K developed. She has had the opportunity for only a fifth grade education. She was raped when she was ll years old. lived in 32 institutions and 37 foster homes She has experienced two bad marriages. In conclusion. Mrs. K emphasized the importance of group therapy in overcoming this problem “I don’t get a secret thrill out of going around and telling everyone I was a child abuser,” she said “But to deal with this problem, it has to bt' brought out into the open. It is not easy to stand up in front of people and say the things I say. But I do it and I always hope that one word. one phrase, will reach someone who needs help.”Local Chapters Locally, there are two chapters of PA — one that meets at night and one that meets during the day. These chapters were started last summer by “Cindy” after she’d found herself in a situation similar to Mrs K’s. “It was terrible.” Cindy said. “I was to the point where I d take my daughter by the shoulders and pound her head to the floor All the while I’d be crying and saying, ‘I love you, I love you ’ “I tried to get help but no luck. Finally, a protective service worker put me onto PA I helped found this chapter last summer and at this time. we’re just starting to get close We’re just starting to get better.” For further information about the local chapter of Parents Anonymous call, 366-5625. if* I Wk*A -'-hfM rn ' * Calotte ohoto bv John Mcivor Mrs. Jolly K • ■ *Navy May Beach First Women at Sea By Fred S. Hoffman WASHINGTON (AP) — The navy's first seagoing women sailors apparently will be beached next year because the navy plans to take the hospital ship Sanctuary out of commission, probably by spring Officials say there is no other active navy ship to which women can be assigned under the law. Acknowledging that the navy plans to retire the Sanctuary, the Pentagon said the move stems from ‘budgetary reasons.” The move also raises the question whether the navy intends to carry out its plan to station an aircraft carrier in Greece. Pilot Program Navy officals stressed they are far from disappointed with the performance of women who have served on the crew of the hospital ship since the pilot program was started two years ago They said no major problems developed while as many as 69 women officers and enlisted personnel lived and worked among more than 406 males aboard the ship At one point last year, navy sources said there had been several shipboard romances and one possible wedding was budding between a radiowoman and a machinist's mate. Also, a young woman had learned she was pregnant and wras transferred ashore after only a month aboard. The navv said at the time that the unmarried enlisted woman became pregnant before joining the crew. A total of 19 officers and 97 enlisted women have served since 1972 aboard the Sanctuary, now based at Mayport, Ha In addition to nurses and hospital corps women, the women's contingent has included signal and radar specialists, clerks, hull technicians, supply officers and boswain mates.No Wo men Midshipmen The senior woman officer now assigned to the Sanctuary, Lt. Susan Canfield, has been chosen for promotion to lieutenant commander and will teach navigation at the U S. Society for Women Features Computer Gives Diet Suggestions Dolls, Dolls, Dolls Members of the Jaycee Wives club have fun remembering when as they work on their Christmas toy project — dressing dolls. From left, are co-chairmen of the project, Mrs. Robert Doll, 274 Brentwood place NE, and Mrs. Scott Ovel, 2081 Linn boulevard SE. Other members at the table are, from left, Mrs. Paul Black, 221 I Kenrich drive SW, and Mrs. Kenneth Pettit, 6118 Underwood drive SW. Mrs. Doll was hostess Thursday for the club s work meeting. Ann Bever, Fiance, Honored One Sextuplet Doing Well’ Bridal parties this week are honoring Miss Ann Frances Bever and her fiance. Glen W Harvey HI Miss Bever, daughter of the James D Bevent of 817 N. Property lane SE, and Mr Harvey will be married Saturday. Mr Harvey is the son of Dr and Mrs Glen W Harvey, jr.. 3750 Cottage Grove avenue SE Dinner parties were given Monday and Tuesday. The first, also honoring Mr. Harvey on his birthday, was given by Mr. and Mrs. William P Ellwood in their home at 3H45 Indiandale circle SE. Hosts for the Tuesday party were Mr and Mrs John B. Turner II of 530 Knollwood drive SE On Wednesday, Mrs Newell Ingle and Mrs. William Franey honored the bride-elect at a punch party given at the Cedar Rapids Country club. A group gift was given. Miss Bever also was feted Thursday with a luncheon and Christmas tree gift shower given by Mrs Henry H Hamilton of 127 Cottage Grove avenue SE. Candle Caution Never use hi near any even lion*. SAN JOSE, Cauf (UPI) -Mrs Charlotte Lange held her fragile daughter. Jolene, the healthiest of her three surviving sextuplets, in her arms for the first time Thursday Jolene is doing well at Valley Medical center without respiratory support while her two surviving brothers. Brian and Jason, are in serious condition with continuing deterioration of their respiratory system Mrs Lange. 26, who had taken a fertility drug, gave birth to six babies Sunday. Each of the infants weighed By Timothy Harper MADISON, Wis. (AP) - if you’re eating too much meat or not enough asparagus and don’t know it, the University of Wisconsin’s computer has some advice for you. University researchers have programmed the* campus computer to tell you what to eat Under the program, people fill out computer cards of everything they eat fur a day or even a week, says Prof. Nancy Johnson, university nutritionist. Digests Data The data is fed into the computer, digested and then returned to the subject with percentages of various common nutrients in the diet for that day or week. “From this information, we can then tell the person what he needs more or less of.” said Mrs Johnson “We are very specific.” For example, she will check the computer’s assessment of the person’s diet and then recommend more asparagus, less meat or other changes in the individual s eating habits “We do this with an eye toward the cost,” she said “Many people eat more meat than they need, so we tell them to cut down and spend their money on other less expensive foods they need. When people are short on Vitamin C, we'll often tell them to eat more cabbage because it‘* a cheap source of Vitamin C.” She said the computer s slightly more than two pounds calculations are based on recat birth.    (unmended daily intake's of a dozen nutrients, taking into Go/eft* photo hy john Mc Ivor KINKY R. IK Certified Kitchen Designer Price Conscious??? We design to your budget • Steel • Wood • Formica KITCHENS BY FRIEDL Serving Eastern law* 1013 ML Yamen Rd. S.E. 366-7122 STARTS AT * : Situ* IMI • I t*Un HuffuU I >m* Jmrlrf I buntontm, JJU VW 4 re*** H t with Seiko & Accutron Watches For HER Christmas SLIPS bu VANITY I AIK *5-.*6 Choose the classic Key embroidered slip at $5 or the applique of Laurel Leaf design at $6. Anti-cling fabrics in short and average lengths 32 to 42. FRI! GIFT WRAP AT MARTIN S 2nd Floor account the portion's age and sex. fretter ( est “lf we were going to he very exact, we would have to take into account the height and weight and other factors,” Mrs. Johnson said “But we can’t do that because the cost would be prohibitive." She said the computer can analyze a person’s diet for about IO cents a day, while it would cost about $50 for a human nutrition analyst to do the same thing She said the program is aimed primarily at university research, but has been opened to the public. “Anybody can do it," she said. “So far we’ve had about 5.000 or 6.000 diets run through " Mrs Nelson said she expects computer diet analysis to become more popular throughout the country in the future. men. The other navy women now serving with the hospital ship also will be shifted to shore billets Although officials declined to discuss other implications of the Sanctuary’s retirement, the move raises a question whether the United States may change its mind about basing an aircraft carrier in Greece. It is known that the Sanctuary was to have been sent to Greece to provide medical services for thousands of carrier crewmen and their families who would be expecter! to live there under the navy’s “homeporting” program The woman-at-sea program was one of a series of innovations put into effect by Adm. Flmo R. Zumwalt when he was chief of naval operations. Adin. James L. Holloway, who succeeded Zurnwalt last summer, has started easing back on some of the innovations. But officials say Holloway intends to push ahead with efforts to attract more women to naval sendee. Bridge Bib's ( lib The club championship will be held at the YWCA Saturday at 12T.30 and at 7.30 Wednesday »'• Om Bight Mewl Big Holiday Solo tnhfi $300 tm $10001 C.R. PIANO A ORGAN 110 3rd Av*. SW • BALDWIN Sine* 1930 % Wrealhs Cyclamen Krebs ' 2 V21 I Kill Si. SW low cr Shoji 363-2081 • * WY? 2m V • »Ay«.A. & I TREES AO'&tdt/. TREES TREES JoujpHJUWL sc ' I drrffate... Kingston Stadium Hundreds of trees standing for your inspection Optimist Club Lot All proceeds to year-round Optimist Youth Activities Optimist Volunteers on hand to serve you. Tonight ’Til 9 Sot.-Sun. 9 to 9 TOO SUTO re mm to trwe ;

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